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Spirit Beast Evolution is a choice that is offered to Spirit Beast who has reached the age of 100,000 years.

At the age of 100,000 years Spirit Beasts are offered two paths to travel on:

  1. To continue cultivation as a Spirit Beast retaining their abilities and appearance and live for another 900.000 years. They can shapeshift to a human body for a period of time restraining their abilities. If they choose to remain a spirit beast, every 100,000 years, they will have to endure a tribulation in order to keep living. Those who fail die.
  2. To become human and start cultivating anew to reach the 100th rank to have eternal life. Only 1 out of 10 Spirit Beasts who have reached the age of 100,000 years would choose this path.

Changes Edit

Following are the changes that occur to Spirit Beasts who choose to become humans.

  • The Spirit Beast must start cultivating anew.
  • The change from Spirit Beast to human is irreversible and cannot revert to the beast form.
  • Their cultivation speed is much faster than that of humans.
  • They must be in contact with humans in order for the smooth progress of the cultivation.
  • They have the ability to materialize Spirit Rings up to the 6th Spirit Ring at each bottleneck.
  • During the process of cultivation, their lifespan will be the same as that of humans and if unable to reach the 100th rank by the time of completion of the human lifespan, they will die.

They also gain the ability to sacrifice themselves in order to give their 100,000 year spirit ring to someone of their choosing and forcibly raising their spirit rank to 91.

Phases Edit

Spirit Beasts who have become humans are categorized into three phases.

Immature Phase Edit

  • The Spirit Beasts in this phases are those who are under the rank of 60; Spirit Emperor.
  • During this phase, Spirit Douluo can distinguish them as Spirit Beasts upon close observation and Titled Douluo are able to recognize them even more easily.

Mature Phase Edit

  • The Spirit Beasts in this phases are those who are of and over the rank of 60; Spirit Emperor.
  • At this phase even Titled Douluo are unable to distinguish them as Spirit Beasts.
  • Thus Spirit Beasts who have become Spirit Emperors can be truly said to have become human.

Divinization Phase Edit

  • This is the final phase that Spirit Beasts reach upon becoming human.
  • Spirit Beasts reach this phase after they reach the rank of 90; Titled Douluo.
  • From here on they could try to breakthrough rank 100.

Spirit Beasts who have become Human Edit

Soul Land Edit

Ah Yin
Ah Yin Mug


Xiao Wu
Xiao Wu Mug 3


Soul Land II Edit

Niu Tian
Niu tian1


Tai Tan
Tai tan1


Soul Land III Edit

Gu Yuena

Died (SL3 Raw) Revive (SL4)

Soul Land IV Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Once a spirit beast reach 200 000 years old they get to choose again, but after that there will no longer be that option.
  • Although Gu Yuena become a human,she can't considered as a true spirit beast that become a human as she can still transform into her spirit beast form,
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