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Spirit Fusion is the ability of two or more Spirit Masters with similar properties to fuse together and become one entity bringing out explosive power for a short period of time depending on the strength of the Spirit Masters.

This ability is extremely rare and requires Spirit Harmonization.

The degree of Spirit Harmonization reflects on the final output power of the Spirit Fusion.

Known Spirit Fusions[]

Name Spirits Known users
Blaze Amidst the Frost, the Heavenly Emperor's Hammer
Scorpion and hammer 02.jpg
Ice Scorpion Emperor + Clear Sky Hammer Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong
Charm Demon
Fox + Moon Blade Hu Liena + Xie Yue
Dark Eclipse
Dark Eclipse.jpg
Ghost Demon + Chrysanthemum Gui Mei + Yue Guan
Drifting Snow
Drifting Snow Mug.jpg
Ice Phoenix + ice dolphin Shui Bing Er + Shui yue er
God Duo Coexistence
Sea god tang San+Asura sheath Xiao wu Tang San + Xiao Wu
Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion
Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion Mug.jpg
Luo San Pao + Fire Dragon + Owl Grandmaster + Liu Erlong + Flender
Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence
Dying in the right-yellow road symbol.png
Spirit Eyes + Bright Goddess Butterfly Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong
Hell White Tiger
Hell White Tiger Mug.jpg
White Tiger + Hell Civet Dai Mubai + Zhu Zhuqing

Dai Huabin + Zhu Lu

Wu Siduo (self-Spirit Fusion thanks to Twin Spirits)
Hongchen's Yearning
Hongchen's Yearning.png
Vermillion Clear Icetoad + Three-Legged Golden Toad Meng Hongchen + Xiao Hongchen
Inescapable Net
Inescapable Net.JPG
Spirit Hair + Spirit Hair Lan Luoluo + Lan Susu
Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest
Eyes and Hammer01.jpg
Spirit Eyes + Clear Sky Hammer Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong
Serpent Dragon Joint Assault
Serpent Cane + Dragon Staff Chao Tianxiang + Meng Shu
Solitary Dance Amidst Frost, Raiment of Light
Scorpion and butterfly1.jpg
Bright Goddess Butterfly + Ice Scorpion Emperor Wang Dong + Huo Yuhao
Dragon God Transformation
Golden Dragon King + Silver Dragon King Tang Wulin + Gu Yuena
Flashing Light
Light Unicorn + Spatial Unicorn Bai Haoze + Bai Zhicen
Emperor God Double Swords
Emperor Sword + God Sword Long Tianwu + Su Mengjun
Vast Sun Sky Guqin
Vast Sun + Demon Guqin Ao RuiMo Zihong

Manhua Only Spirit Fusions[]

Name Spirits Known users
Devil Monster
Devil Monster Mug.jpg
Fox + Flame Lord + Moon Blade Hu Liena + Yan + Xie Yue
Dream Butterfly
Dream Butterfly Mug.jpg
Evil Butterfly + Gemstone Colvin + Ji Jue
Evil Blade Lord
Evil Blade Lord Mug.jpg
Flame Lord + Moon Blade Yan + Xie Yue
Forbidden Water Tornado
??? + ??? ??? + ???
Hell Black Tiger
Hell Black Tiger Mug.jpg
White Tiger + Hell Civet Dai Weisi + Zhu Zhuyun