Spirit Hair
Hair Spirit
Name Spirit Hair
Type Body Spirit Type

Description Edit

This is a mutated type of Body Spirit which is an extremely rare phenomenon. The mutation of the spirit occurs at the hair. This enables the user to control his hair. When the Spirit is activated, the hair grows to more than ten meters in length. The Teacher at Shrek are user it Hair is a body soul only commenting that it is possibly connected to one and the body sect which wants all body soul is not interested in them. Also the potental is limited to how strong a Body Spirit is, you have to see how important it is to the body. If the body part used in a Body Spirit is more important to the human body, the better it’ll be. Hair rather weak as it is not very important. 

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Spreading Webs Edit

This is Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo's 1st Spirit Ring ability which allows them to rise up more than a dozen meters hair into the sky and form a large net.

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