Spirit Hall
Spirit Hall
Name Spirit Hall
Also Known As
Empire Spirit Empire
I will tell you, although i have the Pope's decree, but if spirit hall gets serious, this thing will have no use at all.
— Grandmaster Yu Xiaogang

Description Edit

Spirit Hall is a symbolic existence in the Douluo Continent with power exceeding that of the two great empires. Spirit Hall has the most extensive knowledge and information with regards to the spirits as well as the going ons of the continent. Spirit Hall later on evolves into the Spirit Empire.

Spirit Hall contains 3 areas of great importance:

  • Spirit Temple
  • Supreme Pontiff Palace
  • Douluo Palace

Hierarchy Edit

The highest position in Spirit Hall is the Supreme Pontiff. Even though the Supreme Pontiff holds a great deal of power, he/she still doesn't have the authority to truly make decisions. Spirit Hall's hidden Elder Palace is the true source of Spirit Hall's power, seven elder priests make up the Elder palace and should all seven priest elders agree, they could even depose the Supreme Pontiff.

Under the Supreme Pontiff exist four archbishops (Platinum Bishops)

Other positions include:

  • Cardinals
  • Temple Knights
  • Douluo Warriors
  • Holy Emperor Warriors

Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Grandmaster and Dugu Bo estimates Spirit Hall controls at least 10 Titled Douluos, if not more.

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