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Spirit masters are humans on Douluo Planet that possess a Martial Soul and has spirit power. Since the beginning of when humans first appeared, Spirit Masters are regarded as the noblest profession for a person to have. This has continued to the modern era of SL3 and era of SL4, where there are other jobs normal humans and spirit masters can both do like piloting a Mecha or soul jet. With the invention of soul devices and soul weapons, normal humans are able to fight on par with a Spirit Grandmaster. With a Mecha, they can fight on par with a Spirit King.

With the invention of Battle Armour, a Spirit Master can increase their physical and other abilities to a higher level. A Spirit Sage, with Battle Armour, can fight on par with a normal Titled Douluo.

"In the tens of thousands of years of history the Douluo Continent has witnessed, one fact has never changed: Soul Masters are the most powerful existence![1]"

A normal human in SL3 can never hope to fight against a Soul Douluo or even a Titled Douluo.

For Soul Masters, if it wasn’t a breakthrough in soul power, then it had to be one in comprehension of laws, intent, or etc, or spiritual power, which is absolutely vital in progressing further in cultivation. In SL and SL2, spirit masters gain spirit rings by killing spirit beasts. Since there are very few spirit beasts left in SL3, spirit masters rely on spirit souls to get spirit rings, but the higher the grade of spirit souls, the higher a spirit master's spiritual power must be in order to absorb it.

A spirit master only needs their spiritual power to reach the spirit abyss realm to become a Titled Douluo, but almost every Titled Douluo has a foundation of spirit domain. After that, they need to reach the spirit domain realm in order to become a Limit Douluo.

In SL4, the Federation has a peace agreement with the Spirit Beast Linage. Spirit masters can usually only get artificial spirit souls. Under some circumstances, like being a member of Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, the War God Temple, the Spirit Pagoda, or other organizations, a spirit master will have a chance to get a spirit soul from a living spirit beast.

The highest rank a spirit master was able to reach was originally rank 99. That changed in SL3 when the level of the Douluo Planet was upgraded. The rank cap was raised to 120, allowing spirit masters to be comparable to actual gods up to First Class Gods.

The Lifespan of a spirit master depends on their cultivation. It is said that a Title Douluo can live up to at least 300 years. This was increased to 1000 with the evolution of the Douluo Planet and the efforts of the Life School in Shrek Academy.

In SL3, Spirit Masters are divided into two classes, Battle Spirit Masters and Utility Spirit Masters. Just like in the name, Battle Spirit Masters mainly focus on cultivating with the goal of fighting like joining the military or taking part in martial competitions. Utility Spirit Masters focus on cultivating to use their spirit for things like aiding them in work like blacksmithing, plowing a field, or designing a blueprint.

After a person becomes a spirit master, he/she will receive a monthly stipend of 1000 federal coins, which can barely cover the cost of tuition at an intermediate academy. The amount per month will increase once he/she becomes a spirit grandmaster.[2]

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The energy all spirit masters cultivate in order to increase their spirit ranks. Soul power is easy to cultivate for the first thirty ranks, but the growth speed would slow from there on. And when a soul master reached rank 40, their advancement speed would plummet. This wasn’t due to a decrease in soul power growth speed. Rather, the root of the issue lay in the difficulty in compressing soul power.[3] There are different levels to compressed soul power.

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Control System Edit

A soul master that excel in controlling opponents in a combat. Soul master need abilities that can change the flow in the middle of combat, such as binding, giving disturbance on the field in combat, etc. This is usually done through secondary means such as building defenses or release of chemicals, rather then engaging in combat directly. When below rank 60, they can defeat an opponent 10 ranks higher than them if their powers are used correctly. Control System spirit masters have an advantage against Power Attack System spirit masters.

Assault/Power Attack System Edit

A soul master that excel in dealing great damage, and basically has great vitality as a main and front attacker. Their spirit power is also usually influenced by other systems. Some attackers have mobility not far from the speed system and others have endurance not far from the defense system.

Defense System Edit

This system belongs to a person who has great natural defensive capabilities as their spirit soul, along the lines of shields or defensive animals like turtles. Most defense systems tend to be immune to most attacks from attack systems 2 ranks down. They mainly act as a shield or blocker for other spirit masters, but this does not mean they do not have offense capabilities.

Auxiliary System Edit

Spirit Masters that have spirits with support abilities fall within this class. This can range from providing regenerative food to a straight up increase in a single or multiple attributes. Other support abilities can range from attribute increases to immunity to certain conditions like poison, confusion, or etc. Some support abilities do have side effects or backlashes. All food system spirits fall under the auxiliary system. It is taboo for auxiliary system spirit masters to buff or provide support to one another because it can cause backlashes or even death. Food System spirits are harder to cultivate compared to the other systems.

Speed System Edit

Masters of this system tend to be dedicated almost entirely to speed, observation and recon and thereby have very little combat potential. Even the weakest agility-type soul master with a seven-ring rank could break through the speed of sound.[4] This system can include spirit masters with space abilities and abilities that allow them to blend into the background, become almost undetectable.

For an agility-type, lethality is even more important than speed.

One critical strike, the ability to drift from one place to another while being completely unpredictable, a quintessence of agility-system soul masters.[5]

Healing/Cure System Edit

Spirit masters from this system mainly deal in healing others from injury or abnormal conditions like a doctor.

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Assimilation Edit

The most basic and used training method for spirit masters. It is the basic cultivation described in the novels and in the manga. The advantage is that the improvement rate is consistent, but its flaw is that it is extremely slow. It's hard for one to break through the Titled Douluo realm even after training for their entire life with this method.[6]

Inheritance Edit

To inherit the energy contained in the spirit rings and the spirit bones or to inherit the gift of other powerful beings. The advantage is that it is fast, but the chances are very slim. Humans only have a chance of gaining a total of nine spirit rings, twelve in SL4, in their entire lives. Spirit bones and immolation are harder to come by. Immolation became a lot easier in SL3 because of the invention of spirit souls and in SL4 because of the treaty humanity made with the Spirit Beast Linage.

Robbing Edit

Direct absorption of the spirit beasts' and even the spirit master's soul energy. In order for robbing to be effective, the spirit master must find soul energy that is compatible with their spirit.

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