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Spirit masters are humans on Douluo Planet that possess a Martial Soul and have spirit power. Another branch of Spirit Masters are Dark Spirit Masters.

Since the beginning of when humans first appeared, Spirit Masters are regarded as the noblest profession for a person to have. This has continued to the modern era of SL3 and space era of SL4, where there are other jobs normal humans and spirit masters can both do like piloting a Mecha or soul jet. With the invention of soul devices and soul weapons, normal humans are able to fight on par with a Spirit Grandmaster. With a Mecha, they can fight on par with a Spirit King.

With the invention of Battle Armour, a Spirit Master can increase their physical and other abilities to a higher level. A Spirit Sage, with Battle Armour, can fight on par with a normal Titled Douluo.

"In the tens of thousands of years of history the Douluo Continent has witnessed, one fact has never changed: Soul Masters are the most powerful existence![1]" - Wu Zhangkong

A normal human in SL3 can never hope to fight against a Soul Douluo or even a Titled Douluo.

Every Spirit Master has spirit power, spiritual power, and bloodline power, the same as spirit beasts.

Spirit Rings and Spirit Souls[]

For Soul Masters, if it wasn’t a breakthrough in soul power, then it had to be one in comprehension of laws, intent, spiritual power, or etc, which is absolutely vital in progressing further in cultivation. In SL and SL2, spirit masters gain spirit rings by killing spirit beasts. Since there are very few spirit beasts left in SL3, spirit masters rely on spirit souls to get spirit rings, but the higher the grade of spirit souls, the higher a spirit master's spiritual power must be in order to absorb it.

In SL4, the Federation has a peace agreement with the Spirit Beast Linage. The hunting of spirit beasts is prohibited. Spirit masters can usually only get artificial spirit souls. For this reason, most spirit masters can only raise their spirit rings to the 10,000 year level because there are no 100,000 year old artificial spirit souls currently. Under some circumstances, like being a member of Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, the War God Temple, the Spirit Pagoda, or other organizations, a spirit master will have a chance to get a spirit soul from a living spirit beast by going to the Peaceful Paradise on the Elven Planet.

Spiritual Power Requirements[]

A spirit master only needs their spiritual power to reach the spirit abyss realm to become a Titled Douluo, but almost every Titled Douluo has a foundation of spirit domain. After that, they need to reach the spirit domain realm in order to become a Limit Douluo. It's said that all Title Douluos are blessed by the laws of the world, with them starting on the path of learning about the planar laws. It's when they reached the Limit Douluo level and have a Spirit Domain that they can unleash the laws of the world, able to add it to their own attacks. Limit Douluos are also able to utilize a limited amount of Heaven and Earth laws to suppress their opponents and add it to their own attack.

Spirit masters that rely mainly on their spiritual power to unleash their spirit skills or combat techniques are referred to as spiritual masters. Spiritual Masters always have high spiritual power. Those that reach spirit sea realm can only reach Spirit Sage at most.[2]

Rank Limit[]

The highest rank a spirit master was able to reach was originally rank 100. That changed when the Douluo Divine Realm was sucked away in a spacetime vortex in SL2.5. Without the Divine Realm the rank cap went down to rank 99. In SL3, when the level of the Douluo Planet was upgraded, the rank cap was raised to around 120, allowing spirit masters to be comparable to actual gods up to First Class Gods but still far inferior as they aren't real gods.

The Lifespan of a spirit master depends on their cultivation. It is said that a Title Douluo can live up to at least 300 years. This was increased to 1000 with the evolution of the Douluo Planet and the efforts of the Life School in Shrek Academy.

SL2 Soul Engineers[]

Soul Engineers are just like soul masters in the sense they still cultivate soul power and use martial souls. However, they use soul guidance devices to boost their combat prowess. Anybody can become a soul engineer, but soul masters are the best choice as it allows them to wield the stronger soul tools weapons. Soul engineers can cultivate normally to elevate their rank, or use several medicines that boost their soul power to rapidly rise in rank at the cost of a few side effects and some backlash. Below rank 60, they have the advantage over soul masters of the same rank. They are also called Soul Guide Masters.[3]

They do not fall under the same categories as normal soul engineers. They fall in 2 sections:

  • Close-combat: Effective in one-on-one combat. They wield special weapons with unique features, allowing them to adopt multiple fighting styles in a short time span.
  • Far-ranged/Distance-combat: They wield multiple gun-like weapons, each with its own unique feature that suppresses the target. This is most commonly used on the battlefield as it is the most destructive and easiest to coordinate.

SL3 Spirit Masters[]

In SL3, Spirit Masters are divided into two classes, Battle Spirit Masters and Utility Spirit Masters. Just like in the name, Battle Spirit Masters mainly focus on cultivating with the goal of fighting like joining the military or taking part in martial competitions. Utility Spirit Masters focus on cultivating to use their spirit for things like aiding them in work like blacksmithing, plowing a field, or designing a blueprint.

After a person becomes a spirit master, he/she will receive a monthly stipend of 1000 federal coins, which can barely cover the cost of tuition at an intermediate academy. The amount per month will increase once he/she becomes a spirit grandmaster.[4]

In advanced spirit academies, students are required to pick a second profession, mainly to help them build themselves battle armor or a mecha. The professions are blacksmithing, mecha designing, mecha mechanic, and mecha manufacturing. Some will try to do both battle armor and mecha, but it is not recommend because it wastes too much energy and time. Most ended up stopping when they upgrade their battle armor to three-word or their mecha to black rank and just focus all their time and energy on the other one.

SL4 Spirit Masters[]

In SL4, spirit masters remain a noble profession. Food spirit masters are especially valued in the Federation Military because of space explorations and deployments. During the trip, should the crew run out of food, a food spirit master can create food using only their spirit power.

It is a lot easier during the space era for spirit masters to purse building both battle armor and mecha because there are a lot more resources available, but it is still difficult to achieve. Those who do so are referred to being in the Dual Armored Class and are called Duo Mecha Masters. Those on the main planet have an easier time cultivating as it is where the Eternal Tree resides, providing rich life energy.

Spirit/Soul Power[]

The energy all spirit masters cultivate in order to increase their spirit ranks. Soul power is easy to cultivate for the first thirty ranks, but the growth speed would slow from there on.

Soul Power Concentration Level[5][]

"When a soul master reached rank 40, their advancement speed would plummet. This wasn’t due to a decrease in soul power growth speed. Rather, the root of the issue lay in the difficulty in compressing soul power."[6]

There are different levels to compressed soul power. The ranks between 50 and 60 is regarded as a watershed by Tang Hao.[7] It took him 5 years to reach rank 60 from rank 50. This is considered fast during his time. When a spirit master reaches rank 70, they form a spirit core within their spirit sea. They have a chance to form a second one when they reach Hyper Douluo.

Soul Land 3[]

When a spirit master has achieved a certain level of soul power, the quantity is not important anymore, but its quality. The concentration level is its quality. In simple terms, a nine-ring Titled Douluo’s soul power achieved through the consumption of heaven and earth treasures is completely different than the power achieved through cultivating little by little until rank-90. The concentration levels are at least different by three levels. The higher the concentration level, the more condensed one’s soul power is. Each level corresponds to a rank.

For a soul power concentration level of level-6, this signifies that if a spirit master has a four-ring cultivation base, in reality, his/her soul power’s condensation level is equal to a Soul Emperor achieved through ordinary cultivation. When these two factors are multiplied together, the actual rank is comparable to a rank-52 Soul King.

The soul power condensation level’s elevation is even more difficult than cultivating one’s soul power. It’s especially difficult to elevate to the next level after one has achieved level-5. Condescending spirit power early can help a sprit master reach further in the future.[8]

Title Douluo[]

For a Titled Douluo, cultivating from rank 91 to 95 is considered the easy part compared to the next 5 ranks after it. From then on, reaching each rank thereafter becomes increasingly difficult that the power a spirit master has between each rank is like a chasm. Each Rank is given a name:

  • Rank 96:
  • Rank 97:
  • Rank 98:
  • Rank 99:

In Soul Land 3, spirit masters that are able to become Titled Douluo in their 20s are considered supreme prodigies.[9] Reaching Hyper Douluo in their 30s and Limit Douluo in their 40s was an incredible prospect.[9] It again becomes more difficult when reaching the rank 99 bottleneck, known as the Limit Douluo Rank. At this rank, spirit masters can sense the pressure from the world and begin comprehending the laws of heaven and earth to further break through.[9] Some are able to comprehend the laws before reaching Limit Douluo. Limit Douluos are further categorized in three more ranks:

  • Quasi-Demigod
  • Demi-God
  • Quasi-God

In Soul Land 4, this chasm becomes even more clear when a spirit master reaches the God, True God, and Super God Level. Three spirit masters at rank 111, 113, and 115 working together will not necessary be able to beat a spirit master at rank 117.[10]

As time went on, it became a bit easier and faster for spirit masters to cultivate spirit power and raise their spirit ranks. This is thanks to the discovery of new resources, training methods, technology, and the evolution of the Douluo Planet.

Spiritual Power[]

Before the existence of spirit souls, there were no official rankings for spiritual power. But when spirit souls first appeared, the previous generations gradually realized that fusing with a spirit soul required much more spiritual power than fusing with a spirit ring. After extensive research, they created an official ranking list for spiritual power. It was only in the last two thousand years or so that the rankings were completed.[11]

A strong spirit soul requires spiritual power equally as strong to fuse with as well as a strong physique.

From low to high, spiritual power is divided into: Spirit Origin, Spirit Connection, Spirit Sea, Spirit Abyss, Spirit Domain, and Divine Origin. These six realms are quite simple. Everyone is in the Spirit Origin realm when they are born. As for the meaning behind Spirit Origin, it means that it’s the single origin everyone starts from. Afterwards, nature takes on a new look. This is the most basic of soul levels.[11]

For a Spirit Master to become a Title Douluo, they need to reach the Spirit Abyss Realm, but it is possible to in the Spirit Sea Realm if the Spirit Master's first spirit soul is a purple one before getting a second one at rank 40, since a purple spirit soul can give a spirit master three rings.[12] 80% of spirit masters are just barely reach the spirit sea realm and host three spirit souls.[12]

There is also a God-King Realm but not much info is known except that a God-King would have spiritual power at this realm. Only Huo Yuhao and Gu Yuena have reached this level while not being a God King.

Spiritual Power Chart[]

*Note: For some reason, the author wrote that the spirit origin realm is 1-100 in ch. 18, but changed it to 1-50 in ch. 113 and then he changed it back.

Realm Name


Spirit Soul Combo

Spirit Origin Realm 1 - 99 One White or One Yellow
Spirit Connection Realm 100 - 499
  1. Two Yellow
  2. One Purple
  3. One Yellow and Purple
Spirit Sea Realm 500 - 4,999
  1. Five Yellow
  2. Three Purple
  3. One Yellow, Purple, and Black[12]
Spirit Abyss Realm 5000 - 19,999 5 of Any (including Orange Gold)
Spirit Domain Realm 20,000 - 49,999 Unknown
Divine Origin Realm 50,000 - 100,000+


God-King Realm Unknown Unknown

Spirit Origin[]

Spirit Origin realm can be ranged between level 1 to 100 spiritual power. Levels 30 and below are elementary ranked. Levels 30 to 60 are intermediate ranked. Levels 60 to 90 are advanced rank. Levels 90 to 100 is the peak of Spirit Origin.[13] A spirit master with Spirit Origin intermediate ranked spiritual power will be able to fuse with a yellow spirit soul.

Spirit/Spiritual Sea[]

The Spiritual Sea is a realm located in the mind of a spirit master's and spirit beast's body. It is where their spiritual power and parts of the soul is stored. When they transcend to Godhood, it evolves into a Divine Consciousness. A Spirit Core is stored within the sea to helped them restore their spiritual power faster than normal. It is also the location a spirit master's spirit souls reside. It changes size and form as one cultivates their spiritual power.

Spiritual power is initially used to control one's own emotions and focus/observe the user's surroundings. However, after cultivating it further, it can be used to wield more control over one's soul skills or even be directly used offensively to affect another person's spiritual sea.

Being able to see different colors of energy particles in the air means the person has reached the minimum threshold of spirit domain realm.[14] Those in the spirit domain realm will be able to clearly see and sense different colors of energy particles in the air and control and resonate with them.[14] They also have a chance to acquire a spiritual domain.

Concrete-Material Realm[]

Thought Concretization[]

Bloodline Power[]

When a spirit master is born, they are born with a certain bloodline. The bloodline is usually related to the spirit master's martial spirit. There are cases when it is not related like with Tang Wulin. He inherited the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King. Over the course of time, a spirit master's bloodline can become diluted. This can cause a problem like the cases with the Titan Clan and the White Dragon King.

Bloodlines can be purified, evolve, or mutate by using certain techniques or items. Some examples include using the Heaven's Child Fruit or fusing with a spirit soul.

Bloodline Suppression and Enforcement[]

Suppression occurs when a spirit master fights with another spirit master with a stronger or higher ranked bloodline. This can cause a feeling of weakness on the spirit master with the weaker bloodline, but the weakness can be negated to an extend by the difference in their cultivation rank or battle prowess.

Enforcement occurs when a team of spirit masters fight together, the spirit master with the stronger bloodline can boost the one with the weaker bloodline like the case with Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng. Another example is the case of Tang Wulin using his Golden Dragon King bloodline spirit abilities and domain.

It is more effective if they have the same type of bloodline.

Blood Essence[]

Becoming A God[]

Note: This is during times when there are no divine realms around.

Rank 100 represents a spirit master stepping into godhood, but before a spirit master can become a God, they must first become a Limit Douluo. Becoming a Limit Douluo means the spirit master is half a step to gaining the strength of a God. A Limit Douluo must be able to sense the World Principles or Law of Heaven and Earth, have a suitable martial soul, and that one chance or sudden moment of enlightenment in order to have a path to Godhood. Not all martial souls can achieve Godhood. Some might not be able to advance to the next stage after God Rank. The number of tribulations determine how far a person can go once they reach Godhood.

In order to prepare for the tribulation, many will suppress their cultivation and build up their physique and mentality for a higher chance in succeeding in the tribulation.

"To become a god, not only cultivation and mental strength are required, but firm belief is also essential. - Tang Wulin"

When the tribulation starts, a beam of light shoots up to the sky from the spirit master. If they survive, they had stepped into Godhood. No one can help the spirit master during this process. The number of tribulations determines weather the spirit master has the potential to reach the Super God level and beyond. When the spirit master steps onto the bridge of heaven and earth, a beam of light forms on the spirit master shooting towards the sky. The spiritual power of heaven and earth and the breath of life gather onto the beam. The beam must reach beyond the sky and communicate with the world to overcome the tribulation and reach godhood.

Elemental Tribulation - Four-Elemental Thunder Tribulation[]

This is the first tribulation a spirit master must face. The sky drastically changes as Four-Colored Thunder appears as a beam of thunder and bombards the beam of light and spirit master. Each beam feels as though it can destroy the earth and is around a hundred meters thick. The spirit master must endure this catastrophe with their body, but it can also help them reshape or transform their body and sublimate themselves. Surviving means they might be able to reach the True God Rank in the future.

Heaven and Earth Tribulation - Seven-Elemental Thunder Tribulation[]

The second tribulation. Having this tribulation appear means the spirit master has the potential to reach the Super God level. This thunder is smaller by 9/10 but is more powerful and deadly. Same as the first tribulation, the spirit master must withstand the thunder with their body, while tempering their body at the same time.

Universe Tribulation - Nine-Elemental Thunder Tribulation[]

The third tribulation. Those who survive have the chance to reach God-King Rank. Same as the first and second tribulation, the spirit master must withstand the thunder with their body, while tempering their body at the same time. This thunder is so destructive that it can completely kill a Super God if they are struck by it, since it contains the world principles.


Control System[]

A soul master that excel in controlling the various aspects in combat. Soul master need abilities that can change the flow in the middle of combat, such as binding, giving disturbance on the field in combat, etc. This is usually done through secondary means such as building defenses or release of chemicals, rather then engaging in combat directly. When below rank 60, they can defeat an opponent 10 ranks higher than them if their powers are used correctly. Control System spirit masters have an advantage against Power Attack System spirit masters.

Power Attack System[]

A soul master that excel in dealing great damage, and basically has great vitality as a main and front attacker. Their spirit power is also usually influenced by other systems. Some attackers have mobility not far from the speed system and others have endurance not far from the defense system.

Defense System[]

This system belongs to a person who has great natural defensive capabilities as their spirit soul, along the lines of shields or defensive animals like turtles. Most defense systems tend to be immune to most attacks from attack systems 2 ranks down. They mainly act as a shield or blocker for other spirit masters, but this does not mean they do not have offense capabilities.

Auxiliary System[]

Spirit Masters that have spirits with support abilities fall within this class. This can range from providing regenerative food to a straight up increase in a single or multiple attributes. Other support abilities can range from attribute increases to immunity to certain conditions like poison, confusion, or etc. Some particular support abilities do have side effects or backlashes. All food system spirits fall under the auxiliary system. It is taboo for auxiliary system spirit masters to buff or provide support to one another because it can cause backlashes or even death. Food System spirits are harder to cultivate compared to the other systems.

Agility Attack System[]

Masters of this system focus of a fusion of speed and attack power, observation and recon and thereby have less than average combat potential. Even the weakest agility-type soul master with a seven-ring rank could break through the speed of sound.[15] This system can include spirit masters with space abilities and abilities that allow them to blend into the background, become almost undetectable.

For an agility-type, lethality is even more important than speed. One critical strike, the ability to drift from one place to another while being completely unpredictable, a quintessence of agility-system soul masters.[16]

Healing/Cure System[]

Spirit masters from this system mainly deal in healing others from injury or abnormal conditions like a doctor. While it is possible for this category to fall under auxiliary, the difference is that this system is not usually used during combat.

Training Methods[]


The most basic and used training method for spirit masters. It is the basic cultivation described in the novels and in the manga. The advantage is that the improvement rate is consistent, but its flaw is that it is extremely slow. It's hard for one to break through the Titled Douluo realm even after training for their entire life with this method.


To inherit the energy contained in the spirit rings and the spirit bones or to inherit the gift of other powerful beings. The advantage is that it is fast, but the chances are very slim. Humans only have a chance of gaining a total of nine spirit rings, twelve in SL4, in their entire lives. Spirit bones and immolation are harder to come by. Immolation became a lot easier in SL3 because of the invention of spirit souls and in SL4 because of the treaty humanity made with the Spirit Beast Linage.


Direct absorption of the spirit beasts' and even the spirit master's soul energy. In order for robbing to be effective, the spirit master must find soul energy that is compatible with their spirit. This method can also be used to evolve an external spirit bone.


Evil soul masters use dark and shady methods to cultivate. It comes in many forms and the rewards are plentiful. This method allows the evil soul master to cultivate much more rapidly than orthodox soul masters, up until rank 70, where it takes more than twice as much effort and sacrifice than orthodox soul masters. However, this form of cultivating has several negative effects on the person's mental and causes them to think differently.


Eating nutritious foods can help spirit masters with recovering their spirit power and blood essence. Besides that, eating spirit items can help a spirit master in many different ways depending on the item that is consumed.

Trivia And Facts[]

  • A Flying Soul Master’s soul power depletion was far greater than that of a normal Soul Master.[17]

List of Spirit Masters[]

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