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Mechas are special robots created by blacksmiths and mecha craftsmen designed for battle. Spirit Masters who own a Mecha are known as Mecha Masters.


Spirit Masters have been the most essential profession within the last several tens of thousands of years. Spirit Masters were not only rare, but the majority of them were also weak. But with the advent of Spirit devices, this paradigm had shifted. Low-rank Spirit Masters could now become much more powerful by relying on their Spirit Power and Spirit devices. Afterward, Spirit mechas began to appear, allowing Spirit Masters to become even stronger.

Spirit Mechas are operated by using soul power from Spirit Power batteries, thus allowing it's user to display strength far surpassing their own.[1] The first Spirit Mechas were developed in a larger form. The factor being that the larger they were, the larger the Spirit Power battery they could install as well as the number of weapons it could be equipped with.

As technology progressed, Mechas became operable by ordinary people with sufficiently strong bodies. From then on, Spirit Mechas became the main weapon of the modern army.

In the history of Mecha development, there have been periods where the form was small, medium, and large. This is the basic outline of Mecha development. This was a process of trial and error and it's resulting improvements. It involved the perfection of Spirit circuits, various innovations, and the advancement of technology by leaps and bounds. Mechas have only grown increasingly more important in wars ever since their creation.

With the aid of Spirit devices, an ordinary person might be able to match up to a Spirit Grandmaster, and with a Mecha, they could even possibly contend with a five ring Spirit King. Mechas truly do offer tremendous power to its user, but even so, it cannot give an ordinary person the fighting power of an eight ring Spirit Douluo or a nine ring Titled Douluo. At the very least, it is impossible at this point in time.

The Mechas one can commonly see range from 5 to 8 meters in height and have some peculiar differences depending on what type of Mecha they are. These are the modern medium-sized Mechas. From their research, Soul Guide Masters came to the conclusion that a combination of bulk and flexibility along with a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities were the most suitable for the army. But these are just the standardized mechas for ordinary people. White and yellow mechas are of the same category. All Mecha Masters who own Red Mechas tend to choose a Mecha Profession.

Spirit mechas are the main combat weapons of the federation.

Structure and Operation[]

In addition to battle armor, mechas also used metals forged by blacksmiths during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the higher grade the mecha, the better the metal needed. Even among black-grade mechas, apart from their circuit cores, it was the quality of their metals that determined superiority.[2]

All mecha cockpits had enough space to accommodate two pilots, although only one operated the mecha at a time usually. The second pilot only came into play when they engaged in long distance combat.[3]

Typically, the higher the grade of the mecha, the smaller it was. The standard issue yellow-grade mechas stood over twelve meters tall while the purple-grade were around ten meters. Black-grade mechas were around eight. Red-grade mechas were supposedly no more than six meters tall. In contrast to mechas, battle armor fit snugly to its user without any excess bulk.

A typical mecha contained a human-shaped groove for the pilot within the center of the cockpit, located at its belly region. Here, the pilot controlled the mecha’s every movement, mecha operation relying mainly on the pilot’s own movements, supplemented by their thoughts. Due to the method of operation, strong bodies was a must for pilots. Partial control of the mecha could be given over to the mecha’s operating system during combat, but high-grade mechas had minimal such programs and operation relied mainly on the pilot.[4]

Mecha Pilots[]

Becoming a Mecha Master/Pilot is very easy as long as the person is strong enough for the training, but becoming a good one is the hard part.

Both strength and money were needed to become a mecha pilot. If the pilot didn’t come from a wealthy clan, then they would have to earn the money necessary to advance, be it via their salary, bonuses, or sponsorships. It also can take a long time for a Mecha Master to upgrade their Mechas, since the number of high-level blacksmiths is very small, so many pilots built relationships with the blacksmith association.

Mecha pilots tend to treated their mecha as their second life, an extension of themselves. After all, they taken the time and energy to customize and upgrade their mechas.

“Ugh. I think you get it by now, but being a mecha pilot isn’t as glamorous as it seems. It might be a prestigious job, but life grows harder by the day! Pilots can never stop working hard, competing in competitions for the prize money, and working for bonuses if they want to have a mecha they can truly call their own. Really, the Federation’s treatment of us high-level pilots is inhuman. We don’t have any time to think about anything but making money and growing stronger.” - Liu An

Duo Mecha Master[]

A new combat profession trending the interstellar era of Soul Land IV.


  • White Mecha: A medium-sized mecha used in the military and police force for security and combat. They are the most mass-produced for normal people to pilot. Not much customization.
    • Normal humans are able to pilot them
    • The most common mecha and the biggest
  • Yellow Mecha: Commonly used by the military, police, and security forces. These are the second-most mass-produced models for special forces, so yellow mecha must have the same design and structure.
    • Normal humans are able to pilot them
    • The cockpit can have two seats, one for the pilot and the other for another person or pilot.
    • When there are two pilots, they can switch with each other when one of them gets tired.
  • Purple Mecha: A small-sized mecha customized based on the pilot's preferences and the surrounding culture. Purple mechas were designed specifically for a single soul master in order to maximize the power amplification effects. They are personal mecha.
    • A purple mecha onward needs metal forged by a blacksmith in order to be created or upgraded.
    • SL3: Only spirit masters can pilot a purple mecha.
    • A pilot with four rings would have the firepower of a five-ringed Soul King, and an even higher defense.[5]
  • Black Mecha: A small-sized mecha customized based on the pilot's preferences and the surrounding culture. A personal mecha. The core tends to be made from spirit-refined metal.
    • Only spirit masters can pilot a black mecha.
    • Since there only existed a handful of red mechas, black mechas often stood in as the top of the hierarchy.[6]
    • Black-grades had astronomical production costs.
  • Red Mecha: They tend to be the size of a small frame Mecha, but they can change their form to almost anything the Mecha Master wants like a sword or shield. It is very hard to obtain a red mecha.
    • They are very close to becoming sentient or a real-life form. At most, they act as an AI.
    • They are able to battle Titled Douluos and Hyper Douluos.
  • Orange Mecha: These Mecha appeared in Soul Land 4. A God Rank mecha that can fight with Spirit Masters over Rank 100.
    • So far, it has been confirmed that an orange mecha can fight against a small fleet of ships.


  • Heavy Ion Beam
  • Guns
  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Shield
  • Soul Cannon
  • Boomerang
  • Soul Ammunition
  • Thruster Pack