The Spirit Pagoda had a ten thousand year history. Due to their importance to Soul Masters and their groundbreaking research into artificial spirit souls, their status had risen dramatically to its current state. Throughout the three continents, they were the strongest power.[1]

It was founded by Huo Yuhao to create the Spirit Souls during the extinction of the Spirit Beasts. It's the only place where one can purchase a Spirit Soul. There is a Spirit Pagoda in every city. The Spirit Pagodas in the eighteen major cities are called  the Eighteen Pillars of Heaven and each one of them has a mural about Huo Yuhao, his Spirit Souls, and his friends.

The Spirit Pagoda was originally established to mediate peace between humans and soul beasts. However, for the sake of their research into the invention of artificial spirit souls, there was a period of time where the Spirit Pagoda slaughtered countless soul beasts with the Federation’s support.

In the Spirit Pagoda are different colored elevators like spirit ring colors. The color of the elevator, a person can take depending on their status within the organization. The red elevator is specially reserved for high-ranking Spirit Pagoda members.[2]

In Glorybound City, there are 73 ten year white spirit souls and 11 hundred year yellow spirit souls to choose from. The price of a white spirit soul is seventy thousand coins, while yellow spirit souls are one million coins. The random spirit soul selection is thirty thousand coins, since the spirit soul from the selection is random. There is a chance the spirit soul gotten from the selection to be defective or unsuitable for the spirit master.

Building Classifications

Small-sized cities like Glorybound City have a three layer pagoda. This was the lowest rank possible for a Spirit Pagoda branch. A mid-sized city would have a seven layer Spirit Pagoda branch. Major cities would have a thirteen layer Spirit Pagoda branch. However, the Spirit Pagoda Headquarters was situated in Shrek City. The headquarters had gone through many renovations over the years and it now had eighty layers. It was said to be the most magnificent building on the Douluo Continent. The types of spirit souls sold, depends on the size of the city.

Spirit Ascension Platform

Spirit Pagodas of major cities have a spirit ascension platform. In total, there are eighteen on Douluo Continent.

The spirit ascension platform was created by the Spirit Pagoda. Soul Masters can go there to gain experience and increase their strength. Moreover, one can experience the charms of the ancient Soul Master’s world. Over ten Titled Douluos were involved in it's creation, and the greatest researchers of the time poured their efforts into it. Only after the Spirit Pagoda invested an enormous amount of resources was "The Spirit Ascension Platform" completed.

Originally, the spirit ascension platform was used as a step in the Spirit Pagoda’s research into artificial Spirit Souls. They hoped that it would be able to upgrade artificial Spirit Souls, and hence manufacture even stronger Spirit Souls. After completion, however, they discovered that it was only a partial success. Although the "spirit ascension platform" could upgrade Spirit Souls, it's effects weren’t as great as they expected, and it's nature wasn’t too clear.

After making such a large investment, the Spirit Pagoda couldn’t discard the product. After another period of development, the spirit ascension platform became a unique place. To put it simply, it’s the crystallization of the continent’s best spirit devices and the efforts of the greatest Spirit Masters and researchers. After entering the spirit ascension platform, a Spirit Master will feel that they had entered a whole different realm, yet they would still be protected by the spirit ascension platform. The danger inside isn’t too high, but Spirit Masters can battle with soul beasts to increase their combat experience in there. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to upgrade your Spirit Soul.

The spirit ascension platform has multiple layers. It costs about 500,000 federal coins per entry into the elementary spirit ascension platform. There are only one thousand spots each month for the elementary spirit ascension platform. And spaces for the intermediate and advanced spirit ascension platforms are even fewer. This is because they consume even more resources, so the cost of entry is also several times higher.

Rebellion Spirit Ascension Platform

Spirit Soul Tower

It is located within the Spirit Pagoda. A virtual building. It is inside a circular hall several hundred meters in diameter and fifty meters tall. At the top of the roof sat a triangle with a gem dangling from its midpoint.

At the center of the hall was a lofty hexagonal platform, a flight of stairs leading to its top. It gave off the impression of an altar. The platform covered at least one hundred square meters, and in the center was a golden door towering fifteen meters.[3] Through the doors is the Spirit Soul Tower. Spirit Master can challenge the Tower Attack within the Tower.

The Tower contains 108 floors with a defensive mechanism on each floor. Each floor is occupied by one or more spirit beasts. Defeating the spirit beast(s) on each floor allows the spirit masters to advance to the next floor. Spirit Masters have a chance to purchase the spirit soul they defeated on a specific floor at 50% off.

Since different soul masters need different kinds of spirit souls, and also taking support-type soul masters into account, the Spirit Pagoda allows the tower attack to be done in teams of up to seven people. As a result, the difficulty is also tailored to fit a seven-man team. The first eighteen floors are filled with thousand-year spirit souls, but the strength of those souls increases with every floor. The Spirit Pagoda has populated each floor from the eighteenth to the thirty-sixth with ten-thousand year spirit souls that it has collected over the years. Hundred-thousand-year spirit souls can be found from the thirty-sixth floor onward, and the final nine floors supposedly contain the spirit souls of the strongest soul beasts to ever exist.[4]

The Spirit Pagoda only allows soul masters aged thirty or under to participate in the tower attack.

Normally, the privilege for the Tower Attack is only for Spirit Pagoda members and prodigies that the Spirit Pagoda has bestowed its approval upon, but there are exceptions to this rule.


The Spirit Pagoda was a relatively democratic organization. There was a council of thirty-six elders who would handle all important decisions.There were a few superior officers above the council. This included the Spirit Pagoda Master, two vice Pagoda Masters, and four spiriters. They made up forty-two members in total, and they collectively formed the superior officers of the organization. Even the Pagoda Master could not do as he wished. However, the Pagoda Master had the right to veto, which was the greatest power he held. The vice Pagoda Master and spiriters had two votes each, which was only one vote less than the Pagoda Master's three votes. Every council elder had one vote. Whenever there was an important decision to be made, it was the time for a collective vote to be done.

For the two vice Pagoda Masters and the four spiriters, they had to have made some sort of great contribution to Spirit Pagoda to be elected. However, the more important thing was that they represented Spirit Pagoda's peak combat strength. They were masters that were at least of Hyper Douluo rank.

  1. Pagoda Master - Qiangu Dongfeng
  2. Two Vice Pagoda Masters
    1. Leng Yaozhu
    2. Unknown
  3. Four Great Spiriters 
    1. Xu Shengqun 
    2. Unknown
    3. Unknown
    4. Unknown
  4. Thirty-Six Elders
  5. Branch Masters
    1. Hua Tao


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