Spirit Ranks denote the strength of a person. Spirit Rank is commonly upgraded by Spirit Cultivation. The Spirit Ranks are graded in multiples of 10, with the highest being Titled God, but one hasn't been seen for 10,000 years in soul land 3. Following are the Spirit Masters according to their rank in Soul Land III.

Spirit Rank System

  • In brackets are the alternate Names (if any) of the ranks.

Rank 1 - 10 - Spirit Scholar (Trainee) [魂士]

Rank 11 - 20 - Spirit Master [魂师] (1 Spirit Ring)
(Rank 1 Spirit Master)

Rank 21 - 30 : Spirit Grand master [大魂师] (2 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 2 Spirit Master)

Rank 31 - 40 : Spirit Elder (Expert) [魂尊] (3 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 3 Spirit Master)

Rank 41 - 50 : Spirit Ancestor [魂宗] (4 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 4 Spirit Master)

Rank 51 - 60 : Spirit King [魂王] (5 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 5 Spirit Master)

Rank 61 - 70 : Spirit Emperor [魂帝] (6 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 6 Spirit Master)

Rank 71 - 80 : Spirit Sage (Saint) [魂圣] (7 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 7 Spirit Master)

Rank 81 - 90 : Spirit Douluo [魂斗罗] (8 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 8 Spirit Master)

Rank 91 - 98 : Titled Douluo [封号斗罗] (9 Spirit Rings)
(Rank 9 Spirit Master)

  • Rank 91 - 94 : Average Titled Douluo [普通封号斗罗]
  • Rank 95 - 98 : Super Douluo [超级斗罗]

Rank 99 : Extreme Douluo [极限斗罗]

  • Quasi Demi-God [准半神] (Rank 10 Spirit Master)
  • Demi-God [半神] (Rank 11 Spirit Master)
  • Quasi God [准神] (Rank 12 Spirit Master)

Rank 100 ~ : God [神]

  • Rank 100 : God Officer [神官]
  • Rank 101 ~ 110 : 3rd Class God [三级神祇]
  • Rank 111 ~ 120 : 2nd Class God [二级神祇]
  • Rank 121 ~ : 1st Class God [一级神祇]

Divine Ring [神环]

  • God Officer [神官] (1 Divine Rings)
  • 3rd Class God [三级神祇] (3 Divine Rings)
  • 2nd Class God [二级神祇] (5 Divine Rings)
  • 1st Class God [一级神祇] (7 Divine Rings)
  • God King [神王] (9 Divine Rings)

Soul Power Concentration Level[1]

When a spirit master has achieved a certain level of soul power, the quantity is not important anymore, but its quality. The concentration level is its quality. In simple terms, a nine-ring Titled Douluo’s soul power achieved through the consumption of heaven and earth treasures is completely different than the power achieved through cultivating little by little until rank-90. The concentration levels are at least different by three levels. The higher the concentration level, the more condensed one’s soul power is. Each level corresponds to a rank. For a soul power concentration level of level-6, this signifies that if a spirit master has a four-ring cultivation base, in reality, his/her soul power’s condensation level is equal to a Soul Emperor achieved through ordinary cultivation. When these two factors are multiplied together, the actual rank is comparable to a rank-52 Soul King.

The soul power condensation level’s elevation is even more difficult than cultivating one’s soul power. It’s especially difficult to elevate to the next level after one has achieved level-5.

Individual Ranks

Titled True God

Titled Douluo

Spirit Douluo

Spirit Sage

Spirit Emperor

Spirit King

Spirit Ancestor

Spirit Elder

Spirit Grandmaster

Spirit Master

Spirit Scholar

No Spirit

Unknown Rank

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