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The spirit rings produced by spirit beasts of different level main difference to spirit master is what attribute it adds as well as the capacity to master its ability. For example, if using the quantitative angle of view, with your Blue Silver Grass spirit with the Control System tool spirit master route, and you obtain a compatible attribute ten-year spirit ring, then your Blue Silver Grass’ control nature can increase by ten. But if it was a hundred-year spirit ring, then your Blue Silver Grass’ control nature would increase by a hundred. And so on. Consequently, whenever possible, spirit masters as much as possible pursue enhancing their spirit even more.
— Grandmaster Yu Xiaogang

Spirit Ring is a special energy body that represents the cultivation of spirit beasts. In almost all cases, it does not represent their actual age as spirit beasts don't cultivate based on age, but with maturity. This is seen with how notable physical features are used to discern a spirit beast's cultivation. Some instances where the cultivation of spirit rings does not correspond with the actual age of the spirit beasts; the Infernal Lightning Vine and Immortal Herbs for example.

Ordinary Spirit Rings are divided into five levels: ten-year spirit rings, hundred-year spirit rings, thousand-year spirit rings, ten thousand-year spirit rings, and one hundred thousand-year spirit rings. They need to be obtained by hunting spirit beasts when spirit masters break through a bottleneck (Rank 10, 20, 30, etc.); which are released following their death, sacrifice, or contract with humans. In addition, only the person who has dealt the killing blow can absorb the spirit ring. God-Level Spirit Ring is a spirit ring exclusive to gods or god-ranked spirit masters, also called a God Ring or Divine Ring. The Million-Year Spirit Ring is known to be owned only by Tang San and Huo Yuhao. The Bloodline Spirit Ring is only exclusive to Tang Wulin.


The first six spirit rings not only provide techniques to the spirit master after they absorb them, but also nourishes the spirit bones in the spirit master's body. The six spirit rings are responsible for the head, body, limbs, and growth of the six spirit bones. The 7th spirit ring is considered the most important spirit ring because it can decide whether or not a spirit master becomes a Titled Douluo. Because of this, it is also called the Titled Spirit Ring. The higher the quality, the better chances a spirit master can become a Titled Douluo.

Spirit Ring Types[]

Each spirit beast holds or stores their innate spirit abilities in their cores, spirit bones, spirit rings; and spirit rings are also divided into levels.

Ordinary Spirit Ring[]

Ordinary Spirit Rings : White, Yellow, Purple, Black, and Red

10 Year Spirit Ring (十年)[]

Ten Year Spirit Ring (White) is the most common spirit ring and also the lowest level. Almost any spirit master whose cultivation level has reached the bottleneck can absorb it. Under normal circumstances, talented and qualified spirit masters would not choose to absorb this kind of spirit ring. It gives one spirit ability.

100 Year Spirit Ring (百年)[]

Hundred Year Spirit Ring (Yellow) is the first spirit ring of most spirit masters. It gives one spirit ability. Spirit masters have to absorb it from less than 423 years spirit beasts for their first ring slot while it is from less than 764 years spirit beasts for their second ring slot.

1,000 Year Spirit Ring (千年)[]

Thousand Year Spirit Ring (Purple) is the usually the third spirit ring of most spirit masters while it is the first Purple spirit ring at fourth ring slot of average or less talented spirit masters. It also provides one spirit ability. Spirit masters have to absorb it from less than 1,760 years spirit beasts for their third ring slot while it is from less than 5,000 years spirit beasts for their fourth ring slot.

10,000 Year Spirit Ring (万年)[]

Ten Thousand Year Spirit Ring (Black) is the fifth spirit ring of most spirit masters while it is the first Black spirit ring at sixth or seventh ring slow of average or less talented spirit masters. It also comes with one spirit ability. Spirit masters have to absorb it from less than 12,000 years spirit beasts for their fifth ring slot, less than 20,000 years for their sixth ring slot, less than 50,000 years for their seventh ring slot, and above 50,000 years for their eight ring slot but not exceeding 100,000 years. In most occasions, it is also the ninth spirit ring of Titled Douluos.

100,000 Year Spirit Ring (十万年)[]

Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Ring (Red) is a very rare spirit ring that can be absorbed from 100,000 years and above cultivation spirit beasts, however, only a few spirit beasts can reach this point of energy accumulation. It provides spirit masters with two spirit abilities plus another two spirit abilities from the spirit bones if absorbed from the same spirit beast. For every one hundred thousand years, a gold pattern or gold tint is also added to the Red spirit ring up to nine gold patterns or tints.

NOTE: The same level and different spirit rings have completely different effects on the increase of spirits. For the spirit master, the enhancement effect of the spirit ring on the ability of the spirit master is not only related to the strength of the spirit beast itself, but also related to the spirit beast and the martial souls - the degree of soul fit must be related.

Million-Year Spirit Ring (百万年)[]

There are only a few 1,000,000 Year Spirit Rings because after the spirit beast's cultivation reaches the one hundred thousand-year level, it will either turn into an adult or experience a tribulation every one hundred thousand years; thus, it is difficult to reach one million years. Gold is the common color representation of this spirit ring type.

  • Deep Sea Demonic Whale King (Dark Red Gold): Tang San's last spirit ring before becoming a god. The cultivation base is more than a million years. After Sea God Trials' 8th Trial, the spirit ring's color is pure golden bathe with Asura God's divine power. After he has achieved Sea God divinity, it evolved into deep golden spirit ring after the additional 50,000 years spirit rings increase then to a dark red gold spirit ring becoming a god-level spirit ring for Asura God inheritance.
  • Skydream Ice Worm Tian Meng (White Gold): Dai Yuhao 's first spirit ring, possesses wisdom. The natural color is white gold, the color in the sealed state is bright white, and has four skills.

God-Level Spirit Ring[]

  • Asura God Ring (Dark Red): obtained when Tang San inherited Asura God divinity (only fused with his 9th spirit ring because Xiao Wu is its scabbard)
  • Sea God Ring (Blue-Gold): obtained when Tang San inherited Sea God divinity
  • Rakshasa God Ring (Dark Purple): obtained when Bibi Dong inherited Rakshasa God divinity
  • Angel God Ring (Gold): obtained when Qian Renxue inherited Angel God divinity
  • Dragon God Ring (Nine Colours : obtained when Tang Xuanyu inherited Dragon God divinity
  • Bai Xiuxiu God-Level Ring (Sky Blue): generated when she sacrificed for Tang Xuanyu
  • Wild Gods God-Level Ring (Gold): the color of Douluo's god-ranked powerhouses' 10th and so forth spirit ring

NOTE: Though Dai Yuhao inherited God of Emotions divinity after defeating Di Tian, no god-level ring has been stated in the entire Soul Land 2 novel or other subsequent novel installments.

God Bestowed Spirit Ring[]

The spirit ring bestowed by the gods, and has no attributes. Known owners are Bo Saixi, Seven Sea God Holy Pillars Guardians, the first generation of Shrek Seven Devils, Ji Xiang, Sea God Island's spirit masters who have participated in the Black Level and above tests. One can get a god bestowed spirit ring when reaching a bottleneck, and the bottleneck happens to be completion of all the tests, thus not necessarily only one in number can be obtained. It can be absorbed according to the years of spirit ring absorption limit one can endure, and is also a spirit ring that is extremely suitable for one's own martial soul. It is called a God Pillar Stone in manhua.

Special Spirit Ring[]

Blue Silver Emperor's Natural Spirit Ring[]

It is a spirit ring condensed by Blue Silver King for Tang San which is from the power of belief of many Blue Silver Grass. It evolves along with Tang San's physical endurance; however, it must be subject to special external stimuli. The initial age is 25,000 years (Black) with only one attach spirit ability regardless of age. While Tang San was fighting Sea Witch Douluo, he was stimulated by her ninth spirit ability; allowing his spirit ring to evolve into a 100,000-year spirit ring (Red). After Sea God Trials, it was promoted to a 150,000-year spirit ring (Red) due to additional 50,000 years increase.

Orange-Gold Spirit Ring[]

Fierce or Great Beast Spirit Ring is the spirit ring of Spirit Souls transformed from Ten Great Spirit Beasts. In addition, all fierce or great spirit beasts with cultivation of 200,000 to 990,000 years can provide orange-gold spirit rings. Similar spirit ring color can be acquired from normal spirit beasts that have been at least 200,000 years old or with at least 200,000 years cultivation base before becoming spirit souls. They help develop spirit masters as a whole and can bring unbelievably great benefits to their bodies. They also provide one the least, two, or three the most spirit abilities to them per spirit ring slot. However, not all of the fierce or great spirit beasts turned spirit souls can give an orange-gold spirit ring; likewise to all normal spirit beasts with cultivation base of 200,000 years and above.

  • Beast God Di Tian - Top 1 Great Spirit Beast; with 900,000 years (SL4), 890,000 years (SL3), and 880,000 years (SL2); has occupied Tang Xuanyu's seventh spirit ring slot but never provided an orange-gold spirit ring; it is a Seven-colored spirit ring due to Dragon God's special bloodline
  • Evileye Tyrant Emperor - Top 2 Great Spirit Beast; with 790,000 years; has occupied Dai Yuhao's main martial soul's ninth spirit ring slot but never provided an orange-gold spirit ring; it is only a Dark Red with seven Gold tints spirit ring due to being killed prior to becoming spirit soul
  • Snow Empress Xue Nu - Top 3 Great Spirit Beast; with 690,000 years; has provided Dai Yuhao with four Orange-Gold spirit rings having only a single spirit ability per slot due to informal contract ceremony
  • Ice Emperor Bing Bing - Top 7 Great Spirit Beast; 390,000 years then 400,000 years after fusion; has become Dai Yuhao's second martial soul occupying its first slot; it is only a Red with four Gold tints spirit ring due to being hunted initially prior to becoming a martial soul
  • Ice Bear King Xiao Bai - also a fierce or great spirit beast; 290,000 years then 300,000 years after fusion; it is only a Red with three Gold tints spirit ring due to damage life force while facing third tribulation in the demi-plane

Rose Gold Spirit Ring[]

Power of Destiny Spirit Ring is the spirit ring transformed by the Three-Eyed Golden Lion King, Wang Qiu'er, after she sacrificed herself for Dai Yuhao; becoming his main martial soul's sixth spirit ring. Its age is only 15,000 years, however, it is definitely stronger than the ordinary 100,000 year spirit ring; as it comes not only with two skills similar to ordinary 100,000 year spirit ring, but also holds the Power of Destiny.

Gray Spirit Ring[]

Necromancer Spirit Ring is the spirit ring with dark gray color owned by Dai Yuhao, and is formed from Electrolux's divine sense; containing Yi Lai Ka Si's strength and knowledge. It has no age limit and is the carrier of his light-based Necromancy abilities. In fact, it does not belong to the spirit ring category but to the special martial soul left behind by a demigod.

Blood Red Spirit Ring[]

Ice-Attributed Spirit Souls Fusion Spirit Ring - is the ring color of Dai Yuhao's second martial soul's ninth slot, which has unknown cultivation age and two spirit abilities that is better than a regular 100,000 year spirit ring. Initially he has thought he will get spirit abilities from Ice Bear King, however, he found out it has been dormant for quite some time and released only while fighting with Di Tian as the last test of his God of Emotions Trials. It is formed from the fusion of all his ice-attributed spirit souls - the carrier of Absolute Zero and Sigh of the Ice Goddess.

Heavenly Dragon Horse Natural Spirit Ring[]

Spirit rings occupying Beibei's seventh to ninth ring slots came from his fusion with a more than 10,000-year-old Heavenly Dragon Horse facilitated by Huo Yuhao, which allowed his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon martial soul to evolve into a True Dragon existence, the Radiant Holy Dragon. All his last three spirit rings are colored black with golden striations.

Green-Gold Spirit Ring[]

Child of Nature Spirit Ring is solely owned by Tang Wulin. It is condensed from Blue Silver Emperor bloodline inheritance which energy used was transformed by the Ancient Golden Tree. It has unlimited years limit which provided a domain ability at the Spirit King level.

Vitality and Bloodline Spirit Ring[]

Golden Dragon King Berserk Mode Spirit Ring is the spirit ring also owned by Tang Wulin. It comes from Golden Dragon King, has no age limit, and does not rely on soul power but on the power of his life force and bloodlines. It is golden under normal circumstances and red gold in a violent state.

Purple Gold Spirit Ring[]

Infernal Lightning Vine Natural Spirit Ring is the ninth spirit ring and also owned by Tang Wulin. It was condensed after Infernal Lightning Vine which believed to possess Thunder God's bloodline broke through 100,000 years of cultivation. Later, its ring color has changed into orange-gold, which signifies an existence of a fierce or great beast after it received an additional 100,000 years increase when Tang Wulin passed his Sea God Trials' Sixth Trial.

Dragon God's Horn Natural Spirit Ring[]

The complete set of spirit rings of Sima Jinchi, the spirit master personification of the Dragon God's divine consciousness originally left behind in the ultra divine tool, Dragon Slaying Saber. All spirit rings naturally evolved into demigod level after he awakened all of Dragon God's previous memories.

Dark Gold Spirit Ring[]

Golden Behemoth Natural Spirit Ring has appeared in Soul Land 4 and owned by Qian Lei. It is the spirit ring provided by the Golden Behemoth, Golden Fatty; an ancient sacred beast from the royal family of Behemoth Clan that is the direct rival of Dragon Clan and is referred to as Dragon-eaters.

Spirit Ring Absorption[]

Each breakthrough of spirit beasts represents a qualitative change and entirely different concept for them. From ten year to hundred year, from hundred year to thousand year, from thousand year to ten-thousand year, or from ten-thousand year to hundred-thousand year is an equally qualitative change. This is also the same when they hundred-thousand year cultivation level, and every hundred-thousand year is a qualitative change corresponding to every heaven and earth tribulation they will encounter.

Spirit Ring's Optimal Life Age[]

According to Grandmaster Yu Xiaogang's Theory, there is an optimal age of spirit ring for every bottleneck that identifies the oldest possible spirit ring that can be absorbed without significant risks.

  • 1st Spirit Ring: Less than 423 years old Spirit Beast
  • 2nd Spirit Ring: Less than 764 years old Spirit Beast
  • 3rd Spirit Ring: Less than 1,300-1,800 years old Spirit Beast
  • 4th Spirit Ring: Less than 3,000-5,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 5th Spirit Ring: Around 12,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 6th Spirit Ring: Around 25,000 (in manhua, exactly 28,756) years old Spirit Beast
  • 7th Spirit Ring: Between 30,000~50,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 8th Spirit Ring: Between 50,000~100,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 9th Spirit Ring: More than 100,000 years old Spirit Beast

Note that the above is normal, but the life age limit of the spirit ring can be increased with the improvement of the spirit master’s physical fitness, so there will be cases of skipping absorption. The reality is not necessarily accurate, nor does it apply to all spirit masters.

Spirit Ring's Limit Surpassing[]

Spirit masters can naturally absorb younger spirit ring, but the absorption of an older spirit ring may result to heavy injuries or even in death upon rejection. However, there have been a rare few cases of spirit masters who successfully absorbed spirit rings beyond the optimal age. This is called Limit Surpassing.

Spirit Ring's Soul Shock[]

Soul Shock is a special capability that arises after a high level spirit beast is dead, but before its soul has dissipated. Only ten thousand year spirit beasts or above can possess it. Generally speaking, to absorb a ten thousand year spirit beast’s spirit ring requires at least fiftieth rank or above spirit power. By that time the Spirit Master already possesses a certain degree of functionality in all aspects, and mental strength has also matured to a certain extent. Besides the energy contained in the spirit ring, there’s also the danger of this soul shock. To an adult, and moreover a fiftieth ranked Spirit Master, when both the body and mind has matured, the effect of such a soul shock would decrease substantially. Even if your body can endure the energy attack, if your mindscape is destroyed by the soul shock, you’ll become an idiot.

Spirit Ring's Optimal Color Configuration

Spirit Ring's Optimal Color Configuration[]

Having a Red soul ring is rare, but is exceptionally powerful. Having even just one is always makes it better than an optimal configuration.

Soul Land I[]

  • Two (2) Yellow, two (2) Purple, and five (5) Black spirit rings

Soul Land II[]

  • Two (2) Yellow, two (2) Purple, and four (4) Black, and one (1) Red spirit rings

Soul Land III[]

  • Four (4) Purple, and four (4) Black, and one (1) Red spirit rings

Soul Land IV[]

  • Eight (8) Black, and one (1) Red spirit rings

Spirit Ring's Life Years Ascension[]

In Soul Land III, a place called Spirit Pagoda has a platform called Spirit Ascension Platform. Here, you can increase the age or strengthen your Spirit Souls respectively by going in it. Depending on the owner's capability, it is possible to even strengthen it to 100,000 years. By using the Platform, the maximum that a spirit master could theoretically reach is : Red 9

But all of this is but a rough guide however. The true factor to that determines what the maximum age of a spirit ring that could be added is the spiritual power of a person. Every person has a set amount of mental capacity or "mental space" which the spirit ring(s) in question will occupy, where the amount of space the ring will occupy will increase with the ring's age. Regardless of the rings themselves, if there is enough space, the ring will be accepted into the martial soul (assuming its attributes don't clash with that of the martial soul itself). And although one's cultivation greatly increases one's mental space, it is ultimately independent of it.

For more information, see Spirit Pagoda & Spirit Souls.

Manhua Information[]

This process can be divided into four steps:

  1. Ring Destruction
  2. Ring Combat: Need enough spirit energy to withstand it or the spirit master will die
  3. Ring Dissolution: Need enough spiritual power to withstand it or the spirit master will die
  4. Ring Internalization: Need enough physical power to withstand it or the spirit master will die


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