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Spirit Rings are the souls released by Spirit Beasts following their death, sacrifice, or contract with humans. The Spirit Ring can only be absorbed by the person who delivers the final blow and kills it and should be at a Rank (Rank 10, 20, 30, etc.) to be able to absorb it.

Description Edit

The first six spirit rings not only provides techniques to the spirit master after they absorb, it also nourishes the spirit bones in the spirit master's body. The six spirit rings are responsible for the head, body, limbs, and growth of the six spirit bones. The 7th spirit ring is considered the most important spirit ring because it can decide weather or not a spirit master becomes a Titled Douluo. Because of this, it is also called the Titled Spirit Ring. The higher the quality, the better chances a spirit master can become a Titled Douluo.

Division Edit

Spirit Rings are usually divided into categories based on their age.

  • White : 10 Year Spirit Ring (十年)
  • Yellow : 100 Year Spirit Ring (百年)
  • Purple : 1,000 Year Spirit Ring (千年)
  • Black : 10,000 Year Spirit Ring (万年)
  • Red : 100,000 Year Spirit Ring (十万年)
  • Gold : 1,000,000 Year Spirit Ring (百万年)

However, In the case of a million-year-old spirit rings, it may appear in different colors depending on the attribute.

(Ex : Blue Gold, Dark Red Gold, Platium, Dark Grey, Green Gold, Dark Gold)

Orange Spirit Rings Edit

The Spirit Rings, given by Spirit Soul of the "10 Great Ferocious Beasts", help develop the Spirit Master as a whole, and can bring unbelievably great benefits to the Spirit Master's body itself.

In addition, the Spirit Souls of "10 Great Ferocious Beasts", give at least two 100,000 years old Spirit Rings to Spirit Master.

And in addition, Spirit Soul of one "The Great Ferocious Bast" gives Spirit Master a red Spirit Ring of over 200,000 years old, or 2 to 5 orange gold Spirit Rings.

1,000,000 Years Old Spirit Ring's Color Edit

A Spirit Ring can also have a unique or a highly specialized color based on its association. This can manifest as a blend of two colors, as a wrapping or a nimbus on a pre-existing Spirit Ring, or as a combination of the two. Some of them de facto represent a God Level Spirit Ring.

Optimal Spirit Rings According to Rank Edit

There is an optimal age of Spirit Ring for every bottleneck that identifies the oldest possible Spirit Ring that can be absorbed without significant risks. Spirit Master can naturally absorb younger Spirit Ring, but absorption of an older Spirit Ring can result in heavy injuries or even in death upon rejection.

However, there have been a rare few cases of Spirit Masters who successfully absorbed Spirit Rings beyond the optimal age. It is noteworthy that all Spirit Masters who have accomplished this were either born a Spirit Beast–Human hybrid (e.g., Tang San), or had their body modified into one (e.g., Huo Yuhao).

Spirit Rings
  • 1st Spirit Ring: Less than 423 years old Spirit Beast
  • 2nd Spirit Ring: Less than 764 years old Spirit Beast
  • 3rd Spirit Ring: Less than 1,760 years old Spirit Beast
  • 4th Spirit Ring: Less than 5,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 5th Spirit Ring: Less than 12,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 6th Spirit Ring: Less than 20,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 7th Spirit Ring: Between 30,000 ~ 50,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 8th Spirit Ring: Between 50,000 ~ 100,000 years old Spirit Beast
  • 9th Spirit Ring: More than 100,000 years old Spirit Beast

Optimal Spirit Ring Combination Edit

  • "Soul Land I" & "Soul Land II": Yellow 2, Purple 2, Black 5
  • "Soul Land III" & "Soul Land IV" : Purple 4, Black 4, Red 1

In Soul Land III, there is a place called "Spirit Pagoda", and in this "Spirit Pagoda" there is a place called "Spirit Ascension Platform".

Here, by going into the Spirit Ascension Platform, you can increase the age or strengthen your Spirit Souls, respectively.

Depending on the owner's capability, it is possible to even strengthen it to 100,000 years.

For more information, see Spirit Pagoda & Spirit Souls.

Soul ShockEdit

Soul shock is a special ability that arises when a spirit beast older than 10,000 years is dead, but its soul is yet to be dissipated. If your mind is not matured and cannot decrease the soul shock from the ring, you will become mentally retarded and have the mental capacity of a 2 year old if you attempt to absorb the spirit ring. 

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