Spirit Skills
Name Spirit Skills
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Description Edit

Spirit Skills are the abilities gained most commonly from absorbing spirit rings. They can also be obtained by materializing their own ring, condensing their own power to create a ring or being bestowed by a God which are all extremely rare occurrences.

Skills vary depending on the spirit master and the spirit ring absorbed. The older the ring the stronger the ability. For example, let's say we have a Spirit Dopplegänger ability:

  • A 10-year-old ring gives the dopplegänger 30% of your power
  • A 100-year-old ring gives the dopplegänger 50%
  • A 1,000-year-old ring gives the dopplegänger 70%
  • A 10,000-year-old ring gives the dopplegänger 100% of your power
  • Last but not least, a 100,000-year-old ring gives the dopplegänger by 200%, and it also increases your strength by 100%, which makes 100,000-year-old rings invaluable.

List of Spirit Skills in Soul Land I Edit

Attack Edit

  • Blue Silver Thrust
  • Blue Silver Overload Spear
  • White Tiger Intense Light Wave
  • White Tiger Meteor Shower
  • Waist Bow
  • Hell Decapitation
  • Thunder Shock
  • Vigorous Vajra Palm
  • Wind Blade Burst
  • Tongue Blade
  • Fifteen Tons of Thunder
  • Blue Divine Dragon Envy
  • Thunder Hawk
  • Furious Roar
  • Thunder Dragon Claw
  • Thunder Crash
  • Thunder Fury
  • Wind Edge
  • Wind Surge
  • Tortoise Shell Burst
  • Root of Strength
  • Force Quake
  • Nightmare
  • Giant Spirit Palm
  • Seismic Wave
  • Black Water Freezing
  • Angelic Descent
  • Angel's Howl

Restrictive Edit

  • Bind
  • Spider Web Restraint
  • Blue Silver Prison

Poisonous Edit

  • Parasite
  • Jade Phosphor Violet Poison

Fire Edit

  • Phoenix Fire Wire
  • Bathing Fire Phoenix
  • Phoenix Cry Sky Strike
  • Brilliant Sun

Gravity Edit

  • Gravity Control
  • Gravity Increase
  • Gravity Crush

Speed Edit

  • Teleportation
  • Hell Rush Stab
  • Hell Hundred Claws

Spirit Avatar Edit

  • Clear Sky Avatar
  • Owl Avatar
  • Vigorous Vajra Bear Avatar
  • Scarlet Dragon Avatar
  • Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor
  • Snow Soul Demon Bear Avatar
  • Snake Lance Spirit Avatar (Beast Soul Transformation)
  • Porcupinefish Spirit Avatar
  • Seraphim Spirit Avatar
  • Needle Tailed Swift Spirit Avatar
  • Ghost Demon Spirit Avatar
  • Chrysanthemum Spirit Avatar

Transformation & Enhancement Edit

  • White Tiger Vajra Transformation
  • Paragon Golden Body
  • Sky Wolf Transformation
  • Mad Battle
  • Double Wolf Body Enhancement
  • Serpent Body
  • Blue Lightning Dragon Claws
  • Thundergod’s Fury

Defense Edit

  • White Tiger Shield Body Barrier
  • Motionless Bright King Body
  • Ice Armour
  • Shield Form
  • Black Tortoise Protective Form

Flight Edit

  • Phoenix Ascension
  • Stormwind Wings

Support Edit

  • Big Recovery Sausage
  • Small Detoxifying Sausage
  • Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage
  • Stimulating Pink Sausage
  • Mirror Image Large Sausage
  • Position Trace
  • Time Freeze
  • Defying Flame Ring
  • Ice Bind
  • Web Domain
  • Red Jaded Scale Poison
  • Blue Jaded Scale Poison

Stun Edit

  • Demon Confusion
  • Mesmerize
  • The Pressure Kill
  • God Locking Ring

Other Edit

  • Man and Hammer Union
  • Hammer Spirit Control
  • Spirit Doppelganger
  • Flame Shadow Doppelganger
  • Leopard Shadow Doppelganger
  • Hell Shadow Doppelganger
  • Black Water Freezing
  • All In One Throw
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