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Spirit Souls are spirit beasts in an energy form that are used by soul masters as a complement of the soul rings. It can be a animal, plant, tool, material, or elemental spirit. By becoming a spirit soul, spirit beasts only change their form and not their existence by binding their spiritual and life origin to the contracted soul master.

The inventor of spirit soul is Electrolux, the Necromancer, teacher of Huo Yuhao. The first spirit soul is Snow Empress which her life is binded to Huo Yuhao by Electrolux. Under Di Tian's supervision, Huo Yuhao was able to create a general technique for spirit souls' creation.

After mastering the technique to create the spirit soul, a life-bound contract method derived from light element necromancy, Huo Yuhao and Di Tian built the Spirit Pagoda. Since then, soul masters must go to the Spirit Pagoda to get or purchase a spirit soul.

Spirit souls are superior to conventional soul rings because the age or quality of soul rings given by them could be upgraded or evolved.[1] But generally, it could only be done in the Spirit Pagoda's Spirit Ascension Platform. Strong spiritual power and a strong body is necessary to contract higher ranks of spirit souls.

Spirit souls actually place their complete cultivation as spirit rings that take up space on their contracted soul master. As a result, if the spirit soul voluntarily leaves, the contracted soul master permanently loses those rings.

Once bound, spirit souls merge their bloodlines into their contracted soul master and allow physical improvement. If their bloodline or compatibility is high, the bloodlines can possibly affect the soul master's martial soul and evolve them, awakening it. The bloodlines of the spirit souls also attain counter-resonance from the soul master's rising cultivation rank and the martial soul evolution, allowing the improvement of their bloodlines and their spirit beast existence to a higher quality.[2]

  • Xu Sanshi's Xuanwu Shield evolved and awakened to the Golden Xuanwu Shield upon contracting the Golden Tortoise
  • Qian Lei's bloodline and physique improving from a fatty into a extremely muscular and tall manly man through counter-resonance with the Divine Beast Golden Behemoth Golden Fatty's growth (depending on Qian Lei's funded food and cultivation rank to grow).
  • Lan Mengqin's Jade Phoenix Zither evolved and awakened into the Emerald Jade Phoenix Zither and finally Emerald Phoenix by contracting the Emerald Swan Bi Ji, herself evolving from an Emerald Swan spirit beast into an Emerald Phoenix spirit beast.
  • Bai Xiuxiu's Demon Spirit Great White Shark evolved and awakened into the Abyss Demon Dragon Shark and finally Abyss Ice Demon Dragon by contracting the Abyss Demon Dragon Zi Ji, herself attaining the ice element as a result.
  • Tang Yuge's Five Elements Qilin evolved and awakened to the Heavenly Celestial Qilin after improving her cultivation and previously contracting the Yin-Yang Chaos Bird Yinyang. Tang Yuge herself gained black-white colored hair.


In battle, Spirit Souls who have more than 100 years can help the soul master in combat with unleashing a spirit skill or other abilities, but most do not do this because if a spirit soul is killed in battle, it takes a long time to restore it and it can wound the spirit master as well as impact their spiritual power.

Spirit Soul Founders

The three founders of spirit souls are:

  1. Electrolux - Created the foundation technique, resulting in the Snow Empress as the first spirit soul
  2. Huo Yuhao - Elux's disciple who refined and established a general purpose form of the foundation technique under Di Tian's supervision, then with Di Tian's spirit beasts support, created the Spirit Pagoda
  3. Di Tian - Provided insight and perspective of spirit beasts, involved in creating the general purpose form of the foundation technique, he also participated in helping Huo Yuhao create the contract technique because of his higher knowledge as an ancient being.

Original Intent of Spirit Souls

The original intent for founding spirit souls was to make soul masters completely dependent on spirit beasts, for example, a ten thousand years spirit beast can provide maximum of 4 Spirit rings, saving time and effort in cultivation while promoting communion between spirit beast and soul master. With this subordination to spirit beasts, spirit beasts would have been held higher as nobility in soul master society.

However, humanity's greed for power and dominance without the presence of the Douluo Divine Realm since Soul Land 2.5 induced the bloody path of artificial spirit souls.

Artificial Spirit Souls

Artificial Spirit Souls are still reliant on the genes of the Spirit Beast they were created from.[3] As a result of the gradual extinction of Spirit Beasts, Spirit Beast genes had also unceasingly depleted. The researchers of the Spirit Pagoda had tried many times to use non-Spirit Beast genes to create a Spirit Soul and see if the result was acceptable.[3] The experiment was a success, but the fact was, the Spirit Souls made from those genes were pitifully weak. Basically, no one would be willing to buy them.[3] In Soul Land 3, Spirit Souls could take on the form of non-living objects, like a piece of metal or a hammer.

When a spirit soul is being manufactured, it won’t necessarily succeed every single time.[4] Sometimes, defective ones may appear.[4] The defectives ones are also very expensive to manufacture and they can also be fused with too.[4] Low level spirit souls (before reaching 10,000 years) do not have any sort of intelligence.

Once a spirit master gets a spirit soul, they have 24 hours to absorb it, otherwise it will die.[3]

The more powerful a spirit soul was, the more intelligent it would be.[5] A spirit soul above the purple rank was even capable of communicating with its host. Legends say that a spirit soul that surpassed that rank could even help the host in battle.[5]

In the later half of Soul Land III, the Spirit Pagoda are able to create black artificial spirit souls thanks to Gu Yuena. Before then, they were only able to artificially create white, yellow, and purple spirit souls.

By Soul Land IV, artificial spirit souls of 10,000 years are able to be created. The spirit souls of this time do not have any spiritual wisdom. They can only awaken once the spirit master they are fused with reaches God Rank.

Spirit Soul Acquisition

There are four ways of obtaining Spirit Souls since Soul Land III:

  1. Geniuses with an exceedingly fast cultivation speed can obtain the first Spirit Soul free of charge from the Spirit Pagoda.
  2. Ordinary individuals can purchase a Spirit Soul for a fee proportional to the Spirit Soul's age.
  3. Make a contract with a spirit beast with mutual agreement.
  4. Do the Tower Attack.

The price of a 10 years Spirit Soul is 70,000 coins and 100 years Spirit Souls cost 1 million coins.[6] There are also random Spirit Souls that cost 30,000 coins.[4] You can try your luck in a lottery to get a 10-year spirit soul, or a 100 year Spirit Soul. There’s a very high chance that the Spirit Soul gotten won’t be suitable for the user's Spirit. It’s also possible to obtain a defective Spirit Soul.[4]

Rank of Spirit Souls

The various ranks of Spirit Souls can bestow a Spirit Master with one or more Spirit Rings:

  • +10 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow maximum one White Spirit Ring.
  • +100 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow maximum two Yellow Spirit Rings.
  • +1000 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow maximum three Purple Spirit Rings.
  • +10,000 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow maximum four Black Spirit Rings.
  • +100,000 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow maximum four to five Red Spirit Rings.
  • +200,000 years Spirit Soul (Ferocious Beast): Can bestow maximum four to five Orange Spirit Rings.
  • +1,000,000 years Spirit Soul (Divine Beast): Can bestow Gold Spirit Rings, with different tints depending on the contracted Divine Beast.
  • Ranks: WhiteYellowPurpleBlackRedOrangeGold
  • The higher the ranks, the greater the spirit soul's cultivation and solidified the spirit soul's form.

In Soul Land III, you can raise the grade of "Spirit Soul" in a place called the "Spirit Ascension Platform", but due to the limit of energy, generally Spirit Transferring Pagoda only could help soul master to evolve the spirit soul until reach peak rank of Red.

Only Spirit Beasts with over 200,000 years of cultivation, such as those of the level of "The Ferocious Beast", can provide Orange soul ring to a Spirit Master, and only spirit beasts with over 1,000,000 years cultivation can provide a Gold soul ring to a spirit master.

The number and quality of spirit souls a spirit master can have are limited by the soul master's spiritual power and spirit rank. However, Divine Beasts spirit souls are the exception to this rule, instead requiring the soul master's spiritual power to be higher to prevent being dominated by the spirit souls themselves.

Rank of Spiritual Power

Note: For some reason, the author wrote that the spirit origin realm is 1-100 in ch. 18 and 1-50 in ch. 113.

A human’s spiritual power would grow naturally as their body matured, increasing all the way until they reached 40 years old.[7] After the age of 40, however, an ordinary person’s body would begin to deteriorate, but Soul Masters could continue increasing their spiritual power until they were 60 years old. In SL3 to SL4, the Federation can read the maximum spiritual power of a soul master.

1 - 99: Spirit Origin realm

  • The moment one was born, they would be in the Spirit Origin realm with the most basic of spiritual power.[4][8]
  • Spiritual power in the intermediate rank of Spirit Origin realm, one would be able to support a yellow spirit soul.[9]
  • The range for the elementary level was 1 - 30 points, the intermediate level was 31 - 60 points, the advanced level was 61 - 90 points, and the peak level is 91 - 99 points.[9]

100 - 499: Spirit Connection realm

  • The Spirit Connection realm was when the heart could connect with the spirit, conveying simple thoughts.[10][8]
  • At this level, one would be able to truly control one’s spiritual power and have it move to one’s needs as well as being able to support 2 yellow spirit souls or 1 purple spirit soul.[10][8]
  • The threshold for the elementary level was 100 points, the intermediate level was 150 points, and the advanced level was 350 points.

500 - 4999: Spirit Sea realm

  • In the Spirit Sea realm, the spirit was as vast as the sea and one’s spiritual power could be considered to have finally attained a high enough level to be considered the foundation for an expert.[11]
  • The ones who stood at the pinnacle of both Mecha Masters or Soul Masters would need to have at least reached the Spirit Sea realm.[11]
  • At this level, one would be able to support 5 yellow spirit souls or 3 purple spirit souls. In fact, one could even support a single black spirit soul![11]
  • Apart from the effects on spiritual power, the Spirit Sea realm could also help a Soul Master cultivate to 6 or 7 rings. Thus, to become a powerful Soul Master, it was necessary to reach the Spirit Sea realm.[11]

5000 - 19,999: Spirit Abyss realm

  • The Spirit Abyss realm was like an abyssal prison, both heaven and hell.
  • The upper boundary was heaven while the lower boundary was hell. Everything the mind could grasp was gathered into one. Peak spiritual power was fundamental to possessing a legendary spirit soul.
  • At this rank, one could fuse with any level of spirit soul, even orange or red spirit souls.
    • If one had already fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then their remaining spiritual power would only be at the Spirit Sea rank.
    • If one hadn't had an orange or red spirit soul, it was possible to fuse with a maximum of 5 spirit souls of any color, with no limits on their ranks.
  • Normally speaking, the Spirit Abyss realm was the limit for humans.
  • A person could clearly sense the most minute changes in every part of his/her body. He/She could also use it to feel any signs of disturbance in the outside world at a great distance.

20,000 - 49,999: Spirit Domain realm

  • Every Titled Douluo had the spiritual power cultivation base of Spirit Domain as a foundation. It was said that one could never enter the realm of demi-gods without achieving the spirit rank of Spirit Domain.
  • Spirit Domain was already the highest level achievable by ordinary human beings. It was said that when one achieved the Spirit Domain spirit cultivation base, a spiritual domain would be produced on its own in the person. Everyone’s spiritual domain was different but undoubtedly, having one was highly beneficial for the person’s cultivation base while also significantly amplifying one’s fighting capabilities.
  • Similar to the Boundless Realm that Tang San reached, they can read and sense the thougths of those around them.
  • With the strenght of their mental power, they can pressuse those weaker than them. Suppressing their strenght to the point they can't move or do anything and even forcing them to the ground.
  • They can tell the condition and health of the person they sensed with their spiritual sense.This includes a Soul Master cultivation strenght and the level of their own mental power. There Spiritual Sense also allows them to predict their opponent next movement and is able to grant them a high level of danger intuition.
  • Give them the ability to communicate with each other telepathically.
  • A person could distinguish the elements of the formless energy molecules in the air. The outstanding feature of the Spirit Domain was its clear distinction of elements.
    • Tang Wulin was able to roughly do this at the peak of the Spirit Abyss realm.
  • Thought Avatar uses one's spiritual power alone to recreate and display memories around them. Reaching this state is also near the pinnacle of Spirit Domain

50,000 - 99,999 : Divine Origin realm

  • Those who broke through to rank 100 and above will be in the Divine Origin Realm.
  • When one attains this rank their spirit sea capacity is increased by over a millionth of its potency and capacity when compared to someone with a Spirit Domain Rank.
  • Their spiritual sea turns golden with them being able to control the elements around even better than before and distinguish every change easily. As well being able to control the laws of the plane and the natural elements around them.
  • At this rank, they can make it seem like they didn’t exist in the world at anytime. Only being able to be sensed by others who have their own divine sense.
  • Can create God Level illusions that can't be seen through by those with a weaker Divine Origin Realm and is also able to see through all Illusions created by those who are weaker.
  • Divine Sense allows the user to sense their opponent weak point, allowing them to capitlize and target it. As well allow them to hide their own weak point and not allow anyone weaker than them to gain information on them. Such as their strenght, health and condition of their body.
  • A person with Divine Sense can invade a person mental world and soul, allowing them to either control them or attack them on that level. They are also able to gain control the energies of others.
  • They can instantly move anywhere there Divine Sense is at to the point it's considered constant teleportion.
  • They can scan a person on a bilogical level, allowing them to notice their bloodline and if they are apart of their family line.
  • Those at the Divine Origin Realm are able to control 3-Dimensional and 4th Dimensional spaces with their divien sense, able to percive the higher-dimensional space.

100,000 - ? : Godking Realm

  • It was said that one's spiritual power could never achieve that realm unless one became a True God with a god position or godhood.
  • With this one is able to convert the energy from the universe and planets around to form Immortal Qi to create a God Realm.
  • They can also control all of the planets around them.

Spiritual Domain

A spirit master must reach the realm of Spirit Domain in order to produce a Spiritual Domain. Every Domain is different for each person but a person with a Domain is the ruler of the their Domain, being able to control everything inside of it. A Spirit Domain is formed through the comprehension of the laws, making it so those without one would be suppressed by their laws and spiritual power. Until the quantification of spiritual power, ancient soul masters simply saw spiritual domains as a mark of a top genius Titled Douluo.

List of Spirit Souls

10+ Years

100+ Years

1.000+ Years

10.000+ Years

100.000+ Years

1.000.000+ Years


10+ Years

100+ Years

1.000+ Years

10.000+ Years

100.000+ Years

1.000.000+ Years

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