Spirit Souls are a superior form of Spirit Beasts created artificially. They can be tools, beasts, plants.

They are superior to Spirit Beasts because they can grow (or age) with the absorption of Spirit Power and evolve correspondingly, though they can only be purchased from the Spirit Pagoda. Artificial Spirit Souls are still reliant on the genes of the Spirit Beast they were created from. As a result of the gradual extinction of Spirit Beasts, Spirit Beast genes had also unceasingly depleted. The researchers of the Spirit Pagoda had tried many times to use non-Spirit Beast genes to create a Spirit Soul and see if the result was acceptable. The experiment was a success, but the fact was, the Spirit Souls made from those genes were pitifully weak. Basically, no one would be willing to buy them.

The various ranks of Spirit Souls can bestow a Spirit Master with one or more Spirit Rings:
  • +10 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow one Spirit Ring.
  • +100 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow two Spirit Rings.
  • +1000 years Spirit Soul: Can bestow four Spirit Rings.

There are two ways of obtaining the first Spirit Soul:

  1. Geniuses with an exceedingly fast cultivation speed can obtain the first Spirit Soul free of charge.

  2. Ordinary individuals can purchase a Spirit Soul for a fee proportional to the Spirit Soul's age.

The price of a 10 years Spirit Soul is 70,000 coins and 100 years Spirit Souls cost 1 million coins. There are also random Spirit Souls that cost 30,000 coins. You can get a 10 year spirit soul, or a 100 year Spirit Soul, but what you get is random. There’s a very high chance that the Spirit Soul gotten won’t be suitable for the user's Spirit. It’s also possible to obtain a defective Spirit Soul.

In battle, Spirit Souls appear and those who have more than 100 years can attack or defend at will.

Rank of Spirit Souls Edit

  • WhiteYellowPurpleBlackRedOrangeGold

In Soul Land III, you can raise the grade of "Spirit Soul" in a place called "Spirit Ascension Platform" in a building called "Spirit Pagoda".

Spirit Soul Transfer & Succession Edit

It is similar to Spirit Souls, the source of the mind, and does not give the Spirit Rings to the Spirit Master, but instead strengthens the special ability of the Spirit Master.

Orange Spirit Soul Edit

Only Spirit Beasts of over 200,000 years, such as "The 10 Great Ferocious Beasts", can give this Spirit Soul to Spirit Masters. This is a difference in grade.

Companion Spirit Soul Edit

Spirit Master and Spirit Beast, both of which must sign a contract with each other with sincerity, can become "Companion Spirit Soul".

After signing the contract, he does not leave his master or abandon his trust, and he will live with his master.

Moreover, Companion Spirit Soul can grow with its owner, and as the owner's capabillity become stronger, his or her rating will also rise in proportion to that.

List Edit

10 -
100 -
1,000 -
10,000 -
100,000 -
1,000,000 ~
Brown Bear
Second Hammer
Jin Guang

Key to the list Edit

  • Place the mouse on the images to see the name of each beast.
  • Click on the images to head to their respective page.
  • Horizontally, you see the age progressions of the same Spirit Beasts.

Individual Spirit Souls Edit

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