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Spirit Guidance Devices (Soul Tools) are powerful weapons and equipment that spirit masters can activate using spirit power. Spirit Tool is a broad name for many different kinds of machines and devices. One thing in common is that they use the same or similar type of energy.

There are many different types of spirit guidance devices. However they can be classified into two basic categories: close range and long range spirit guidance devices. The devices are activated with spirit power, on activation they can potentially become powerful weapons. The more powerful the spirit guidance device, larger the spirit power required. It can be said that higher the spirit masters cultivation, the more compelling weapon he/she can use.

By the end of the Unrivaled Tang Sect, independent power sources have begin to be developed, the first being a solar power prototype.

In Legend of the Dragon King, independent power sources have been developed to allow weak/non-spirit masters to use spirit tools in their daily lives.

As the era changed, soul tools began to penetrate deeply into human society. In fact, not all soul tools needed soul power to operate. The name simply stuck due to it being the original name that was used long ago.

Humanity had already learned how to exploit the power of the wind, water, sun and so on. With these new methods, they have been able to manufacture energies similar to soul power. This new energy was used in every trade, especially in the development of soul mechas.[1]

By Soul Land IV, the power sources have developed to allow interstellar travel. Spirit Tools have expanded to an interstellar scale.

Soul Land II[]


The spirit guidance device’s main body has three sections. The outer shell, the inner shell and the core.

  • The outer shell is what one saw. It must be made with hard metal that can stand high temperature. This is to prevent wear from long term use. 
  • The inner shell must be able to amplify and guide spirit power. So, it requires precious metals.
  • The core is the key. It also requires the most precious metals and gems to make. Making it requires different methods and activating it requires different amounts of spirit power. It will also determine what materials are required for the inner shell and outer shell. The core can be said to be everything to a spirit guidance device. And the formation of the core is the most important for a Spirit Guidance Master.


There are three main types of spirit guidance devices:

  • Close combat spirit devices: They are self-explanatory. It is used for close combats. These devices can use spirit power to enable explosive attacks or defence. Comparatively, few spirit guidance masters use close combat devices. Most spirit guidance masters do not excel at long battles, so they are a bit timid to engage in close combat themselves. Close combat devices have great power, but against battle spirit masters of a similar level, they will be hard pressed. So, close combat spirit devices tend to be used more by battle spirit division spirit masters. This path eventually created mechas to combine all three main types, with battle armors as the specialized advancement of the close combat type.
  • Long combat spirit devices: They require more spirit power than close combat ones. But with good use, each device is like an additional spirit ability. It’s destructive force is also powerful.
  • Mounted spirit guidance devices: These are hard to use. It has special requirements for both material and use.

Mounted Spirit Guidance Weapon[]

The mounted spirit guidance weapon is a unique type of spirit guidance device developed by Fan Yu by incorporating past research. The mounted spirit guidance device was originally invented by Sun Moon Empire.

They release a long ranged attack but do not require much Spirit Power. Simply, it is to break the spirit guidance device and the attacking weapon into two parts. The spirit guidance device is used to release and ignite. The mounted spirit guidance cannon is just to release the cannon ball.

The most exceptional quality of mounted spirit guidance weapons is the small cost of Spirit Power, which means it can be used without a high cultivation. But, what they lack is accuracy. Especially against moving targets. Against stationary targets, they have extreme power.

However, it is hard to create the cannon balls and they require many precious materials. Conceptually, mounted spirit guidance weapons can increase a Spirit Master’s power by ten fold. Unfortunately, even a mounted spirit guidance weapon’s power is limited since it is still affected by the materials used to create it. So it is destined that very few spirit masters will be compatible with its usage.

Spirit Guidance Masters[]

Spirit Guidance Masters are Spirit masters who favor research, construction and use of Spirit Guidance Devices. Spirit guidance masters are also differentiated by class. There is a direct progression from level 1 to level 10. Spirit Guidance Master levels are based on their ability to manipulate Spirit Guidance Devices of the same level.

If one can construct and use suitable Spirit Guidance Weapon for Spirit Masters of level 10 and below, then he/she is a level one Spirit Guidance Master. If one can construct and use level 10 to level 20 Spirit Master’s Spirit Guidance Devices, then you are a level 2 spirit guidance master. A level 9 spirit guidance master is already a Titled Douluo. As for a level 10 Spirit Guidance Master, their own cultivation must be above level 95.

The first step to becoming an outstanding spirit guidance master is to become an outstanding blacksmith.

Soul Land III[]

Spirit Tools during the modern era can be divided many different types:






  • Spirit Elevator

Soul Land IV[]