Also known as Martial Soul. All people have spirits. Each receives their spirit at the Spirit Awakening Ceremony at age 6. People who have essence when their spirit has awakened can train to become spirit masters.

The spirit essence level determines the level at which the training will start and is ranked from 1-10. Only people who have a higher essence level when their spirit is awakened can train their spirits. On some rare occasions, the essence has already reached the highest level when the spirit first awakens. This is a rare talent called Innate Full Spirit Power and is recognized as starting at rank 10.

All combat spirits are inherent, therefore the highest a spirit master can achieve in his or her lifetime is already decided at birth. There are ways to overcome this though.

Spirits are divided into three categories:

Tool Spirits have many different uses and forms, ranging from simple farm tools to gemstones to weaponry. Tool Spirits occupy the vast majority of people living on the Douluo Continent, but also have a lower chance of being able to cultivate to higher levels. Tool Spirit Masters can summon their tool at will and be able to form and comprehend the soul of the tool. The more connection between the soul master and their tool spirit, the stronger and higher the cultivation level he/she is. Tool Spirit Masters place emphasis on strengthening their tool's abilities when searching for Spirit Rings.

Beast Spirits are based of Spirit Beasts and are usually more suited for combat purposes. They also appear in a wide variety; flying animals, aquatic animals, and land animals are all described as Beast Spirits. When activating their Spirit, Beast Spirit Masters tend to take on the appearance of their Spirit in conjunction with their bodies (e.g., Wolf Spirit Master will grow excess hair, claws, and teeth when activating their spirit). The degree of physical change seems to vary from person to person. When hunting for Spirit Rings, Beast Spirit Masters aim to increase their physical capabilities. However, these rings must have good synergy with their Spirit, or it will be rejected.

Body Spirits are a rare type of Spirit that dwells within some part of the Spirit Master's body. When activated, the associated body part is innately enhanced in a way or ways appropriate to the body part, and this enhancement grows as the Spirit Master cultivates. They can undergo a Second Awakening. This means that a Body Spirit can evolve one level higher than others. They could be iron, bronze, silver or gold depending on the importance of the part of the body.

Spirit Forests

Spirit Beasts normally dwell in Spirit Forests. Spirit Masters who have leveled up will often come to these forests to hunt Spirit Beasts and collect their Spirit Rings.

Known Spirit Forests:

Spirit Beast can be found in all different biomes, most notably in the oceans and mountains.

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