Star Crown
Star Crown
Name Star Crown
Type Tool Spirit Type

Description Edit

Star Crown is a Tool Spirit with the most potent supporting attack ability. This ability create a star shower with each star being akin to a bomb, in that with each one they weaken the opponents attack power. The Starcrown’s might far exceeded that of ordinary Spirits, and even a few top-ranked ones wouldn’t be able to go against it. However, its wielder needed to cultivate arduously in order to use it.

A spirit master who possessed the Starcrown could only cultivate at night, as they would need to absorb star power to further increase their cultivation. Furthermore, their spirit skills could only be used by consuming some of their accumulated star power. Although powerful, its drawbacks were very obvious. The Starcrown wouldn’t give too much of a boost to its user’s physique, and because of that, physique was still a weaknesses, even with an auxiliary-type soul skill strengthening defense, or attacks. Because of that, they normally had defense-type people protecting them so as to avoid any accidents from occurring.

Ability's Edit

The Star Barrier of the Star Luo bloodline hasn’t appeared in the continent for a very long time. It is a powerful defense-type spirit skill that’s known for being able to isolate all other elements. The Star Barrier was Princess Jiu Jiu’s fourth spirit skill. But it couldn’t be used easily.

The Star Barrier needed the most star power. The eighteen gold stars that created the Star Barrier needed a full eighteen days to be fully absorbed. However, the strength of the Star Barrier would continuously increase following its owner’s increase in cultivation; it was an extremely rare and powerful skill that wasn’t affected by the quality of the spirit ring that bestowed it.

However, its drawbacks were extremely obvious. After using it once, its owner would need to wait eighteen days in order to use it again. It was because of this exact reason that the Star Barrier’s defensive powers were extraordinarily tyrannical. It wasn’t just a defense skill, but one that allowed the user to possess the power of a defense-type Spirit Emperor.

History Edit

This Spirit was simply too rare in the continent, even though it had existed for a long time. The number of times it had appeared in the past thousand years was just too few, and thus it was forgotten. The Star crown Spirit used to be held in high regard within the Douluo Continent. It had been around since more than ten thousand years ago, and could be considered the most ancient amongst the top-ranked Spirits.

Over ten thousand years ago, the entity that handled spirit masters was an organization called the Spirit Hall. Back then, the Star Luo Empire and the Heaven Dou Empire, the only two most powerful empires at that time, had to pander to them. The Spirit Hall once possessed six especially powerful spirits, and each one of them respectively represented the most powerful entities in the world at that time. One of them was the Starcrown.

The Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire had three seats each back then, and the Star Luo Empire’s royal family was still the White Tiger Duke’s bloodline. However, the White Tiger Spirit wasn’t one of the six great Spirits. Instead, the Star crown was the strongest of the three seats that belonged to the Star Luo Empire. The only problem was that the Star crown bloodline’s inheritance was thin, and thus it was rarely seen on the continent. It was similar to a hidden sect.

Over four thousand years ago, the Sun Moon Continent collided and merged with the Douluo Continent, eventually instigating the conflict between the Sun Moon Empire and the empires that resided within the Douluo Continent. The Star Luo Empire took the lead and absorbed most of the external pressure, causing the White Tiger Duke bloodline and the royal family to almost be driven to extinction. During this period, the Star crown sect stepped out of reclusion to unify and lead the Star Luo Empire’s armies in a valiant effort against their enemies. After intense and fearsome battles did they manage to defend the Star Luo Empire and consolidate the Star Luo Empire’s position as the leading sovereignty amongst the three nations within the original Douluo Continent. The White Tiger Duke bloodline waned, and was left with a meager lineage. The position of the royal family was passed on, and the Star crown bloodline took over as the new leaders of Star Luo Empire. Of course, the new royalty did not choose to employ any underhanded tactics against the White Tiger Duke bloodline. They won over their citizens’ hearts and minds and succeeded the throne via proper means, which caused the empire to flourish for over a thousand years. Even if the Dou Ling Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire formed a coalition, their combined power would still not be enough to compare with the Star Luo Empire. The Star crown bloodline managed to turn the tide all those years ago, and this went to show their extraordinary power.

In terms of pure auxiliary capabilities, the Starcrown was probably inferior to the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. However, the Starcrown wasn’t just about support– it possessed incredible fighting power, and even its auxiliary capabilities leaned entirely towards boosting fighting power. This was vastly different from the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s overall capabilities. It could be said that the Star crown spirit existed purely for battle. Ever since the Star crown sect took over Star Luo Empire, they became low-profile once more. The passage of a few thousand years caused people to forget that the Star Luo Empire’s royal family was one of the more powerful spirit master sects in the past, and the Star crown spirit was never seen again in the outside world for many years.

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