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Star Dou Forest is one of the Douluo Continent’s most famous great spirit beast habitats. It's located southeast of Balak Kingdom, with Suotou City lying less than five hundred kilometers near it.

Its area is huge, practically equal to Balak Kingdom’s territory, spanning the border of Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire, within it, two fifth’s of the area is in Heaven Dou Empire while the other three fifths are in Star Luo Empire. It’s an immense primeval forest, the forest’s interior terrain is complicated, with wetlands, swamps and so on.

The spirit beasts there are known for their viciousness and killing intent. They are extremely terrifying and strong. As long as a spirit master has the right power and a bit of good luck, they can find the most suitable Spirit Ring for themselves. The closer to the center of the forest, the more powerful the spirit beasts. Stories even say that inside are even hundred thousand year spirit beasts.

Soul Land[]

The Shrek Seven Devils and Zhao Wuji goes into the Star Dou Forest to collect the 3rd Spirit Ring for Oscar. After searching they manage to collect a Spirit Ring for Tang San as well.

After Xiao Wu is found out to be a Spirit Beast she returns to the Star Dou Forest to be protected by Da Ming and Er Ming.

Soul Land II[]

Huo Yuhao fights against a Wind Baboon and manages to kill it at the outskirts of the Star Dou Forest. He then meets Daydream who becomes his first Spirit Ring. Then Huo Yuhao, Beibei and Tang Ya goes into the forest to collect a Spirit Ring for Tang Ya who ventures upon a Datura Snake and kills it to absorb its ring.

Soul Land III[]

The Great Star Dou Forest is divided into four regions. The outer region, middle region, inner region and the territory of the Great Beasts. When battle armor was introduced thousands of years ago, humanity’s strength exploded and began to suppress soul beasts. Yet even though they are developing and using most of the forest now, the territories of the Great Beasts remain untouched. After some powerful Battle Armor Masters ventured into their territory, they have never returned. Those territories are one of the few forbidden regions on this continent.

Encountered Spirit Beasts[]