Stationary Spirit Cannon
Name Stationary Spirit Cannon
Also Known As
Type Spirit Guidance Device

Description Edit

Stationary Spirit Cannon, like the others stationary Spirit Guidance Devices, are renowned for their might, and though they don't need too much spirit power to be activated, it is extremely hard to control them. Because of this, even two-ringed Spirit Grandmasters are able to use them, albeit with difficulty. However, each cannon shell is extremely expensive; a single shot cost over a hundred gold spirit coins.

It's a black, one-and-a-half meter-long metallic tube that appears on the user’s shoulder. It shoot out an intense ray of white light. It can do a ten meter long, three meter deep ditch in the ground.  Even Spirit Masters who possessed less than six rings would definitely die if they received a head-on blow from a Stationary Spirit Cannon.

Stationary Spirit Cannon has to be manually aimed by someone and they can’t automatically lock onto an enemy.

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