Su Yuntao
Su Yuntao Mug
Name Su Yuntao
Chinese 素云涛
Also Known As
Species Human
Age >20
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status
Spirit Lone Wolf
Spirit Rank Spirit Grandmaster - Rank 26
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Battle Spirit Master
Affiliation Spirit Hall
Light Novel Debut Chapter 02
Manhua Debut Chapter 01

Appearance Edit

He appears to be just over 20 years old with dashing eyebrows slanting above starry eyes, his facial features extremely bright and handsome. He has black hair.

Spirit Transformation Edit

Following body enhancement his hair turns grey, his body size increasing, his eyes changing to a faint green color and on both hands from the ten fingers sharp claws stretched out, glimmering coolly with a dazzling gleam.

Plot Edit

Su Yuntao comes to the Holy Spirit Village to assist the children to undergo the Spirit Awakening. He is disappointed when all doesn't have any Spirit Power. He is astonished when Tang San shows Innate Full Spirit Power but considers him wasted as his spirit is Blue Silver Grass.

Su Yuntao is present at the Spirit Hall in Nuoding City flirting with Sisi. He guides Tang San to register as a Spirit Master.

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