Sun-Moon Federation
Chinese 日月联邦
Also Known As Federation
Area Douluo Continent
Founder Sun-Moon Empire
Head Sun-Moon Federation Parliament

Description Edit

The Sun-Moon Federation was founded after the events of SL2. During SL2, it used to be the Sun-Moon Empire until they united the entire Douluo Continent under their banner by waging war against the remnants of the Heaven Dou Empire, the Dou Ling Empire and the Heaven Spirit Empire, and the Star Luo Empire. The Dou Ling Empire and Star Luo Empire were forced to leave the Douluo Continent to two newly discovered continents. Nowadays, they are vigilant towards the Sun-Moon Federation, they still conduct trading and diplomacy with the Federation. The Federation has technology that far surpasses the Star Luo Federation and Dou Ling Empire, but are weaker than Tang Sect.

The Sun-Moon Federation, Star Luo Federation, and the Dou Ling Empire formed the Douluo Federation after the events of Soul Land 3 when they begin expanding into outer space and other planets.

The Sun-Moon Federation has been trying for thousands of years to shake Shrek Academy's and Tang Sect's neutral stance, but have been unsuccessful. They did manage to get the Spirit Pagoda though. Many within the parliament begin to see them as an eyesore and have been trying to reduce their influence. The Federation secretly support the Holy Spirit Cult in their terrorist attack on Shrek City, thus destroying Shrek Academy and damage Tang Sect. When Shrek Academy was being rebuilt, they tried to intervene, but failed.

The catastrophe of Shrek City allowed the Hawk Faction to gain the majority of seats within the Federation Parliament.

The Federation tried to wage a war with the Star Luo Federation and Dou Ling Empire because they nearly depleted their natural resources on the Douluo Continent and they need more in order for their research centers to continue functioning, but they were stopped by Tang Wulin and the Tang Sect. This caused the hawk fraction within the parliament to label Tang Sect as a treasonous organization.

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Hawk Faction Edit

The Hawk Faction is a pro-war faction that favors starting a war with the Star Luo Empire and Dou Ling Empire to acquire natural resources.

Dove Faction Edit

The Dove Faction favors peace and does not want to start a war with the other Empires. They promote trading with the two continents to get natural resources.

Neutral Faction Edit

Military Edit

The Federation Military was composed of Eight Great Corps, not including the Blood God Army, in which five are army and three are navy.

Blood God Army Edit

The army was located in the far west of the continent in the Skyend Mountains. They guard the continent from the invasion of the Abyssal Plane.

Northern Army Edit

The Northern army was stationed in the Extreme Northern Lands.

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  • Navy Head:

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  • Navy Head:

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According to the regulations set by the Sun Moon Federation, elementary and intermediate academies had free tuition and were compulsory.[1]

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