Sun Moon Empire
Name Sun Moon Empire
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Sun Moon Empire is an empire that was present in the Sun Moon Continent. Following its integration into the Douluo Continent, there was major wars that took place which resulted in the three great Empires of the Douluo Continent combining forces to defeat the Sun Moon Continent. Following its defeat, the Sun Moon Empire is heavily monitored and their army forces are restricted.

Sun Moon Empire contains plenty of mineral deposits and is proficient in creating Spirit Guidance Weapons. There are many precious metals on the Sun Moon Continent. It is with these precious metals that they are able to create Spirit Guidance Devices of the best quality. The number one spirit guidance academy is in the Sun Moon Empire. It is called the Sun Moon Royal Spirit Guidance Master Academy. The mounted spirit guidance device was originally invented by them.

The Sun-Moon Empire formed into the Sun-Moon Federation during the time of Soul Land 3.

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