Sunmoon Divine Needle
Name Sunmoon Divine Needle
Also Known As
Type Spirit Guidance Device

Description Edit

It is an offensive-type Class 9 spirit tool. It can rise sixteen hundred meters into the air, and has an effective range of thirty kilometers. With sufficient spiritual power, it can detect a target up to thirty kilometers away, and produce an accurate attack. This Spirit Guidance Device tool is the proudest work of Ye Yulin.

This Class 9 spirit tool with an effective range of thirty kilometers. It could also unleash immense spiritual power for detection and accuracy but it takes three days to charge. In addition, it can only be charged using Sun Moon Essence. Its offensive strength is great, but it can only be used three times after being charged. Furthermore, a lot of soul power is depleted every time it’s used! It’s very taxing.

The reason behind this name is because it is an anchor for the Sun Moon Empire. It’s able to make up for the flaw of the Sunmoon Divine Needle, which only works in the day.

Appearance Edit

It Is like two balls of silver and golden light in the sky, revolving around an invisible center. They could be woven into a larger golden-silver ball up in the air.

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