Family[edit | edit source]

Tai Tan[edit | edit source]

Tai Tan is Tai Nuo's father. He loves and admires him a lot. He also does not keep any secrets from his father.

Tai Long[edit | edit source]

Tai Long is Tai Nuo's son. He loves and cares deeply about his son, immediately flaring up when he sees him beaten up and goes to confront Tang San and take revenge.

Shrek Seven Devils[edit | edit source]

Tang San[edit | edit source]

Tai Nuo is initially cross with Tang San for beating up his son; however, following his battle with him, he comes to respect and admire his strength.

Xiao Wu[edit | edit source]

Tai Nuo initially thinks of Xiao Wu as a femme fatale since Tai Long has a crush on her.

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