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Tai Tan
Tai Tan 3
Name Tai Tan
Chinese 泰坦
Also Known As Vigorous God(大力神)

Old Orangutan

Species Human
Gender Male
Height 200+
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Tai Nuo (Son)

Tai Long (Grandson)

Spirit Vigorous Orangutan
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo - Rank 86
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

3 Purple
3 Black

System Power Attack System
(Pure Strength type)
Professional Status
Occupation Clan Chief of Strength Clan

Chief Elder of Tang Sect
Strength Hall Master

Affiliation One Strength Clan

Tang Sect
Strength Hall
Clear Sky Clan (Former)

Light Novel Debut Chapter 77
Manhua Debut Chapter 72
Anime Debut

Tai Tan is the leader of the Strength Clan and is a Chief Elder of the Tang Sect.

Appearance Edit

He is an elder with grizzled hair and beard. He has short hair standing out like steel needles at the top of his head. His stature appear about the same as Vigorous King Tai Nuo, only his expression is even more abstruse. He gave people a kind of not angry but forceful impression.

Personality Edit

Tai Tan is very loyal person and values loyalty. Although he is the leader of his clan and a very strong person he doesn't look down on others. He values strength above all else and inert talent. He is described to have an impulsive nature and a short temper.

History Edit

Tai Tan is the leader of the One Strength Clan which was once one of the four great subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky Clan. He was extremely loyal to Tang Hao and after his departure from the Clear Sky Clan, Tai Tan separated his clan from the Clear Sky Clan.

Plot Edit

Young Master Tang San Edit

After Tai Long and Tai Nuo gets beaten by Tang San, he comes himself to see the strength the youngster. He hopes to recruit Tang San to his clan and therefore makes a wager with him. The wager being if Tang San can resist Tai Tan's spirit power for one stick of burning incense, Tai Long and Tai Nuo will join Tang San's Tang Sect and if he can't Tang Sang will join the One Strength Clan. Not one to back down from a challenge Tang San accepts.

He initially starts with 60% of his Spirit Power pressure slowly going on to increase it. He is amazed at Tang San's resilience. Tai Tan with a heavy heart further increases his pressure as Tang San refuses to back down as he is reluctant to destroy a genius. As Tang San subconsciously brings out the Clear Sky Hammer to resist the pressure, Tai Tan becomes shocked and his Spirit Power lessens and the match is immediately stopped by Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong.

After affirming the that Tang Hao is the father of Tang San, he immediately kneels in front of Tang San paying his respects causing a ripples through Tang San and everyone present. Later privately Tai Tan reveals to Tang San who his father really is. He also reveals that Tang San's second spirit is the Clear Sky Hammer which come from the strongest clan, the Clear Sky Clan. He also hands over the command of the entire One Strength Clan to Tang San pledging his loyalty. He also sets his grandson Tai Long as Tang San's bodyguard.

Tang Sect Edit

Strength Clan Edit

Following the appearance of a person from Clear Sky Clan, he arrives to greet him along with Tai Nuo and Tai Long where the person reveals himself as Tang San. He is rather amazed at Tang San's rise in power and agrees to become a part of Tang Sect and thus becomes the Chief Elder. When Tang San asks Tai Tan to find a place to form his Tang Sect, he immediately lets Tang San have the Strength Clan's land. He then receives the Godly Zhuge Crossbow from Tang San who wishes to mass produce it. As he expresses his plan to attend the reunion of the 4 former subsidiary clans of Clear Sky Clan, Tang San asks if he could join to which Tai Tan rather reluctantly allows.

While on the way Tai Tan expresses that if Tang Sect ever integrates into Clear Sky Clan, he would leave to which Tang San assures that, that will never happen. They then start discussing about the Hidden Weapons rather enthusiastically, often arguing and secluding themselves causing their familiarity to increase. When they are stopped at the border of the Heaven Dou Empire and is tried to be extorted, he is about to step in when he is stopped by Tang San who takes the matter to himself.

Defense Clan Edit

Then they set off to Rising Dragon City, where the Strength Clan resides. He enthusiastically greets Niu Gao, the chief of the Defense Clan. They immediately set out to drink and party till the other's arrive. He introduces Tang San to Niu Gao as Tang Hao's son. However, on seeing Niu Gao's attitude towards Tang San, he gets angry and prepares to leave. After Niu Gao agrees to a contest between him and Tang San, he watches from the side. When Tang San unleashes his 3rd punch he advises Niu Gao to use his spirit. After Niu Gao's loss Tai Tan express his desire to convince his long time friend and brother, Niu Gao to join Tang Sect. While having a hearty meal, he explains about the direction of Tang Sect to Niu Gao.

After the arrival of Huyan Zhen to speak with Niu Gao, he also attends their meeting and when Niu Gao rebuffs Huyan Zhen's proposal, he backs Niu Gao and makes the people from the Elephant Armored Clan leave. He is extremely happy that Niu Gao decided to join Tang Sect. Together they then scheme to get the Speed Clan into Tang Sect as well.

Speed Clan Edit

The next evening, along with Niu Gao he greets Bai He and the others from the Speed Clan. They put up a pretense to somewhat dispair Bai He. Tai Tan then introduces Tang San to Bai He along with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow as a rising genius of the forging world and someone who follows him.

After Tang San manages to exhibit his prowess and the match of speed between Tang San and Bai He ends up in a draw, Tai Tan and Niu Gao reveal their intention to join Tang Sect and their hope that all the 4 clans would join into Tang Sect.

Breaking Clan Edit

When Yang Wudi arrives, he greets him. When Yang Wudi proposes to establish a clan, he states that he has already agreed to join Tang Sect. When Yang Wudi realizes Tang San is Tang Hao's son and battles him, Tai Tan spectates with the others. He becomes worried when the battle becomes very serious but is relieved when Tang San manages to win. After Yang Wudi agrees to join Tang Sect, he brings along the members of the other clans to his Strength Clan base in Heaven Dou Empire. Tai Tan along with Niu Gao takes measures to improve and fortify the Strength Clan base thus forming the headquarters of Tang Sect.

Gengxin City Edit

Tai Tan along with several of the Shrek Seven Devils arrive at Gengxin City to buy supplies for the production of Hidden Weapons. Tai Tan is recognized by Ren Yuan while he was reprimanding someone for dragging down Lou Gao's name with imitation productions. Tai Tan then brings all of them to the Blacksmith Association. He meets with Lou Gao, the president of the Blacksmith Association and his old friend. After buying all the necessities to produce Hidden Weapons and finishing the auction they return.

After their return from visiting Gengxin City, the elders and the Shrek Devils have their first meeting. Tang San expresses to abolish the different clans and make Tang Sect become one single entity. He then makes Tai Tan the master of Strength Hall, mainly in charge of Tang Sect's hidden weapons production.

Differences in the ManhuaEdit

  • In the manhua, he was shown directly after his grandson's defeat rather than his son's defeat. He also actually fought Tang San, and didn't add a time limit.
  • In the manhua, his goal was to marry Xiao Wu off to his son, in comparison to his novel counter part wanting Tang San's talent for the declining one strength clan.
  • He was also willing to kill Tang San because he felt that he was too talented to leave alone.
  • His challenge did not have a crowd in the manhua compared to the crowd in the novel.

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