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Appearance Edit

Xuanyu is without a doubt a beautiful child. He has his father's black hair with traces of silver hair to the sides, which came from his mother. He also has blackish-blue eyes in his irises, which he inherited from his father. However, unlike his parents, who are each quite tall, Xuanyu is unusually short in comparison to others his age.

By his teenage period as a Shrek Outer Court disciple, he matures into a notable handsome man taller than most of his classmates (excluding Qian Lei).

Personality Edit

As a child, Xuanyu was described as being "too well mannered". He always did as told and was rather blunt and naive, openly stating how he feels to others. He was also blissfully unaware of all the strange things happening around him. Overall, unlike other Soul Land protagonists, who were forced to grow up quickly, Xuanyu was a genuine child.

However, after meeting Nana and training under her for a while, he matured at a rapid pace. He gained a calm sense towards battle and has shown genuine care for others. As he got older, he began displaying the qualities of a leader as well as being extremely sly and cunning. He also possesses business acumen and became the richest Shrek Student in his year.

Plot Edit

During an expedition of a research team in the Northern Lands of the Douluo Planet, they found a golden-silver patterned egg with Insulation of Soul Power of a Hundred Thousand years old spirit beast, during incubation time it hatched and the level drop to less ten years old, and a male baby got out from the egg. After hatching, he started to eat the shell of his own egg.

Captain pilot of the team, Lan Xiao and his wife, Nan Cheng returned to Tian Dou Planet together with the team and adopted son, Tang Xuanyu.

When Xuanyu was 6, his Spirit was rank 10, which is the max level innate soul power, he has " Innate Full Spirit Power ". Lan Xiao was worried about his son's safety, so he told Xuanyu to lie about his real power: his initial spirit rank was 3 and he attended school, Tian Luo Elementary Soul Academy - Zi Luo Branch, one year later because of sickness.

Xuanyu studied in Zi Luo Branch Soul Academy for one year and was recommended to advance into Elite Youth Class in Tian Luo Elementary Soul Academy because he was the top of the class (best combat ability and spiritual power), and he passed the entrance exam.

Shrek Academy Edit

Spoiler: Xuanyu, Dong Qianqiu, Liu Feng, Qian Lei, Lan Mengqin, Yuanen Huihui and Tang Yuge are new Shrek Seven Devils in Soul Land 4.

He later becomes the Life Sect's Heir and joins Tang Sect, during which on his initiation day, Xuanyu manages to momentarily get contacted by Tang San.

Spirit Soul - Di Tian Edit

  • Species: Golden Eyes Black Dragon (金眼黑龙) - Darkness Dragon King Subspecies
  • Age: 900,000+
  • Attributes: Darkness
  • Status: Quasi-Spirit Soul, Secret Subordinate, Hibernation (tentative)
  • Abilities:
    • Quasi-God Spiritual Protection
    • Ultimate darkness
  • Contract Conditions:
    • He will wake up when Xuanyu's life is in danger
    • He can wake up once every year (eventually 24/7 passive observer)
    • His spiritual power is fused with Xuanyu's mental strength, doubling his spiritual cultivation

Spirit Parasite: Xiao Bao "Little Treasure" Edit

  • Formerly the top divine shapeshifting parasite cultivated by the predecessor Dragon God using its Divine Aura. This treasure hunter parasite was part of a group of cultivated divine shapeshifting parasites used by the Dragon God to manage various heaven-earth gardens for the Dragon Clan as well as finding treasures (botanical, minerals, artifacts...etc).
  • Original power level: 1st Class God
  • Abilities:
    • 1st Class God Divine Consciousness
    • Deep knowledge of various divine treasures, from plants to minerals and artifacts, and their cultivation methods
    • Dragon God Aura dependence
    • Master shapeshifting and camouflage
      • simple effort to fool second class gods (Rank 110) Er Ming and Da Ming
    • Master swindling techniques
    • Treasure hunting senses
  • Infamous Reputation: Spirit Beast World's Number 1 Thief
  • Currently:
    • Since the fall of the predecessor Dragon God, Xiao Bao saved up its remaining power and 1st class God divine consciousness, living in the Spirit Beast World as the Number 1 Thief to steal the best quality treasures in order to extend its existence.
    • Upon meeting Xuanyu after tricking Qian Lei into absorbing it as a fake Skull Spirit Bone, Xiao Bao entered a soul slave contract with Xuanyu in order to preserve its existence with his Dragon God Aura and assist alongside Di Tian the next Dragon God's cultivation.
    • It became willing to teach God Beast Kings Da Ming and Er Ming knowledge about cultivating divine flora and treasures as payment.

Soul Land IV Historical Exploits Edit

  1. His arrival at Douluo Planet for the Shrek Academy Entrance Examination awakens the Eternal Tree.
  2. Life Sect's Youngest Heir
  3. Leader of:
    1. ... Battle
    2. .... Battle
    3. .....
  4. ......record beaten (Book 13)
  5. Obtaining a 100,000 year spirit ring as his Fifth Spirit Ring (Book 14, Age 17)

Spirit Rank Levels: Book # Edit

  1. Innate Full Spirit Power: Book 1
  2. Book #
  3. Book #
  4. Book #
  5. Book 14
  6. Book ?
  7. Book ?
  8. Book ?
  9. Book ?
  10. Book ?
  11. Book ?
  12. Book ?
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