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Using top class materials to make artifacts, that is not the best blacksmith, at most it is only an accomplishment. The best blacksmith will create artifacts using common materials.
— Divine Craftman Tang Hao
Little San, remember. Even in a fight to the death, you still can’t collapse.
— From Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao to Tang San

Tang Hao is the father of Sea God-Asura God, Tang San, and the successor Clear Sky Douluo to Tang Chen of the Clear Sky Clan. Tang Hao became a God in the Douluo Divine Realm alongside his wife Ah Yin and his son's Shrek Seven Monsters. Later in the Douluo Divine Realm's plight, his son made Tang Hao the Douluo Planar Lord and Ah Yin the plane's Life Core to ensure their longevity. Tang Hao is a 2nd Class God with true 1st Class God combat abilities.


A middle-aged muscular man, his appearance seemingly older. His stature was still extraordinarily large and stalwart. His eyes have a sleepy and dazed look. He has messy hair that looks just like a birds nest and a beard.

Eight years after leaving Tang San (now age 14) as a child, Tang Hao became a middle aged man, appearing around fifty years old, his body tall and sturdy, only his style of dress was something people wouldn’t dare comment on. Wearing a torn robe, not even patched, exposing bronze colored skin, the originally considered proper features having a waxy yellow sheen, a sleepy-eyed appearance, hair a complete mess like a bird’s nest, a beard that had gone an unknown number of days without trimming. Compared to when he left Tang San, right now Tang Hao only seemed a bit older, without any change in other respects. And floating unsupported behind him, was an immense incomparably black hammer.

After Tang San (almost age 19) acquired the Deathgod Domain, Tang Hao still had that worn down appearance. He had never once decorated his appearance. If he was carefully observed, one could detect a deathly stillness within those yellowed eyes. Tang Hao’s heart had already died as early as when Tang San’s mother passed away.

After sending Tang San to his aunt's etiquette school, Tang Hao cut off two of his limbs to release his spirit bones and dark injuries. He cut off his right arm at the shoulder's base and cut off his left leg near the pelvis. One year later, Tang Hao stood quietly by the side of the pool, but there was only one leg supporting his body. His entire left leg was cut off at the base. Equally missing was also his right arm. Standing there right now, was unexpectedly a one armed old man. His messy hair had even more been rendered snow white.

Five years after Tang San's departure to Sea God Island, Ah Yin's efforts and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well's influence made Tang Hao younger. The once messy grizzled hair was now neatly combed, and most of it had turned back to black, the wrinkles on his face were also far fewer, and his muddy eyes had become bright and cheerful. He also had a stubbly face.

Tang Hao’s arm and leg had already been severed for six or seven years. 

After Ah Yin's rebirth, Tang Hao appeared a different person. His originally somewhat grizzled hair had now actually turned completely black, more than half of the lines on his face gone. His clear eyes looked around brightly, occasionally even giving people a feeling of heart palpitations. He seemed ten years younger.

After having his injured body and missing limbs with spirit bones restored, Tang Hao regained his Titled Douluo physique. However, because his limbs were regrown, Tang Hao temporarily had a somewhat tender skin right hand and left leg with a copper skin body all over. He seemed a lot younger again. Even though his skin was filthy, he still looked just thirty, none of that doddering appearance.

Several weeks after, Tang Hao reappeared on the Douluo Continent's warfront. By the time with his battle against the Golden Crocodile Douluo, the restored Tang Hao improved his appearance. The middle-aged thirties man was dressed in plain clothes, tall, a head of short hair like steel needles, his eyes radiating power were as determined as an ancient evil god. His whole body bulged with muscle, and in his right hand was an incomparably enormous black giant hammer, with a head the size of a barrel, on which a golden pattern could be glimpsed, as well as a strange white pattern. Tang Hao seemed to have returned to his original severity, his face like iron carved with knife and chisel, his voice cold.

Tang Hao was already surrounded by an intense black light, his overbearing spirit power filled with a mighty intimidating feeling. From behind, his figure was tall and imposing. This was the appearance befitting the Clear Sky Douluo!


Tang Hao was in a depression for a long period of time following the death of his wife, Ah Yin. He seemingly gave up on his life but it is shown that he cares much for his son.

To be able to spend peaceful days with his wife had always been Tang Hao’s dearest wish, but after Tang San left, Tang Hao had discovered that his son held an equally dear place in his heart.

Even though Tang Hao only had one arm and one leg, when he was angry he was still dignified.

As a Titled Douluo, he is without fear and stands against injustice. He is also straightforward in his approach to comfort others.

Tang Hao was unswerving by nature. His own spirit power had the aura of an overbearing king.

When Tang Hao lies with a hidden face, he will subconsciously pick at the hem of his jacket with his right hand.


Born into the Clear Sky Clan he was considered a genius spirit master along with his older brother, Tang Xiao. Soon the siblings became leading figures of the Clear Sky School's younger generation. Tang Hao cherished his older brother as he cared for him and looked after in every way possible. Because the clan always put strength first, neither of the brothers married.

Before age 25, Tang Hao underwent the 2 year long Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer training that Tang San conducted at the fortieth rank, resulting with Tang Hao becoming rank 49. Tang Hao completed the training's first part of 81 swings with a normal hammer after a full half year. The fiftieth to sixtieth rank watershed originally took Tang Hao five years to overcome.

By the time he was 30 years old, Tang Hao broke through the seventieth rank. The brothers were then ordered by their father to go to the outside world and gain experience for ten years. Before they left, Tang Hao was declared successor of the Clear Sky Clan. He was also close to his grandfather Tang Chen as a child before the latter's decades as the Slaughter King of Slaughter City. His grandfather nicknamed him Hao'er. He was the person most promising to inherit Tang Chen's legacy.

Tang Hao received one of three Clear Sky Clan inheritance spirit bones at age 20 and 30, respectively. They were a right arm bone and a left leg bone.

On their 5th year in the outside world, they met Ah Yin. The brothers fell in love with her. The three of them became sworn siblings. For the next three years, they traveled the whole continent. They also visited Tang Yuehua at her Moon Pavilion in Heaven Dou City. Caring for his younger brother, Tang Xiao left Ah Yin and Tang Hao in their third year and went back to the clan. Tang Hao was shocked when Ah Yin told him that she was a 100,000-year-old spirit beast entering the mature stage. However, his love for her surpassed everything and thus he confessed his love for her. Happy that the one she always liked was him, he decides to take her back to the clan knowing that his father would understand the situation. On their way, they were attacked by a Titled Douluo from Spirit Hall. Even though his spirit power was lower than the Titled Douluo's, Tang Hao broke his leg and ran away with Ah Yin knowing that he couldn't return to the Clear Sky Clan.

They got married; however, they were still fleeing and hiding. Time passed and one day Ah Yin became pregnant with Tang San. By the time Tang San was born, Tang Hao's spirit power was eighty-ninth ranked. On that day, Spirit Hall came with numerous spirit masters. The previous Supreme Pontiff led them personally and had brought two Titled Douluo. A battle ensued. Soon Tang Hao was seriously injured, and the battle was about to draw to conclusion until Ah Yin walked out holding Tang San. She told the Pontiff that it is impossible to kill her unless she kills herself. She proposed that they let Tang Hao and Tang San go and that she will come with them.

She then walked over Tang Hao, placed Tang San in her arms and killed herself becoming Tang Hao's final ring. Not only did it heal his injuries, but greatly increased his strength. He injured one of the two Titled Douluo and killed the other. The supreme pontiff was seriously injured from his attacks. Sparing their lives, Tang Hao dragged his injured body away and planted his Ah Yin's seed at the place they got married. He was then excluded from the sect, to prevent reprisals from Spirit Hall. After this, he went into seclusion in Holy Spirit Village becoming a blacksmith and a drunkard.

Plot - Soul Land (Land of Warriors)[]

Holy Spirit Village[]

Tang Hao 2.jpg

He is seen in the Holy Spirit Village as a drunkard who doesn't care for much, living his life as a blacksmith with his son Tang San.

After finding out Tang San has Blue Silver Grass as his spirit, he becomes emotional and then shocked seeing him with Twin Spirits. He becomes extremely proud of Tang San and tells him not to put any spirit rings on the Clear Sky Hammer. Before Tang San's departure to Nuoding Academy, he teaches him some blacksmithing lore.

A year later he leaves the Holy Spirit Village, a few days before Tang San arrives home for his vacation. He leaves him a message saying he wants Tang San to become stronger and at the same time not and that he left in order to reclaim some of his former possessions.

Nuoding Academy & Shrek Academy[]

He arrives at the Nuoding Academy and meets up with Yu Xiaogang, telling him to take care of Tang San leaving him a token tile.

He's seen again at the Shrek Academy calling out Zhao Wuji at night after Tang San enrolled in the Academy. He beats up Zhao Wuji without even using his Spirit Power for injuring Tang San.

Spirit City and Clear Sky Hammer Training[]

Following the conclusion of Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament with Shrek Academy's victory, when Spirit Hall orders to seize Xiao Wu and Tang San stands in the way, Tang Hao reveals himself floating in mid-air.

Tang Hao 4.jpg

He stands tall without even in the slightest being deterred by the pressure of three Titled Douluo and reveals his Spirit Rings. He then uses his Tool Spirit Avatar infused with his 100,000 year Spirit Ring attacking the Supreme Pontiff Palace which is however stopped by the combined effort of 7 Titled Douluo of Spirit Hall causing all Spirit Masters under Rank 70 to faint. Tang Hao then brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu with him.

When Xiao Wu wakes up Tang Hao states that he doesn't oppose their union as his own wife was a spirit beast who became human. However, he asks Xiao Wu to go back to her home and be under the protection of her powerful spirit beast friends until the time comes when Tang San is able to really protect her against anything. Thus Xiao Wu leaves, leaving Tang Hao alone with Tang San.

When Tang San awakens, Tang Hao reassures Xiao Wu and the other Shrek Devils are fine. He then reveals the truths about the Spirit Beast Evolution and explains why Xiao Wu is currently very weak. He reveals to Tang San, he will have him undergo a set of training and after its completion, he will reveal all the truths about his past. Thus they set out.

Tang Hao's Training then Deathgod Domain[]

Tang Hao leaves with Tang San traveling on foot, barely resting and always traversing difficult terrains making Tang San always fully exert his Spirit Power. After a half a month of traveling, they arrive at a mountain range which they climb and comes to an area with a waterfall.

Tang Hao then makes Tang San absorb the Focusing Wisdom Skull and stands guard for three days. After Tang San finishes the process of absorption he seals Tang San's Spirit Power and gives him a metal forging hammer and tells him to use it on the waterfall while on top of a boulder and complete the 81 strikes of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer on the waterfall. Then he creates a cave for himself with a single strike and goes inside to cultivate.

Tang San completes the stage in 3 months which astonishes Tang Hao, as he who was the greatest genius of the Clear Sky School took half a year to complete this process. Then Tang Hao throws away the metal hammer and gives him a wooden hammer and tells him to redo the process which takes Tang San a further 9 months. The next year despite Tang San having reached the 50th rank bottleneck, he is made to continue his training using the Clear Sky Hammer.

Then Tang Hao takes Tang San to an ancient forest and tells him to follow the voice of Blue Silver King. Upon his return, Tang Hao is shocked at his change in appearance and the resemblance he bears to his wife. Tang Hao, overjoyed, faints due to his severe injuries which are discovered by Tang San. Tang San then makes him promise not to fight any more battles by threatening to take his own life.

Tang Hao then takes him to a tavern with rough men, and following the drinking of a Bloody Mary which turns out to be human blood, he orders to kill all the men who jeered at Tang San for throwing up after drinking it. After Tang San is done killing them, he disappears letting Tang San enter into the Slaughter City. Nearly two years later, he appears at Slaughter City to check on his son's progress. It is then revealed he is one of the two existing Deathgods of the current age besides Tang San and Hu Liena. Tang Hao secretly infiltrates Slaughter City and watches the progress of Tang San. After Tang San exits Hells Road, he comes to pick up his son. He then takes his son Heaven Dou City, to cleanse his aura, so that he can hide in the Spirit Master World.

Tang Hao knew far more than Tang San imagined. Even though he didn’t say or show it, in fact, right now Tang San could be said to be the only mental support in this world. Tang Hao had always secretly observed Tang San in his two years of practice in Slaughter City. Even the Slaughter King didn’t know that this Deathgod had long since infiltrated Slaughter City.

Moon Pavilion of Heaven Dou City[]

He brings Tang San to the Moon Pavilion. He asks to see the head of the Moon Pavilion but he is asked to leave by the Manager for his inelegance, causing Tang San loses his calm. He instructs him not to kill and not to destroy the place and Tang San easily subdues the 2 lackeys under the Manager. When the Manager is also suppressed and Tang San releases his Deathgod Domain, the head comes out to see the disturbance. She after hearing the words spoken by the assistance, immediately breaks down crying and hugging Tang Hao. Tang Hao consoles his sister Tang Yuehua and leaves Tang San in her care to remove murderous aura emitted by Tang San.

Ah Yin and the Past[]

Tang Hao 14.jpg

After arriving back at the mountains where he trained his son, he proceeds to cut off his left leg and right arm at the base. After a year, Tang San finally returns to the waiting Tang Hao. He then explains that he cut off his leg and arm himself. He then tells Tang San to come with him to place, where he will tell him about his past.

He takes Tang San to show the remnant of his mother growing again as a Blue Silver Grass with the special characteristic of Blue Silver Empress. He reveals that he wishes to spend the remainder of his life next to her albeit he might never be able to see her human form in his lifetime. The growth spurt and the awakening of the consciousness causes Tang Hao to be happy extremely and he is further excited when Tang San states he might be able to accelerate his mother's growth. Tang Hao then hands Tang San 3 spirit bones, one of which is of Ah Yin, that she left for Tang San. He allows him to fuse with it and asks to return the other 2 to the Clear Sky Clan.

Thus they travel to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well in the Sunset Forest, where she is replanted in the optimal spot. Tang San then helps Tang Hao to stabilize his cultivation and produces a tonic to help him stay at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well without any repercussions.

Following Tang San's peril and near death situation, both Tang Hao and Ah Yin are able to sense Tang San's sadness and becomes sad themselves for facing the same situation as them.

Before Tang San leaves with the Shrek Seven Devils for the Sea God Island, he visits Tang Hao and Ah Yin (still in plant form) and asks for their blessings to get engaged with Xiao Wu. Both Tang Hao and Ah Yin happily give them blessings, and Ah Yin uses her power to produce two golden rings from her leaves placing them on Tang San and Xiao Wu's ring fingers.

He and Ah Yin farewell the young couple.

Ah Yin's Resurrection[]

Five years later, Tang San returns to Tang Hao and a higher cultivated Ah Yin. Tang Hao and Ah Yin bear witness to Tang San's painful process to completely resurrect Xiao Wu, then the couple's temporarily leave to restore Tang San's rings.

Tang Hao directly witnesses Ah Yin's recultivation into a hundred thousand Blue Silver Emperor under Tang San's Sea God light and Blue Silver Domain. Upon seeing her golden transformation cocoon, Tang Hao waits by his beloved's side for several days and later intensely cries with their reunion.

Under Tang Hao’s stubborn persistence, the four lived like a happy family in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well valley for three days. Every day, Ah Yin and Xiao Wu were in charge of cooking, while Tang San and Tang Hao exchanged some cultivation understanding. When Tang Hao heard that Tang Xiao had passed on to Tang San the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, letting him use them, and he gave pointers from the side. With his wife resurrected, Tang Hao’s deathly still heart had also come back to new life. It seemed to him like he was growing younger with each day. He was simply a completely different person compared to back when he had just severed his limbs.

Of course, Tang Hao didn’t have the sever strictness he did when Tang San was a child. Seeing his son had grown up, his eyes were filled with smiles.

Three days passed without any problems with Ah Yin’s body. With Tang Hao urged by his wife, the family finally decided to leave the Sunset Forest, to go to the Clear Sky School.

Return to the Clear Sky Sect[]

After Tang Hao was allowed back into the Clear Sky Sect, Tang San first retransplanted Tang Hao's severed spirit bones and regrew his limbs simultaneously. Next, Tang San was relying on his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength to help his father open the eight extraordinary meridians. Doing so would undoubtedly make Tang Hao’s spirit power recover even better and too a higher rank.

Tang Hao cultivated for three days while Tang San and Xiao Wu left two days earlier to Heaven Dou City.

Battle against the Spirit Empire[]

Several weeks later, Rank 97 Tang Hao arrived with Tang Xiao and several powerhouses and disciples of the Clear Sky Sect relief team. The Clear Sky Sect sent majority of the group to defend Heaven Dou City while Clear Sky Twin Stars and 100 robust Clear Sky Clan men participated in the Battle of Jialang Pass.

Fight against the Golden Crocodile Douluo:[]

Tang Hao’s movements were equally simple. Taking one step forward with his left foot, planting it heavily on the ground, and with an enormous explosive sound, cracks spread out through the solid walls of Jialing Pass with his left foot as the center. Tang Hao’s arm with the Clear SKy Hammer instantly stretched out behind him, all his muscles instantaneously tensing, intense black light completely merging his body and the hammer together. Raising his left heel, he supported himself only on the tips of his foot, the muscles of his left calf instantly rupturing his pants leg, exposing muscles even more solid than granite. The next moment, the Clear Sky Hammer soundlessly swung out.

Indeed, it didn’t make any noise, as if all sound was absorbed by the hammer. That giant Hammer filled the sky, and even though there was no sound to offset its power, in Tang San’s eyes, this swing was the complete fusion of all of Tang Hao’s energies. To the extent that even his domineering imposing manner was merged into the Clear Sky Hammer.

This Tang Hao didn’t walk Tang Chen’s road, what he released was all force, incomparably enormous force. Even if the enemy’s spirit power was higher than his, he still chose to overwhelm the opponent with force, Tang Hao’s pure force domineering Clear Sky Hammer.

Black light flashed, and all of space seemed to shake. Everyone felt their heart suddenly pause a moment. When it beat again it was twice as fast. It was also in the same moment as it resumed beating that an enormous explosion, loud enough to travel a hundred li, blasted the top of Jialing Pass.

Bold and unrestrained black light scattered in all directions, and on the hundred meter thick walls of Jialing Pass, with rocks flying, actually had a ten meter deep giant gap blasted out.

Tang Hao and Sword Douluo leapt up at the same time. He brought Tang San, and the three of them together headed straight for the Heaven Dou Empire army. And now all the six great priests assembled on the walls, but just like Tang Hao said, these six peak Douluo actually didn’t dare pursue. In their hearts they had already lost, lost to Tang Hao’s domineering manner. Tang Hao’s three swings not only shook Golden Crocodile Douluo, but also shook all the Spirit Empire powers. Even if the strength he displayed wasn’t as dazzling as Tang San’s Seagod Trident, neither did Tang San possess that aggressiveness to suppress everything.

Battle of the Three Gods[]

Arrival of the God of Angels:[]

Even with Tang Hao’s aggressiveness, he still couldn’t help losing some confidence after sensing the God of Angels’ divine sense earlier. Even if the Great Sumeru Hammer was even stronger, he still didn’t believe he could contend with a god. Tang Hao was confident that the two brothers plus the other powers here could at least hold off the attack of the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass. But with the appearance of a god level power, the difference in strength between both sides had instantly changed.

Tang Hao acknowledge's Heaven Dou Empire's Emperor Xue Beng as a granddisciple for his willpower and spirit.

On either side of the central army was the Tang Army as well as the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion led by the brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao. The reason for the switch was that a lot of the Tang Army elites came from the four single attribute clans. Their grievances with the Clear Sky School still existed, and in order not to influence the battle, the commanders were switched.

Gods of Sea, Angels and Rakshasa:[]

Tang Hao excitedly raised his fist, looking at his son in the air his heart filled with pride. A god, yes, his son had finally inherited the Seagod, and returned at the critical juncture.

Tang Hao now only saw Tang San, saw his long haired and jade faced son, and the expression in his eyes grew a bit sentimental. The most famous iron man of the spirit master world actually had his eyes fill with tears now. Not so long ago he only wanted to let his son live like an ordinary person, and he now still deeply remembered Tang San boiling congee for him every day as a child. Back then there was only a bit of rice at home, and when Tang San made congee every day he only drank the skim water on top, leaving more of the nutritious rice for him. Back then he wasn’t even six years old!

Now his son had already grown up, and far more outstanding than he ever was. At this moment, Tang Hao didn’t feel happiness, but rather that he fell short, that he had failed his son these decades. Everything his son could have today was practically all though his own effort. Other people saw his current god level strength, but how many people saw everything Tang San had paid over more than twenty years to reach here? Tang Hao could completely imagine how behind everything he had today, how many times Tang San had barely survived, how many times he had lingered on the edge of death.

Suddenly rising, Tang Hao took one step forward, sharply hauling Tang San from the ground, and forcefully pulling him into a steel embrace. With Tang Hao’s nature he would never be able to say any melancholic apologies out loud, but his embrace and the unshed tears in his eyes already told Tang San far more. Tang San equally held on to his father. He didn’t cry, but his lips were closed tightly, his eyes no less excited than Tang Hao. Tang San read what Tang Hao was thinking, and used the most direct way to comfort his father. Tang Hao raised his head, grabbing Tang San’s shoulders in steady hands, gazing at his son’s handsome face, nodding forcefully,

Grandmaster stepped up next to Tang Hao. Looking at Tang San, his eyes were a lot more excited than Tang Hao. Tang Hao let go, stepping back slightly, leaving Tang San to Grandmaster. Tang San knelt once again in front of Grandmaster. When Grandmaster wanted to reach out and stop him, his arm was grabbed by Tang Hao, who accepts him as another father to Tang San. To be honest, Tang Hao standing behind him was actually a bit envious, but not jealous. If he had the favor of giving Tang San life, then Grandmaster had the favor of raising him.

Tang Hao reacts when Bibi Dong's divine tool strikes Tang San through the chest. Her left hand swept through the air, and a ray of dark purple light struck Tang Hao’s exploding Clear Sky Hammer. Light rained in all directions, and Bibi Dong’s expression changed slightly. Clearly, she hadn’t thought Tang Hao’s attack could actually erupt with such power, his full strength was already infinitely close to a god. With Tang Hao's attack, Tang San could take the divine tool out from him.

After seeing Tang San's fall, Tang Hao hurried back to the walls. Tang Hao pushed through the crowd, coming up to Tang San. He didn’t cry, maybe the only person who didn’t shed tears. But his eyes had turned completely blood red. Looking at Tang San in Xiao Wu’s arms, there was no longer any trace of the Clear Sky Douluo’s spirit in his eyes.

He hears of Ning Rongrong's and Oscar's resurrection technique. The next moment, Tang Hao practically teleported in front of the pair, forcefully grabbing Oscar’s shoulders. During the resurrection, Tang Hao clenched his fist, shouting inwardly like everyone else, it has to work!

After Tang San's revival, Tang Hao is sealed away by him in a subspace temporarily after Tang Hao noticed Tang San's lie. This was a temporary space made from Tang San’s divine power that would last for two days, after two days it would shatter on its own and let Tang Hao out even if Tang San wasn’t around to do it. By that time the dust would already have settled.

Ending of the Land of Warriors:[]

Dugo Bo and Tang Hao.png

After the end of the God of Angels and Rakshasa as well as the dissolve of the Spirit Empire, Tang Hao is released from his imprisonment and reunites with his son and his comrades. He also learns of Tang San's ascendence to a God Enforcer. Wthin 100 years later, Tang Hao ascends to the Douluo Divine Realm with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and his friends.

Plot - Soul Land 2.5 Novel & Manhua Extra Ending[]

Tang Hao SL 2.5 - 002.jpg

In the extra ending of the physical novel and manhua of Soul Land 2.5, 2nd Class Gods Tang Hao and Ah Yin appear during their stay on the Douluo Continent. They are alerted by a drastic change sensed from the Douluo Divine Realm. Immediately, they are contacted by Tang San who acts with haste to ensure Douluo Planet's, his parents' and son's future. Tang San conveys to Tang Hao and Ah Yin massive amount of unknown information and their new positions as the Douluo Planar Lord and Douluo Life Core respectively. In their new forms, the couple begin to manage Tang San's 10,000 year plan for the future.

Plot - Soul Land III[]

Tang Hao and Ah Yin revealed themselves to assist Tang Wulin at the end of the war with the Abyssal Realm. It was also found out at this time that he was the Planar Lord, and was put in place by Tang San.

Plot - Soul Land IV[]

Tang Hao has yet to appear in Soul Land IV however, he has been mentioned by Tang Wulin as the sleeping Planar Lord and great-grandfather of Xuanyu, even in Book 27 and 28.


Seven Titled Douluo, Spirit Hall is truly worthy of being Spirit Hall. Unfortunately, even if there's seven of you, so what? Watch carefully, this is the true Clear Sky Avatar.
— Tang Hao
A man, a man of character, must adapt to the circumstances. There will come a day when you will be able to truly protect her, it won't be too late to go find her then.
— Tang Hao
Kindness to the enemy, is cruelty to yourself. None of the people capable of leaving this place have walked a road without death. Including you, including me. Kill them, leave none alive.
— Tang Hao
Yuehua, my heart is already dead, there’s no more of the drive from before. The moment Ah Yin died, my heart had already followed her.
— Tang Hao
The time you’ve been gone has been the happiest time of my last twenty years. Seeing your mom constantly grow each day is what makes me the most satisfied. After so many years have passed, we can finally be together.
— Tang Hao
With ambition there is no seniority, without it a hundred years are lived in vain. You’re not suited to mention my grandfather’s name. Where’s Qian Daoliu, call him out to fight. You, aren’t enough.
— Tang Hao gave a disdainful snort

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • In the Manhua, Tang Hao gives Grandmaster a manual containing a seven fusion ability using the Clear Sky Hammer in order to win against the Spirit Hall Academy.
  • In the Manhua, to extract the spirit bone of the Clear Sky clan, Tang Hao destroyed one of his arms. however, in the light novel he lost two of his limbs an arm and a leg.
  • In the Manhua, Tang Hao never set out to the Seagod Island and was really excited to see the god path map that was given to his son. The light novel had his brother and him journeyed to Sea God Island because of their grandfather's errand.


  • Tang Hao had a complete set (6) of spirit bones. Two bones come from the Clear Sky Clan's inheritant spirit bones.
  • Tang Hao and Ah Yin as well as Tang San's closest brothers and friends later learned from Tang San his reincarnation secret, post-Soul Land.
  • Tang Hao and Ah Yin, after becoming 2nd Class Gods, lived on the Douluo Plane between Soul Land 1 and Soul Land 2.5.
  • With Soul Land 2.5, Tang Hao was placed by Tang San to become the Douluo Planar Lord while Ah Yin became the Douluo Planet's Life Core. This is explained in Soul Land III so both can survive (no immortal humans without the Douluo Divine Realm), watch over their grandson Tang Wulin (turn fortune towards his favor) and complete Tang San's 10,000 year old plan to allow the Douluo Plane's survival by devouring a Tang San guided Abyssal Plane.


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