Ah Yin Edit

She is Tang Hao' wife. He loved her ever since he met her. Even after she told him she was a 100,000 year old spirit beast. He risked his life and fought for her. After she died he was consumed by grief and lost the purpose in life.

Tang San Edit

Tang San is Tang Hao's son. Tang Hao in the initial period of life did not care for much since his wife's death affected him a lot and partly neglected looking after Tang San. However he cares for his son deeply. He admires him very much and is very proud of him for his maturity. Following the discovery that Tang San has twin spirits, he goes back to the world, in order to make sure Tang San won't have any problems due to his past, and watches over him from the shadows. He is very proud of his son and his accomplishments. He has entrusted Tang San to everything he failed to accomplish and to re flourish the Clear Sky Clan.

Tang Yuehua Edit

Tang Yuehua is Tang Hao's little sister. The two of them have a very close relationship as siblings and they adore each other.

Tang Xiao Edit

Tang Xiao is Tang Hao's older brother. He cares very much for him.