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I will protect her, even if it costs me my life.
— Tang San

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Tang san is the main protagonist of the "Soul Land" (Douluo Dalu) Series. He was a former young prodigy of the renowned Tang Sect who was ostracized and not permitted to learn Tangmen's core skills despite the fact that none of the Tang men core disciples were able to master the core skills. Following his death, he was reborn while maintaining his past memories as the son of the Titled Douluo, Tang Hao of the Clear Sky Clan, and Blue Silver Empress Spirit Beast Ah Yin.


He used to have long, brown hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, but after he "died" and became a child, he has short, black short hair and dark blue eyes that can turn purple-紫极魔瞳.

After growing up, Tang San's dark hair has lightened to blue, thanks to his Blue Silver Emperor abilities awakening. His hair is much longer, and he wears it tied back in a low ponytail, with bangs framing a neat, handsome face. He's tall and dresses well. He's always seen wearing his storage belt, the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges.


Tang San possesses a very calm and serene personality. He is kind, thoughtful of others, and selfless. He always calculates his options before taking action. As a person of two lives, since childhood, he possessed the maturity of an adult. His thirst for knowledge is astounding as in his previous life, and that thirst for knowledge was the reason he committed suicide. He deeply loves his parents and has a deep regard for his friends, especially Xiao Wu. He would selflessly put himself in front of danger to help his friends. He harbors a dark personality in which he eliminates, dissipates, or renders those who oppose him dead or imbecile if they're considered as enemies who can no longer be reconciled with. Tang San appears to be an intellectual and cool-headed person in combat. He keeps to his promises, like protecting Xiao Wu "forever".


Prior to his rebirth in Soul Land (Douluo Dalu), he was a member of the Outer Sect of the Tang Sect. Tang Sect was a school of assassins who specialized in Poisons and Hidden Weapon. Among the Tang Sect Outer Sect disciples, he was the third most senior and therefore came to be known as Tang San. Even among them, he was considered a genius not seen in two hundred years. Wanting to know the secrets of the Tang Sect that was only taught only to the Inner Sect disciples, he broke into their sacred place stealing the knowledge. Having read and mastered its contents, knowing he committed a crime, he committed suicide by jumping off the Hell's Peak


Upon his birth in Soul Land, (Douluo Dalu) he realized that he retained his memories from his previous life. Coincidentally he was named Tang San. He was raised by his father Tang Hao who was an alcoholic and a blacksmith, he was a spirit master too (Douluo) in the village of the Holy Spirit.


Reading ten thousand books is not equal to travelling ten thousand li, indeed spoken true, when travelling one is able to learn more and more.
— Tang San
So what if you’re human or not? So what if you're a spirit beast or not? All I know is that you are my little sister. Also, the person I love.
— Tang San
Because you're my father. My life was given by you. Without you, how would there be a me? Children never have the right to blame their parents.
— Tang San
Next time we meet, perhaps we will be enemies.
— Tang San
A teacher for a day is a father for life.
— Tang San

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • In the Manhua, the Fiend Team is not killed but heavily injured due to Tang San tweaking with the Godly Zhuge Crossbows.
  • Tang San did not mix up the herbs given to Yu Xiaogang and Zhu Zhuqing in the webnovel.
  • In the webnovel, Rongrong kissed Tang San instead of asking him to marry her.
  • In the Manhua, Tai Tan (Tai Long's Grandfather) appears before Tang San to get revenge after Tai Long's defeat. In the webnovel, Tai Nuo (Tai Long's Father), a Spirit King, fights Tang San after Tai Long's defeat and received severe damage from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Tang San 14.jpg

  • In the Manhua, absorbing a spirit ring may give a Real Guard, an armor that can increase the spirit master's power. Upon absorbing his 3rd Ring, Tang San receives a white shirt and green pants with a river grass jade pattern. While his 4th Spirit Ring in the Manhua gave him a dark furry coat.
  • In the Manhua, absorbing the 4th Spirit Ring gave him the Darkening Mode, which is a rare and powerful phenomenon in which his behavior is altered.
  • In the Manhua, Huo Wu used Poison against Tang San instead of force.
  • In the Manhua, Tang San proposes to take a hit from each of the elders in the Clear Sky Clan rather than challenging the seventh elder.
  • In the Manhua, Xiao Wu wakes up with clothing in her half-awakened form, rather than being naked.
  • In the Manhua, the Datura snake is at first mistaken for the Ghost Vine.
  • In the Manhua, Tang San's fourth spirit ring ability is called "Blue Silver Prison" but in the webnovel, it is also referred to as "Blue Silver Thrust", and can also be used to pierce enemies from below.


  • Tang San was 29 years old when he committed suicide, before his rebirth in Douluo Continent.
  • After killing the Datura Snake, Tang San considered killing Grandmaster in case he saw his Mysterious Heaven Skills. After getting used to his current world, Tang San freely showed off his Mysterious Heaven Skills.
  • Tang San is believed to be the only person who has absorbed a limit surpassing Spirit Ring in Soul Land 1.
  • The Tang Sect Logo is embedded in all the weapons produced by Tang San.
  • Tang San's fake name of choice when keeping a low profile is Tang Yin, after his mother, Ah Yin.
  • Tang San is capable of doing Perfect Mimicry Cultivation, which is only possible at 70th rank.
  • Tang San has an innate domain and acquires another in Slaughter City.
  • Tang San is named after his mother Ah Yin. Ah Yin is named as Third Sister as the third youngest member of Tang Hao's group when they are still young.
  • Tang San breaches Heavenly Jewel Change when he was looking for an heir, but Zhou Weiqing refuses to inherit the Asura God position.
  • Tang San has a habit of touching his hair whenever he is nervous.
  • Tang San is an extremely overprotective father and can be amazingly petty.
  • According to Xiao Wu in Soul Land 2.5, Tang San is a great cook but is terrible at making soup. (It tends to blow up in his face, literally.) [4] This does not stop him from constantly trying to make soup.
  • Tang San excels in musical talent, as taught by his aunt in the Moon Pavilion. He's especially skilled with the harp. (Light Novel Chapter 143)
  • In chapter 316 the author makes a mistake when it comes to the number of rings on Tang San's Clear Sky Hammer, saying that there is a 10th ring. But in the text after that saying that there is only nine of them, with several different instances where there is only nine of them in the same chapter.



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