I will protect her, even if it costs me my life.
— Tang San

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Tang San was a former young prodigy of the renowned Tang Sect who was ostracized and not permitted to learn Tangmen's core skills despite the fact that none of the Tangmen core disciples were able to master the core skills. Following his death he was reborn while maintaining his past memories as the son of the Titled Douluo, Tang Hao of the Clear Sky Clan and Ah Yin.

Appearance Edit

He used to have long, brown hair in a pony tail, brown eyes, but after he "died", he has short, black short hair and dark blue eyes that can turn purple-紫极魔童.

After growing up, Tang San's dark hair has lightened to blue, thanks to his Blue Silver Emperor abilities awakening. His hair is much longer, and he wears it tied back in a low ponytail, with bangs framing a neat, handsome face. He's tall, and dresses well. He's always seen wearing his storage belt, the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges.

Personality Edit

Tang San possesses a very calm and serene personality. He is kind, thoughtful of others and selfless. He always calculates his options before taking action. As a person of two lives, since childhood he possessed the maturity of an adult. His thirst for knowledge is astounding as in his previous life, and that thirst for knowledge was the reason he committed suicide. He deeply loves his parents and has a deep regard for his friends, especially Xiao Wu. He would selflessly put himself in front of danger to help his friends. He harbors a dark personality in which he eliminates, dissipates or renders those who opposes him dead or imbecile if they're considered as enemies who can no longer be reconciled with. Tang San appears to be an intellectual and cool headed person in combat. He keeps to his promises, like protecting Xiao Wu "forever".

History Edit

Prior to his rebirth in Soul Land (Douluo Dalu), he was a member of the Outer Sect of the Tang Sect. Tang Sect was a school of assassins who specialized in Poisons and Hidden Weapon. Among the Tang Sect Outer Sect disciples he was the third most senior and therefore came to be known as Tang San. Even among them he was considered a genius not seen in two hundred years. Wanting to know the secrets of the Tang Sect that was only taught only to the Inner Sect disciples, he broke into their sacred place stealing the knowledge. Having read and mastered its contents, knowing he committed a crime, he committed suicide by jumping off the Hell's Peek


Upon his birth in Soul Land, (Douluo Dalu) he realized that he retained his memories from his previous life. Coincidentally he was named Tang San. He was raised by his father Tang Hao who was an alcoholic and a blacksmith in the village of Holy Spirit.

Plot Edit

Spirit Saint Village Edit

Tang San was brought up in the Spirit Saint Village. In a year he mastered the world's language. Since he was young, he tried to master his Tang Sect ability Mysterious Heaven Skill, but was unable to breakthrough with it. He lived with his father who was an alcoholic. He wanted to learn blacksmith techniques from his father in order to make Hidden Weapons. At the age of 6 he underwent the Awakening Ceremony. From it he received the tool spirit Blue Grass which was considered trash by all, but unknown to the others he also received another spirit; Clear Sky Hammer. However everyone was astonished to find Tang San had innate full spirit power which was an extremely rare occurrence, but considered a waste when combined with Blue Grass.

Upon seeing that Tang San's spirit was Blue Grass, his father became emotional stating it was inherited from his mother.[1] Tang Hao was then astonished upon seeing his son had Twin Spirits and allowed him to attend the Beginner Academy although he forbid him from disclosing his second spirit power, especially since it was the powerful Clear Sky Hammer. Tang Hao imparted some of his blacksmith knowledge on to Tang San before he left for the Academy.

Nuoding Academy Edit

Upon reaching the Nuoding Academy, he is recognized by Grandmaster for having twin spirits.[2] Thus Tang San recognizes Grandmaster as his teacher. Afterwords he reaches his living quarters where he is immediately challenged by Wang Sheng, the boss of room seven. Tang San without any problem defeats Wang Sheng in a duel.


Within a few minutes a new female student also arrives at the dormitory. According to the rules of Room No. 7 Tang San is forced to Fight the new student, Xiao Wu. Not wanting to injure her Tang San goes easy on her but gets defeated by her, thus transferring the title of boss of Room No. 7 to her.

Xiao Wu being a cheery, rash girl of the same age takes a liking to Tang San. She is also very careless, unlike Tang San. The first time Xiao Wu saw Tang San, she was in love with him, and suggested pulling their beds together so they can sleep together. As Tang San having received bedding from Grandmaster, Xiao Wu forces him to share the bedding causing their beds to be adjoined. She also being exceptionally strong trains together with Tang San, often dueling with each other.

Romanti Snake

As Tang San has innate full Spirit Power, Grandmaster takes him to get his first Spirit Ring. They happen upon a Datura Snake whose cultivation has exceeded four hundred years. Tang San with his proficiency in Hidden Weapon manages to kill the snake thus obtaining his 1st Spirit Ring.[3] This adds toughness as well as a paralysis effect to the Blue Grass.

Upon returning to the academy Tang San finds out that Xiao Wu had picked a fight with the seniors. He defeats the opponents who sought to fight Xiao Wu, and Xiao Wu reveals she is also Innate Full Spirit Power student and effectively becomes the boss of the student community.

After a year Tang San returns home with Xiao Wu to find out that his father had left leaving him a message. Although heartbroken he vows to work even harder. During the stay Tang San adopts Xiao Wu as his sister and vows to follow her and protect her at all times throughout his life.[4]

Shrek Academy Edit

Zhao Wuji vs Tang San

Five years later following graduation from Nuoding Academy Tang San along with Xiao Wu, under the instructions of Grandmaster, comes to Suotuo City to enroll in the Shrek Academy. After undergoing tests to enter the academy, with one of them being prevailing against Zhao Wuji the Vice Dean of the Shrek Academy, a Spirit Sage ranked spirit master, with the help of his hidden weapons, they successfully enroll in the academy along with Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong. Tang San also meets Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun. These seven students are the only seven students of the academy that make up the Shrek Seven Devils, a group of young, exceptionally talented, genius Spirit Masters.

Star Dou Forest Edit

Meng Yiran vs Tang San

After Oscar breaks through the 30th Spirit Rank, they go to Star Dou Forest to find the third Spirit Ring for Oscar. They happen upon a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent with cultivation exceeding thousand three hundred years. After capturing it they are challenged by Chao Tianxiang, who claims the Serpent to belongs to her and her granddaughter. To decide who gets the serpent Tang San accepts the challenge from Meng Yiran, Chao Tianxiang's granddaughter on behalf of Oscar. After successfully defeating her Tang San cultivates to recover from injuries and also breaks through the 30th Spirit Rank[5], becoming the youngest in Shrek Academy History to reach Rank 30 (which however is soon broken by Xiao Wu).


They are attacked by a Titan Giant Ape called Er Ming, who kidnaps Xiao Wu. Tang San immediately sets after the Titan Giant Ape and gets attacked by a Man Faced Demon Spider. With the help of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San manages to defeat the Spirit Beast. Meng Shu along with his wife Chao Tianxiang and granddaughter Meng Yiran arrives at the scene. Meng Yiran, furious that he stole her Spirit Beast again challenges him to a knife throwing contest. Tang San, thanks to his proficiency with hidden weapons overwhelmingly defeats Meng Yiran.

Meng Yiran Kiss

Then he goes on to absorb the Spirit Ring of the Man Faced Demon Spider wanting to quickly go and save Xiao Wu. Several hours after beginning the process of absorption Xiao Wu comes back to the Tang San and the rest. After seeing the Man Faced Demon Spider, she reveals that its cultivation exceeds two thousand years which is way over the limit for the absorption of the 3rd Spirit Ring. Tang San undergoes excruciating pain, but finally manages to absorb the Spirit Ring and at the same time obtains an External Spirit Bone.[6]

Great Spirit Arena Edit

3 5 Mug

Afterwords they return to the Shrek Academy and Grandmaster arrives as well taking over the training of Shrek Seven Devils. Grandmaster gives them team building exercises which are extremely hard but very effective. The second stage of Grandmaster's training consists of the Shrek Seven Devils participating in the Great Spirit Arena in Suotuo City to achieve Silver Spirit Fighter Badges. They all wear masks and uses assumed names to hide their identity, with Tang San becoming the Thousand Hands Asura. Tang San having formed a team with Xiao Wu before as the Three Five Combination takes part in individual, 2 vs 2 and team matches.

Their first team battle is against the Mad Battle Team who are all Spirit Masters above the rank of 35. Everyone assumes it will be an easy victory for the Mad Battle Team, but Tang San with his exceptional wisdom, adaptability, controls the battle efficiently from the very start. Nearing the end when the Shrek Seven Devils attack the Auxiliary Spirit Master of the Mad Battle Team, he unleashes his 1,000 year spirit ring's Fanaticism ability which causes all of the Shrek Seven Devils to take to air using Oscar's mushroom sausage. With Oscar's spirit power draining Tang San asks everyone to leave the ring, taking on the six remaining members of the Mad Battle Team all by himself. With the help of his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances and the binding property of Blue Silver Grass, Tang San restricts the members of the Mad Battle Team resulting in the Shrek Seven Devils win.

Neutralizing Poison

They consecutively win their matches causing them to increase in reputation. Therefore they are approached by Manager Ao of the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, asking them to battle against a Silver ranked team, the Emperor Team. Tang San wanting to defeat the Emperor Team, asks Grandmaster to let him plan the entire battle. He effectively lures the opposing captain Yu Tianheng into a trap, and rendering him unable to fight. Infuriated Dugu Yan unleashes her 1,000 year spirit ring, a violet colored deadly poison called Jade Phosphor Violet Poison. However much to the astonishment of Dugu Yan, Tang San with his expert knowledge in poisons neutralizes it using alcohol and fire. The Emperor Team recovers their health with the help of their Auxiliary Spirit master and presses on to attack the Shrek Seven Devils. Xiao Wu gets attacked causing her to get injured and lose consciousness. Infuriated Tang San with his eyes turning red unleashes his Eight Spider Lances. He immediately poisons the twins and pins Dugu Yan and the Emperor Team quickly concedes, admitting defeat.

Having completed one month in the Great Spirit Arena, they go to tally up their points earned from the matches. Tang San with a battle record of 28 wins and 0 losses in individual fights, 28 wins and 0 losses in 2 vs 2 fights and 28 wins and 0 losses in team fights obtains 5,567 points, thus earning him the Gold Fighter Spirit Badge.[7]

After finding out that the teacher of the Emperor Team is Qin Ming, a former Shrek Academy student, Grandmaster proposes a student exchange to the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy as it contains better facilities and Spirit Mimicry Environment. On their way, they enter the Silver Kingdom's Great Spirit Arena to take part in a team battle. However since there are no level 30 Gold ranked team, they challenge a level 40 team of Silver rank called the Fiend Team which is a team that often kills in the arena. At the very start of the match, all of Shrek Seven Devils equipped with Godly Zhuge Crossbows unleashes them causing a one sided massacre.[8] This being their first time killing another human being causes them to be devastated with only Tang San showing a strong sense of being albeit shaken up.

Heaven Dou City Edit

Arriving at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they are welcomed by the three elders of Heaven Dou Academy's board of education having Spirit Douluo rank. Having heard exceptional remarks about Tang San, one of the elders Zhi Lin tests Tang San using his Spirit Power.[9] The elders are immediately surprised seeing Tang San resist Spirit Power that far surpassed his current level. It turns to astonishment upon seeing Tang San reveal his external spirit bone. The enormous pressure caused Tang San to complete the fusion with the external spirit bone, breakthrough to the 34th spirit rank, and open one of the Eight Meridians - the Penetrating Meridian.

The elders' extreme eagerness to have the Shrek Seven Devils was however deterred with the arrival of Prince Xue Xing. The Shrek Seven Devils having gotten into a fight with Xue Beng the earlier day for being rude, were denied admission, with Dugu Bo, a Titled Douluo telling them to get lost.[10]

Disheartened the Shrek Seven Devils left the academy along with Qin Ming who quit his post as a teacher at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. They come across a recruiting poster for teachers for Blue Tyrant Academy. Flender asking everyone to join with him in enrolling, they visit the academy and meet with an old friend of Flender and the Grandmaster, Liu Erlong. She immediately hands over the Academy to Flender, renaming it as Shrek Academy.

With Dugu Bo Edit

Ice and Fire

Tang San after hearing about the past of Golden Iron Triangle from Grandmaster, reprimands him for staying away from Liu Erlong for all these years. Letting him and Liu Erlong have a private moment, Tang San removes himself from their presence, but immediately gets kidnapped by Dugu Bo.[11] However after gloating at Dugu Bo and successfully deducing the poison that is having a deleterious effect on Dugu Bo's health, Tang San manages to avert immediate death and instead receives a challenge to successfully withstand 3 of Dugu Bo's poisons. Dugu Bo takes Tang San to his private medicinal garden. Upon arriving Tang San is astonished to find the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well along with many Immortal Herbs. Dugu Bo allows Tang San one day to prepare for his challenge and leaves him at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Thanks to the knowledge from his previous life Tang San eats the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and the Infernal Delicate Apricot, which allows to him to dip in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and considerably strengthen his body.[12]

The Golden Iron Triangle tracks down and battles Dugu Bo after he told them Tan San was dead. When they were on the verge of defeat, Tang San appeared and saved them by stopping Dugu Bo, stating that he only went with Dugu Bo to learn about poisons from him. Dugu Bo although surprised, sticks to the cover story, saying he will have Tang San as a student for about 6 months.[13] After the Golden Iron Triangle retreats, Tang San and Dugu Bo go to the medicinal garden to carry out his challenge. Tang San successfully neutralizes all 3 poisons in the challenge. Dugu Bo convinced that Tang San can cure of him of his and his granddaughter's poisoning allows him to brew medicine to cure him. As a precaution he requires that Tang San swallow a pearl containing Dugu's poison and energy, promising it would kill him if Dugu Bo died, but while in him would help speed up cultivation. Tang San thus spends the next six months working with and studying the herbs in the private garden alongside Dugu Bo. Tang San uses this time to upgrade all of the poisons on his hidden weapons, including preparing new poisons like the Yama's invitation, as well as cultivate in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. At the end of the six months, Tang San receives a special storage tool that can keep living things alive, unlike his 24 Moonlight Bridges, as well the fulfillment of three promises for winning the poison challenge. One was already used to save his teachers and protect Shrek Academy from harm. The second was that he be able to take any herb he wanted from the garden with him. Finally the third was to have Dugu Bo become an adviser at Shrek Academy. Before they leave to return back to Shrek Academy, Dugu Bo gets a shock that Tang San took every thing in the garden, leaving nothing but seeds left.

The New Shrek Academy Edit

After being away for six months they return to the Shrek Academy with Dugu Bo accepting to become an adviser for the Shrek Academy. Tang San brings back a herb for each of the Shrek Seven Devils as well as the Grandmaster. Dai Mubai gets Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, Oscar gets Eight Petal Immortal Orchid, Ma Hongjun gets Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower and Ning Rongrong gets Beautiful Silk Tulip. Tang San then presents a special flower, the Yearning Heartbroken Red, and tells it's legend about the flower goddess and the requirement needed to open the flower. First Zhu Zhuqing and then Grandmaster try, but ultimately both were unable to be the master of the flower Yearning Heartbroken Red because of their wavering hearts. However Xiao Wu manages to become the master of the flower but refuses to eat it and instead wishes to keep it safe with her at all times.[14] Zhu Zhuqing therefore gets the Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone which was originally intended to be given to Xiao Wu, and Grandmaster gets Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia. Tang San takes the Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew which helps in breaking through to the next stage of Purple Demon Eye, the mustard seed. All the herbs give a considerable boost to everyone's spirit power (apart from Xiao Wu, since she didn't eat her herb), raising everyone by several levels and even allowing Grandmaster to finally after several decades of trying, to break through to the 30th level. Everyone is extremely happy and thankful to Tang San, Ning Rongrong even going as far as to kiss Tang San on the mouth for finding that her herb had caused her Spirit Essence to evolve into the legendary Nine Treasures Tile Pagoda.[15]

Tang San attends the classes of the New Shrek Academy for the first time and is immediately challenged to a duel by the self proclaimed Academy Chief Tai Long. After an initial fight within the classroom, Tang San fights with him again after class in a forest. Tai Long due to his tenacious character, no matter how many times he got beaten refuses to accept defeat causing Tang San to dislocate his joints. The injuries caused by Tang San causes Tai Long's father Vigorous King Tai Nuo to come to the academy and challenge Tang San. Taking advantage of Tai Nuo going easy on him, underestimating him since he was a Spirit Master with at least 20 levels difference, Tang San with the help of his hidden weapons and external spirit bone manages to defeat Tai Nuo.

The following day Tai Long's grandfather Vigorous God Tai Tan arrives at the academy seeking Tang San. He makes a wager with Tang San to endure the Spirit Pressure of Tai Tan for one stick of incense with the conditions being, if Tang San wins Tai Long and Tai Nuo will join Tang Sect or if Tai Tan wins Tang San will join the One Strength Clan. Tai Tan starts with sixty percent of his power increasing it slowly to ninety percent which astonishes him. With ninety percent power, unable to hold on Tang San subconsciously brings out his other Spirit, Clear Sky Hammer which shocks Tai Tan. The match is immediately stopped by Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.

Tai Tan upon realizing Tang San is the son of Tang Hao, his old master immediately kneels down and shows respect to Tang San much to his and every one present's bewilderment.[16] Later privately Tai Tan reveals that Tang Hao is the Titled Douluo, Title Clear Sky from the Clear Sky Clan. He then meets with Ning Fengzhi who reaffirms the strength of Tang Hao stating he was the continent's youngest Titled Douluo. They then strike up a deal for creating Tang San's hidden weapons thereby earning him 5 million gold spirit coins. Grandmaster reveals that his father had always looked out for him and that he beat up Zhao Wuji for injuring Tang San.

Sunset Forest Edit

Pink Maiden Ambush

After everyone except Xiao Wu reaches rank 40, the Shrek Seven Devils along with Grandmaster, Flender, Zhao Wuji and Liu Erlong sets out to Sunset Forest to capture spirit beasts. They first collect the spirit rings for Ma Hongjun and next Oscar. After that however they are unable to happen upon suitable spirit beasts for absorption. Thus Tang San proposes a method to attract spirit beasts using the Aromatic Silk Beauty immortal treasure herb. They arrive at the lair of Dugu Bo to be within the margin of his poisonous formation which would allow them to have a place to retreat to. They then lures in spirit beasts using the Aromatic Silk Beauty. Spirit beasts for Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong are captured with the help of the Flying God Claw.

Despite the presence of a nearly 6,000 year old Man Faced Demon Spider present among the spirit beasts which is perfect for him, Tang San chooses a 10,000 year old Pit Demon Spider. Tang San then goes on to the Ice and Fire Ying Yang Well to absorb the spirit ring of the Pit Demon Spider utilizing the properties of the well and using shock from Purple Demon Eye to avoid Soul Shock will help in the absorption process. After 10 hours he successfully manages to absorb the Spirit Ring and return to the others.[17]

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Qualifiers Edit

Opening Ceremony Edit

The Shrek Seven Devils then enter Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament with Tai Long, Huang Yuan, Jing Ling and Jiang Zhu as the substitutes. They are straight away ridiculed for their snot green colored uniform. During the opening ceremony they are matched up with the second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Dai Mubai, Tai Long, Huang Yuan, Tang San, Xiao Wu, Jung Ling and Jiang Zhu takes part in the battle. However everyone's scorns are immediately converted in amazement and shock following the appearance of the Shrek Academy's spirit rings especially seeing Tang San's 10,000 year fourth Spirit Ring which is an unprecedented occurrence. On Tang San's command everyone of Shrek Academy Team sets upon the opposing team except Jiang Zhu who casts a ring wide healing effect. They cause heavy injuries to the opposing team and finishes the battle in one minute.[18]

After the match Ning Fengzhi takes Tang San to meet with Xue Qinghe who reveals a what he knows about Tang Hao's seclusion. Then Tang San goes to cultivate with Ning Rongrong on techniques handed down by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

Elephant Armored School Edit

Given the choice to fight or give up to save their strength against the Elephant Armored Academy, Tang San chooses to fight. He comes up with a strategy and does not field the full strength of the Shrek Academy, whilst substituting Zhu Zhuqing for Tai Long and Oscar for Jiang Zhu. Following the start of the match he takes to air with the help of Oscar's flying mushroom sausage, carrying the whole team with him. He restrains the whole team using Blue Silver Prison and commands Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing to unleash Hell White Tiger and manage to defeat the Elephant Armored Academy.

Shi Nian Death

Following the forfeiting of a match by an opponent, not wanting to stick around, Tang San makes his way back to the Shrek Academy all alone. He soon discovers there seems to be something wrong and encounters Shi Nian who has trapped him within a dream in order to kill him. Tang San is subjected to his worst fears but he manages to break free using the Purple Demon Eyes and strikes Shi Nian with the Yama's Invitation effectively killing him.[19] He collects Shi Nian's dropped Skull Spirit Bone.

Blazing Academy Edit
Fire Barrier

Wanting to go up against Blazing Academy despite Grandmaster's cautions he takes part in battle with the four substitute. He tries to drag the opposing Captain Huo Wushuang into a trap but the situation becomes reversed due to Huo Wu's ability with him becoming a target of a 4 on 1 attack. He effectively displays his close combat fighting prowess and uses one of the opponents as a shield to make the 3 others deflect their attacks. When Huo Wu uses her final attack, leaving his teammates behind, he goes forward to meet with the attack. He withstands Huo Wu's 4th Spirit Ring ability due to his fire immunity, stating the opponents had been lead the false conclusion by him that his Spirit cannot withstand fire attacks and thus he had not used any in the match. With that he traps the opposing seven in Blue Silver Prisons thus winning the match.

Blue Sunshine Academy Edit

Before the fight against the Blue Sunshine Academy, Huo Wu angry that Shrek Academy is using more power against the Blue Sunshine Academy than the Blazing Academy, bumps into Tang San. Tang San subconsciously neutralizes her force and sends her tumbling, immediately bringing out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to take anyone who stands in his way out. However Huo Wu leaves without making a scene.

Blue Sunshine Academy Coma

At the start of the match, Tang San makes everyone wait without attacking in order to see what the opponent would do. After the Blue Sunshine Academy unleashes the Seven Asura Dreamland by combining their power, they reveal their knowledge over Shi Nian's death and their intent to kill Tang San for the Spirit Bone. Tang San makes his teammates act as if they were seriously injured and then attacks the opponents brains with his Purple Demon Eyes. This destroys their sanity and brings their IQ's down to the level of a 2 year-old's.[20]

Skywater Academy Edit

After having to forfeit two matches following their victory against Blue Sunshine Academy to keep up the pretense that they are injured, they continuously win their matches arriving at the final match of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Qualifiers. Their final match is against the Skywater Academy.

From the beginning of the match, Tang San is pressured by the opposing Captain and Control System Spirit Master Shui Bing Er. She effectively controls the battlefield to her advantage, restraining Tang San's ability. However Tang San manages to make an opening and strike back. This causes Shui Bing-Er to unleash her Spirit Fusion ability Drifting Snow. Tang San not wanting to back away takes up her challenge to withstand her attack. Before the very final attack Tang San makes the others leave the ring and confronts the Spirit Fusion with the help of the Eight Spider Lances. However when Shui Bing Er admits defeats, Tang San admits defeat along with her because he had never considered using the Eight Spider Lances to fight until the finals and thus the match ends in a tie.[21]

Interlude Edit

Following the fight against the Skywater Academy he secludes himself in his cabin at the Shrek Academy to reflect on his actions causing him to fall into a depression. He goes two days without eating, heavily doubting his abilities and the strength of his Tool Spirit Blue Silver Grass. He think to stop cultivating in that and start using the Clear Sky Hammer instead.

Dugu Bo then arrives and speaks with Tang San. They share stories and he advises Tang San, saying the reason he though Tang San as a monster was exactly because of his Blue Silver Grass Spirit. This causes Tang San to clear out his doubts. He becomes further excited when Dugu Bo reveals that the prize for winning the competition will be 3 Spirit Bones.

Xiao Wu is pleased that Tang San had come out of his dark mood and after a hearty meal they have a duel without the use of Hidden Weapons and Spirit Power. Tang San is defeated and they share a moment of passion embraced in each others arms.[22] Xiao Wu's insights further help him to strengthen his Blue Silver Grass and erase his weaknesses. He trains by himself for a while forming a variant form of Blue Silver Prison known as the Blue Silver Thrust.

He then joins up with the others to train under Grandmaster's regimen; constantly battling against Liu Erlong. He comes up with a scheme to defeat her by intentionally lowering their abilities as to appear weak and on the final day goes out full strength managing to defeat her. This causes Liu Erlong to loose her temper following her defeat and beat them up.

Ranking Competition Edit

Tang San and the rest arrives at the Heaven Dou Imperial Household Barracks to partake in the Ranking Competition. He is met with Ning Fengzhi and Xue Qinghe who offers to move them to better quarters if he wishes it.

Their first fight at the Ranking Competition is against Balak Academy. After Xiao Wu successively defeats 5 opponents, Tang San appears on the ring, but after seeing his 4th Spirit Ring, the 2 other opponents forfeit their match.

The fifth match in the Ranking Competition is against the Blazing Academy. Tang San is the first contender and he battles against Huo Wushuang first and defeats him by utilizing his Tang Sect techniques, with the minimal use of his Spirit Power. He goes on to defeat 5 more opponents, thus successfully defeating 6 in a row.

Tang San 21

His final match is against Huo Wu, who hates Tang San a lot. From the start of the match she uses her ability to push back Tang San to the edge of the ring, and then causes him to jump into the air. She unleashes her most powerful attack, depleting her spirit power. Unable to stop it, Tang San proceeds to use Huo Wu as a shield in order to deflect the attack. But seeing she is unable or unwilling to alter the course, he uses his own body as a shield to protect her, which to everyone's surprise didn't even cause major injuries to his back and his internal organs but rather only a minor flesh wound.[23]

He recovers in a few days and itches to get back on to the fighting field but is opposed by his team members and made to rest. Thus he decides to take it easy and not fight.

Following the fight against Botanic Academy, Huo Wu asks to speak to him alone. Tang San follows her to a secluded spot. He explains the reason why he saved her was because he holds no enmity to her and because he wishes not to hold any enmity between the academies as well when she asks. She then tries to kiss him on the lips to which he immediately turns his head to avoid and the kiss falls on his cheek. She reasons that since she does not want to owe anyone her first kiss squares the debt between them.

He quickly washes his face, not leaving any traces of the kiss. He then goes back and comes upon Xiao Wu. He immediately blurts everything out to her, not wanting to keep anything from her. He feels much better after he tells Xiao Wu everything. Xiao Wu then suddenly leaps onto Tang San, her legs winding around his waist, her arms around his neck, embracing him tightly and kisses him on the lips causing Tang San's mind to go blank and thus she takes his first kiss.[24] The kiss helps Tang San to understand more of his feelings of real love towards Xiao Wu.

After the Shrek Academy's fight against Thunderclap Academy, Feng Xiaotian finds him and challenges to a one on one battle with whoever wins the battle will give the victory to the whole team. Tang San is initially reluctant to accept the battle since he is just an individual in the team but as Dai Mubai and Grandmaster tells him its okay, he accepts the challenge.

From the start of the match Tang San matches Feng Xiaotian's pace and is amazed by his strength and speed. As Feng Xiaotian unleashes his self made spirit ability Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops, being unable to withstand it Tang San reveals his Clear Sky Hammer and uses Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer to counteract it.[25] This enables him to win the battle. He then tells him that there is nothing going on between him and Huo Wu.

En Route to Spirit CityEdit

On the way to the Spirit City to attend the Finals of the tournament, the whole envoy is ambushed by an army of men pretending to be bandits. Tang San quickly takes part in the battle, utilizing his full strength, combining his Hidden Weapons with his Mysterious Heaven Arts and quickly turning the tide fighting against the Shrek Academy by killing many of them. However he is then seeked by much powerful opponents and even the Chrysanthemum Douluo takes part in the battle to kill the members of the Shrek Academy.

When Tang San realizes he is the target of the entire attack, he offers his own life to save the others and let them go free.[26] Dugu Bo also enters the battlefield to take on the Chrysanthemum Douluo and to restrain him, Gui Mei takes part in the battle. He is then attacked by Chrysanthemum Douluo, which however is stopped by Chen Xin who causes the entire army to retreat and flee.

Following their departure Ning Fengzhi offers protection to Tang San by sending him to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Headquarters with Chen Xin. However Tang San rejects his offer stating he wants to help his teammates win the tournament.

Finals Edit

After hearing from Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing that they absolutely must win against Star Luo Imperial Academy, Tang San promises them to do his utmost. Upon the instructions given by Grandmaster, Tang San coordinates his teammates and fully unleashes a barrage of attacks leaving no room to retaliate and thus emerges victorious.

Clear Sky Hammer 1

Having given up the 3 way one vs one knockout competition in the semi finals because of the conspiring between Spirit Hall and Godwind Academy, he along with the rest gets ready for the evening team battle. The Shrek Seven Devils under the guidance of Grandmaster, produces a Seven Devil Fusion ability with Tang San being the recipient of all the Spirit Power which shocks all the people present at the Semi Finals of the competition. Having acquired the power from his friends Tang San uses Clear Sky Hammer's Tool Spirit Avatar which is usually only usable following reaching Rank 70.[27] Tang San thus uses it to utterly crush his opponents of the Godwind Academy.

Right from the start of the match against Spirit Hall Academy, Tang San utilize his Purple Demon Eyes to resist Hu Liena's charm ability. Following the Spirit Fusion Charm Demon between Hu Liena and Xie Yue a red fog is released which obstructs the vision of everyone except the originator of the Spirit Fusion. However Tang San is able to see through the fog due to his Purple Demon Eyes and thus removes the other Shrek Seven Devils away from the fog, for them to confront the other members of the Spirit Hall Academy team while he confronts the Spirit Fusion Charm Demon, by himself within the fog unseen by all others. He holds out against the might of the Spirit Fusion ability which surpasses the power of a Spirit Emperor. He unleashes his Eight Spider Lances and upon this Xie Yue unleashes his strongest spirit ability Full Moon. Tang San counters the Full Moon using his Eight Spider Lances causing him to shatter all the eight lances leaving him bloody. However his effort dissolves the Charm Demon Spirit Fusion. As a last resort he uses the shattered pieces of the Eight Spider Lances and using his Tang Sect Secret Technique unleashes Batwing Rebound which attacks all the members of the Spirit Hall Academy team and faints.

He is soon awakened by the healing effect of Ning Fengzhi's spirit as well other's help, the match having being concluded with Shrek Academy's victory thanks to Tang San's attack rendering all the opponents poisoned and unable to move. He then reabsorbs the poison, absorbing some of the vitality along with it.

At the awarding of the three Spirit Bones, Dai Mubai makes Tang San receive them as the representative of Shrek Academy. Although Tang San wishes to have the Focusing Wisdom Skull, because of Ning Rongrong he thinks of giving it up but she shuts him down, letting him take the skull bone instead. Tang San in return hands her the Skull Bone he had obtained from Shi Nian to Rongrong.

Then Bibi Dong orders to capture Xiao Wu, to which Tang San quickly gets in front in order to protect her. He then reveals to Xiao Wu that he had known since he took the herb Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew. He tells her no matter what she is, his feeling for her will not change and confesses his love for her.[28]

Tang Hao then emerges from the sky and unleashes and extremely powerful attack which causes all those under the Spirit Rank of 70 to faint. He then brings away the unconscious Tang San and Xiao Wu.

He wakes up to find that Xiao Wu had left back to her home and he converses with his father. He expresses he holds no hates for him and only loves him. Tang Hao explains about Spirit Beast Evolution and why Xiao Wu is weak even though she is a 100,000 year old Spirit Beast. He then states that Tang San will undergo a strict training regiment by him and sets off travelling.

Tang San's Training Edit

Tang San travels along with Tang Hao while recovering from his injuries but fully exerting his Spirit Power to keep up with his father while traversing difficult terrains. After a half a month of travelling they come upon a mountain range and Tang San using his fully healed Eight Spider Lances to climb the mountain. Then they come to an area with a waterfall.

Tang Hao advises Tang San to absorb the Focusing Wisdom Skull Bone. It takes Tang San three whole days to fully absorb the Spirit Bone following which his intelligence greatly increases, unlocks his spiritual force which exerts equaling that of a Spirit Douluo's due to his constant cultivation of the Purple Demon Eye since childhood and also gives him unique abilities.


Then Tang Hao seals his Spirit Power and hands him a metal hammer telling him to unleash and complete the 81 strikes of the Disorder Wind Splitting Hammer while on top of a boulder directly beneath the waterfall. It takes him 5 days just to stay on top of the boulder for five seconds and he slowly and steadily start to gain more momentum and it takes him 3 months to completely unleash the 81 strikes.

Having finished that, Tang Hao throws away the metal hammer, giving Tang San a wooden hammer and repeat the whole process and to make himself another wooden hammer in case it breaks. Tang San finds it harder to accomplish as the center of gravity has deviated due to the lightness of the wooden hammer and also due to its nature of getting easily broken under the effect of the force. He learns to control his force and it takes him 9 months to complete the 81 strikes with the wooden hammer.

The training then continued on for another one year using Tang San's Clear Sky Hammer, utilizing it to split the waterfall into two. Tang San's body was made sturdy due to its constant forging under the waterfall. Then Tang Hao takes Tang San to an ancient forest, and asks him to feel his surrounding through his Spirit Power.


As he unleashes it, he hears an ancient voice, beckoning him to come to it. Tang San follows it and meets with the Blue Silver King, who is excited to meet him. The Blue Silver King tells Tang San that he possesses the blood of the Blue Silver Empress, and helps him awaken it and at the same time condenses Tang San's 5th Spirit Ring.[29] The secondary awakening causes Tang San's spirit to change from Blue Silver Grass to Blue Silver Emperor and also makes him undergo massive changes thus making him a very handsome person.

Returning to his father, he finds out that Tang Hao suffers from severe life threatening injuries, and tries to stabilize him. As Tang Hao awakens, he stops Tang San, stating that it is nothing new. Tang San however makes him promise not to fight again, threatening by trying to take his own life, if he did not keep it.

Slaughter City Edit

Then they travel to a tavern, where Tang Hao orders two Bloody Mary's. After Tang San drinks it Tang Hao reveals it to be human blood which causes him to throw up and be jeered by the men in the tavern. Tang Hao tells him to kill all the men in the tavern, and Tang San unleashes his 4th Spirit Ring variant ability Blue Silver Thrust killing the 22 men quickly. Then he discovers a hidden area within the tavern and goes into it, thus entering the Slaughter City.

Having entered the Slaughter City in a peculiar way he broke the rules and thus is stopped by Dread Knight Scott who tells him that Tang San has to face him in order to enter the city. Thus Tang San prepares to fight him but realizes he is unable to use his Spirit Abilities, however without panicking he uses Clear Sky Hammer and attacks Dread Knight Scott causing him severe injuring and thus is given the tile with the number 9528 which grants him entrance to the Slaughter City.[30]

Hell Slaughter Arena Edit

He is then met by a black masked woman who accompanies him for 24 hours as rookie protection, answering any questions he has. Upon learning that in order to leave the city he must become the champion of Hell Slaughter Arena and then challenge Hell's Road. Completing Hell's Road enables you to leave Slaughter City. You will become the champion of the Slaughter Arena once you can achieve one hundred wins. After hearing this he asks her to guide him to the arena. On the way he encounters an assassin who tries to kill him but with Hu Liena's assistance Tang San manages to kill the assassin. Later on in the day, he participates in his first fight in the Arena.

A year later his record at the Hell Slaughter Arena is sixty seven wins with having killed over a thousand people while at Slaughter City. Due to his immense display of strength and complete ruthlessness, he was given the title "Asura King" and people avoided in participating with him in fights and making it harder to increase his number of wins.

When Tang San completed 99 victories, Hu Liena comes to him asking for an alliance. Although wary of her at first, Tang San listens to her as she explains her origins and the secrets of the Hell Road. Seeing no ill intentions Tang San decides to cooperate with her and gives her pill to counteract the poisonous effect a Bloody Mary has on the body which she immediately takes, stating that she believes him.

Hell Road Edit

>After Tang San completes 100 victories, the Slaughter King descends on to the Arena and invites Hu Leina into the Arena. He then offers them the title of Deathgod and says they could enter and leave Slaughter City as they wished. However Tang San rejects the offer and states his goal in coming here was to walk the Hell Road. Once the Slaughter King opens Hell Road, Tang San feels the ground drop beneath his feet and lands on a round platform. He sees that Hu Leina's, killing intent was going out of control causing her body to spasm, eyes to turn red and her body to release faint red mist. Using his innate domain he brings her back to normal. Using his purple demon eye, he sees that the platform was on top of a blood reservoir from all the people that had been killed at Slaughter City.

With both their intelligence they realize that they have to be connected while travelling through the Hell Road and thus Hu Liena strips tearing her clothes to pieces. Seeing her near naked body with alluring features causes Tang San to be slightly charmed and when she asks him to strip as well, he states that one person's clothes are enough and that she was too hasty in stripping and tearing her clothes.[31] She makes a rope using the teared clothes and connects them together. Tang San takes the front, mostly in order to not have any distracting thoughts seeing Hu Liena in her underwear.

They travel forward and encounter bats who attack them. Tang San using his Innate Blue Silver Domain along with hidden weapons manage to overcome a large number of the nearly countless amount of bats. They then reach a Dark Golden Three Headed Bat King which attacks them and coordinates the movement of the other bats as well destroying the mountain path they are on. Tang San puts himself in dangerous positions to test the loyalty to Hu Liena's alliance with him. With Hu Liena's help Tang San closes in on the distance between him and the Dark Golden Three-Headed Bat and crushes its three heads by using the Clear Sky Hammer, Godly Zhuge Crossbow and Purple God Light. Following its death the rest of the bats become disorderly and is easily cleared up.

After resting for a while they encounter a Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent. Tang San takes it on using his Clear Sky Hammer. He uses the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, attracting the serpent to him using its gravitational field as it tries to flee away and obtains its neidan.

Going further in the Hell Road causes the Killing Intent within them to surge uncontrollably, along with the atmospheric temperature. Hu Liena, who is about to loose herself to the surging within her, trusts her life on Tang San, urging him to knock her out. Tang San after a some hesitation, knocks her out and carries her near naked body looking for the exit while trying hard to subdue his desires. He reaches a large chasm beyond which lies the exit. Using his Eight Spider Lances, Flying God Claw and Blue Silver Grass, he manages to traverse it. Following reaching the exit, he becomes unconscious.

When he returns to he finds that he has received the Deathgod Domain with the pattern of Hell Road embedded into the Clear Sky Hammer.[32] He realizes the presence of Hu Liena who had woken up before him. After exchanging a few words and Hu Liena hugging him, he leaves. He comes upon Tang Hao, who had been nearby.

Moon Pavilion Edit

Tang Hao brings Tang San to the Moon Pavilion and asks to see the head of the Moon Pavilion but is asked to leave by the Manager for his inelegance, causing Tang San to lose his calm. As per his father's instructions on not to kill or destroy the place, Tang San easily subdues the 2 lackeys under the Manager. The Manager Aude enters into the battle but is suppressed by Tang San's Deathgod Domain and Blue Silver Emperor spirit causing the head to come out to see the disturbance. She after hearing the words spoken by the assistance, immediately breaks down crying and hugging Tang Hao causing Tang San to be bewildered. She then reveals herself to be Tang Yuehua, his aunt.[33] Tang Hao takes his leave entrusting Tang San to Tang Yuehua to cleanse his murderous aura and learn etiquette.

After a year, he is number one in his class and is allowed to graduate. He learns everything perfectly and to the standards of his aunt. At the graduation ceremony he meets prince Xue Qinghe, however the prince does not recognize him due to the change in his appearance.

Ah Yin, Tang San's Mother Edit

After parting with his aunt, he follows the map that his father gave him and arrives back at the mountain range where he trained with his father. On arrival he notices that his father has his left leg cut of at the base, along with his right arm. On noticing this Tang San gets very angry forcefully activating his Deathgod Domain. He is then dumb founded when his father tells him that he cut them of himself and that he should know that no one can leave him like this.

His father takes him into a cave with a single strand of Blue Silver Grass. He kneels in front of the grass and cries realizing that his mother was a 100,000 year old spirit beast like Xiao Wu.[34] His Blue Silver Domain opens up causing the strand of blue silver grass to grow. After his father tells him what happened to his mother, Ah Yin and the events that took place 20 years ago, he promises that he will repay his parents debt. He then accepts his father request of making the Clear Sky Clan flourish again. He tells his father that at the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, plants will grow 1,000 times more quicker than the normal rate and this might help his mother recover. After giving his father a Dragon Zoysia Leaf, he instructs him to take one once a month to solidify his body's vitality and recover his health.

Tang San 42

Tang San is then handed over a case which contains 3 extremely valuable spirit bone. One of it came from his mother and as he is a bit hesitant on whether to accept it, a leaf from Ah Yin's Blue Silver Grass wraps around him, urging him to merge with it. Thus Tang San absorbs the Right Leg Bone which his mother left for him and the absorption process goes extremely smoothly without any pain or rejection.[35] After he absorbs it, he puts the other two spirit bones away as he was asked by his father to return them to the Clear Sky Hammer.

They then makes their way to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well in the Sunset Forest where after finding the optimal place for Ah Yin to grow, she is replanted. Tang San then helps to stabilize Tang Hao's cultivation and also produces a pill using his own blood to allow Tang Hao to remain at Ah Yin's side without any repercussions from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Clear Sky Clan Edit

He then following the map given to him by Tang Hao, makes his way to the Clear Sky Clan and arrives at a remote village. He is shocked to the see the deterioration. The villagers aren't welcome to any outsiders but upon seeing his Clear Sky Hammer, he is asked to wait.

Three people then arrive in order to escort him to the true area of the Clear Sky Clan. They traverse through a mountainous area and arrive at an entirely separated area which can only be accessed by crossing using a harness attached to metallic chains. As they are crossing an incident occurs with a massive bird snapping the metal chain thus causing two the escorts and Tang San to pummel down. Tang San quickly uses his Blue Silver Grass in order to save them and successfully manages to enter the Clear Sky Clan.

He then meets with his uncle, Tang Xiao for the first time who is accompanied by Tang Yuehua.[36] Tang Xiao using his spirit and the presence of a Titled Douluo, pressures Tang San. Tang San however unleashes his both domains and uses all his strength to withstand it and manages to pay his respects. Tang San returns Tang Hao's spirit bones causing both Tang Xiao and Tang Yuehua to be immensely sad for their brother. Tang Yuehua then explain the power distribution in the clan and allows him to rest for him to be inducted into the clan on the next day.

The following day after having breakfast with Tang Long, he is taken to the Clear Sky Clan courtyard where he is met with the elder and the other disciples of the Clear Sky Clan. They are very unwelcoming and hurls abuses at him and Tang San releases the Deathgod Domain to quell their outbursts. The Seventh Elder calls him a bastard, abusing his mother, thus Tang San challenges him to a duel. The Second Elder, deeming it inappropriate makes Tang Hu battle him instead.

As soon as the match starts, Tang San traps Tang Hu using Blue Silver Prison. In order to break it, Tang Hu is forced to use a lot of spirit power. Tang San then proceeds to breaks all of Tang Hu's abilities. Tang San then uses spiderweb restraint to immobilize Tang Hu. When Tang is about to use his 5th ability; Blue Silver Overlord Spear on the immobile Tang Hu, Tang Tiantian runs in front of Tang Hu causing Tang San to be alarmed and back down. After removing the spiderweb restraint, he reissues his challenge to the seventh elder and asks him to use his forty percent of his power to which the elder accepts. Tang San then asks for the fight to be on the iron cable bridge between the mountains.

On the chains, the elder allows Tang San to start the fight and falls for Tang San's feint, but is unfazed by it. He then proceeds to use to his third spirit ability on Tang San causing his hammer to become enormous and chase Tang San. The battle goes on with the Seventh Elder gaining the upper hand by unleashing his 2nd, 5th and 6th Spirit Ring abilities. However Tang San manages to avoid being injured using his ingenious methods, thus Seventh Elder uses his Spirit Tool Avatar along with the Spirit Doppelganger ability. Tang San thus unleashes the Purple Demon Eye along with the Blue Silver Overload Spear, but in order to avoid the Purple Demon Eye's attack Seventh Elder is forced to his full strength in a split second and attacks with the Tool Spirit Avatar subconsciously causing Tang San to be indented into the mountain. The iron chain breaks upon its forced and both plunge down with Tang San's 5th Spirit Ring ability causes the Seventh Elder to plunge further into the abyss.

Tang San then emerges from the mountain with some minor injuries and begins to cultivate in order to regain his strength. Tang San was then acknowledged as a clan member. When he asked if he could pay respects to his deceased grandfather, he is rejected by the elders as his father's errors have not been repaid. To pay his respects and repay his father errors, he must complete three requests by the elders: He must reach 80th rank, bring back the head of a Titled Douluo from Spirit Hall and have a 100,000 ring as his 8th ring all with in ten years. Knowing the difficulty, he reluctantly accepts the requests by the elders for the sake of his father.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion Edit

Tang San returns to the Shrek Academy to find Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun waiting at the entrance. He calls out to them and since his appearance had changed drastically the others react hostilely releasing their Spirits in order to battle him.[37] Seeing this,Tang San releases his fourth ability and traps them. He then shows them his spirits and his eight spider lances proving that he is Tang San. After greeting his teachers, he updates everyone on what happened during the five years. He then agrees to showcase his strength along with the others to show their level of improvement to the Academy.

Prior to the start of the match, Tang San takes his master's advice and wears a mask to not reveal his current appearance. As soon as Er Long signals the start of the match, Tang San used his fourth ability on Zhao Wuji trapping him. Simultaneously Tang San released his Blue Silver Domain, causing the grass to be become extremely tough and rigid making the cage solid. Even when Wuji used his seventh ability his spirit avatar, he was still trapped by waves of Blue Silver Grass. He effectively controls the battlefield, giving advises to his teammates and keeping Flender and Zhao Wuji in check. He uses Parasite to stun Zhao Wuji following his clash against the Hell White Tiger, thus stunning him and allowing Ma Hongjun to finish him off. He also keeps Flender in check by utilizing the Purple God Light and takes to air using his flight ability. However in order to give Flender face, he along with the others pretend to lose thus ending the battle.

Afterwards he expresses his desire to reunite with Xiao Wu and then see where life takes him along with her. He promises the others to meet in five years time and thus have a whole Shrek Seven Devils reunion.

Reuniting with Xiao Wu Edit

Tang San leaves the academy and runs towards Star Dou Forest hoping that Xiao Wu is safe. As he walks deeper into the forest, he uses his Blue Silver Domain to examine the surroundings. On doing so he notices that the Blue Silver Grass being extremely nervous and defiant. Thus he makes his way to see the cause of it and detects a team of twenty people from Spirit Hall including Yue Guan, Gui Mei and the Golden Generation. On detecting the powerful party, Tang San becomes suspicious that they might be here to capture Xiao Wu. To confirm his suspicion, he makes himself visible to them.

After he successfully integrates him into the team pretending to be an abandoned disciple of the Clear Sky Clan he moves along with them to try and warn Xiao Wu.[38] During their travel he secretly searches for her and encounters a powerful spirit force making him vomit blood and lose consciousness. Having discovered extremely powerful existences knowing that the Spirit Hall team would be unable to contend with them he makes them go to that location.

Following the two Titled Douluo's, the Golden Generation and everyone else from Spirit Hall to the center of Star Dou Forest; he is stupefied in seeing Xiao Wu noting how beautiful she has gotten over the past five years.[39] He watches the two Titled Douluo's fight against Er Ming and Da Ming. On seeing the two great spirit beasts immobilized by a spirit fusion and on hearing Gui Mei's orders to capture Xiao Wu and retreat, Tang San makes his move. He targets Xie Yue's acupuncture points and makes him unconscious out of consideration for Hu Liena. He then proceeds to kill seven other Spirit Sage's with his hidden weapons and the variant of his fourth ability. After throwing Xie Yue's body at Hu Liena he shouts for Xiao Wu while thrusting himself into the air, with his eight spider lances. Flying towards Xiao Wu, using his mothers spirit bone ability he uses his Blue Silver Emperor to pulls Xiao Wu towards him and flies away from the chaos. He gives up on flying on realizing it was impossible to escape thirteen Spirit Sages as well as Yan and goes into forest.

He, holding on to Xiao Wu travels through the forest while taking steps to attack the Agility Attack system Spirit Masters who are right behind them in hot pursuit. He manages to kill all four of them, using the poison in his Eight Spider Lancers, the Cluster Soul Chasing Balls and with Xiao Wu's help. Just as it is possible to escape the other Spirit Masters who are some distance away, they are attacked by a Man Faced Demon Spider, who hinders them immensely causing the others Spirit Sages and Yan of Spirit Hall to catch up and surround them.

Thus ensures a battle to the death between the two parties. Tang San knowing that they won't be able to escape, numbs Xiao Wu's body, throwing her away, suffering a hit to remove his leg spirit bone and handing it to Xiao Wu to fly away and then stabs himself with an arm of the Eight Spider Lances to kill himself. However Xiao Wu not wanting Tang San to die, unbinds the numbness and uses Sacrifice which integrates her soul completely into Tang San, condensing it into his 6th Spirit Ring.[40] Then Xiao Wu returns to her original form as a spirit beast and as she is about to die she is fed the petals of the Yearning Heartbroken Red which keeps her vitality intact. This process takes 7 days during which Tang San lovingly protects her. Afterwards when he finds out that she seems to be lifeless, he becomes extremely sorrowful and loses consciousness for 3 days.

When he comes to he talks with Er Ming who states that for the revival of Xiao Wu, they would require the medicinal plants Sacred Soul Grass, Ginseng King and neidan of an ancient beast. Also Tang San would have to be at the Titled Douluo level and sacrifice all his spirit rings to revive her. Tang San unhesitatingly agrees to no matter what the cost to go through any suffering to revive her.

Then he leaves with the rabbit form Xiao Wu, in search of the Man Faced Demon Spider, who cost their chance for escape. On locating the Man Faced Demon Spider, he attacks and kills it. As he absorbs energy from the Spider using his Eight Spider Lances, the Eight Spider Lances undergoes an evolution forming an armour around his body. He then leaves Star Dou Forest, heading towards Heaven Dou City to find Grandmaster and to raise his strength for revenge against Spirit Hall.

Oscar's ReturnEdit

Tang San returns to Heaven Dou City and immediately incites the Imperial Forbidden Guards who are present along with Xue Beng. He then reunites with Dugu Bo who tells him about the current situation as well as reveals some secrets on the tragic past of the Royal Family and the Emperor's poison which is suspected to be done by Xue Qinghe. Having learned about the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan annihilation, Tang San immediately sets off to meet with Grandmaster.

As he arrives at the Shrek Academy, he sees much discontent in the Spirit Masters undergoing Grandmasters training regiment. He immediately takes up the training and even increases its difficulty showing to all others it can be endured and that Grandmaster's teaching has made him become an extremely powerful Spirit Master despite his young age. After telling Grandmaster and Liu Erlong about the events in Star Dou Forest he then goes on to cultivate to stabilize his rapid rise in rank.

After having a discussion with Grandmaster regarding his Eight Spider Lances evolution, he tells him his plans to create a new sect. He then sets off to enlist Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong's helps who immediately agrees. Ma Hongjun thus becomes the Vice Sect Master and Ronrong sets off to ask Ning Fengzhi to come meet with Tang San.

After Rongrong sets off, Tang San senses a heavy killing intent targeting him and thus a battle begins with him and a stranger. However Tang San soon comes to realize the stranger using the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and thus deduces him to be Oscar. After clearing up the confusion the two talk about the past and Tang San advises him to not be petty about his disfiguration and meet with Rongrong who desperately misses him. They then run into Rongrong, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong. Allowing Oscar and Rongrong to bask in their reunion Tang San leaves with Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong to discuss about the formation of Tang Sect, seeking the assistance of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

Tang Sect Edit

Strength Clan Edit

The next day he heads off to One Strength Clan and meets with Tai Tan, Tai Nuo and Tai Long. He puts forward his idea to form Tang Sect and his wish to have the assistance of the Strength Clan. Tai Tan immediately allows the Strength Clan to become a part of Tang Sect and becomes the Chief Elder. Tang San states the need for a place to form Tang Sect and master blacksmiths which is immediately provided by Tai Tan. When Tai Tan states that he is about to attend a reunion of the 4 former subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky Clan, Tang San asks to join him in the journey in order to rope the other clans in to Tang Sec.

Thus they set off to their destination. Tang San promises Tai San that Tang Sect will exist as an independent sect and that it will never integrate itself into the Clear Sky Clan. While on the way they enthusiastically discuss about the production of the Hidden Weapons, often arguing with each other, which increases their familiarity.

At the border of the Heaven Dou Empire, they are tried to be extorted by the border patrol and Bu Le, E Kao and Tian Ya reveal themselves. Being acquainted with Bu Le from before, Tang San and Ma Hongjun confronts the three of them. They easily subdue the three of them but Bu Le manages to disgust them by acting as a transvestite.

Defense Clan Edit

They arrive at the Rising Dragon City and is greeted by the members of the Defense Clan. When Niu Gao sees the deference showed by Tang Long to Tang San, he reveals himself as Tang Hao's son, causing Niu Gao to rise in anger. On being told to leave, Tang San challenges Niu Gao to a duel where they are to receive three strikes from each other using only their spirit force. In his first punch he doesn't use any spirit force at all and doesn't even move Niu Gao. On receiving the first punch Tang San isn't forced back a single step, however on his second Tang San is forced back by more than ten steps. On striking Niu Guo for the second time, he uses his spirit force and forcing Niu Gao to retreat by three steps. For his third punch he uses the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method and manages to make Niu Gao blast through a wall. Thus he achieves his victory and Niu Gao accepts to dissolve his hatred for the Clear Sky Clan and his father.

Tang San then reveals to an astonishes Niu Gao, his twin spirits and Spirit Rings. Afterwards Tang San quietly watches Niu Gao reject Huyan Zhen's offer for the Defense Clan to join their sect. When Huyan Zhen leaves he and Tai Tan convinces Niu Gao to join the Tang Sect.

Speed Clan Edit

The Speed Clan arrives next and Tai Tan and Niu Gao puts up a grave air stating that the Defense Clan intends to move to the Heaven Dou Empire thus won't be able to help out the Speed Clan anymore. They then introduce Tang San to Bai He and Tang San promotes the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Bai He impressed by the Hidden Weapon asks for 200 of them and mistakenly assumes all of them to be only 120 gold. Since Bai He does not have any money to buy them, Tang San puts forth a challenge to compete in speed, whereas if Tang San won, he would get 100 gold and if Bai Chenxiang won, they would get one Godly Zhuge Crossbow. However Bai Chenxiang is unable to catch Tang San thus it ends in her loss due to Tang San's Purple Demon Eyes and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Bai He thus unwillingly parts with the 100 gold. Tang San then issues another challenge directed against Bai He, with the conditions being if Tang San won the Speed Clan would join the Tang Sect and if Bai He won, he would receive 500 gold worth of Hidden Weapons for each of his clan members. Thus Bai He accepts and immediately uses his superior speed. Overwhelmed by the speed Tang San is forced to use the teleportation ability of his left arm Spirit Bone. Tang San teleports around the room countless times, however he is still underestimates Bai He and is thus forced to use his six spirit ability, causing an illusionary figure of Xiao Wu to appear. On seeing Xiao Wu, he tears up and hugs her illusionary figure. He notices that his sixth ability uses Xiao Wu's soul as an energy source instead of his spirit force so he concedes the fight, fearing the overuse of the ability will result in Xiao Wu truly dying. When Bai He tells Tang San the Speed Clan will join the Tang Sect if the Breaking Clan joins, he promises to convince Old Yang into joining the Tang Sect.

The next while Tang San is diligently undergoing his routine morning practice, Bai He comes to him and reveals himself as Tang San's granduncle. Bai He then provides Tang San with an heirloom of the Speed Clan, Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng in order to persuade Yang Wudi to join Tang Sect. He then departs before Tang San could refuse him.

Soon after Xiao Wu's rabbit form peaks her head from within the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and seeing the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng immediately pounces on it and eats it before Tang San could react. As Tang San is about to stop her, Xiao Wu's soul form forcefully summons herself and lets him know that it is okay. Thus Tang San watches over her as she finishes consuming it which causes to undergo some massive changes to her rabbit form.

Breaking Clan Edit

Tang San after hearing about the Breaking Clan's arrival, goes to greet them. When Tai Tan introduces Tang San to Yang Wudi and mentions him as Tang Hao's son, he immediately becomes angry and makes haste to leave. Tang San then stands up to confront his anger. He makes a bet with Yang Wudi and fights against him. Tang San goes all out in his fight against Yang Wudi, utilizing his domains, spirit bones and Clear Sky Hammer. However Tang San is barely able to cause massive damage to Yang Wudi and gets injured in the process as well. As his energy is nearly depleted having confronted Yang Wudi's strike with the Clear Sky Hammer, Xiao Wu's soul forcefully emerges which had been previously suppressed by Tang San. Xiao Wu, immediately goes into a rage and executes Eight Stage Drop on the confused Yang Wudi, breaking his bones and nearly killing but stopping short when Tang San asks to go lenient.

After Tang San returns to rest, he falls asleep due to being exhausted. When he wakes up, he finds a completely naked girl sleeping on top of him. After a moment he realizes that it is Xiao Wu. Tang San immediately becomes ecstatic but soon realizes that despite Xiao Wu had regained her human form again, her soul had not completely returned to her body, and thus it was a half-resurrection. Although a bit sad, Tang San is also happy that she had regained her human body.

Tang San, along with Xiao Wu goes to meet the others. He then presents Yang Wudi with the Aromatic Silk Beauty which is gratefully received by him. After Yang Wudi agrees to join Tang Sect, they all immediately return to Strength Clan in Heaven Dou Empire. He lets Niu Gao and Tai Tan to fortify the Strength Clan base thus forming the headquarters of Tang Sect.

After he returns to Shrek Academy, he confronts the Four Element Academies who had been causing trouble on Shrek Academy grounds. He then accepts Feng Xiaotian's challenge and fights against him, Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang, 3 on 1. Tang San shocks everyone with his 100,000 year Spirit Ring and proceeds to defeat the three. Afterwards he and Feng Xiaotian has a discussion where Tang San San flat out rejects Feng Xiaotian's request to stay at Shrek Academy grounds.

Gengxin City Edit

Tang San along with Tai Tan, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, Rongrong and Oscar travel to Gengxin City to buy supplies for the production of Hidden Weapons. They arrive at the Blacksmith Association and is brought to the highest floor. They meet with Lou Gao who had been trying to recreate the Godly Zhuge Crossbow after buying it from Spirit Hall. When Lou Gao is told that Tang San is the creator of it, Lou Gao tries to make Tang San state how it is made. However Tang San refuses to tell him as it is part of Tang Sect's secrets. Thus Lou Gao resigns from the Blacksmith Association, handing his position to Si Long to become a member of Tang Sect. Tang San allows him to become an elder of Tang Sect and hands him one third of a blueprint of Torrential Pear Blossom Needle as he full doesn't trust Lou Gao. Then Tang San hands over the list of items they require to be purchased and despite Lou Gao's intention of selling them cheap, he offers to buy them at market price.

They then leave to a restaurant and runs into Bishop Meyers. Meyers insults Si Long and shows vulgar intentions upon seeing Xiao Wu and Rongrong. Tang San prevents Ma Hongjun from attacking and flashes him the Supreme Pontiff Writ he had received from Grandmaster. Although Tang San extremely pissed he restraints from killing Meyers at the spot in consideration of the Blacksmith Association. After Meyers leave with his subordinates, Tang San asks from Si Long the location of Spirit Hall branch in Gengxin to entirely destroy it.

Two days later, having amassed all the necessary materials with Rongrong having found several treasures, they get ready to attend the Auction. Tang San meets with Lou Gao again, who earnestly expresses his desire to be a part of Tang Sect. At the auction to some of the materials that Tang San wishes to obtain as he makes Rongrong bid to obtain them, they become out bid by Bishop Meyers on several precious items. Thus Tang San makes Rongrong stop bidding any time Meyers makes a bid.

After the auction is over, Tang San and Ma Hongjun sets off to destroy the Spirit Hall branch in Gengxin City. However they come across Bishop Meyers and everyone from the Spirit Hall branch who had arrived to destroy the Blacksmith Association and steal from them. Tang San makes Ma Hongjun set off to the Spirit Hall branch while he kills all the people from it. He then hands over the things stolen from Spirit Hall to the Blacksmith Association to cover for the losses received by the Blacksmith Association. He also buys the Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armor from Lou Gao at a reduced price. He hands the male armor to Oscar and the female armor to Xiao Wu.

Tang Sect Establishment Edit

They arrive back at the Strength Clan to see the massive changes that it had undergone after the reconstruction done by the Defense Clan. The new base of Tang Sect having been established, they proceed to have their first meeting among the elders of the clan. Tang San expresses his wishes to make Tang Sect one entity and thus dissolving the the four attribute clans and making the heads in charge of different Halls of Tang Sect. He then introduces the other Shrek Devils to the elders, stating that they will also be integral members of Tang Sect handling various operations.

Afterwards the Shrek Devils return to Shrek Academy. Flender, Liu Erlong, and Yu Xiaogang are extremely happy seeing Xiao Wu half-resurrected. Tang San is also shocked when he finds out that the Four Element Academies had merged with Shrek Academy. Grandmaster promises Tang San to induct carefully selected members of Shrek Academy to join Tang Sect after they graduate.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion Edit

Tang San is sought out by Dugu Bo who tells him that the Emperor Xue Ye is suffering from a poison and is in a dire situation and asks for his assistance. Tang San immediately follows Dugu Bo to the imperial palace bringing Yang Wudi along with him. However he is barred from entering the Emperor's chambers by the appearance of Xue Qinghe. Tang San immediately deduces that the Crown Prince seeked assistance from the Spirit Hall and poisoned the Emperor. Xue Qinghe reveals the two Titled Douluo with him who has been specially brought to counteract the powers of Dugu Bo. Thus a battle occurs between the parties of Tang San, Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi against She Long and Ci Xue. Yang Wudi who Dugu Bo hold down the two Titled Douluo while Tang San provide support from behind.

Seeing the fight at a stalemate, Xue Qinghe tries to discuss terms with Tang San, acknowledging the fact that he has the full backing of the Spirit Hall. Tang San replies that if he is allowed the fulfillment of two conditions, he would help the Crown Prince, with his conditions being to kill all those who attacked him and Xiao Wu at the Star Dou Forest and avenge his mother's death and the injustice done to his father. Xue Qinghe becomes extremely angry realizing Tang San wants all of Spirit Hall to be destroyed thus the battle resumes with Xue Qinghe joining in showcasing his power as Spirit Sage. Tang San and Qinghe fight against each other and Tang San become increasingly suppressed with his Deathgod Domain being neutralized by Qinghe's Angelic Domain and from his extremely powerful Spirit. Tang San uses his self-created ability Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance to heavily injure Xue Qinghe and depletes his energy.

Xue Qinghe stops Ci Xue from sneak attacking Tang San to finish him off. Then he takes off his mask to reveal that he is actually a she, and that her real name is Qian Renxue. She attacks the powerless Tang San with the intention of killing him but suddenly Xiao Wu's soul re-emerges and combines with her body, thus protecting Tang San from harm. Then Xiao Wu uses the Eight Stage Drop on causing Renxue to sustain more injuries and lose consciousness. Xiao Wu then kisses Tang San and her soul returns back into his body, leaving behind her soulless body. The two Titled Douluo takes Qian Renxue and retreat following the arrival of Golden Iron Triangle.

Tang San and the others immediately take Emperor Xue Ye and return to Shrek Academy. They help out the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile clansmen that are under attack and kill the Spirit Hall's Spirit Masters. Yang Wudi manages to formulate a cure for Emperor Xue Ye's poison and Ning Fengzhi revitalizes him, immediately waking him up. With Emperor Xue Ye's backing, they quell the uprising and confusion among the masses. They arrive at the place where some of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile members remained, to find out the place entirely massacred with a sentence written in blood stating "Tang San, you win this time. We will meet again."

Engagement & Departure Edit

After returning to Shrek Academy, Grandmaster asks what Tang San's plans for the future are and then instructs him to go to Sea God Island to cultivate and become stronger. Tang San then departs with Lou Gao to the Clear Sky Clan. He meets with Tang Xiao and asks his help in producing Tang Sect's Hidden Weapons with Lou Gao.

He then departs to Sunset Forest to meet with his mother and father. He is rather shocked at the growth rate of her mother who welcomes him and Xiao Wu warmly. He asks for permission to marry Xiao Wu from them. Xiao Wu also combines her soul and body calling them mom and dad. Ah Yin drops two golden leaves, wraps them around Tang San and Xiao Wu's ring fingers, producing two golden engagement rings.

He return to the Shrek Academy and along with the other Shrek Seven Devils confront Chen Xin who acts as their instructor to produce immense pressure against them. Their confrontation results in them to ponder about themselves and cultivate diligently.

Ning Fengzhi brings Tang San to meet with the Emperor. Xue Beng, the Crown Prince kowtows to Tang San asking him to become his teacher. Tang San is forced to accept. The Emperor thus decrees Tang San as the Imperial Tutor and gives the royal name, Lan Hao. He also gifts Tang San with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. When Tang San probes the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud his power and blood is sucked out causing him to lose consciousness. When he comes to he realizes the functions of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud and tries them out.

On the way to Vast Sea City they come across a village massacred. They do some scouting and find out that the women and children were taken by a species named Wolftaken. Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai set off to kill the Wolftaken and rescue the remaining villagers. They start assassinating, starting from the back, but unfortunately gets discovered causing an all out battle between the three and the around three hundred Wolftaken. The three get confronted by three variant Cyan Wolftaken but the three of them manage to secure victory over the Wolftaken, ultimately with execution of the fourth ranked Tang Sect Hidden Weapon Technique, One Thousand And One Nights.

Soul Land 2 Plot Edit

Soul Land 3 Plot Edit

Tang San first appeared in spirit when Tang Wulin was able to see the Golden Dragon King trapped within his body. He instructed Wulin to gather some spirit items in order to break through the first seal.

Quotess Edit

Reading ten thousand books is not equal to travelling ten thousand li, indeed spoken true, when travelling one is able to learn more and more.
— Tang San
So what if you’re human or not? So what if you're a spirit beast or not? All I know is that you are my little sister. Also, the person I love.
— Tang San
Because you're my father. My life was given by you. Without you, how would there be a me? Children never have the right to blame their parents.
— Tang San
Next time we meet, perhaps we will be enemies.
— Tang San
A teacher for a day is a father for life.
— Tang San

Differences in the Manhua Edit

  • In the Manhua, the Fiend Team is not killed but heavily injured due to Tang San tweaking with the Godly Zhuge Crossbows.
  • Tang San did not mix up the herbs given to Yu Xiaogang and Zhu Zhuqing in the light novel.
  • In the Light Novel, Rongrong kissed Tang San instead of asking him to marry her.
  • In the Manhua, Tai Tan (Tai Long's Grandfather) appears before Tang San to get revenge after Tai Long's defeat. In the Light Novel, Tai Nuo (Tai Long's Father), a Spirit King, fights Tang San after Tai Long's defeat and received severe damage from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.
Tang San 14
  • In the Manhua, absorbing a spirit ring may give a Real Guard, an armor that can increase the spirit master's power. Upon absorbing his 3rd Ring, Tang San receives a white shirt and green pants with river grass jade pattern. While his 4th Spirit Ring in the Manhua gave him a dark furry coat.
  • In the Manhua, absorbing the 4th Spirit Ring gave him the Darkening Mode, which is a rare and powerful phenomenon in which his behaviour is altered.
  • In the Manhua, Huo Wu used Poison against Tang San instead of force.
  • In the Manhua, Tang San proposes to take a hit from each of the elders in the Clear Sky Clan rather than challenging the seventh elder.
  • In the Manhua, Xiao Wu wakes up with clothing in her half-awakened form, rather than being naked.
  • In the Manhua, the Datura snake is at first mistaken for the Ghost Vine.
  • In the Manhua, Tang San's fourth spirit ring ability is called "Blue Silver Prison" but in the light novel it is also referred to as "Blue Silver Thrust", and can also be used to pierce enemies from below.

Trivia Edit

  • Tang San was 29 years old when he committed suicide, before his rebirth in Douluo Continent.
  • After killing the Datura Snake, Tang San considered killing Grandmaster in case he saw his Mysterious Heaven Skills. After getting used to his current world, Tang San freely show off his Mysterious Heaven Skills.
  • Tang San is believed to be the only person who has absorbed a limit surpassing Spirit Ring in Soul Land 01.
  • Tang Sect Logo is embedded in all the weapons produced by Tang San.
  • Tang San became famous to the girls in Shrek Academy after defeating Tai Nuo.
  • Tang San is capable of doing Perfect Mimicry Cultivation, which is only possible at 70th rank.
  • Tang San has an innate domain and acquires another.
  • Tang San is named after his mother Ah Yin, Ah Yin is named as Third Sister as the third youngest member of Tang Hao's group when they are still young.
  • Tang San breaches Heavenly Jewel Change when he was looking for a heir, but Zhou Weiqing refuses to inherit the Asura God position.
  • Tang San has a habit of touching his hair whenever he is nervous.
  • Tang San is an extremely overprotective father and can be amazingly petty.
  • According to Xiao Wu in Soul Land 2.5, Tang San is a great cook, but is terrible at making soup. (It tends to blow up in his face, literally.) [41] This does not stop him from constantly trying to make soup.

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