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Fighting Style[]

While fighting, Tang San relies on three main abilities and skills: His Blue Silver Emperor Spirit, Mysterious Heaven Technique, and Hidden Weapon Techniques. Often times when fighting superior foes or in odd situations, Tang San uses the martial arts that he learned in his past life, among which are his usage of Hidden Weapons and poisons.

Using the aforementioned arts is ideal for Tang San because they directly complement his grass spirit, which is of the control type and is most commonly suited for changing the conditions of a battlefield. Although 'control-type' spirit masters like Tang San are often outmatched by masters of other types, Tang San's usage of the Tang Sect's techniques makes him a strong match against spirit masters at and even above his level.

  • Full Moon Pushing the Window

It was the Martial arts’ simplest form from Tang San's original world. The first time he displayed this technique was while fighting the gatekeeper of Nouding Academy.

Tang Sect Techniques[]

Tang San employs many different techniques during his battles which allows him to be faster and increase his reflex speed. All the secrets and abilities are from the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Everything below originates from Tang Sect.

Hidden Weapons (Mechanical)[]

The feature of peak mechanical hidden weapons was to let someone of a lower spirit rank, or even no spirit power at all, use it to exterminate stronger powers.

Buddha fury tang lotus.jpg
The 1st ranked among Tang Sect's mechanical hidden weapons. A speck of red light like a shooting star can be seen as the weapon is launched towards the enemy. A golden red tornado forms upon explosion, enveloping all enemies in the area, tearing them to shreds. Able to kill rank 70 Spirit Sages in their spirit avatar form.
The 2nd ranked mechanical hidden weapon of Tang Sect. The famous master blacksmith Lou Gao sacrificed his life by throwing himself into the fire during the smithing process, using human blood to invoke the spirit of the Deep Sea Sunken Silver, and thus perfecting this weapon.
Peacock plume.jpg
The 3rd ranked among Tang Sect's mechanical hidden weapons. When this hidden weapon is fired, it'll be like a peacock spreading its tail and it'll be gloriously brilliant but when the opponents are dazzled, 365 hidden weapons will be fired covering an area of several dozen square meters.
Cluster soul chasing balls.jpg
Thrown in pairs. Once the two balls collide, they will immediately emit several hundred Bone Changing Soul Needles, especially for breaking big dipper defensive qi. It has a potent anesthetic effect, and as long as someone inhales a little bit, ordinary people will sleep for ten days. Even powerful Spirit Masters who thoughtlessly get affected with be forced to slow down. The greatest feature of these is the higher the user's spirit power, the more powerful it is.

Hidden Weapons (Skill Use)[]

The characteristic use of skills with hidden weapons was to turn the complex into simplicity, giving the plainest and unadorned attacks the most potent effects.

  • Guanyin's Tear (#1)
Guanyin's Tear is the 1st ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapon techniques. In order to use Guanyin's Tear, the user has to cultivate Mysterious Jade Hand, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to the peak. Also, the Mysterious Heaven Skill should reach the highest level, Three Flowers Peak Converging State. The user uses Mysterious Jade Hand to draw a drop of pure water out of his own blood, condenses all energy of the body and soul into it, then shoots it at the enemy. It is able to pierce through the heart of a rank 100 God level spirit master's heart, followed with an explosion afterward. It can be further increased its might if the user adds more divine power.
  • Bodhi Blood (#2)
Bodhi Blood is the 2nd ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques. It uses compressed blood infused with spiritual power. The blood will then explode violently upon contact. Bodhi Blood's piercing ability is less than Guanyin's Tear but it has more attack damage.
"When Yama calls for your death at midnight, who dares keep you until morning?" - Tang San upon killing Shi Nian.

Refined from 49 different precious herbs near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and condensed into poisonous needles, Yama’s Invitation had a two-tiered effect, also known as ‘one invitation kills twice’. Once it makes contact with the body, the poison would disintegrate and spread through the veins and simultaneously follow the blood vessels to enter the heart. Its poison is also undissolvable. Even if one cut off the limb, the moment the poison entered the body, they would still be unable to prevent the poison’s instantaneous spreading. It causes no pain and spreads too fast for any antidotes to counter. Once the victim discovered something was wrong, it was already time to die. The victim's entire body will evaporate from the potent poison, leaving nothing but a small puddle of black liquid.
  • One Thousand And One Nights (#4)
IMG 20210621 213129.jpg
One Thousand And One Nights is the 4th ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques. The techniques allow the deployment of thousand and one hidden weapons within a matter of seconds with extreme precision. When executing this One Thousand And One Nights hidden weapon technique, the user must first use the Mysterious Heaven Technique to jolt his innards and raise his Spirit Power by threefold. Also, the Mysterious Heaven Technique has to be above the sixth level in order to use this technique. After using this technique, the user will be weakened for three days before he recovers.
  • Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks (#9)
The 9th ranked of Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques where nine thin as willow leaf arcing flying knives are thrown giving the appearance of nine phoenixes flapping their wings and crying, swaying in the air.
  • Tang San used the broken pieces of his Eight Spider Lances to cast to perform this skill.

    Batwing Rebound (#10)
The 10th ranked of Tang Sect’s hidden weapons techniques. It is usable with any hidden weapon and is capable of shooting at most 36 hidden weapons simultaneously.

Mysterious Heaven Skill[]

It is a method for training internal qi. This allows Tang San to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering injuries.

Big Protective Dipper Qi[]

This is a skill that is manifested after breaking through the Sixth Tier of Mysterious Heaven Skill which allows Tang San to manifest internal strength externally.

Mysterious Heaven Strike[]

This skill uses manifested internal strength externally to strike at an opponent[1]

Purple Demon Eye[]

Purple demon eyes.jpg

The Purple Demon Eye is divided into 4 stages.

  • Survey
  • Detailed
  • Mustard Seed
  • Boundless

In the Survey realm he was able to substantially improve vision power, and furthermore clearly grasp detail.

The Detailed realm improved the vision even further and granted a mental state where everything slowed down, allowing him to react in the shortest possible time. He is also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power given that the spirit power of spirit masters are lower than his.

The Mustard Seed enabled Tang San to survey the surroundings, including noticing very minute details such as the wings of a fly, and even the fact that Xiao Wu was a Spirit Beast. It allows Tang San to shock or confuse an enemy who is in a vulnerable state. It also allows Tang San to breakthrough illusions. This realm also allows the user to attack the mental state of the opponent.

Upon fusing with his second spirit bone, the Wisdom Skull, his Purple Demon Eye advanced directly to the limits of the mustard seed-stage and allowed him to condense his spirit force and create an attack capable of destroying a boulder, which he named Purple God Light.

While nearing the end of the 3rd Sea God trial, Tang San in a moment of inspiration unlocked the Boundless realm level, breaking the Wisdom Skull Bone, and became able to see everything on Sea God Island. The Boundless realm rather than enhancing eyesight, unlocks the Mind's eye instead, and combined with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud version of the Wisdom Skull Bone, becomes able to survey not just a whole island but the surrounding ocean as well.

Mysterious Jade Hand[]

Mysterious Jade Hands Anime.jpg

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison. This allows Tang San to forge weapons without any damage to his arms.

Controlling Crane Catching Dragon[]

It is a method of improving his coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique that has diabolical muscle splitting bone displacing techniques. This technique, when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance, which Tang San uses with his hidden weapons as well as his Clear Sky Hammer.

"It’s called Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. It’s a method of using spirit power. Trained to the extreme will let you control objects in a certain range like what I just did. It can be applied widely in practical battles." -Tang San

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track[]

This is a movement and balance technique that allows Tang San to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains as well as dodge attacks fast enough to leave behind after images.

Lightness Skill[]

This ability is more of a technique that allows Tang San to run on water, walls, and jump across buildings.

Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation[]

Weapon technique for controlling and using different kinds of weapons efficiently, secretly dexterously and precisely.

Swallows Parting Flight[]

This is a Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation technique which allows the change of trajectory of thrown weapons in mid-air.

Four Liang Deflecting A Thousand Jin[]

This is an ability that is used to deflect any oncoming weapon, creating openings to retaliate.

Sound location tracking[]

A skill in part of the path of learning hidden weapons effectively. Uses sound and vibration to detect and attack with hidden weapons.

Poisons, Herbs, Medicines, and Medical knowledge and techniques[]

Tang San has a vast knowledge of poisons, exceeding even the Poison Doulou and uses them in both hands to hand combat and distance strikes by placing the poisons in grooves within his Hidden Weapons.

  • Paralyzing poison
  • Meeting Blood Throat Sealing poison
  • Yama's Invitation
  • Fire and Ice poison from the water of the Yin Yang Well

He also has a vast amount of knowledge in herbs, medicines, different medical techniques such as acupuncture and pressure point treatment, and the human body. He uses these techniques for healing and also uses immortal herbs for curing poisons and also helping in cultivation.

Blacksmithing knowledge[]

Tang San has a great amount of blacksmith knowledge in order to forge his hidden weapons.


Blue Silver Emperor[]

Blue Silver Emperor
Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Blue Silver Emperor
  • Manifests a Blue Silver Emperor.
  • It can form into a rope.
  • Can extend to 120 meters
  • Usage of Blue Silver Domain.
Blue Silver Grass.png
Blue silver Emperor initial skill.png

1st Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Bind
  • Sends out countless Blue Silver Grass strands/vines too wrap around and bind the target immobilizing them.
  • The strands/vines of Blue Silver Grass that bind the target have increased durability under the effect of this skill.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Datura Snake/Romanti Snake
  • Chapter: 9
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    422 years → 50,000+(Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light,
     Yellow Black (Before)

2nd Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Parasite
  • Activates the tiny seeds that the Blue Silver Grass leaves behind, turning them into full grown strands/vines of Blue Silver Grass. Allowing Tang San too instantly rebind and immobilize opponents that have come in contact with his Blue Silver Grass before.
  • Activates the paralysis poison and injects it into the target.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Ghost Vine
  • Chapter: 14
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    600+ years → 50,000(Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light,
     Yellow Black (Before)

3rd Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Spider Web Restraint
  • Shoots out web about 6-7 meters in diameter to ensnare the enemy.
  • Coated in corrosive poison that painfully erodes at anything it makes contact with.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Man Faced Demon Spider
  • Chapter: 34-35
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    2,100 ~ 2,200 years → 50,000+(Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light,
     Purple Black (Before)
Spider Web Restraint.jpg
Spider Web Restraint.png

4th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Blue Silver Prison
  • Instantaneously forms a cage made of sixteen Blue Silver Grass vines around one or more enemies. The vines/strands have such increased toughness that they are more like a steel cage. It also has a relatively low soul power cost. But its greatest strength is how fast it appears, leaving the targets no room to dodge it.
  • With the spirit ring's age increased to 50,0000+ the Blue Silver Grass that forms the cage have now turned golden, and the resilience has risen geometrically. The new version can withstand up to 3 hits even from the all-powerful Clear Sky Hammer of a Titled Douluo in his avatar state.

  • Name: Blue Silver Thrust
  • A variant of the same skill where instead of having the Blue Silver Grass erupt around the target, Tang San has the sixteen strands/vines shoot from right up under the target. These thrusting strands/vines deliver a stunning blow leaving the target open and can even send weaker/lighter targets flying up into the air.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Pit Demon Spider Emperor
  • Chapter: 88-89, Blue Silver Thrust:123
  • Age: 100,000+ years,
    10,000 years → 50,000+(Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light,
     Black (Before)
Blue Silver Prison.png

5th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Blue Silver Emperor Tyrant Spear
  • The previous name before ring age is updated: Blue Silver Overlord Spear
  • When activated countless strands of blue silver grass appear and spiral around the Tang San's right hand completely covering it. All the Blue Silver Grass then form into a large spear. That is then fired at the target and thanks to its condensed nature and that all its power it focused to the tip, it has extremely strong piercing power.
  • Tang San's Version of this ability requires him to fuse it with the Blue Silver Emperor Aura contained within his Blue Silver Domain, which in turn also turned the spear golden.
  • At first the skill had a charging time where Tang San has too store up power. But when his cultivation reached higher levels he could condense it faster. But its attack power is directly related to how much power is used to condense it.
  • The fired spear also locks on too the target chasing them down.
  • It also has a stunning effect on hit, that interrupts active Spirit Skills and leaves the target vulnerable for a short time.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Condense by the Blue Silver King
  • Chapter: 134
  • Age: 150,000+ years (Increases along with the maximum limit of a spirit ring's age Tang San can sustain),
    25,000 years → 40,000 → 100,000(Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light,
     Black (Before)
Emperor spear.png

6th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Nothingness, Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop

  • Waist Bow, Soft Bone Body Property.
  • Nullity (turns the user into an ethereal existence which can be used both as offense and defense; blocks 100% physical attacks, and 80% spiritual attacks.).
  • Spirit Sacrifice (voluntary used by Xiao Wu's spirit to receive the damage taken by Tang San, but can drain the vitality of the spirit body. She can also activate all her spirit abilities on Tang San's behalf.).

(This ring has been replaced by a new one with its skills unknown)

Spirit Ring
  • Origin: 1st: Soft Boned Demon Rabbit, 2nd: Unknown[2]
  • Chapter: 161
  • Age: 100,000+ years, 100,000+ years → 50,000+ (Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light


Paragon Golden Body

7th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Blue Silver Avatar
  • All abilities that use Blue Silver Emperor are amplified by 100%.
  • Any strand of blue silver grass can become Tang San’s true body.
  • Enhancement of Blue Silver Domain.
  • Enhancement of Deathgod Domain.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: God Bestowed Spirit Ring (Light Novel) - Nine Knot Ichthyosaur (Manhua)
  • Chapter: 238
  • Age: 150,000+ years, 100,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light

8th Spirit Ring[]

  • Blue Silver Evil Spirit Mirror Destruction: Creates a crystal that entraps multiple opponents. It can be used to crystallize water or air, or even the body and blood of an opponent. Unless the opponent is strong enough to resist if the crystal shatters they will shatter too.
  • Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption: Absolute Stun - Emits red ripples that Physical Defenses are ineffective against, stunning opponents for 3 seconds, regardless of how strong they are, provided the ripple makes contact with the opponent's body. It can be blocked by the opponent's energy type spirit abilities, but the opponent's spirit power will be consumed at triple the ability’s normal rate when it comes into contact.

Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Evil Spirit Orca King
  • Chapter: 238
  • Age: 150,000+ years, 100,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light

9th Spirit Ring[]

  • Blue Silver Heaven Dragon's Soul: Summons a Blue Dragon (evolved form of Da Ming). Disintegrates anything it touches and leaves nothing behind.
  • Blue Silver Dragon Coil: Summons a Blue Dragon to wrap around the enemy and bind them completely. Breaking this restraint requires the victim to be stronger than the caster, in combination with using a spirit ability of adequate strength.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Da Ming
  • Chapter: 263
  • Age: 150,000+ years, 100,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red wrapped with Blue-Gold light

10th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Poseidon Ring
  • Unknown
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: God Spirit Ring
  • Chapter: 315
  • Age: Unknown (God Level)
  • Color: Blue-Gold

Clear Sky Hammer[]

Clear Sky Hammer
Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Clear Sky Hammer
  • Manifests the Clear Sky Hammer.
  • Gravitational effect.
  • Usage of Deathgod Domain[3].
  • Utilization of Great Sumeru Hammer.
  • Increases weight in every soul power the user has.
  • Increases weight in every spirit rings added to the hammer.
Clear Sky Hammer Mug.jpg
Clear Sky Hammer Basic 2.JPG

1st Spirit Ring[]

  • Hammer of The Titan: A powerful attack Skill. Which attack power is not inferior too Tang San using the Great Sumeru Hammer after detonating the same Ring.
  • The Power of Earth: Support Skill. Allows Tang San too control the power of earth for his own use. Which if used along side Titan Hammer and all of Tang San's different attributes, plus the power of the Clear Sky Hammer itself, would be the strongest frontal attack among Tang San's Soul Skills. It also allows him to control earth, allowing him to travel underground at high speeds by using its power to shift the earth around him.
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Er Ming
  • Chapter: 263
  • Age: 150,000+ years, 100,000+ (Before)
  • Color: Red

2nd Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Unknown
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Chapter: 268
  • Age: 100,000+ years, 50,000+ (Before)
  • Color: Red, Black (Before)

3rd Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Unknown
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Chapter: 268
  • Age: 100,000+ years, 50,000+ (Before)
  • Color: Red, Black (Before)

4th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Unknown
  • It upgraded the Deathgod Domain and improved several of his attributes, most clearly in strength and mental power by 5%
Spirit Ring
  • Origin: Dark Devilgod Tiger
  • Chapter: 290
  • Age: 110,000+ years, 60,000+ (Before)
  • Color: Red, Black (Before)

5th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Unknown
Spirit Ring

6th Spirit Ring[]

  • Earth Ant Emperor Slash: A straightforward straight line slash attack which is a bit similar too the Orca Evil Spirit Axe. That with just a light swing of the Clear Sky Hammer is capable of easily splitting apart earth, soil and rocks. Similar too Fifteen Ton/Thousand Catties/Thousand Jin Ants using its mandibles to crack the soil and move forward.

Spirit Ring

7th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Clear Sky Hammer Avatar
  • Enhancement of Death God Domain.
Spirit Ring

8th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Fifteen Ton Barrier/Rampart (Thousand Jin Barrier)
  • A pure defensive skill that when activated causes intense red light to spill out and envelop Tang San. This red light is almost tangible and sticks closely to his skin, covering his whole body almost like a carapace. Seemingly less like a energy type defense and more like physical armor.
Spirit Ring

9th Spirit Ring[]

  • Name: Unknown
  • Unknown
Spirit Ring
Demonic Whale.jpg

Spirit Bones[]

External Spirit Bone - Eight Spider Lances (2,000+ Years)[]


Eight Spider Lances are an external Spirit Bone, and the 1st Spirit Bone Tang San received after the absorption of the Spirit Ring of the Man Faced Demon Spider. There are 8 spider-like legs that are fused with the vertebra of Tang San's body. Tang San can manipulate them at will and recall them into the body, storing them as energy near some of his ribs.

The Eight Spider Lances contains the extremely potent poison of the Man Faced Demon Spider within the vertebra where the bone attaches to Tang San's spine, and can these lances can be used to inject poison into another. Anyone who is even so much as scratched by or comes

Spider Lance.png

into contact with a lance without spirit power defense will immediately be poisoned and will shortly die unless Tang San removes the poison. The lances can also drain the life energy out of any living being and temporarily use it as it's own.

Grandmaster has speculated that when Tang San acquires a complete set of spirit bones, he will have a legendary ability known as Spirit Bone Fusion.

Spirit Beast

  • Originally gained by absorbing the spirit ring of the Man Faced Demon Spider - 2,100 years, the lances also gained the highly toxic poison upon draining the life of the spider.
  • Minor Evolution following absorption of 2 Immortal Herbs, gaining red and white lights that move around on it as well as the fire and ice poisons of the herbs.
  • Evolved after Tang San drained the life from Man Faced Demon Spider - 6,600 years, and absorbed the black energy of the Pit Demon Spider spirit ring while in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.
  • Minor Evolution following the second awakening of Tang San's Blue Silver grass, gaining gold lines and crystal-like appearance.
  • Evolved following the drainage of life from Man Faced Demon Spider - 30,000+ years, giving him a ruby-like armor that covers all of his body besides his right leg and right arm and connecting his spirit bones into one which gives him have a chance to use spirit bone fusion ability.
  • Evolved following gaining God Bestowed 7th Spirit Ring; lances are now a golden color and can be combined with Blue Silver Domain to produce golden threads that drain targets at a distance. It can combine with the Deathgod Domain evolved ability.
  • Final Evolution into the God level, after Tang San, drains a Man Faced Demon Spider - 50,000 years, for the 5th spirit ring of his Clear Sky Hammer. The lances are now a pure gold color, and a similar colored golden armor has formed on his back. Each lance can now emit more than one Devouring Golden Thread, with terrifying draining speeds. These threads also carry deadly toxic and can be used to bind the enemy. The energy absorbed through these threads is automatically filtered into pure energy through the Eight Spider Lances.
  • Transformed into Sea God Eight Wings during Sea God's inheritance's first trial, Joy. The spider lances transformed into eight wings which are around 2 meters long and one diameter wide. Torrential wave patterns that looked like clouds are their feather and the edges of the wings are as sharp as swords.
  • After ascending to the Divine Realm, Tang San uses innumerable heaven earth treasures and divine items to enhance and upgrade his Eight Spider Lances which evolves it into the Pseudo Ultra Divine Rank.
  • After fusing with six other divine realms and forming the God Star, the Eight Spider Lances absorb the Chaos Energy which upgrades it into the Ultra Divine Realm.


  • 8 Independently Manipulable Appendages.
  • Toxic and Corrosive Poison
  • Drain Life Vitality and Ejecting Life Vitality - fusible with Blue Silver Domain's Boundless Nature Ability
  • Improved Movement Speed and Jumping Power
  • Easy Terrain Traversal
  • Poison Re-absorption
  • Manifest an Armor which is called Eight Spider Lances Armor
  • Connecting all his spirit bones into one which is known as spirit bone fusion.
  • Spirit Power Absorption
  • Fusible with Deathgod's domain evolved ability to become Asura God Lances

Skull Bone - Mind Condensing Wisdom Skull (60,000+ Years)[]

Wisdom Skull Manhua

The Mind Condensing Wisdom Skull Bone is Tang San's 2nd Spirit Bone. It was one of the prizes of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament which was won by the Shrek Seven Devils in the final match against Spirit Hall. While the skull spirit bone wasn’t a hundred thousand year spirit bone, it did not necessarily mean it was weaker than one with what it provided. This bone later was forcibly evolved during Tang San's third Sea God trial, breaking due to Purple Demon Eye going to Boundless realm and being repaired by Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, becoming Vast Sea Skull Bone, possessing strengthened versions of previous abilities, as well as abilities from the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The abilities still remain even after the removal of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. It turned into a blue-gold colored skull after completing Sea God's inheritance's fifth trial, Love.

Wisdom skull Donghua


  • Purple God Light - Incredibly powerful purple ray of light emitted from the eyes.
  • Ability to see through all living things.
  • Enhanced wisdom and brain activity.
  • After the evolution, the usage of Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud abilities.
    • Vast Sea Protective Barrier - Forms a protective barrier. After shrouding the specific area, it makes the specific area invisible, to the extent of not being even tangible. Not only can it hide bodies, but it can also completely hide auras.
    • Cosmic Stasis Barrier - It can shroud any enemy with the spiritual force less than three times the users. It can’t harm the opponent. It can be retracted from a 1000 li away.
    • Vast Sea Wild Wave - It is a group attack ability, where the output power is proportional to the users' Spirit Power.
    • Cosmic Magic Breaker - It is a single target attack ability, where the output power is proportional to the user's Spirit Power.

Left Arm Bone - Titan Giant Ape (100,000+ Years) []

This spirit bone was obtained from Er Ming sacrifice during Xiao Wu's resurrection. Together with Da Ming, Er Ming used the boosting effect of sacrifice to push Tang San to the realm of Title Doulos to facilitate Xiao Wu's resurrection. Er Ming's Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone were bestowed upon Tang San for fulfilling his promise to resurrect Xiao Wu, as well as for saving Da Ming and Er Ming from Bibi Dong's assault. It turned into a small golden figure of Titan Giant Ape after completing Sea God's inheritance's seventh trial, Desire.


  • Gravity Control - Within a certain range, instantly increase or decrease gravity. The level of increase or decrease varies depending on the soul power the user invests. Can also be used to increase the weight of weaponry to increase their pure physical force when swung. For example Tang San uses it to increase the weight of the Sea God's Trident and his Clear Sky Hammer to deliver stronger physical blows.
  • Titan Firmament Breaker - Uses the spirit bone's gravity control to instantly compress the air into terrifying energy, bestowing an attack launched with the full strength of the Titan Giant Ape. Can take the form of a yellow orb of light around the user's fist or be unleashes as a pillar of yellow light. Its power was enough to match the ninth spirit ability of ordinary Title Douluo.

Right Arm Bone - Blue Sky Bull Python (100,000+ Years)[]

This spirit bone was obtained from Da Ming sacrifice during Xiao Wu's resurrection. Together with Er Ming, Da Ming used the boosting effect of sacrifice to push Tang San to the realm of Title Douluos to facilitate Xiao Wu's resurrection. Da Ming's Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone were bestowed upon Tang San for fulfilling his promise to resurrect Xiao Wu, as well as for saving Da Ming and Er Ming from Bibi Dong's assault. Da Ming's spirit evolved into a gold dragon after completing Sea God's inheritance's second trial, Anger.


  • Blue Sky Slowing God Claw - Restraining ability that physical defenses are ineffective against. Will target/pursue one or more opponents without sound and cannot be traced. The affected are bound while their six senses' perception and their physical movement are slowed down tenfold.
    Blue Sky Slowing God Claw can be broken by an 8th Ring ability or higher, though any ability that comes into contact with it will disappear.
  • Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap - A single target ability that summons a Blue Dragon with a thunderous roar. A lightning attack that phases through the enemy in a flash, turning the enemy blue before disintegrating to ash.

Right Leg Bone - Blue Silver Emperor (100,000+ Years)[]

Right Leg Bone Manhua

Right Leg Bone Donghua

This was a Spirit Bone that was left behind by Tang San's mother Ah Yin upon her death. Tang Hao gives it to him after he completed his etiquette training and before he goes out into the world to fulfill Tang Hao's wishes. It has the ability to heal injuries as well enabling the user to fly. It transformed into small Blue Silver Grass covered with blue-gold nimbus after completing Sea God's inheritance's third trial, Grief.


  • Wildfire Cannot Destroy the Grass, It Grows Again With the Spring Wind: A extremely powerful healing skill that will naturally heal Tang San over time. By pouring more power into it, Tang San can increase its healing effects, quickly restoring him to full health. It can even regenerate lost limbs and is said too be capable of restoring Tang San too full health as long as he has a breath of life left inside him. This skill can also be channeled to heal others and by combining it together with the Sea God's Light, there is not allot of injuries that can not be healed by it.
  • Flight: Allows the user too borrow its power to fly even before they reach Title Douluo rank. Its not very useful when Tang San is able to fly on his own, but the Flight can be seen as just a supplementary skill, while its healing skill is the primary and most powerful skill of this Spirit Bone.

Left Leg Bone - Evil Spirit Orca King (100,000+ Years)[]

This spirit bone was obtained from the Evil Spirit Orca King. Tang San obtains it as one of the rewards from his 4th Sea God trial, which required him to slay the Evil Spirit Orca King. It transformed into a giant Evil Spirit Orca after completing Sea God's inheritance's fourth trial, Fear.


  • Orca Evil Spirit Axe: Focuses all of the body's strength into a giant red-colored slash from the left leg that comes down on the enemy like the falling tail of the Evil Spirit Orca King, with the thickness of a cicada wing.
  • Orca Fang Buster: Ranged version of the Orca Evil Spirit Axe. Shoots out giant red-colored slashes.

Torso Bone - Deep Sea Demon Whale King (~1,000,000 years)[]

This purple spirit bone was obtained from Deep Sea Demonic Whale King. Tang San obtains it as one of the rewards from his eight Sea God trial, which required him to slay the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. It transformed into a purple dragon after completing Sea God's inheritance's sixth trial, Hatred.


  • As the rule of spirit bones having the most powerful abilities of the Spirit beast it was hunted from the Torso Bone from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King would have its four most powerful abilities to grant Tang San.

(Former) Left Arm Bone - Soft Boned Rabbit (100,000 Years)[]

Left arm bone 01.jpg

This spirit bone was obtained from Xiao Wu sacrifice in the Star Duo Forest, but not before killing several of Spirit Hall's Spirit Sages and agility attack soul masters. This sacrifice pushed Tang San to rank 60 and gave him a soul ring as well as a soul bone. Both the soul ring and soul bone would later be returned back to Xiao Wu for her resurrection.

  • Teleportation: Teleports the user up to 100 meters away.
  • Invincible Golden Body: Invincibility for a few seconds. Can only be used 3 times a day.


Death god Domain[]


Deathgod domain 01.jpg

Death God Domain is obtained by Tang San following successfully traversing the Hell Road of Slaughter City and obtaining the Death God Title where the murderous aura obtained from numerous killings done in the Hell Slaughter Arena is absorbed and condensed into a domain, which can be released at any time. The effect of Death God Domain is Domination. It provides imposing manner and pressure-formed from killing intent which can leave the opponents unable to display their full strength, but the user himself can exhibit one hundred twenty percent of their strength. With the growth of spirit, the proportion of weakening the opponent and strengthening oneself will also increase.

Second Evolved Ability - Slaughter Assault[]

This domain had evolved under the influence of Tang San's 100,000 years sixth spirit ring from Xiao Wu's sacrifice. It releases the Death God Domain in one straight direction after locking on to the target. While in combat with this target, his speed increases by one hundred percent and attack power by thirty percent. This boost is effective on any attack launched by him including spirit abilities.

Third Evolved Ability - Asura Hell[]

This domain had evolved as Tang San gets his seventh spirit ring. The killing intent would turn truly substantial within Asura Hell, transforming into a frightening attack of rapidly rotating terrifying white light filled with sharp whistles - known as Asura Revolving Circular Killing Formation.

Final Evolved Ability - Asura Manifestation[]

This domain had evolved as Tang San spirit power entered the Title Douluo level. It can be combined with the Purple Demon Eye that could condense all mental strength to attack a single point, Asura Demon Light.

Blue Silver Domain[]

After awakening his Blue Silver Emperor spirit, Tang San was able to awaken it's bloodline ability, the Blue Silver Domain. It has a range of 100 meters and produces a field of an area with blue light and a nurturing feel.

Blue silver domain 01.jpg

General Abilities

  • Inspect
  • Neutralize killing aura
  • Blue Silver Ranged Binding
  • Hide / Invisibility
  • Spirit Ring camouflage

Second Evolved Ability[]

After obtaining Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San sixth spirit ring, Tang San discovered that his Blue Silver Domain had another capability. That was to use abilities with all the blue silver grass within the range controlled by the domain. Even though he could only use the lowest level Binding ability, don’t forget that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain could now cover and extremely terrifying area.

Third Evolved Ability - Boundless Nature[]

This domain had evolved as Tang San gets his seventh spirit ring. Its ability is to gradually extract the opponent's vitality and pour it into the plants. Its ability is fusible with Eight Spider Lances ability resulting in a long-distance absorption ability which is called Devouring Gold Threads. By using the domain and Eight Spider Lances simultaneously Tang San is able to constantly draw out the opponent's spirit power and vitality. The vitality is assigned to the plants within the domain, but the soul power is filtered through the Eight Spider Lances for his use.

Secondary Abilities

  • Assimilation: The Blue Silver Domain burns the flames of all surrounding plants' life for its own use. The more plants there are nearby, the stronger the Boundless Nature is. These plants can all launch attacks as he desires.
  • Suppression: Suppresses the attributes of the opponent's spirit by ten percent, and all released spirit power will be suppressed by ten percent. The longer they stay in the domain, the greater the suppression effect will be.

Final Evolved Ability - All Rivers Run Into The Sea[]

This domain had evolved as Tang San spirit power entered the Title Douluo level. Anywhere with blue silver grass, the domain can change the vitality of the blue silver grass into any form of energy the Blue Silver Emperor requires, and add it to oneself. As long as there is still blue silver grass, the Blue Silver Emperor’s energy will never wane. This energy not only changes into vitality but also spiritual power or mental power. This ultimate domain effect can undoubtedly place the Blue Silver Emperor in an invincible position when fighting opponents of equal level in a forest.

Sea God[]

Sea God's Golden Thirteen Halberds[]

  • First Form - Unfixed Storm: Attack and defense united, the only restraining ability of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, and also the strongest restraining ability. If the target is hit, no matter how strong, for 8 seconds they cannot move. It also negates the opponent's projectile attack. The more powerful the target is, the lower the success rate, with a minimum success rate of 50%.
  • Second Form - Millennial Space: Group attack ability. It envelopes opponents in a golden cloud, followed by a powerful explosion.
  • Third Form - One Goes Without Return: Shoots out a half illusory golden light, as if cutting open the sky. Obliterates everything in its path.
  • Tenth Form - Ocean's Sun:
  • Thirteenth Form - Body and Spear Fusion, the Big Dipper:

Sea God Armament[]

Tang San obtained the armament during the Sea God's ninth challenge. The full armament composed of an evolved form of all of his spirit bones and the sea god's trident which he repaired during the trial. He can still use his spirit bone abilities which some of them are greatly enhanced.

  • Sea God Eight Wings -It is the evolved form of his eight spider lances spirit bone. The wings are around 2 meters long and one diameter wide. The feathers have rippling waves cloud-like patterns emitting blue-gold lights and the edges of the wings are as sharp as swords.
  • Sea God Right Arm Armament -It is the evolved form of his right arm spirit bone. Blue-gold colored light right arm armor with wave cloud patterns. It has a magnificent dragon head on the right shoulder. Dragon scale patterns covered Tang San's right arm. There is a blue-gold gemstone on the right palm which has a strong suction force that can devour energy source.
  • Sea God Left Arm Armament -It is the evolved form of his left arm spirit bone. Bigger than the right arm armor with the same wave cloud patterns but with the absence of the dragon head on the shoulder and the dragon scales.
  • Sea God Right Leg Armament -It is the evolved form of his right leg spirit bone. A right leg armor which is blue-gold mixed with the blue color of the blue silver grass. It is decorated with torrential wave clouds pattern which covers Tang San's right leg entirely. On the greave appeared three spikes that looked like three sharp bones. Each of them is curved like a small wing.
  • Sea God Left Leg Armament - It is the evolved form of his left leg spirit bone. Same design as the other leg but the difference is on the left foot, a faint white light is surging which looks like a sharp nimbus of a blade. It is related to the Orca Evil Spirit Axe.
  • Sea God Torso Armament - It is the evolved form of his torso spirit bone. The breastplate is thick as the waist is smaller. The whole armor is covered with fish-scale patterns but the torso has cloud patterns. Right under the chest and above the waist, inlaid a lozenge deep blue gemstone. There is a seething dark purple tornado inside the gem.
  • Poseidon's Crown - It is the evolved form of his vast sea skull spirit bone. It is now a blue-gold crown. A hollow, which had the shape of a tiny trident is carved at the center of the crown. When fitted to Tang San's head and the mark on his forehead connected with the trident hollow on the crown, the hole of a small trident on the crown now has a blue-gold lozenge gemstone.
  • Sea God's Trident - It is originally the main weapon of the past Sea God which he obtained during the 7th challenge. During his fight with Qian Ren Xue, it was damaged, making it reduced into an ordinary weapon. It becomes a part of his armament after the repairs it during the Sea God's night challenge using the bead of Deep Sea Demon Whale King which restores its might. He can now store it on the trident mark on his forehead.

Sea God Abilities[]

  • Sea God Devour - Releasing a light from the blue jewel on his chest before a golden blue whirlpool 10 meters in diameter formed around his body.
  • Moon True Water Dragon- Using the powers of the ocean, a hundred meter long giant golden blue energy dragon can be formed.
  • Sea God Afterglow

Sea God Domain[]

After inheriting the power of the Sea God, Tang San can utilize Sea God Domain. Surroundings will have faint blue mist covering the area.

Ultramarine Waves: Endless Blue Sea[]

It can summon a Sea God phantom behind Tang San. Tang San can extract deep blue waves with the purest water element in the ocean to create furious waves that can defend even from the bombardment of purest solar flames.

Asura God[]

Brilliant Murderous Mind[]

Everything around him was as cold as if they were drowned in a wintry world. His intents also became cold, but this kind of cold brought somewhat special feelings to him. Not only did the outside world and his world become clearer, but also everything else got translucent. He had a feeling that he could confidently face any kind of enemies with his best condition.

Asura Blood Sword[]

It's the ultimate technique of the Asura God. The God and the Sword united. This sword had liberated all of the Asura God’s Power. This move could have only been ignited by the Asura Bloodline. It had consumed a huge amount of power to have struck out this move at full force.

His body changed into a bloody red glow, bending in with the red light in the sky. After that, he transformed into a sword slashing down from the sky towards the opponent. One slash from this sword being brought out was like as if it could have cut through the heaven and earth. 


Clear Sky Clan Techniques[]

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer[]

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.jpg

This is a technique taught by Tang Hao to remove the impurities of metal during forging by the consecutive application of strikes using the strength from the lower limbs.

This is a technique of the Clear Sky Clan which allows the user to swing the hammer 81 times, each blow stronger than the previous. When used with the Clear Sky Hammer it produces a gravitational effect.

Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance[]

This is a self-created ability of Tang San which combines the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track which eliminates Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer's inability to use it while in the midst of an ongoing battle.

Tang San was initially forced to give up in combining the two methods due to its inability to fuse. However, after he receives Xiao Wu's abilities and the Soft Bone property he manages to successfully combine the two using the Soft Bone property and teleportation.

Clear Sky Nine Absolutes[]

Clear Sky Clan secret skills. This set of created spirit abilities is something that was created by Tang Chen. Tang Xiao had passed on to Tang San these Clear Sky Nine Absolutes. That really didn’t refer to nine kinds of abilities or styles, but rather to nine kinds of methods for the Clear Sky Hammer to exert force, each kind with its own characteristics. This was the true secret skill of the Clear Sky School. Compared to the somewhat chicken ribs Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes were truly formidable abilities for combat use. Not everyone could inherit the nine absolutes even among the Clear Sky School’s directly descended disciples, it could only be taught after the unanimous approval of the schoolmaster and the elders. Just like the Tang Sect’s most profound hidden weapon skills back then.

  • 'Shock' Character Art -The Clear Sky Hammer issued a strange rhythmic oscillation as it swung. Pure black light rippled out with each swing. With one touch with that black light, the enemies swiftly shot back as if shocked by lightning, shuddering and convulsing, having lost all ability to move. They were unexpectedly shocked unconscious.

Great Sumeru Hammer[]

Great Sumeru Hammer.jpg

This is a special technique taught to only one person in each generation of Clear Sky Clan.

This technique involves condensing all spirit rings into one body and then channeling it into Clear Sky Hammer, turning into the purest strength and attack power. The Great Sumeru Hammer is actually a God technique, only able to be fully utilized when the user attains God's level.

  • Exploding Ring -

Ring Explosion of 100+ year rings of Tang Hao

Ring Explosion of 1000+ year rings of Tang Hao

It is a life-risking technique of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Each spirit ring can perform the exploding ring once. The power of each spirit ring could burst out completely and turn into power, merged to the attack to create a formidable force that far surpassed the original attack. The higher the quality of the spirit rings, the greater the force will be. Each spirit ring can launch one attack. After the rings had exploded, the user will become very fragile. If the user can't control the power of the exploding rings, he will be devoured by the exploding powder. Tang San could also use this technique in his BSE spirit. Under this technique, Tang San's cultivation temporarily rises into god level. The price of using the Exploding Ring is pretty high. After each use, the exploded Spirit Ring would temporarily disappear, leaving only the Spirit Power behind. Any exploded Spirit Rings would recover gradually after three days. Moreover, once using the Exploding Ring, if the spirit master wanted to use this technique again, he had to wait for at least thirty-six days, lest Spirit Rings would be damaged badly.


Heart Separation Control[]

Heart Separation Control.jpg

This is a technique taught by Ning Rongrong which enables Tang San to feel the environment and simultaneously control different things. This also enables Tang San to achieve a first-rate mimicry environment. With the advancement of Heart Separation Control, Spirit Power requirement for different abilities also decreases.

Three Aperture Governing Heart[]

Ability to simultaneously manipulate three kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support three targets.

Four Aperture Constant Heart[]

Ability to simultaneously manipulate four kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support four targets.

Five Aperture Dispersed Heart[]

Ability to simultaneously manipulate five kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support five targets.

Six Aperture Wishful Heart[]

Ability to simultaneously manipulate six kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support six targets.

Seven Aperture Exquisite Heart []

Ability to simultaneously manipulate seven kinds of spirit abilities to accurately support seven targets.

Darkening (Manhua Only)[]

A transformation obtained after absorbing his 4th spirit ring. Tang san's hair and clothes all turned black and he becomes dark and cold. During the transformation, all of his powers are tremendously increased and his Blue Silver Grass obtains immunity against fire and ice elements.



Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass[]

It provides Tang San's body with immunity to Ice, which extends to his Battle Spirit as well, and causes his blood to have the Extreme Ice poison as well.

Infernal Delicate Apricot[]

Provides Tang San's body with immunity to Fire, which extends to his Battle Spirit as well, and causes his blood to have the Extreme Fire Poison as well.

Full Moon Wearing Autumn Dew[]

Improved the vision and helped Tang San breakthrough to the Mustard Seed level of Purple Demon Eye.


Jade Green Snake[]

Nine Segment Jade.jpg

A little Bamboo Viper with Nine Segment Jade, classified as the best among its species. Even though it seems small, it’s still one of the most poisonous snakes. Moreover, its body is strong as steel, even a sharp blade couldn’t injure it easily.

Its poison can cause secretion of thick opaque yellow-green fluid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum. A poison that's enough to kill a person in three-quarters of an hour.

In the Manhua, Tang San named her Greenie. Also, Greenie's Venom was used as an ingredient in Yama's Invitation. In Manhua, Tang San also used a drop Greenie's Venom on Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure to attract monsters.