Tang Hao Edit

Tang San's father and a Title Douluo. Tang San's mother passed away soon after this birth, this caused Tang Hao to became an alcoholic who didn't care for much. Tang San never experienced any parental love in his past life. So he deeply cared for his father, taking care of him and providing for his meals from a very young age. After finding out his father is a Title Douluo, he strives to work hard so that they will able to stay side by side.

After finding out about his injuries Tang San threatens to take his own life if he gets involved in any more battles. He then takes on all of his troubles and burdens, working hard to be free of them all out of his love for his father.

Ah Yin Edit

Never having had a mother before, he felt the warmth of her mother during his secondary awakening and did not wish to part with that feeling of maternal love. He wishes to take revenge for her death.

Tang Yuehua Edit

Tang Yuehua is Tang San's aunt and he cares about her deeply as he never had someone show him motherly love before. He has great respect for her as she is able to fend herself despite her Spirit Power being very low. He does not wish to burden her with his troubles.

Tang Xiao Edit

Tang Xiao is Tang San's uncle. Tang San respects his strength as a Title Douluo. He is grateful for the fact that Tang Xiao does not blame Tang Hao for his actions of going against the Spirit Hall.

Shrek Seven Devils Edit

Xiao Wu Edit

Tang San meets Xiao Wu at the Nuoding Academy. They immediately become great friends and training partners. When Tang San visits the Holy Spirit Village during his holiday with Xiao Wu, he adopts her as his little sister. The two become inseparable and trusts each other immeasurably. When Xiao Wu gets injured or hurt, Tang San immediately becomes furious (with his eyes turning red) and will immediately try to remove any threats that could harm her straight away; be it a person or a spirit beast.

Tang San initially thought his feelings were brotherly love. However as the story progresses, he realizes that he is in love with her. When it is revealed that she is a spirit beast in human form, he openly proclaimed that he loved her and was willing to give up his life in order protect her.

Dai Mubai Edit

Tang San respects Dai Mubai as he is the Captain of the Shrek Seven Devils and the most senior among the Shrek Academy students.. He relies on Dai Mubai's power when it is necessary and trusts him completely. He is the fiancé of Zhu ZhuQing and is the successor of the legendary White tiger in the manga.

Zhu Zhuqing Edit

Tang San and Zhuqing doesn't interact much but it is shown that Tang San regards her as a trusted friend and team member. He depends on her speed and uses her as a scout during Spirit Beast hunting. Zhu ZhuQing is the fiancée of Dai MuBai.

Ma Hongjun Edit

Tang San regards Ma Hongjun as a very vulgar person. However he still trusts him and considers him a good friend. When Ma Hongjun gets beaten up Bu Le he also accompanies to take revenge.

Oscar Edit

Tang San and Oscar are room mates at the Shrek Academy. At first Tang San thinks he is vulgar due to his spirit incantations but soon comes to respect him and depend on him due to his ability. He even takes up challenges for him. He is a food support-type.

Ning Rongrong Edit

Initially Tang San considers her a spoiled brat, but after her personality changes, he becomes good friends with her. She helps him conducting businesses with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. She even divulges techniques taught in the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to Tang San. Ning RongRong is also a support-type but ranked 2nd in the clan competitions for support-types.

Shrek Academy Edit

Yu Xiaogang Edit

They meet at the Nuoding Academy and after Yu Xiaogang recognizes Tang San for having twin spirits, Tang San makes acknowledges him as his master. Tang San has immense respect for him and values his theoretical knowledge and has absolute faith in him. He holds him in respect at the same level as his parents.

Flender Edit

Tang San thinks of him as a money monger initially. After he finds out he is the Dean of the Shrek Academy, he comes to respect him and looks forward for his lessons.

Liu Erlong Edit

Tang San respects her strength as well as her resolve. He supports her in her love towards Yu Xiaogang, going as far as to reprimand the Grandmaster for not returning her love.

Zhao Wuji Edit

Although at their very first meeting they fight, ending up with injuries, Tang San respects him a lot as his teacher and depends on his help to capture spirit beasts.

Dugu Bo Edit

Although Dugu Bo tried to kill Tang San at the beginning, overtime they form a very close friendly relationship calling each other "Old Monster" and "Little Monster". Tang San has a great deal of respect for him as he is fascinated by poisons and Dugu Bo has the most knowledge on poisons other than himself. He learns various things from him and uses his friendship even to make him an adviser at the Shrek Academy.

Tai Long Edit

Tang San initially did not have a good impression on Tai Long given the fact that he had a crush on Xiao Wu. Following their initial battle he came to realize his unwavering determination to stand tall despite facing an immovable object. Afterwards when he becomes his personal bodyguard he is rather annoyed but treats him well and not as a bodyguard or servant.

Spirit Hall Edit

Bibi Dong Edit

Tang San holds great enmity towards Bibi Dong as she is the Supreme Pontiff of the Spirit Hall responsible for his mother's death. He works diligently with the aim to bring her down and even more so due to the fact that she had targeted his life on multiple occasions.

Hu Liena Edit

At first Tang San was rather annoyed with Hu Liena and held her with contempt due to her being Spirit Hall. However following the ordeals of Hell Road, his feelings mellowed down and he came to admire her persistence and unwavering determination.

Other Edit

Ning Fengzhi Edit

Ning Fengzhi is Tang San's main business partner and relies on him when it comes to financial things. He is a bit wary of Ning Fengzhi since he knows that he wants to recruit Tang San to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. They have a close relationship.

Tai Tan Edit

Tang San respects Tai Tan for his strength and also due to him being someone who was once close to his father. He regards him highly in his proficiency in blacksmithing and entrusts the production of Tang Sect's Hidden Weapons to him.