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Tang Sect was an organization that specialized in assassinations using Hidden Weapons and poisons.

Original Tang Sect[edit | edit source]

Tang Sect

Sky Barrier

The original Tang Sect is present in the Douluo World from Tang San's past life at Hell's Peak. It is divided into the Inner Sect and the Outer Sect. The Inner Sect members are able to learn all of the secrets of Tang Sect, which has existed for centuries and has centuries of knowledge accumulated.

Tang Sect has many secrets and techniques. Their Hidden Weapons are designed and constructed in a way that no outsider can mimic. Even a Tang Sect disciple must learn them arduously for several years before becoming proficient in their use.

By the time Tang San became an outer disciple of the Sect, it was a shadow of its former glory. Outer disciples are not allowed to learn the secret techniques of the sect, while the inner disciples can barely learn them. Bulling was common within the sect. It was said by Grandmaster Tang Lan that he feared that the Tang Sect will soon decline and cease to exist. That is why he entrusted Tang San with the core secrets of the sect hoping he may one day revive the sect.

The Sect deploys a Sky Barrier in order to protect their sect. The Clear Sky Clan has a similar barrier.

Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record[edit | edit source]

General Principles[edit | edit source]

First Point:

Second Point: what are hidden weapons: employed surreptitiously, a special martial weapon to vanquish the enemy and obtain victory. If the enemy knows you want to use it, like that, it is no longer a hidden weapon, rather an overt weapon.[1]

Soul Land 1: Description[edit | edit source]

The Tang Sect was founded by Tang San. It was in Heaven Dou Empire on the Douluo Continent.

Tang Sect is made up of the former four great subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky Clan. They are Strength Clan, Defense Clan, Speed Clan, and Breaking Clan.

The Tang Sect contains areas of great importance:

Hierarchy:[edit | edit source]

  • Sect Master
  • Vice Sect Masters
  • Chief Elder
  • Elders
  • Hall Masters

The most superior position in Tang Sect is the Sect Master. The Sect Master holds a great deal of power in the Tang Sect.

In Tang Sect, the Procedure Hall is where all discussion and decisions are made. It's made up of ten people. The people in Procedure Hall are the Sect Master, Vice Sect Master, Chief Elder, Elders, and Hall Masters.

They discuss and make all major decisions in the sect through voting. Each person in the Procedure Hall has one vote each. However, the Sect Master possesses a veto power, and an extra vote.

Soul Land 2: Description[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, Tang Sect was a shadow of its former glory. It only consisted of two members, Tang Ya and Bei Bei, until Dai Yuhao joined them. Later on, after Yuhao returned to Shrek Academy from the Sun-Moon Empire, Bei Bei and Yuhao began rebuilding Tang Sect. The first step they took was to invite a teacher from the Soul Guidance Hall of the Sun-Moon Empire, who was monitoring Yuhao in the student-exchange program. Second, they started producing Soul Guidance Tools as weapons. Third, they sold the weapons to Shrek City's defense department, Star Luo Empire, Heaven Dou Empire, and Dou Ling Empire. Fourth and finally, they established the Tang Sect's army legion.

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  • Sect Master
  • Vice Sect Master

Soul Land 4: Description[edit | edit source]

Tang Sect Headquarters in Shrek City

Tang Sect has existed for over 30,000 years. Like in SL3, they are in the business of selling soul devices and have a vast amount of resources at their disposal. Their technology level is on par with the Douluo Federation, but are superior in weapons since they have a Taboo Arsenal and spatial technology. It is most likely, Tang Sect has a presence on all the inhabited planets in the Federation. They are the caretakers of the original Ice Fire Yin-Yang Well.

Tang Sect continues to have a close bond with Shrek Academy. The two are regarded as brothers. Three of the Shrek Seven Monsters are in the high echelons of the Sect. The Sect Master and Vice-Sect Masters as well as the hall masters of the Douluo Hall are members of Sea God Pavilion. Most of the students from the outer court join Tang Sect after graduating. Some inner court students are members of Tang Sect, but they are exceptions since Shrek Academy does not usually allow inner court students to join other organizations.

The Tang Sect Headquarters is located at Shrek City. It occupies a large region of the city, 2nd after Shrek Academy.

Douluo Hall[edit | edit source]

The governing body of Tang Sect. The Hall Master and Vice-Hall Masters are True God Rank Spirit Masters.

Hall of Heroes[edit | edit source]

The most outstanding past generation Tang Sect disciples are enshrined here. Each five-meter statue is craved with their appearance and characteristics of their martial spirit. Inside of the bright hall stands two rows of statue columns extending inward toward the end of the hall. At the end of the hall stands three ten-meter statues of Tang San, Huo Yuhao, and Tang Wulin. The hall is sometimes used to welcome new members. Some of the Tang Sect disciples are from Shrek Academy, so there is a statue of them in the academy as well.

Tang Sect Fleet[edit | edit source]

The Tang Sect has its own private army, unknown to the general public, but known by the high-level members of the Federation. The most powerful warship they were allowed to build was the frigate. Building a Aircraft Carrier can cause serious issues with the Federation. Their ship design compared to the Federation is quite different. Unknown to the Federation, the Tang Sect is helping the Spirit Beast Linage build their own warships.

The Fleet is controlled by the Sea God Pavilion.

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

  • Sect Master
  • Vice-Sect Master
  • Douluo Hall Hall Master
  • Douluo Hall Vice-Hall Master

Tang Sect Techniques[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Heaven Skill [edit | edit source]

This is a method for training internal Qi. This allows a person to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering from injuries. It is also the foundation of all Tang Sect's techniques.

Big Protective Dipper Qi[edit | edit source]

This is a skill that is manifested after breaking through the Sixth Tier of Mysterious Heaven Skill, which allows a person to manifest internal strength externally.

Purple Demon Eye[edit | edit source]

The Purple Demon Eye is divided into 4 stages. It’s a method to cultivate the eyes’ strength while also increasing spiritual power. It can also be used to temporary confuse or stun an opponent.

  • Survey
    • In the Survey realm, a person should be able to substantially improve vision power and clearly grasp detail.
  • Detailed
    • The Detailed realm improves the vision even further and grants a mental state where everything slows down, allowing someone to react in the shortest possible time.
    • Also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power, provided the spirit power of the target is lower than the user's own.
  • Mustard Seed
    • The 3rd stage, Mustard Seed enables a person to survey the surroundings, including noticing very minute details, such as the wings of a fly.
    • The Mustard Seed realm allows a person to shock or confuse an enemy who is in a vulnerable state. It also allows someone to break through illusions.
    • This realm also allows the user to attack the mental state of their opponent.
  • Boundless
    • The Boundless realm, rather than enhancing eyesight, unlocks the mind's eye instead, allowing a person to perceive their surroundings to extreme distances.

Mysterious Jade Hands[edit | edit source]

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison. This changes the color and texture of the skin to that of milky green jade, hence the name.

Controlling Crane Catching Dragon[edit | edit source]

It is a method of improving a person's coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique which has diabolical muscle splitting bone displacing techniques. This technique, when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track[edit | edit source]

This is a foot and balance technique which allows a person to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains, as well as dodge attacks fast enough to leave behind after images.

Lightness Skill[edit | edit source]

This ability is more of a technique which allows a person to run on water and walls and jump across buildings.

Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation[edit | edit source]

Weapon technique for controlling and using different kinds of weapons efficiently, secretly dexterously and precisely. By SL3, the technique has already fused with the development of soul device technology and is incorporated into the Tang Sect’s unique battle armors.[2]

Swallows Parting Flight[edit | edit source]

This is a Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation technique which allows the change of trajectory of thrown weapons in mid-air.

Four Liang Deflecting A Thousand Jin[edit | edit source]

This is an ability that is used to deflect any oncoming weapon, creating openings to retaliate.

Sound location tracking[edit | edit source]

A skill in part of the path of learning hidden weapons effectively. Uses sound and vibration to detect and attack with hidden weapons.

Hidden Weapons (Mechanical)[edit | edit source]

The feature of peak mechanical hidden weapons was to let someone of a lower spirit rank, or even no spirit power at all, exterminate stronger powers. Depending on which weapon is used, it can kill a spirit master of almost any rank.

  • Buddha's Fury Tang Lotus (#1)

The 1st ranked among Tang Sect's mechanical hidden weapons. A speck of red light like a shooting star can be seen as the weapon is launched towards the enemy. A golden red tornado forms upon explosion, enveloping all enemies in the area, tearing them to shreds. Able to kill rank 70 Spirit Sages in their spirit avatar form.

The 2nd ranked mechanical hidden weapon of Tang Sect. The famous master blacksmith Lou Gao sacrificed his life by throwing himself into the fire during the smithing process, using human blood to invoke the spirit of the Deep Sea Sunken Silver, and thus perfecting this weapon.

The 3rd ranked among Tang Sect's mechanical hidden weapons. When this hidden weapon is fired, it's like a peacock spreading its tail, gloriously brilliant, but when the opponents are dazzled, 365 hidden weapons will be fired covering an area of several dozen square meters.

Anime Version

Thrown in pairs. Once the two balls collide, they will immediately emit several hundred Bone Changing Soul Needles, especially for breaking big dipper defensive qi. It has a potent anesthetic effect, and as long as someone inhales a little bit, ordinary people will sleep for ten days. Even powerful Spirit Masters who thoughtlessly get affected will be forced to slow down. The greatest feature of these is the higher the user's spirit power, the more powerful it is.

  • Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks (#8)

A hidden weapon that can be attached to an arm and hidden under a sleeve. It is equipped with three darts that can shoot a distance of 15-30 meters with precision.

A useful tool, allowing a person to be able to repel up trees and cliffs as well as swing from one tree to another. It can also be used to capture a person and animal and pull it towards the user.

Anime Version

The Powder Shooting Shadow can shoot a total of 36 needles coated in poison three times before needing to reload. The needles can pierce through 4cm of pure steel.

  • Refined Iron Needle
  • Armor Breaking Needle
  • Overload Needle

Hidden Weapons (Skill Use)[edit | edit source]

The characteristic of skill use hidden weapons was to turn the complex into simplicity, giving the plainest and unadorned attacks the most potent effects.

Guanyin's Tear (#1)

  • Guanyin's Tear is the 1st ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapon techniques. In order to use Guanyin's Tear, the user has to cultivate Mysterious Jade Hand, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to the peak. Also, the Mysterious Heaven Skill should reach the highest level, Three Flowers Peak Converging State. The user uses Mysterious Jade Hand to draw a drop of pure water out of his own blood, condenses all energy of the body and soul into it, then shoots it at the enemy. It is able to pierce through the heart of a rank 100 God level spirit master's heart, followed with an explosion afterward. Its might can be further increased if the user adds more divine power.

Bodhi Blood (#2)

  • Bodhi Blood is the 2nd ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques. It uses compressed blood infused with spirit power. The blood will then explode violently upon contact. Bodhi Blood's piercing ability is less than Guanyin's Tear but it has more attack damage.

Yama's Invitation (#3)

  • "When Yama calls for your death at midnight, who dares keep you until morning?" - Tang San upon killing Shi Nian.
  • Refined from 49 different precious herbs near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and condensed into poisonous needles, Yama’s Invitation had a two-tiered effect, also known as ‘one invitation kills twice’. Once it makes contact with the body, the poison would disintegrate and spread through the veins and simultaneously follow the blood vessels to enter the heart. Its poison is also indissoluble. Even if one cut off the limb, the moment the poison entered the body, they would still be unable to prevent the poison’s instantaneous spreading. It causes no pain and spreads too fast for any antidotes to counter. Once the victim discovers something wrong, it was already time for them to die. The victim's entire body will evaporate from the potent poison, leaving nothing but a small puddle of black liquid.

One Thousand And One Nights (#4)

  • One Thousand And One Nights is the 4th ranked among Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques. The techniques allow the deployment of thousand and one hidden weapons within a matter of seconds with extreme precision. When executing this One Thousand And One Nights hidden weapon technique, the user must first use the Mysterious Heaven Technique to jolt his innards and raise his Spirit Power by threefold. Also, the Mysterious Heaven Technique has to be above the sixth level in order to use this technique. After using this technique, the user will be weakened for three days before he recovers.

Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks (#9)

  • The 9th ranked of Tang Sect's hidden weapons techniques where nine thin as willow leaf arcing flying knives are thrown giving the appearance of nine phoenixes flapping their wings and crying, swaying in the air.

Batwing Rebound (#10)

  • The 10th ranked of Tang Sect’s hidden weapons techniques. It is usable with any hidden weapon and is capable of shooting at most 36 hidden weapons simultaneously.

Soul Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

Tang Sect is advanced in the field and technology that it was on par with the Federation in SL3. In SL4, they far surpassed the Federation in weapons and spatial technology.

Skywing Fighter

  • A transformable mecha that can morph into a fighter jet. It can function in space and on the surface of planets.

Taboo Arsenal[edit | edit source]

A large vault containing the deadliest weapons ever made by Tang Sect. It requires two keys to open the vault.

Dragon's Wrath

  • A taboo weapon developed after the events of SL3. Similar to a nuclear weapon, it has the power to kill Gods. Tang Sect uses them as a deterrent against the Federation to make sure the destruction of Shrek Academy and Tang Sect never happens again.

Members[edit | edit source]

Soul Land I[edit | edit source]

Soul Land II[edit | edit source]

Soul Land IV[edit | edit source]

  • Unnamed Sect Master
  • Meng Fei - Tang Sect Vice-Sect Master & Douluo Hall Hall Master
  • Tang Miao - Douluo Hall Vice-Hall Master

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