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‘We are Tang Sect. We are born to be peerless’.
— Tang Sect Motto


Tang Sect has existed for over 20,000 years. It started as a small sect comprised of the former four subsidiary clans of Clear Sky Clan and founded by Sea God Tang San, a disciple of the original Tang Sect.

Tang Sect has become a gigantic organization with lots of members and a presence on the three continents of Douluo, Star Luo, and Dou Ling. They are in the business of selling soul tools. The advancement of its technology is on par with the Federation. They are the caretakers of the Ice Fire Yin-Yang Well.

  • In the Douluo Continent, they are a secretive organization, disguising their branches in every city as a normal building. They have a hidden headquarters in Heaven Dou City and an open one in Shrek City.
  • In the Star Luo Continent, they are an open organization, respected by everyone. They sell soul devices to the Star Luo government, and the royal family.
  • In the Dou Ling Continent, they sell soul devices to the government.

The Tang Sect’s objective is to uphold virtue and condemn evil while supporting the continent’s steady development.[1] Tang Sect shares a close bond with Shrek Academy. After the destruction of Shrek Academy, most of the inner court students and Long Yeyue and Ya Li stayed within Tang Sect's headquarters in Heaven Dou City.

If a Tang Sect disciple ever leaves the sect, they need to return everything they received from the sect, including cultivation methods.[2]

10,000 years ago

When the Tang Sect was on the brink of disappearing, Shrek Academy extensively supported the resurgence of the Tang Sect.[3] At the time, the higher-ups of the Tang Sect held a conference and decided to give Shrek Academy a share in all of the properties under the Tang Sect.[3] The academy didn't need all of that, but it was a gesture of gratitude, and those shares still exist to this very day, 10,000 years after that decision had initially been made.[3] During that time, the Tang Sect created their own army and begin going into soul tool production.

Rebuilding Shrek

A large region of Shrek City was given to the Tang Sect to rebuild their headquarters. Their region is the second largest after Shrek Academy.

Federal Parliament[4]

Tang Sect, in secret, financially supported the Dove Faction within the Federation Parliament as well as the seven hidden sects and two military factions who supported the Dove Faction. They also supported one military faction in the Hawk Faction.

Admission To Tang Sect

In order to join Tang Sect, a current member must recommend the person to join. The only obligation a Tang Sect member must have is to abide by the rules. They don't have strict work requirements. A sect member under 20 years old only has to focus on cultivating and improving themselves.[5] All disciples that first enter the sect tend to choose the mysterious heaven skill as the first technique they get since it is the foundation of all Tang Sect techniques.[1]

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is an entry test to the Tang Sect. Those who take the test will have a simulated battle against a famous, deceased or no longer in this world, Tang Sect disciple. The simulation is able to replicate 70% of the spirit master's true strength.[6]

The hall of heroes can be used by disciples to gain better combat experience than in the spirit ascension platform since the injuries received in the simulation are real. The system will eject the disciple when they are injured to a certain degree and there are no mental rebounds in the simulation like the spirit ascension platform, therefore the experience gained is more valuable.[6] Using the hall of heroes require contribution points after the first time.

The simulation is divided into different levels. The first three are medium, advanced, and ultimate, and each level has two trials.[7][6] Passing each level allows the disciple to learn an additional Tang Sect technique.[1] Anyone who joins the sect by passing the advanced level test will also have the privilege to choose three. However, they can only learn up to three arts for free.[8]

Contribution Point System

Tang Sect started using a contribution point system. Disciples can earn contribution points by completing tasks issued by the sect. These tasks can ranging from crafting and designing to scouting and battling. They can use the points to acquire Tang Sect techniques and many other items as well as increase their contribution level. They can also sell items to the Tang Sect and trade with other sect members to get points.[8]

"If you want to increase your position in the Tang Sect, you will have to contribute to the sect. For example, you can complete missions in order to earn some contribution points, which you can then exchange in the sect for many different items that you can’t obtain anywhere else. You may also use them to increase your contribution level in the sect." - Wu Zhangkong


  1. Be a good person who cherishes the Tang Sect.
  2. Be filial to the sect and to your teachers. It means to not join any other sect and organization.
  3. Do not commit rape or robbery.
  4. Do not divulge the secrets of the sect.
  5. It is the duty of everyone in Tang Sect to uphold virtue and condemn evil.
  6. Do not deceive others.

There are ten rules in total, but the rest weren't mentioned in the novel.

Notable Locations


Tang Sect's main official headquarters is in Shrek City, while its true headquarters is in Heaven Dou City. Its two branch Headquarters are located in Heaven Dou City in the Star Luo Continent and in the Dou Ling Continent.

True Headquarters

The building is hidden 500 meters below Heaven Dou City. It was constructed by the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy over the course of 3,000 years. It can said they control the underground world below Heaven Dou City.

Original Site[9]

Located in Heaven Dou City is the original Tang Sect built back in Soul Land. It was also the starting point to rebuilding the sect back in Soul Land 2. The place is now an antique garden surrounded by tall, motely walls and a vermilion door. Within the garden is a single building that looks to be a single-story building that was no taller than five meters from its exterior. From the inside, the ceiling was over thirty meters tall and the interior larger. Over ten meter tall statues of the Shrek Seven Monsters from 10,000 and 20,000 years ago are placed in rows on the left and right respectively. Hanging on the wall are the words 'Tang Sect' and next to it is their motto. Every year, core disciples come to pay their respects. The place is overseen by a branchmaster.

Science Division

Ling Zichen is the head of the science division of Tang Sect. This is where the Tang Sect continues their research in the fields of science and spirit technology as well as creating deadly weapons, vehicles, and Spirit Devices for the Tang Sect to sell and equip their army and disciples. Its advancement into weapons is above the Federation.


The Tang Sect has secret branches in all the cities on the Douluo Continent. It is assumed to be the same on the other continents, but not secret in the Star Luo Continent. The branches in Douluo are disguised as business buildings, restaurants, or hidden in plain sight. Each branch is managed by a branchmaster.

Hall Structure

Tang Sect has divided it self into three main halls, which are the Douluo Hall, Inner Hall and the Outer Hall, similar to Shrek Academy. The Inner and Outer Halls are further divided into many other halls, each with an area of expertise.

Douluo Hall/Palace

The core of Tang Sect, where all administrative power is concentrated. Tang Sect disciples from the inner hall can be promoted to the Douluo Hall. The Hall Master is the current leader of Tang Sect. Members of the Douluo Hall are either Titled Douluo or Three-Word Battle Armor Masters.

Outer Hall

The Outer Hall is made up of three subdivisions: Power Hall, Agility Hall, and Defense Hall. The Outer Hall takes care of external affairs related to Tang Sect's corporate operations.

Agility Hall

The spirit masters in this hall are likely all agility system spirit masters. Their specialty is espionage.

Defense Hall

The spirit masters in this hall are likely all defense system spirit masters. The members do odd jobs.

Power Hall

The spirit masters in this hall are likely all assault system spirit masters. It is unknown what the members of this hall do.

Inner Hall

The Inner Hall is made up of three subdivisions: Enforcement Hall, Battle Hall, and Worship Hall. The Inner Hall takes care of the sect's internal affairs.

Enforcement Hall

Members of the enforcement hall dealt with upholding the sect’s rules and punishing rule-breakers.

Worship/Holy Hall

All members are exceptionally powerful soul masters on the level of a three-word battle armor master or higher.[5]

Battle Hall

The Battle Hall is the very core of the Tang Sect. At the same time, it is also the hall that bears the greatest responsibility, taking on the most important and dangerous missions. The Battle Hall takes care of certain matters in the shadows. One of their biggest enemies is evil soul masters. The members of the Battle Hall don’t follow the same ranking system as the rest of the sect. The members of the Battle Hall are called agents.

There are four classes of agents:

  • White - all recruits start at this class
  • Yellow - must have completed 10 missions, and become a one-word battle armor master
  • Purple - must have completed [unknown] missions, and become a two-word battle armor master
  • Black - must have completed [unknown] missions, and become a three-word battle armor master

There are currently about two hundred agents. All agents receive a monthly salary of contribution points. All members are required to complete at least 3 missions a year. For members who also happen to be students, only one mission a year is required. Every agent will be rewarded for completing those missions as well. Furthermore, Battle Hall agents enjoy certain privileges other sect members don’t.

Each agent is provided a badge according to their class. It can be used to call for backup anywhere when need. Any agents within a 100-kilometer radius will rush to the site to help. The higher-ranking members of the Tang Sect will be alerted as well. If an agent receives a call, they are expected to rush over to help right away.


  • Sect/Hall Master

The leader of the Tang Sect and the Douluo Hall

  • Vice-Sect/Hall Master

Second in command of the Tang Sect and the Douluo Hall

  • Palace Lord
  • General Manager
  • Branch Masters: Outer Halls and Inner Halls
  • Managers: Probationary Manager, Outer Hall Manager, and Inner Hall Manager
  • Associate rank: 1-9

The Tang Sect's Insignia is a Silver Mask like the one Tang San wore during his matches in the great spirit arena. They can also be represented by the characters [唐门] or just [唐].

Tang Sect Techniques

All disciples that enter the sect learn the Mysterious Heaven Method.[1] Passing each level of the Hall of Heroes lets them learn an additional technique.[1] Disciples that reached the third rank in their secondary profession can learn another technique.[10] Anyone who joins the sect by passing the advanced level test will also have the privilege to choose three. However, they can only learn up to three arts for free.[8] Other techniques must be purchased using contribution points.

Mysterious Heaven Method

This is a method for training internal Qi. This allows a person to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering from injuries. It is also the foundation of all Tang Sect's techniques. It can help a person increase their cultivation speed and compress their soul power.[8]

Big Protective Dipper Qi

This is a skill that is manifested after breaking through the Sixth Tier of Mysterious Heaven Skill, which allows a person to manifest internal strength externally.

Mysterious Heaven Strike

This skill uses manifested internal strength externally to strike at an opponent.

Purple Demon Eye

The Purple Demon Eye is divided into 4 stages. It’s a method to cultivate the eyes’ strength while also increasing spiritual power. It can also be used to temporary confuse or stun an opponent.

  • Survey
    • In the Survey realm, a person should be able to substantially improve vision power and clearly grasp detail.
  • Detailed
    • The Detailed realm improves the vision even further and grants a mental state where everything slows down, allowing someone to react in the shortest possible time.
    • Also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power, provided the spirit power of the target is lower than the user's own.
  • Mustard Seed
    • The 3rd stage, Mustard Seed enables a person to survey the surroundings, including noticing very minute details, such as the wings of a fly.
    • The Mustard Seed realm allows a person to shock or confuse an enemy who is in a vulnerable state. It also allows someone to break through illusions.
    • This realm also allows the user to attack the mental state of their opponent.
  • Boundless
    • The Boundless realm, rather than enhancing eyesight, unlocks the mind's eye instead, allowing a person to perceive their surroundings to extreme distances.

Mysterious Jade Hands

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison. This changes the color and texture of the skin to that of milky green jade, hence the name.

Controlling Crane Catching Dragon

It is a method of improving a person's coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique which has diabolical muscle splitting bone displacing techniques. This technique, when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance.

Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon is actually divided into two parts.[8] One is the technique for Controlling Crane and the other is for Capturing Dragon.[8] If mastery reaches the peak, then Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon can even manipulate a mountain.[8] The Mysterious Heaven Method is the foundation of Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon.[8] The greater your soul power, the mightier this art becomes.[8]

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track

This is a foot and balance technique which allows a person to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains, as well as dodge attacks fast enough to leave behind after images.

Lightness Skill

This ability is more of a technique which allows a person to run on water and walls and jump across buildings.

Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation

Weapon technique for controlling and using different kinds of weapons efficiently, secretly dexterously and precisely. By SL3, the technique has already fused with the development of soul device technology and is incorporated into the Tang Sect’s unique battle armors.[11]

Contribution Point Shop

Techniques P Items P Equipment P
Purple Demon Eye ? Tang Sect Vehicle
Mysterious Jade Hands ?
Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon ?
Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track ?

Mentioned Techniques

  • Grappling Techniques

Spirit Devices and Equipment

Tang Sect is advanced in the field of spirit technology that it was on par with the Federation, but more advanced in weapon development.

Tang Sect’s Icefire Seal

Mother and Son Soul Chasers

Tang Sect Vehicle

  • A combat vehicle made by Tang Sect. It is similar to a Humvee or Stryker with a capacity of 6 or more. It is used by the agents of the battle hall.