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Tang Sect is an organization specialized in the research and development of weapons, Soul Devices, Soul Vehicles, and Spaceships.


Tang Sect has existed for over 30,000 years. Like in SL3, they are in the business of selling soul devices and have a vast amount of resources at their disposal. Their technology level is on par with the Douluo Federation, but are superior in weapons since they have a Taboo Arsenal and spatial technology. It is most likely, Tang Sect has a presence on all the inhabited planets in the Federation. They are the caretakers of the original Ice Fire Yin-Yang Well.

Tang Sect continues to have a close bond with Shrek Academy. The two are regarded as brothers. Three of the Shrek Seven Monsters are in the high echelons of the Sect. The Sect Master and Vice-Sect Master as well as the hall masters of the Douluo Hall are members of Sea God Pavilion. Most of the students from the outer court join Tang Sect after graduating. Some inner court students are members of Tang Sect, but they are exceptions since Shrek Academy does not usually allow inner court students to join other organizations.

The Tang Sect Headquarters is located at Shrek City. It occupies a large region of the city, 2nd after Shrek Academy.

Douluo Hall

The governing body of Tang Sect. The Hall Master and Vice-Hall Master are True God Rank Spirit Masters.

Hall of Heroes

The most outstanding past generation Tang Sect disciples are enshrined here. Each five-meter statue is craved with their appearance and characteristics of their martial spirit. Inside of the bright hall stands two rows of statue columns extending inward toward the end of the hall. At the end of the hall stands three ten-meter statues of Tang San, Huo Yuhao, and Tang Wulin. The hall is sometimes used to welcome new members. Some of the Tang Sect disciples are from Shrek Academy, so there is a statue of them in the academy as well.

Tang Sect Fleet

The Tang Sect has its own private army and fleet, unknown to the general public, but known by the high-level members of the Federation. The most powerful warship they were allowed to build was the frigate. Building a Aircraft Carrier can cause serious issues with the Federation. Their ship design compared to the Federation is quite different. Unknown to the Federation, the Tang Sect is helping the Spirit Beast Linage build their own warships.

The Fleet is controlled by the Sea God Pavilion.


  • Sect Master
  • Vice-Sect Master
  • Douluo Hall Hall Master
  • Douluo Hall Vice-Hall Master

Tang Sect Techniques

Mysterious Heaven Skill

This is a method for training internal Qi. This allows a person to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering from injuries. It is also the foundation of all Tang Sect's techniques.

Big Protective Dipper Qi

This is a skill that is manifested after breaking through the Sixth Tier of Mysterious Heaven Skill, which allows a person to manifest internal strength externally.

Purple Demon Eye

The Purple Demon Eye is divided into 4 stages. It’s a method to cultivate the eyes’ strength while also increasing spiritual power. It can also be used to temporary confuse or stun an opponent.

  • Survey
    • In the Survey realm, a person should be able to substantially improve vision power and clearly grasp detail.
  • Detailed
    • The Detailed realm improves the vision even further and grants a mental state where everything slows down, allowing someone to react in the shortest possible time.
    • Also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power, provided the spirit power of the target is lower than the user's own.
  • Mustard Seed
    • The 3rd stage, Mustard Seed enables a person to survey the surroundings, including noticing very minute details, such as the wings of a fly.
    • The Mustard Seed realm allows a person to shock or confuse an enemy who is in a vulnerable state. It also allows someone to break through illusions.
    • This realm also allows the user to attack the mental state of their opponent.
  • Boundless
    • The Boundless realm, rather than enhancing eyesight, unlocks the mind's eye instead, allowing a person to perceive their surroundings to extreme distances.

Mysterious Jade Hands

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison. This changes the color and texture of the skin to that of milky green jade, hence the name.

Controlling Crane Catching Dragon

It is a method of improving a person's coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique which has diabolical muscle splitting bone displacing techniques. This technique, when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track

This is a foot and balance technique which allows a person to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains, as well as dodge attacks fast enough to leave behind after images.

Lightness Skill

This ability is more of a technique which allows a person to run on water and walls and jump across buildings.

Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation

Weapon technique for controlling and using different kinds of weapons efficiently, secretly dexterously and precisely. By SL3, the technique has already fused with the development of soul device technology and is incorporated into the Tang Sect’s unique battle armors.[1]

Swallows Parting Flight

This is a Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation technique which allows the change of trajectory of thrown weapons in mid-air.

Four Liang Deflecting A Thousand Jin

This is an ability that is used to deflect any oncoming weapon, creating openings to retaliate.

Sound location tracking

A skill in part of the path of learning hidden weapons effectively. Uses sound and vibration to detect and attack with hidden weapons

Soul Weapons and Equipment

Tang Sect is advanced in the field and technology that it was on par with the Federation in SL3. In SL4, they far surpassed the Federation in weapons and spatial technology.

  • Skywing Fighter
    • A transformable mecha that can morph into a fighter jet. It can function in space and on the surface of planets.

Taboo Arsenal

A large vault containing the deadliest weapons ever made by Tang Sect. It requires two keys to open the vault.

  • Dragon's Wrath
    • A taboo weapon developed after the events of SL3. Similar to a nuclear weapon, it has the power to kill Gods. Tang Sect uses them as a deterrent against the Federation to make sure the destruction of Shrek Academy and Tang Sect never happens again. There are a total of 36 Dragon’s Wraths.
  • Guardian of God
    • There are only 3 in the whole Tang Sect. One is more valuable than 36 Dragon’s Wraths.
  • Unnamed Wine Bottle like Weapons