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Gu Yue, I’ve only ever loved one girl in this world and that girl is you. Do you love me?
— Tang Wulin To Gu Yuena

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Power Attack & Agility Attack & Defense System (Golden Dragon King)]] Tang Wulin is the main character of Soul land III : Legend of the Dragon King(斗罗大陆 第三部 龙王传说)

He is the son of the Sea God & Asura God, Tang San and his wife, a 120,000 years old Soft Boned Rabbit, Xiao Wu, the younger brother of the Butterfly Goddess, Tang Wutong and the brother-in-law of the God of Emotion, Huo Yuhao, the husband of the Silver Dragon King, Gu Yuena, and the father of Tang Xuanyu. He is the inheritor of the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King, trapped within his body, he is the second Golden Dragon King.



Tang Wulin has short black hair and a stature slightly taller than others of the same age. However, his most attractive features are his large, clear black eyes and long eyelashes which wouldn't lose to a girl at all. Even with his commoner’s clothing, his outstanding appearance could easily draw the eyes of others.[1] Only the word "beautiful" is fitting to describe him.

Tang Wulin, at the young age of thirteen, stood 165 centimeters tall and was only a head shorter than an adult. Long eyelashes accentuated his large eyes. With a lean build and a radiant smile, his pretty-boy look easily captured the hearts of the girls.[2]

As an adult, he has grown more handsome and his hair has grown longer over his shoulders.

After completing the Sea God Trials, his hair and eyes turned blue like his father.



Tang Wulin is an honest and kindhearted individual, which is apparent when he saved Na'Er from a group of teenagers, who were trying to kidnap her and sell her off. He is incredibly hardworking, not letting the words of others affect him negatively. Also having been raised in an impoverished family, he is significantly more sensible and mature than others of his age.

In Soul Land 4, due to his amnesia, Wulin acts rather stoic. He talks very little and regularly has an emotionless expression. Still, he retains his kind heart, being grateful to Le Qingling for taking him in.

But in Soul Land 4 volume 14, when he met with Gu Yuena, his heart was open for her again, and he turned back to the outgoing man.

In Soul Land 4 volume 16, after he and Xuanyu both knew each other's father-son relationship, he became quite stable and mature.


A trash martial soul and a defective spirit soul. That’s very fitting.
— Tang Wulin mocked himself
‘Gu Yue, wait for me. I’ll surely accompany you as we go through whatever difficulty that lies before us. Wait for me to become powerful!’
— {{{2}}}
Ten thousand years ago, Shrek Academy was destroyed by god-level soul guided missiles, it was the darkest time ever since Shrek Academy was founded, It was also the time when the abyss attacked and almost destroyed the Federation. At that time, the Captain of Shrek Seven Monsters at Shrek Academy appeared. It was he who led the history of that generation, with the help of the Tang Sect, rebuilt Shrek, and established the current Shrek City. It was he who planted the seed of life on the bottom of Sea God Lake, and finally absorbed the energy of the abyss plane to achieve the Eternal Tree. He is a hero of the Federation and one of the most important powers in the history of Shrek Academy. The Tang Sect Master, the Sea God Pavilion Master, and Captain of Shrek Seven Monster, who eventually fell with the Silver Dragon King, Dragon Emperor Douluo, Golden Dragon Moon Song Tang Wulin.
— Yi Zichen, SS4 914


  • Tang Wulin and Tang Hao is the only known people to be both a Divine Blacksmith and a God rank spirit master.
  • When Tang Wulin heavenly refines metals alone, he works naked to not deal with the problem of thunder tribulation continuously destroying his clothes. If there are people observing his heavenly refinement, he dresses normally.
  • With the God rank Seven-Colored Lotus Flame he obtained during his group's challenge of the War God Temple, Tang Wulin evolved his heavenly refinement level, resulting in a God rank heavenly refined metal that can alone become a piece of his 4-word Battle Armor without the need to apply circuits to the 3-word Battle Armor. Precisely, this new metal tier disdains circuits on its body and can easily become the 4-word Battle Armor piece by its will alone through absorbing the "information" from the 3-word Battle Armor and leaving the dirty husk, for the metal is on the level of a Divine Tool. Tang Wulin is the only currently known Divine Blacksmith who can create a divine tool tier 4-word Battle Armor and its only possessor.
  • He is the first Super God in the history of the Douluo Federation.
  • In SL4 Book 27, Tang Wulin refined and forged all 33 Sky Wings' 4-word battle armors.
  • The Golden Dragon King bloodline was stripped from his body but he still retained the same body he had before. Making it so he kept the body forged by the Golden Dragon King but lost the bloodline and powers associated with the Golden Dragon King itself.