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Tang Wulin

Tang Wulin and golden dragon king


Tang Wulin(SL4)

Name Tang Wulin
Chinese 唐舞麟
Also Known As Xiao(Little) Wulin(小舞麟)

Lin Lin
Little Grass
Rice Bucket
Rice Tub
Class Leader
Blood Nine
Golden Dragon King(金龙王)
Spear King(枪王)、
Blood Dragon(血龙)
God of Spear(枪神)
Dragon Emperor(龙皇) Douluo
Tang Sect Master
Sea God Pavilion Master
Child of Nature(自然之子)
Child of the Sea God(海神之子)
Tang Yue(唐乐) (Singer in SL4)

Species 3/4 Spirit Beast

(Human 1/4, Blue Silver Emperor 1/4, "Soft Bone Rabbit 2/4")
(Until The "Extream Earlry Part ~ Middle Part"...)

"Half Dragon Spirit Beast - Gold Dragon King"
(Human 1/4, Blue Silver Emperor 1/4, "Dragon(Golden Dragon King) 2/4)
('Tang Wulin' at the latter half of 'Soul Land 3' succeeded in releasing until the 16th seal among the total 18 seals hanging on him. He has long ago transformed two-quarters of his bloodline into 'Dragon Spirit Beast', and if he succeeds in releasing the remaining 17th and 18th seals, 'Wulin' will be transformed into a true 'Pure Blood Dragon Spirit Beast' in every senses, including bloodline.)
(From "The Last Part of SL3...)

Age 20 years (Currently)

26 years old (Raw)
10,000+ years old (SL4)

Gender Male
Height 190cm
Hair Color Black (Currently)
Blue (Raw)
Eye Color Black (Currently)
Red (Golden Dragon Bloodline)
Blue (Raw)
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive (Currently)

Died (SL3 Raw)
Revived (SL4)

Relatives Tang San (Real Father)
Xiao Wu (Real Mother)
Tang Wutong (Sister)
Huo Yuhao (Brother-in-law)
Tang Hao (Grandfather)
Ah Yin (Grandmother)
Tang Ziran (1st Adoptive Father)
Lang Yue (1st Adoptive Mother)
Mang Tian (Adoptive Uncle)
Na'er (Adoptive Sister)
Yun Ming (2nd Adoptive Father)
Ya Li (2nd Adoptive Mother)
Gu Yuena (Wife)
Tang Xuanyu (Son)
Huo Zhanji (Nephew)

Mo Lan (Sworn Big Sister)
Mu Xi (Senior Sister)

Master Mang Tian (Blacksmithing)
Mu Chen (Blacksmithing)
Feng Wuyu (Blacksmithing)
Wuzhang Kong
Zhuo Shi (Dragon Bloodline)
Mu Ye
Zhen Hua (Divine Blacksmith)

Ling Wuyue (Mecha)

Disciple Tang Xuanyu (Disciple of Blacksmith)
Spirit Blue Silver Grass (1st Awakening)

Blue Silver Emperor (2nd Awakening)
Golden Dragon King (Bloodline)

Spirit Rank Spirit Sage(魂聖) - Rank 80+ (Currently)

God(神) - Rank 120
(True God / 真神 : God Officer / 神官)
(However, in the case of the physical solidity and durability, it is strong enough to be in the area of ​​"3rd Class God".)
(Raw & SL4)

Spirit Rings Blue Silver Emperor

4 Black
(50,000+ × 4)
1 Green-Gold
3 Orange
(200,000 × 3)

4 Red
(100,000+ × 4)
1 Green-Gold
4 Orange
(200,000+ × 3, 200,000)
(Raw & SL4)

Golden Dragon King
5 Gold (1,000,000 × 5)

8 Gold
(1,000,000 × 8)
(Raw & SL4)

System Control System

(Blue Silver Emperor)
Power Attack &
Defense System
(Golden Dragon King)

Professional Status
Occupation Student

Spirit Master
Battle Armour Master
Mecha Master
Captain of Present Generation Shrek Seven Monsters
Body Sect Member
Blood God Army (Blood God Battalion (Major General))
Blood Dragon Squad (Captain)
Sea God Pavilion Master
Tang Sect Master
8-star Saint Blacksmith (Currently)
9-star Divine Blacksmith (Raw)
Pop Singer (SL4)

Affiliation Red Mountain Academy (Elementary Academy)

Eastsea Academy (Intermediate Academy)
Shrek Academy (Advance Academy)
Blacksmith Association
Tang Sect (Battle Soul Hall)
Clear Sky Clan
Sea God Pavilion
Blood God Army

Light Novel Debut Chapter 01
Manhua Debut Chapter 01

Appearance Edit

Tang Wulin has short black hair and a stature slightly taller than others of the same age. However, his most attractive feature are his large, clear black eyes and long eyelashes which wouldn't lose to a girl at all. Even with his commoner’s clothing, his outstanding appearance could easily draw the eyes of others. Only the word "beautiful" is fitting to describe him.

Personality Edit

Tang Wulin is an honest and kindhearted individual, which is apparent when he saved Na'Er from a group of teenagers, who were trying to kidnap her and sell her off. He is incredibly hardworking, not letting the words of others affect him negatively. Also having been raised in an impoverished family, he is significantly more sensible and mature than others of his age.

In Soul Land 4, due to his amnesia, Wulin acts rather stoic. He talks very little and regularly has a emotionless expression. Still, he retains his kind heart, being grateful to Le Qing Ling for taking him in.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Living in an impoverished family with his adoptive father Tang Ziran and adoptive mother Lang Yue, in Glorybound City a small town sitting on the border between the ocean and the eastern coast of the Sun-Moon Federation, Tang Wulin was always looking forward to awakening his martial spirit and becoming a powerful Spirit Master to support them. However when he awakened his spirit at the age of six, it was a spirit considered trash by all; Blue Silver Grass. In spite of the fact that during the awakening process he underwent excruciating pain and displayed golden lines which ran across his body surprising the Spirit Master that was conducting the awakening, as he had never faced such a situation before. Nevertheless, Wulin vowed to work extremely hard and become a powerful Spirit Master, despite his Innate Spirit Power being rank 3.

Having spirit power Wulin decided to attend the Spirit Master class, a class for those who had innate spirit power, in Red Mountain Academy, a three-year elementary academy. According to the regulations set by the Sun-Moon Federation, elementary and intermediate academies had free tuition and were compulsory. In the Spirit Master class he met his first teacher Lin Ximeng, who would teach Wulin over the next three-years the basic knowledge required for Spirit Masters.

Meeting Nana Edit

While he was returning home from the first day at Red Mountain Academy, he encountered a bunch of delinquents picking on a young girl. He immediately intervened and managed to save her, as they were frightened by his status as a child who possessed spirit power. The girl revealed her name as Nuo Er. Wulin decided to bring her to his home and later, learning that she suffered from a memory lose and not being able to find records on her or her parents, expressed his wish to have her as his little sister, which she and his parents accepted.

Having the wish to cultivate as a Spirit Master would prove to be expensive, as by the time he reached rank 10 and became a Spirit Master Wulin would need to purchase his first spirit soul at the Spirit Pagoda, not an easy task considering his family's financial situation. Tang Ziran explained this to him and asked him to work as a blacksmith at Mang Tian's place, so that he could earn money to support himself. Wulin eagerly agreed and the next day after school visited the blacksmith. Mang Tian would not accept him so easily so he gave Tang Wulin a test, striking a metal a thousand times, which Wulin managed to pass and even proved himself gifted in the field. Mang Tian decided to accept him as his disciple. He tells Wulin to keep hitting the metal.

After a while, Mang Tian tells Wulin to stop for the day, and prepares some ointment to give to Lang Yue for Wulin's swollen hands, impressed with his determination and sticking through it for so long. Sitting in the lounge while Lang Yue looks at Wulin's hands, Mang Tian explains forging to the child. At home, Na’er still hasn't recovered any memory, and the kids start eating dinner, but Wulin can't even lift his arms, so Na’er feeds him his dinner. Before bed, Wulin shows Na’er his BSG, and tells her she will also have a spirit when she turns 6, before falling asleep on the bed and Na’er soon falling asleep beside him.

First Spirit Soul Edit

Three years later, Wulin has grown much taller, taller than any of his peers, and is well built. Even with BSG, he has become quite popular. Wan Yun originally tried to bully Wulin due to BSG, but was swiftly beaten and eventually became his friend. Wan Yun was the first in the class to reach 10th level to gain a soul, and Wulin is close behind, being gifted in meditation.[1] He sometimes get into fights when he sees people bullying Na’er.

After three years of becoming a forging apprentice under Mang Tian, Wulin has earned enough money to buy a spirit soul while also earning some for his family.

Having finally saved 30,000 spirit coins, he runs home to count it and make sure. His dad declares they will all go together to get his soul ring. That night, he is too excited to sleep and leaves the room after pulling Na'er's quilt over her properly. He leaves the room and garden he regularly visited with Na'er, which calmed him. He sat down to meditate.

Eastsea Academy Edit

Volume 2 - Class Zero Edit

The First Seal Edit

Summer Break Edit

Volume 3 - Spirit Ascension Platform Edit

Volume 4 - Trials of Shrek Academy Edit

Entrance Exam Edit

Wulin was in the middle of breaking through the second seal, so they end up missing Shrek Academy's entrance exam. An exception was made for them to take the exam, but it will be harder than the regular exam and they will become working students if they pass. The group arrived at Shrek Academy to see Shen Yi waiting for them.

First Test Edit

Second Test Edit

Third Test Edit

First Grade Class One Edit

Volume 5 - Rising Edit

Volume 6 - First Semester's Exam Edit

Volume 7 - Growth Edit

Volume 8 - The Land of Star Luo Edit

Crossing the Ocean Edit

Volume 9 - Edit

Volume 10 - Edit

Blood God Army Edit

Tang Wulin headed to the west region of the Federation to enlist in the army with Gu Yuena. They sent a few days traveling across the dessert. One night, they were attacked by a herd of Sand Demon Beetles. He tried to reason with them at first before Beautiful Silk Tulip told him about the spirit beasts. Wulin massacred the entire herd, leaving some who fled, alive. The next day, they arrived at the Fire Basin at noon. Wulin left Gu Yuena at the Fire Basin and continued to head toward the army base located beyond the Skyend Mountains, but turned back to see Yuena one more time after she contacted him. He head up the snow mountain covered deep in snow on steep terrain and freezing temperatures. By nighttime, he had already went to the bottom of the first mountain and dug a cave to mediate. The next day, he continued going through each mountain peak until he reach one that was steeper than the other ones. He used his bare hands to climb up the mountain to find the army base.

Assessment Edit

Abyssal Tide Edit

Volume 11 - Edit

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