Fighting Style Edit

Tang Wulin is described as a person who likes to settle everything through one's own abnormally strong physical abilities.Due to the lack of attack power of his first spirit essence, Blue Silver Grass, he prefers to use his second essence spirit, the Golden Dragon King. Although he eventually finds a use for his first spirit; utilizing it for support and to further increase his incredible physical abilities.

While using the power of the Golden Dragon King, Tang Wulin's attacks do not use any spirit power, but "The Vigor". Whereas spirit power comes from the soul, Vigor comes from his body and uses the nutrients within his blood as a power source.

Tang Sect Techniques Edit

Mysterious Heaven Skill Edit

A method for training Internal Qi or cultivating. It is also used to meditate. It serves as the foundation for the other Tang Sect Techniques.

Purple Demon Eye Edit

It is a method to absorb that purple qi and use it to improve eyesight and spiritual power.

Mysterious Jade Hand Edit

Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison.

Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon Edit

It is a method of improving his coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique that has diabolical muscle splitting bone displacing techniques. This technique when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track Edit

A tang sect movement technique involving peculiar footwork.

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Edit

Learned by exchanging contribution points from the Tang sect. It was a secret technique from the Clear Sky Clan. Useful not only in forging but also in battle.

Spirit Edit

Blue Silver EmperorEdit

Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Blue Silver Grass Variation
  • Manifests Blue Silver Grass with golden veins that strengthen the vine.
  • It can form into a whip.
  • At times while meditating, it shows a golden light from its core 

1st Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Bind
  • Binding
  • When used the Blue Silver Grass becomes incredibly tenacious and gains the ability to be unbreakable so long as spirit energy is supplied.
  • It can be controlled by Gold Song (spirit soul skill)
Soul Ring
  • Origin (Spirit Soul): Grass Snake → Golden dragon
  • Nickname: Gold Song
  • Chapter: 20
  • Age: "100.000+ years",
    10 years → 100 years → 700 years → 2,000 ~ 2,500 years → 4,000+ years → 10,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red,
    White Yellow Purple Black (Before)
Soul land 3 bind

2nd Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Impaling Array


  • Through high-frequency vibrations that confuse and temporarily stun.
  • It can be controlled by Gold Song (spirit soul skill)
Soul Ring
  • Origin (Spirit Soul): Grass Snake → Golden dragon
  • Nickname: Gold Song
  • Chapter: 229
  • Age: "100.000+ years",
    2,000 ~ 2,500 years → 4,000+ years → 10,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red,
    Purple Black (Before)

3rd Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Golden Array
  • Vines are controlled by Goldsong, allowing them to attack in more intelligent ways and display even greater strength.
  • Elemental Guidance - an ability that allows a certain amount of control over every element. As long as Tang Wulin didn’t face an overwhelming assault, he could simply shrug off elemental attacks.
  • Elemental Stripping - a stronger form of Elemental Guidance. Within a certain range, able to drain elemental energy from a target.
Soul Ring
  • Origin (Spirit Soul): Grass Snake → Golden dragon
  • Nickname: Gold Song
  • Chapter: 336
  • Age: "100.000+ years",
    4,000+ years → 10,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red,
    Purple Black (Before)

4th Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Overlord Transformation
  • A general amplification of 3 previous soul skills simultaneously, basically 3 skills fuse together under the strengthening of the dragon bloodline
  • Can be used for long-ranged or wide-area attacks
  • Dragon Overlord Summoning
Soul Ring
  • Origin: Tyrant Dragon
  • Chapter: 481
  • Age: "100.000+ years", 10,000+ years (Before)
  • Color: Red, Black (Before)

5th Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Child of Nature
Domain of Nature
  • In his Domain, all Elemental-Type Soul Master’s power will be limited. On the condition, there are enough plants within the domain.
  • It raises Wulin to the standard close to 80th Rank, in other words, enhanced ten times stronger
  • Not only does this Soul Skill need a lot of Soul Power to display, but the displaying process will also have a huge consumption to his Spiritual Strength.
  • All plants turn into his "eyes", has a location function and plant control.
Soul Ring
  • Origin: Golden Tree
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Green-Gold

6th Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Devouring the Heavens and Earth!
  • The function of Devouring the Heavens and Earth, in instantaneous surroundings certain within reach all Heaven and Earth Elementary Forces and Element(s) all absorb to the Tang Wulin body, making his fighting strength short suddenly to increase.
  • By his 6th ring cultivation, Wulin can make his overall fighting strength promote over 60% at present directly. But as he increases his cultivation, this promotion can also increase proportionally.
Soul Ring

7th Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: Blue Silver Emperor True Body

Dragon Emperor True Body

  • Bluesilver Emperor vines were extremely strong, in addition to having the Golden Dragon King’s power and the Thunderclap Nether Vine’s electric paralysis
  • The avatar fusion of 2 spirit essences of Golden Dragon King and Blue Silver Emperor, bringing forth Dragon Emperor Avatar.
Soul Ring

8th Soul Ring Edit

  • Name: TBA
  • A defensive skill of Blue Silver Emperor
Soul Ring

9th Soul Ring

  • 1st Soul Skill Name: Blue Emperor Boundless Thunder Prison
  • 2nd Soul Skill Name: Whip of Thunder God


  • 1st Soul Skill: In Blue Emperor Boundless Thunder Prison, each Blue Silver Emperor will change into the thunderbolt port. While the thunderbolt cracks, void punctures and becomes the genuine killer with great destruction.
  • 2nd Soul Skill: In the Whip of Thunder God, one vine-silver grass would be wrapped with destructive purple-gold lightning.
    • Another application of this is when Wulin wraps the vine around his arm, creating the Arm of Thunder God.
Soul Ring
10th Soul Ring
  • Name: TBA
Soul Ring
  • Origin:
  • Age: 1,000,000+ years
  • Color:
11th Soul Ring
  • Name: TBA
Soul Ring
  • Origin:
  • Age: 1,000,000+ years
  • Color:
12th Soul Ring
  • Name: TBA
Soul Ring
  • Origin:
  • Age: 1,000,000+ years
  • Color:

Golden Dragon King Edit

Info Image
Initial Skill
  • Name: Golden Dragon King
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Gives the constitution of a Golden Dragon King.

1st Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Body
  • Using the dragon bloodline power to cover the whole body with golden scales. A powerful reinforcement skill that increases all the abilities such as strength, defense, agility, and attack power of spirit skills.
  • Increases The Soul Skill's Attack Power by 100 %(Estimate).
  • Increases The Strength by 100 %(Estimate).
  • Increases The Physical Defenses by 100 %(Estimate).
  • Increases The Agility by 100 %(Estimate).
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

2nd Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Tyrant Body
  • Shining Dragon Scale for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • increase defense 3x, absorb attackers' power, and counter-attack with the attacker's power.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

3rd Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Roar
  • It is an indiscriminate sound wave attack.
  • An illusion/spectrum of a golden dragon king's head appears, releasing a roar that generates soundwaves to interrupt spiritual abilities and the concentration/mental of those who are affected.
  • It also has an intimidating effect on martial souls of the beast type of the soul and, more importantly, those of the dragon type. The effect is increased if it is combined with the Golden Dragon Wild Domain.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

4th Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Raging Domain
  • The suppression of the golden dragon king not only applies to dragons and dragon-type martial souls but also all types of spirit beasts and beast-type martial souls. Boosts the morale and vigor of all allies, especially those with dragon-type martial souls.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

5th Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Tremor Blast
  • It generates a huge power of vibration that is applicable to any of his techniques, greatly enhancing the attacks, to an equally large vigor & spirit power consumption.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

6th Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Inferno Kill
  • Create a field of golden blood
  • Enter a berserk state, in which everything that dies (being incinerated) within the field becomes strength and defense.
  • The mental world which is under the effect of the ability will be turned into a scene of a dark blood-soaked battlefield bringing the energy of destruction and death.
    • If violent emotion dominates the user's mind, he'll enter a state of perpetual madness and will not stop fighting until all creation disappears from the universe.
  • Transform into a giant blood dragon
    • Forcefully suppress and intimidate all beast-typed soul masters
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

7th Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon King True Body
  • Transforms into a spirit avatar of the Golden Dragon King
  • The avatar fusion of 2 spirit essences of Golden Dragon King and Blue Silver Emperor, bringing forth Dragon Emperor Avatar.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

8th Blood Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Falls
  • The strongest defensive technique of the original Golden Dragon King.
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold
9th Blood Ring
  • Name: TBA
  • TBA
Blood Ring
  • Origin: Golden Dragon King Bloodline
  • Age: 1,000,000 years
  • Color: Gold

Nature Child Edit

Tang Wulin was granted his 5th Soul Ring by the spirit of the Golden Tree in Shrek Academy.

As the child of nature, he is able to grant all plant type spirit beasts immortality. They can continue cultivating no matter where they are and will not suffer from God's punishment.

The Child of Nature is the seed or nature seed recognized by Nature. The plant, animal, or human entrusted with the seed is responsible for restoring nature when it has been devastated.

Tang Wulin planted the nature seed in the middle of Sea God Lake. He is able to transfer life energy he gathered to the seed to make it grow. He is also able to communicate with it.

Child of the Sea God Edit

Tang Wulin was able to borrow the power of the sea to create an enormous thunderstorm at sea. He was able to use the Sea God Trident after passing its 9 trials.

Dragon God Soul Fusion Skill Edit

The soul fusion skill of Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena.

Golden Dragon King + Silver Dragon King (Elementalist) Edit

Name: Dragon God Transformation


  • Wulin's blood essence surged with power. Strands of red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, black ,green and purple intertwining to become one before merging into his body.
  • The nine colors spread across his golden scales, painting them with their hues, and the regal majesty of his aura grew even further.
  • His nine colored scales grew thicker, turning transparent as they spread to cover the rest of his body.
  • He was soon clad in an armor of shining translucent scales. The dragon within him roared, looking upon the whole world with disdain.

Name: Dragon God Awakens (1st Transformation) - Dragon God's Vacuum Punch

Effect: Tang Wulin's Dragon Claw is enhanced by the nine elements. A spatial crack is created around Wulin and Gu Yuena. When Wulin punches out with his fist, a vacuum that is void of the nine elements is created.

Name: Dragon God's Nine Transformation (2nd Transformation) - Dragon God Possession

Effect: Transform into a Dragon God (not at its full power as they are not strong enough to withstand the true power of the original Dragon God), like a Martial Soul's True Body.In this state wulin acts as physical body and guyuena acts spiritual source.

Spear Skills Edit

Thousand Accusing Fingers Edit

A spear technique taught to Tang Wulin by Tang San's consciousness. It transforms Spear Consciousness to thousands of golden lights to impale the opponents physically and mentally.

In other words, it's a fast-stabbing spear technique that damages both the body and mind of the opponent.

Millennium Cloud Edit

A demigod-ranked spear technique taught to Tang Wulin by Tang San. The profoundness of this spear technique is time. It utilizes the time force to make the opponent experience an unknown time until their mind and even their body breaks down.

  • The incomplete version is a spiritual attack, making the opponent's mind experience a thousand-year passed in their spiritual consciousness and collapsing their mind.
  • The complete version is both physical and spiritual attack, depriving a thousand-year worth of life force out of the opponent's body and mind.

Disorderly Storm Edit

A spear technique taught to Tang Wulin by Tang San. The profoundness of this spear technique is space.After fighting with tang San in sea God ninth trail he fully comprehended the profoundness of spear technique.he was able to momentarily stun a first class god while using this technique when he was just a God officer.

Self-Created Soul Skills Edit

Divine Dragon Nine Moves Edit

These moves are created using the power of blood energy from Dragon Core.

  1. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens: A palm strike after making a circle with the hand. Has enough power to alter space. Also a form of blood essence cultivation method by reversing its flow. Not only improves blood essence but also gives tremendous power.
  2. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth: A wide area skill. Take out a number of golden dragons to attack or throw opponents. Usually issued by stomping your feet, or putting your hands on the ground.

    Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth

  3. Golden Dragon Soars: Accelerate movement, speed up footsteps or push the body by making a push on the foot.
  4. Golden Dragon Nirvana Divine Claw: Strengthen and expand the area of attack of the dragon claw, where the left claw rips, and the right claw to pull or punch.
  5. Golden Dragon Sweeps Its Tail: Strengthen the lower part of the body (usually he used foot) to puncturing, snaring, or blowing.
  6. Golden Dragon Bides: Release the energy of bloodline power in a part of the body to deflect incoming attacks physically or in energy form.
  7. Golden Dragon Emission (Shock Burst): Fusing power from the dragon core and soul core to increase power output when using skills, use too much energy.
  8. King's Path: Combine the power of blood from the dragon core, soul power, and spiritual power into one beam of energy to attack the enemy, usually using the medium as an output device, such as the golden dragon spear or vine of Blue Silver Grass. Having the effect of weakening the opponent's energy defenses, if the opponent can't protect his spiritual sea, it's possible to die.
  9. Stake All in One Throw: The strongest version of King's path, where all the power is used to run out completely.

Domains Edit

  1. Blue Silver Domain
  2. Gravity Domain: Mountain Dragon King's torso bone.
  3. Time Reversal: spiritual domain when comprehending Spiritual Domain Realm of the Spirit Domain, inspired by skill Millennia Cloud, a divine spear skill with using time attribute taught by Tang San.
  4. Golden Dragon Ranging Domain: Golden Dragon King fourth skill
  5. Golden Dragon Domain: battle armor's domain (4-word), inspired by the Golden Dragon Inferno Kill and it is like it's upgraded version with way more destructive ability

Blood Soul Fusion Skills Edit

A combination of Blue Silver Grass and Golden Dragon Nine Moves

Thousands of Blue Silver Grass cover the Golden Dragon created by Wulin's blood energy, acting as the outer scales (making it more materialized) and strengthening attack power, defense, and speed

  1. Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven
  2. Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Roar
  3. Blue Emperor Golden Dragon Flies

Dragon Emperor Forbidden Techniques Edit

Self-created skills when Wulin reached Title Douluo level. They are combinations of his soul, spiritual, and blood skills, dragon and soul cores, and comprehension of planar laws. But their true essence lies in the fact that they are derived from pure heaven and earth laws which formed the true essence behind all laws.  

  1. Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break:
    • Combination of Golden Dragon Roar, Bluesilver Golden Array, Golden Dragon Tremor Burst, planar law power, King Path. It is capable of breaking every illusionary, energy, or spiritual attack. It is a direct change of laws and the yielding of heaven and earth maxim.
      • It also depends on how strong his opponent is, Dragon Emperor Break can only weaken attacks like Gu Yuena’s Seven Element Fusion attacks. The simple version of it is seven-colored light which allows Wulin to melt any kind of energy he comes into contact with.
      • Simple version melts energy things on contact, while full version devours all surrounding energies
    • His right hand is entirely covered in golden scales, refracting seven-colored radiance. It looks like it is just a dragon’s claw yet appearing to be able to grasp heaven and earth. A black hole rims with seven-colored radiance in Tang Wulin’s palm.
  2. Forbid Space-Time, Dragon Emperor Cut:
    • Combination of Wulin’s spiritual domain (Time Backtrack), Thousand Accusing Fingers, Stake all in One Throw, and King’s Path.
    • It takes the form of a massive slash wave which locks the target in place by forbidding the flow of space and time; as a result, it ignores any battle armor or defensive skills the target has.
  3. Forbid Life-Death, Dragon Emperor Pierce:
    • Combination of soul power, blood essence power, the Dragon Air, and spiritual power. Everything is being amalgamated into the Golden Dragon Spear at this instant. He no longer considers all the consequences for there was only one and only spear in his heart.
    • The thrust absorbs the attack's power of the opponent.
  4. Forbid Commonplace, Dragon Emperor Charge:
    • Wulin transforms into a blood-colored meteor that bursts forth alongside an incomprehensible overbearingness and an ultimate barbarity fused with the Final Stake.
  5. Forbid Heaven-Earth, Dragon Emperor Fight:
    • A mighty auxiliary ability that could combat heaven and earth simulates 10% of Immortal Emperor Aura but allowed Tang Wulin Spiritual Domain to breakthrough into the Divine Origin Realm and aura to reach close to a Godhood-Rank while being a Hyper Douluo. Unleashing boundless arrogance, wildness, and dominance, making heaven and earth yield.
    • It's able to induce fear and intimidation in the hearts of his enemies, reducing their strenght by 10% and boosting his by that much.
    • Stated to be similar to Qiangu Clan Combat and Heaven Battle Technique but far superior.
  6. Forbid Universe, Dragon Emperor Perish:
    • A fusion of all Wulin's abilities which is close to a sacrifice technique, which disintegrates all defense it comes into contact with turning the area into a void.
  7. Forbid the Empyrean, Dragon Emperor Fallen:  
    • It's an ability that bans heaven from interfering, imprisoned the skies, and banning the heavenly tribulation from coming down. As well as freezing and stagnating everyone and everything in the area. But its full effect is that of a spiritual attack that used the resentment and pains of every dragon bones and dragon souls from the Dragon graveyard.
    • Disintegrating the enmey, collapsing their body and aura.
  8. Forbid the Whole World, Dragon Emperor Illumination:
    • Covers the whole world in a white and 7 colored light (spiritual or soul attack), and it destroys the Demon Emperor’s Divine Consciousness or Soul when used in Dragon God Possession form.
    • A golden red beam of light which explodes from him and anything that the golden-red beam shines on turns into nothingness

Golden Dragon King Natural Abilities Edit

Dragon Might Edit

  • A mental suppression toward all types of soul beasts

Dragon Air Edit

  • A misty golden layer which surrounds Wulin's body that serves as an outer defense before the dragon scales

Spirit Souls Edit

  1. Jin Yu / Gold Song (previously named Goldlight): an artificial spirit soul is known as Grass Snake that evolved into a golden dragon looking like a replica of golden dragon king depended on Wulin's progress of cultivation. It can execute wulin's self created techniques and all golden dragon king's attacks.
    • Age progression: 10+ years → 100+ years → 700 years → 2,000 ~ 2,500 years → 4,000+ years → 10,000+ years → 100,000+ years
      IMG 20200305 012104
  2. Overlord Dragon/ Tyrant Dragon: a dragon-type spirit soul that offered itself to Wulin during the Spirit Ascension Platform in the Spirit Pagoda containing little bit of golden dragon king is also known as overlord of elemental dragons.At first it didn't have wings but at dragon graveyard it found a skeleton of a Tyrant Dragon with wings and fused with it and started to grow wings. After slowly absorbing golden dragon king's essence it slowly transformed towering existence with reddish black scales.
    • Age progression: 10,000+ years → 100,000+ years
  3. Aromatic Beautiful Flower / Beautiful Silk Tulip: King of Immortal Herb that offered himself with other 5 Immortal Herbs after discovering Wulin's identity as the Child of Nature, able to nullify all poison.
    • Age progression: 200,000 years → 300,000 years
  4. Thunderclap Nether Vine: assault plant-type soul spirit, cultivating by absorbing the lightning element and it contains little bit of thunder god can help other spirit souls to absorb excess energy to increase their cultivation base.It also has the ability to store heavenly tribulation inside and can give tang wulin a temporary powerup and helps him to shoot heavenly tribulation in form of lightning.
    • Age progression: 100,000 years → 200,000+ years

Spirit Bones Edit

  1. Right Hand External Bone (Claw) - Dark gold Dread claw (Dark gold Fearful Claw, 10,000+ years old)
    • Absorbed by golden dragon king's right claw, retaining the ability to crush
  2. Torso Bone - Mountain Dragon King's corpse (Unknown, estimated to be at least 800,000+ years old)
    • Gravity control - A spirit skill that manipulates gravity within a certain range. It also makes Tang Wulin become more friendly with the earth elements.
    • Mountain Dragon Guard - A powerful defensive skill
  3. Right Leg Bone - Devil Killer Whale King (100.000+ years old)
    • Orca Evil Spirit Axe: Focuses all of the body's strength into a giant red colored slash from the left leg that comes down on the enemy like the falling tail of the Evil Spirit Orca King, with the thickness of a cicada wing.(estimated to same abilities of tang San's left leg bone).
  4. Left Leg Bone - Devil Killer Whale King (100.000+ years old)
    • Orca Fang Buster: Ranged version of the Orca Evil Spirit Axe. Shoots out giant red colored slashes.

Golden Dragon King's Bloodline Edit

This makes Tang Wulin way stronger than ordinary people. When Tang Wulin is injured by some spirit or weapon of the dragon's blood, his right arm becomes covered with golden dragon's scales and his fingernails become a sharp scale that narrowed to a point, similar to a sharp talon. The little Grass Snake, Goldlight, releases a faint golden light and his eyes turn red.

The Golden Dragon King energy is sealed in Tang Wulin's body with eighteen seals and in order to assimilate this energy, he has to undo those seals.

Origin and special ability of "Golden Dragon King's Bloodline" Edit

When Tang Wulin was just born, the Golden Dragon King was eventually defeated by a fatal injury of unrecoverable level in a fight against Asura God Tang San, God of Evil, and Goddess of Kindness.

The Golden Dragon King, who suffered such a fatal injury, pulled his "God Core" out of his body before he died to take revenge on 'Tang San' and fused it into the body of Tang Wulin.

Tang San and Xiao Wu tried to pull out "The Golden Dragon King's God Core" from the body of Tang Wulin, but the God Core had already been completely connected to his bloodline from the moment it entered the body of 'Tang Wulin', so there was no way to pull the God Core out of his body.

In addition, to prevent the power of this God Core from killing Tang Wulin, there was no way other than gradually absorbing the power of this God Core in a place without Divine Power.

Because of this, Tang San inevitably used 18 drops of blood to prevent the explosion of the power of "Golden Dragon King's Divine Core" by creating the seal consisting of 18 layers inside the body of Tang Wulin.

And Huo Yuhao, "The God of Emotion", opened a gate of space, helping Tang San and Xiao Wu send young "Tang Wulin" to "The Douluo Dalu Planet".

'The Bloodline Essence' works on the body, and "Spirit Power" rises to some extent every time it releases the "seal of power", but does not rise especially much.

However, as the body is being reformed by the essence, it gradually begins to have the ability of the Golden Dragon King, and it can overwhelm not only the Spirit Beasts of a dragon type below a certain level but also the Spirit masters who own the Beast Spirit of a dragon type (bloodlines).

Blood Soul Ring - It comes from the bloodline of Golden Dragon King and is Soul Ring that appears when Tang Wulin uses the Golden Dragon King. The Golden Dragon King does not consume Spirit Power when using Golden Dragon Claw or Spirit Skill, and is based on "The Vigor".

1st Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 98

Time limit to release the seal: before 10 years old

Requirements to undo seal:

How the seal is released: After taking the third-ranked blacksmith test, Wulin asked the for the 3 required treasures to break the first seal from Mu Chen because of the upcoming battle with the First class in Eastsea Academy, and Mu Chen agreed.

The Ice Crystal Fruit and Scarlet Flame Fruit are placed inside a sealed vessel and the Ten drops of dragon blood is filled inside the vessel and sealed. After the vessel becomes stable the liquid is then consumed.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Golden Dragon King's Right Hand
    • Golden Scales: After releasing the first seal, he gained part of the Golden Dragon King's abilities, and by covering on the one's right hand and forearm with golden scales, it is possible to double the strength of his right arm. In addition, the defensive power of his right arm is strengthened enough to lightly block even the "Spirit Fusion Attack" of the same Rank Spirit Master.
    • Golden Dragon King's Right Claw (Crushing): Can crush anything within a certain range of hardness. Wulin also has absorbed the "Dark Gold Dread Claw Bear's Right Palm Bone", which has greatly increased its aggressive strength, adding to its new skill, "Golden Dragon Dread Claw".
    • Trace of The Golden Dragon King's Might: Can suppress dragon-type beast with Golden Dragon King aura. The stronger the beast or soul master compared to him, the weaker the effect.

2nd Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 248

Time limit to release the seal: before 15 years old

Requirements to undo seal:

  • 1,000 year Dragonscale Fruit
  • 1,000 year Azure-Veined Vine
  • 1,000 year Land Dragon Tendon
  • 1,000 year Sea Dragon Marrow

How the seal is released: Wulin collected all the treasures with the money he earned from blacksmithing in Tang Sect and broke through the second seal before taking the Shrek Academy's entrance exam.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 1st Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring:
    • Golden Dragon Body: Increases Tang Wulin’s strength, speed, attack power, and defense as an all-around ability amplifier.
    • The scales cover the entire right side of his arm, greatly strengthening the parts they covered.
  2. Repercussion: After the second seal was released, the use of the Golden Dragon Claw no longer consumed spirit power but his 'physical vigor' instead. When he uses the Golden Dragon Claw he will get hungry instead of consuming his spirit power.

3rd Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 336

Time limit to release the seal: before 16 years old

Requirements to undo seal:

  • 1,000 year Earth Dragon Crystal
  • 1,000 year Ice Essence
  • 1,000 year Dragon Spiritgrass
  • 1,000 year Longevity Grass

How the seal is released: By consuming a ten-thousand-year treasure instead, given by Feng WuYu because he wanted Wulin to achieve the spirit rank of 30, Wulin broke the third seal.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Increased blood essence and strength by 1/3 times
  2. Golden Scales: Spread to the chest, left shoulder, and left arm

4th Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 480

Requirements to undo seal:

  • 1,000 year mystic heaven chrysanthemum
  • 1,000 year pine spirit mushroom (scarlet spirit mushroom)
  • 1,000 year life fruit
  • 1,000 year purple cloud wood

How the seal is released: Wulin got the required 2 spirit items from Zhen Hua in Heaven Dou City and the other 2 from Tang Sect headquarters in Shrek City during a break between semesters in Academy. He then asked Yuanen Yehui to guard him during his breakthrough.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 2nd Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring
    • Golden Dragon Tyrant Body: Covers his body in mirror-like scales and increases his defense by 3 times. In a short period of time, when someone attacks him, the power used in the attack is absorbed and added to Tang Wulin's counter-attack. Power absorbed has a limit based on his rank. If the attack exceeds the defense's capacity, the scales would destroy themselves.

5th Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 621

How the seal is released: While taking the Body Sect's 49-day cultivation method, Wulin was given all rare food with lots of precious nutrients by Mu Ye (the Body Sect's current master) to nourish his body, enough to allow Wulin to break the fifth seal without problems.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Golden Dragon King's Left Claw (Tearing): Can tear anything within a certain range of hardness.

6th Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 695

How the seal is released: With Mu Ye's external support with all rare spirit items and healing potions and the Golden Dragon King that was sealed inside (called Old Tang by Wulin) after Wulin was almost killed by Long Yue during the tournament, Wulin was able to break the next seal while healing his body.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 3rd Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring Golden
    • Dragon Roar: Forms a Golden Dragon phantom behind him with 30m long wings. Stuns opponents for a short time. very effective on dragon-type martial souls and beasts.
  2. Golden Dragon King Spear
  3. Increased blood essence

7 ~ 8th Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 726

How the seal is released: After winning the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition's group match in Star Dou Continent, Wulin was assigned to go to Dragon Valley, and he was able to absorb the Dragon God's soul in the deepest part of the Dragon Grave.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 4th Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring
    • The Golden Dragon Rage Domain: Enables Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline to break out and enter the raging state instantly. At the same time, any friendly forces within the domain would receive the Golden Dragon King bloodline's addition of one-third elevation to the potency of their attack and defense. Tang Wulin's strength, defense and attack energies would double within the Golden Dragon Rage Domain. He grows over three meters and his eyes turn red.
  2. Increased blood essence

9th Seal Edit

Unsealed at: Chapter 862

How the seal is released: Wulin and other high-ranking experts (all Title Douluos) were given an ancient dragon blood wine, which was a potent nourishing drink, by Zhen Hua in Heaven Dou City's Blacksmith's Association. Unexpectedly, the wine was strong enough to trigger Wulin's breakthrough.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Increased blood essence 
  2. Golden Scales: Completely cover the whole body, doubling the total strength of Wulin

10th Seal Edit

How the seal is released: Wulin has enough strength to break the seal due to the formations of soul core and blood (dragon) core while training in the Blood God Army. He is a Blood Nine now.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 5th Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring
    • Golden Dragon Tremor Blast: Greatly augments the explosiveness of different skills and attacks
  2. The bones of the body gain a layer of gold, including the spiritual bones. In the golden coating, he wins a pattern of dragons.
  3. Dragon Wings: The mutation of the seal break also causes two huge tibias to form under the skin of the back, then gain muscle and explode off its back, forming dragon wings. These can be hidden inside the body again and leave at will.
  4. Dragon Core transforms into a heart.

11th Seal Edit

How the seal is released: Wulin broke the seal during the fight against the Lord of Abyssal Plane with the help of Life Seed, his 6 hundred-year-old plant-type soul beasts, and the Blood Gods Great Array (formed by 9 Blood Gods, basically borrowing Douluo Plane's planar power to resist the invasion of Abyssal Plane)

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Unlocked the Golden Dragon King's 2 Innate Abilities: Dragon Air and Dragon Might
    • Dragon Air: A misty golden layer which surrounds Wulin's body that serves as an outer defense before the dragon scales
    • Dragon Might: A mental suppression toward all types of soul beasts
  2. Dragon's Horn
  3. Increase blood essence
  4. The bones and meridians turn gold completely
  5. Extra: Double elevation from soul core and dragon core allows Wulin to be a Soul Saint and achieve the Spirit Domain

12th Seal Edit

How the seal is released: During the rescue of his parents from Spirit Pagoda Tower in Dou Spirit Continent. After finding his father is critically injured, he is consumed by rage. During the fight to leave the tower, his seal is broken.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. 6th Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring:
    • Golden Dragon Inferno Kill: Wulin transforms into a Blood Dragon and starts annihilating everything nearby. The more Wulin destroys the more destructive energy he absorbs; therefore, the Blood Dragon, or Wulin, would get stronger and madder (losing himself in perpetual bloodlust)
  2. Achieve Soul Douluo Rank
  3. Increase blood essence and spiritual power

13 ~ 14th Seal Edit

How the seal is released: When Wulin first made a breakthrough to Title Douluo, the 13th seal had broken accordingly while the 14th seal broke through after absorbing a huge amount of life energy from the Demon Monarch A Erba.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Golden Dragon King's Transformation
  2. 7th Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring:
    • Golden Dragon King True Body:

15~16th Seal Edit

How the seal is released: The 15th seal was released when undergoing sea God trial to kill the demon whale king while the 16th seal was released when he became a God Officer after spending intimate time with Gu Yuena for 2 days.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Spiritual Power reaches the God Origin Realm
  2. 8th Golden (1,000,000 Years) Soul Ring:
    • Golden Dragon Falls: the strongest defensive skill soul with many auxiliary abilities

17th Seal: Edit

How the seal is released: The 17th seal was released when Tang Wulin was in outer space and dived into a molten planet to rescue the Silver Dragon King, Gu Yuena. When the seal was released, he faces the will of the Golden Dragon King and almost loses control of himself, it was due to the Silver Dragon King's aura from its spear that he was able to stabilize his mind and successfully break the 17th Seal.

Unlocked Abilities:

  1. Spirit power rank has surpassed rank 120
  2. True Body length grown to one kilometer

18th Seal: Edit

How the seal is released: Unknown

Unlocked Abilities:

  • Unknown

Other Edit

  • Increased Vitality
  • Increased Strength
  • Voracious Appetite
  • Schemer
  • Excellent Swimmer


Wulin studies under his uncle Mang Tian to become a forging master, in order to earn money for himself and his family. He possesses a natural affinity for forging, currently one of the most promising of his generation. When he arrives at Eastsea City, he takes Mu Chen, a saint blacksmith (8th rank), as a teacher. Later on, in Shrek Academy, he studies under Feng Wuyu. In Heaven Dou City, he studies with his Uncle-Master Zhen Hua. As a fifth-rank blacksmith, he was able to hundred refine heavy silver in seven hits. He broke Zhen Hua's record being the youngest 5th rank blacksmith.

  • Hundred Refinement
  • Thousand Refinement
    • Blood Sacrificed Thousand Refinement
    • Standard Thousand Refinement with spirit
  • Spirit Refinement
    • Creation Spirit Forging
    • Evil Spirit Forging
    • Standard Spirit Refinement
  • Fuse Forging (Harmonize Refinement)
    • Thousand refined level
    • Spirit refined level
    • Soul refined level
    • Heavenly refined level
      • Average rank (4~7 colored) - fuse forge target Heavenly refined metals, then forge
      • Top rank (true divine tool metal) - fuse forge target Hundred refined metals, then upgrade refinement to forge
  • Soul Refinement
    • Blood Sacrificed Soul Refinement
    • Standard Soul Refinement
  • Heavenly Refinement
    • Four colored Heavenly Refinement
    • Seven colored Heavenly Refinement.

Physical BodyEdit

Golden Dragon King's Physical Body Edit

  • Golden Dragon King inherented Dragon God's physical prowess and madness and destruction intent.So the Golden Dragon King's bloodline in Tang wulin gave him enormous physical ability so much so that all the bones in Tang Wulin's body became divine weapon level.

Body Sect's innate secret techniquesEdit

  • Body Forging : Body Forging involved tearing apart a person’s body completely before putting back the body parts using the finest method. The process usually required countless elixirs to support the body and extreme willpower to endure the excruciating physical pain.[2] Its profound meaning defined the process as using the mighty forces between heaven and earth to penetrate, cleanse, and remold one’s body.

Body Forging was divided into four levels: Body Penetration, Marrow Cleansing, Remolding, and the Golden Body. When these four levels were completed, one could proceed to the Body Sect’s third martial soul awakening. Out of these four levels, Body Penetration was the most painful. Using the soul energy to penetrate one’s body was equal to tearing apart one’s body completely before putting them back together. The latter three levels were painful as well, but at least, it could be endured, unlike the first level.

The first level requires condensing the blood essence core.

  • Leakproof Golden Body : The highest cultivation level of the Body Sect's Innate Secret Technique under God rank, known as 'Godmaking'. In the legends, a Body Douluo would be able to enter the Golden Body Arhat realm when he cultivated the Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique to perfection. At this realm, the strength of one's body could rival that of a real God

Heavenly refined Body Edit

  • Tang Wulin used thunder calamity that occurs during heavenly refinement with help of Nether vine to refine his body.It helped him to fuse his bloodline and soul power and further improved both his physical prowess and combat effectiveness.

Wave Forging Edit

  • During sea god trials Wulin body is refined using waves helped him to get complete control each and every part of his body.It helped wulin to fuse bloodline,spirutal and soul power together which helped him to make his dragon ,soul, spirtual core into 3- way soul circuit synchronous system.


Equipment Edit

  1. Golden Dragon Spear
    • A Divine Tool given to Wulin by his sister, Tang Wutong.
    • He was able to use it after breaking through the 6th seal.
    • It was made from the right rib bone of the Dragon God.
    • It has the ability to devour life energy.
    • Under Wulin's care, it has been upgraded and its appearance has changed a little.
    • It was Later in 'The 16 Volume', Wulin will leave Golden Dragon Spear to his son for the time being, in order to enable his son, Tang Xuanyu, to master "Spearsmanship."
  2. Thousand Refined Tugsten Hammers
    • One of the first hammers Tang Wulin ever used to forge.
    • It was given to him by Mang Tian after working under him for one year
  3. Heavy Silver Hammers
    • Tang Wulin's personal forging hammers. He personally forged them and has upgraded them from thousand refined all the way to heavenly refined.
  4. Heavy Silver Rings
    • An item storage device given to him by Mang Tian
  5. Spirit Communicator
    • Given to him by the Blacksmith Association after becoming a member
  6. Sea God Trident
    • Tang San sealed the trident in Wulin before sending him to Douluo Planet. At first, Tang Wulin was only able to use it only for a short amount of time. After completing the Sea God Trials, he was able to use the trident freely.
  7. Atlas Divine Spear
    • The Divine Weapon was created by Yun Ming after becoming an Incomplete God using his Marital Soul. It was left with Ya Li until she gave to Wulin after he became the Sea Pavilion Master and Tang Sect Master. Wulin used it in the tournament of the Five Gods.
  8. Seven-Colored Lotus Flower Flame
    • A god-rank level fire gift from the Fire Host clan which originates from a different plane. It was a lotus flower with a white base. It had seven petals, each with a different color of the rainbow. Hot enough to even injure A Ruheng with the Leakproof Golden Body. He uses it for Heavenly Refinement.
  9. Mecha: Blue Emperor
    • A Tang Sect elite crafted mecha made after Tang Wulin's military experience in the Blood God Army.
  10. Battle Armour: Golden Dragon Moon Song [金龙月语 - - ]
    • 1-Word Battle Armour: Dragon [龙]
      • [龙] comes from his Golden Dragon King [金王] bloodline
      • Debut in Tang Wulin's first year as a Shrek Inner Court student
    • 2-Word Battle Armour: Dragon Moon  [龙月]
      • [月] comes from Gu Yuena [古娜]
      • Under Zhen Hua's supervision, Tang Wulin forges his wings too
      • Debut after Shrek Academy's destruction and during the trip to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well
    • 3-Word Battle Armour: Dragon Moon Song [龙月语]
      • [语] comes from his first spirit soul Goldsong and homonym the refuge of his love for Gu Yuena
      • The forging process was completed alongside A Ruheng's and Sima Jinchi's 3-Word Battle Armors, with Wulin's requiring several months to complete the 3-Word Battle Armor's manufacturing with the other Shrek Seven Monsters' help. It debut the complete set by the time Tang Wulin visited the Star Luo Continent.
      • Domain: Blood Golden Dragon Domain 鲜血金龙领域
        • Awakened during the Battle of Five Gods with En Ci and Wulin at peak rank 89.
        • (Dormant) His three-word battle armor’s domain’s ring had a somewhat unique appearance. There were no projections of his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul or the Golden Dragon King. They looked like extravagant patterns which resembled a great golden flower in full bloom. However, the petals were made from the Golden Dragon King’s diamond-shaped scale, and every scale bore the Bluesilver Emperor’s pattern. From afar, it looked as if there was a great golden flower in full blossom under his feet. The golden scale petals constantly opened and closed under the shifting light. If one looked closely enough, when the petals opened, the blood-red color underneath them was vaguely visible. It was the same color he had when he transformed into the Blood Dragon. It was the destruction aura from the deepest parts of the Golden Dragon King.
        • (Awakened) The great golden flower domain under his feet finally bloomed. The golden scales were only its calyx. The one that actually burst forth radiantly was a great blood-red flower.
        • Because Tang Wulin had not allowed his soul to be controlled by the destructive will, the Golden Dragon King’s destructive aura could not be manifested through him. Instead, it was manifested onto his battle armor. Although it was a crude form which contained only minimal amounts of the Golden Dragon King’s origin aura, the Blood Golden Dragon Domain was still formidable against other dragon martial souls or dragon-type battle armors. 3-words would have been unable to run away.
        • Clusters of blood flame suddenly appeared all over the entire competition grounds. It was as if the great blood-red flower was blooming over the entire coliseum.
        • Energy of all kinds was devoured by the crimson flower when they came into contact with it. They were converted into a part of its destruction aura. In turn, the glow of Tang Wulin’s aura was intensifying.
        • What was mad was the bright red blood flames contained within his battle armor. Even with his carefully crafted three-word battle armor, it was showing signs of breaking under the explosive might of his domain.
    • 4-Word Battle Armour: Golden Dragon Moon Song [金龙月语]
      • [金] comes from his Golden Dragon King [龙王] bloodline
      • Because of its materials were peak heavenly refined by Divine Craftsman Tang Wulin, this battle armor level is a separate battle armor from his 3-Word Battle Armor. Wulin created a low rank Divine Tool 4-Word Battle Armor so it is capable of using his abilities separately and the divine-rank 4-Word Battle Armor does not have soul circuits (mortal-rank) engravements.
      • This is the first divine tool ranked 4-Word Battle Armor
      • Evolved Domain: Thousand Resurrected Dragons 千龙复苏
        • Tang Wulin’s Blood Golden Dragon Domain had undergone some special changes during this elevation process that he had never thought of before. It produced a subtle connection to the lost Dragon Clan’s graveyard through the crystal on his wrist. The connection allowed him to mobilize the dragon souls temporarily for his own use. Those souls were fused with his four-word battle armor domain to create this majestic scene of the golden Thousand Resurrected Dragons. It really looked like the terrifying scene of a thousand real dragons appearing all at once! 
        • When seen from an individual level, they were only dragon souls that formed from the condensation of domain energy and origin energy. There was still some disparity between them and real dragons. However, the difference was not that great! Most importantly, they triumphed by their numbers. Even if each one of them only possessed a fraction of a real dragon’s power, the accumulation of a thousand of them was like a terrifying troop of dragons.
        • Every golden dragon was unleashing a formidable aura equal to that of a Titled Douluo and their bodies were even stronger than a Titled Douluo’s. 
    • 5-Word Battle Armour: [ - - - - - ] (SL4)
    • 6-Word Battle Armour: [ - - - - - - ] (SL4)
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