Adopted Family Edit

Tang Ziran Edit

Tang Wulin's adoptive father.

Lang Yue Edit

Tang Wulin's adoptive mother.

Na'er Edit

The beautiful silver haired girl who was adopted by Tang Ziran and Lang Yue and treats Tang Wulin like an elder brother.

Mang Tian Edit

Tang Wulin has a very good image and respect for his uncle and teacher. Mang Tian taught Tang Wulin all he knows about forging.

Eastsea Academy: Edit

Zhou Zhangxi Edit

He is Tang Wulin roommate.

Yun Xiao Edit

He is Tang Wulin roommate.

Shrek Academy: Edit

Xie Xie Edit

He's Tang Wulin's best friend. At the beginning, Tang Wulin disliked him for his arrogance in the past. But, as time passes he loses his arrogance as he saw that he was not as strong as Wulin even though his cultivation base is higher than him. Wulin is also constantly saving him from trouble like the incident with Yuanen Yehui. Xie Xie respects him and wanted to continue

Gu Yue(Gu Yuena) Edit

Tang Wulin first met her in Eastsea Academy and soon became good friends. Gu Yue has shown to be very caring and concern for Wulin, being very cold to others and only smiling for him since young. Wulin and Gu Yue often participate in 2v2 matches together and rarely fought against each other. As the story progresses Tang Wulin started to have romantic feelings for her without him realizing.

During the Sea God's Date Festival, Tang Wulin appeared after 3 years of separation from Gu Yue and relies his feelings for her and confessed his love during the festival even though she tried to force him to give up and hoped he couple up with another woman. They became a couple at the end of the festival and kissed.

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