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Tang Wutong

Wang dong2

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Tang Wutong

Name Tang Wutong
Chinese 唐舞桐
Also Known As Wang Dong

Wang Dong'er(王冬儿)
Tang Wutong
Dragon Butterfly(龙蝶) Douluo
Goddess of Butterfly

Species 3/4 Spirit Beast

(Human 1/4, Blue Silver Empress 1/4, Soft Boned Rabbit 1/2)

Age 21 (current)

10,000+ (SL2.5, SL3, SL3.5)
20,000+ (SL4)

Gender Female
Hair Color Blue - Pink
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Huo Yuhao (Husband)

Huo Zhanji (Son)
Tang San (Father)
Xiao Wu (Mother)
Tang Wulin (Brother)
Gu Yuena (Sister-in-law)
Tang Xuanyu (Nephew)
Tang Hao (Grandfather)
Ah Yin (Grandmother)
Niu Tian (Clear Sky Sect Master)
Tai Tan (Clear Sky Sect Master)

Master Mu En
Spirit Bright Goddess Butterfly (half power/sealed by Tang San)

Radiant Dragon Butterfly (true power)
Clear Sky Hammer

Spirit Rank Extreme Douluo (极限斗罗)

- Rank 99 : Quasi God (准神)

God(神) - Rank 100
(2nd Class God / 二级神祇)
(SL2.5 ~ 3.5)

Spirit Rings Bright Goddess Butterfly

6 Black
3 Red

Clear Sky Hammer
1 Black

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Shrek Academy

Tang Sect
Clear Sky Clan

Light Novel Debut Chapter 07
Manhua Debut Chapter 07

Tang Wu Tong, commonly known as Wang Dong in soul land ll Manhua, is a member of the Clear Sky Clan.


Tang Wutong is actually a woman pretending to be a man and is extremely beautiful. She has a delicate face with fair, white skin and a pair of big, light blue and pink eyes. Her beautiful, long hair is the same color, although her ends are pink and a mixture of purple. She also has long flexible legs.

She initially disguised her true gender by wearing male clothes and using illusions to hide her hair's length along with her other feminine features.


Wang Dong is a very impulsive person. She is rather arrogant and proud. She does things on a whim without much regard to the consequences of her actions. She is very stubborn and she also needs advice from others. However, she deeply cares for her friends especially Huo Yuhao, and it has shown signs of her developing romantic feelings for him throughout the manga.


Background Edit

Tang Wutong was born as the first child and only daughter of Tang San and Xiao Wu. Growing up in the God Realm, she was known for being a troublemaker who always caused mischief for the other gods. She eventually grew tired of the God Realm and descended onto the human plain, which her father allowed since he wanted her to see the land he grew up in. However, he also sealed away her memories and true power, to prevent her from causing too much damage to the relatively weak humans.

Afterwards, Tang Wutong was taken in by the current incarnation of the Clear Sky Clan, led by Niu Tian and Tai Tan; both of whom were actually the human reincarnations of her mother's childhood friends, Da Ming and Er Ming. She continued to live and train with them until she was accepted into Shrek Academy. To hide her true identity as a member of the Clear Sky Clan, she changed her name to "Wang Dong" and pretended to be a man.

Freshman Class Edit

Wang Dong arrives at the dormitory and meets with his new roommate Huo Yuhao. She immediately makes a set of rules while looking down on Yuhao and being rather rude. This causes the two of them to go outside to have a fight. Seeing Yuhao's 1st Spirit Ring Wang Dong states he will defeat him without even using his Spirit. However the match ends up with Yuhao gaining victory. For the next few days neither of them acknowledges the other despite being in the same room.

Wang Dong reminds Yuhao who is immersed in cultivation and sets off to their first class. When asked by teacher Zhou Yi who had fought in the previous days, he stands up after Yuhao does. Afterwards despite having arrived late to run the 100 laps around the Shrek Plaza, he finishes first. Then he helps Yuhao to finish his 12 laps in the final 5 minutes by carrying him which sprouts a friendship between them. They talk about each other, including about the kind of spirit that they have.

In afternoon class Zhou Yi announced that he is the class president due to him having the strongest ability in his class. After that he and his classmates are instructed to wear 30jin armor (1 jin = 0.5 kg) and run until the period ends, which is 2 hours later. He runs the most number of laps, but loses the ability to keep going after falling down during the final minutes. However Yuhao's unwavering determination pushes the rest of the class, Wang Dong included, to stand up and continue again. Zhou Yi then takes the class president title from Wang and gives it to Yuhao, citing that he only cared for himself and didn't act as a good role model. As per Zhou Yi's instruction, if anybody wishes to take the class president position from Yuhao, they must battle Wang Dong instead, effectively making him Yuhao's body guard.

After returning to the room, he washes within the room and Yuhao barges in seeing him almost naked. This causes Wang Dong to be embarrassed and enraged but before he could act Yuhao grabs his clothes and quickly leaves to meet up with Tang Ya. Wang Dong tracks Yuhao down at the Battle Spirit Arena and meets with Tang Ya who jokingly asks him to join Tang Sect to which he eagerly agrees, much to the amazement of Tang Ya. She puts it off stating that she will consider letting Wang Dong join Tang Sect. After the battle against Beibei and Xu Sanshi, Wang Dong takes Yuhao back to their room who had fainted from power overdraft.

In their room Wang Dong becomes curious on why Beibei casually gave Mystic Water Pill to Yuhao and wonders if Beibei got a wrong pill for Yuhao. Next morning he was asked by Yuhao about the sudden changes that happened to his body. To confirm, he uses a Spirit Guide Device which has the capability to measure the Spirit Power from level 10 to 30. It indicates that Yuhao's spirit power has increased and is just a hair away from the next level. He then further explains about the benefits and effects of the Mystic Water Pill.

Afterwords Yuhao treats Wang Dong to breakfast and Wang Dong suggest they go to the Sea God Lake to relax. Suddenly a person from the inner sect wearing a red mask approaches them in a state of madness and attacks. Wang Dong loses consciousness and comes to after being treated by Teacher Li who gives him and Yuhao each a Spirit Ascension Pill and asks them to forget about the matters that just occurred. When Yuhao asked Wang about that pill, he gives some details and when Yuhao demands a clarification, he refuses him and run. He is chased by Yuhao and yelling that if Wang Dong explains it, he will treat him to lunch which slows him down. When he finds out that Yuhao is an orphan he apologizes and says that he will treat Yuhao to lunch. He then explains the effects of the pill. After school he meets Tang Ya and asks if his request to join Tang Sect was approved. After some discussion the two form a deal that if Wang Dong obtains rank one in the freshman examination, Tang Ya will approve his request for joining the sect. When he and Yuhao return to the dormitory after selling roasted fish, he is asked about which should be taken first between Mystic Water Pill and Spirit Ascension Pill. He responds that Yuhao should cultivate first for 10 days to maximize the effect of the first Mystic Water Pill which he took earlier and then take the 2nd Mystic Water Pill. Wang Dong then proceeds to take his Spirit Ascension Pill which gives a boost in his cultivation.

Freshmen Examination Edit

Wang Dong and his classmates are gathered by Zhou Yi to listen about up coming Freshman Examination. To make sure that he wasn't separated with Yuhao, he chooses the Control System after seeing Yuhao picking it which causes him to be berated by Zhou Yi as it dows not suit him because his spirit is purely of the Power Attack System. He thus changes it to Power Attack System after Zhou Yi states that although different cultivation, both will be in the same class. He then rejects Xiao Xiao who asks to speak to him alone.

At Yuhao's fish stand he confronts Ma Xiaotao when she disperse the people standing in line to buy roasted fish. He only stops when Ma Xiaotao gives him a gold coin. He is shocked seeing Ma Xiaotao eating the fish making nothing remaining, not even a single drop of oil. As she leaves, he remembers the girl in red clothes who had attacked them earlier. Their discussion stops when a senior warns them that the girl is a inner school student whose strength ranks among the top 10.

In the morning of the day of examination he, Yuhao and Xiao Xiao discuss their strategies in the upcoming examination. Conceited and arrogant about his prowess, he proposes to blast through their opponents without a set strategy earning the dissatisfaction of the other two. Thus he accepts Xiao Xiao and Yuhao's challenge, but is unable to attack them no matter what and is forced to concede his defeat.

When the examination starts their group is chosen to fight first against the group of Ouyang Junyi, Chen Junfeng, and Zhao Haochen as their opponent. With Yuhao's help he easily manages to defeat them. The next four matches also ends up in the same way with Team Yuhao dominating the battles.

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