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Tang Xiao is the older brother of Tang Hao and the head of the Clear Sky Clan.


Tang Xiao is more than two meters tall with the appearance of a back of a tiger and waist of a bear, a chiseled face and short grizzled hair.


Tang Xiao has very a domineering personality. However he is also very caring about those he loves and takes care of others, even pushing his needs aside.


Tang Xiao is the eldest son in the family and showed much promise since his birth. His accomplishments were however over shadowed following the birth of his brother. However this never deterred him and he genuinely loved his brother and was extremely happy with his performances. He even did not utter a single issue when Tang Hao was implied to be the next head of the Clear Sky Clan.

Upon his father's orders, he set out along with Tang Hao to experience the world. They quickly made a name for themselves showcasing their prowess and that of the Clear Sky Clan, leaving no doubt that the clan had a very promising future. During their travels they met Ah Yin, whom they then started to adventure with. He fell in love with her, but since he was aware of Tang Hao's feelings for her, he left them and went back to the clan to allow Tang Hao to be with her.

He became a Titled Douluo at the age of 60 and since Tang Hao was forced into hiding due to his enmity with Spirit Hall, he became the Head of the Clear Sky Clan, succeeding his father.


Clear Sky Clan[]

Tang Xiao was present with Tang Yuehua, when Tang San arrived at the Clear Sky Clan. He tests him by pressuring him with his Spirit Power of Titled Douluo and his domineering presence which is however withstood by Tang San. He becomes rather emotional as he asks about Tang Hao and is immensely sad when Tang San reveals the 2 Spirit Bones left by Tang Hao.

Tang Xiao then orders Tang San to call him uncle, rather than Sect Leader. He then reveals that he never condemned the actions of Tang Hao, in the face of immense danger and that in his eyes Tang Hao never did anything wrong nor betray the clan. He then asks Tang Yuehua to prepare to recognize Tang San's ancestry and induct him into the clan.

The next day when the elders of the Clear Sky Clan opposes Tang San's induction into the clan, he becomes rather angry but allows Tang San to showcase his strength. After Tang San defeats Tang Hu and challenges the Seventh Elder, he allows a fair competition to be held between the true. When Tang San is blasted by the Seventh Elder's final attack using the Tool Spirit Avatar, he immediately goes to check the status of Tang San and sees that he is mostly unharmed. After the Seventh Elder returns and accepts his defeat, he proposes to bring the Clear Sky Clan out of hiding which had been the wishes of the elders. However the Second Elder rejects the proposal stating that they shall wait until Tang San matures more and gains more strength.

Tang San returns with Lou Gao to the Clear Sky Clan and asks for his assistance for the productions of advanced hidden weapons. Tang Xiao agrees to help and after finding out that Tang San will be going to the Sea God Island, having been there before, gives him some advice.


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