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Tang Ya
Tang Ya
Name Tang Ya
Chinese 唐雅
Also Known As Xiao Ya
Species Human
Age 19
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Dark Blue Silver Grass
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo (封号斗罗) - Rank 90
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 7 Black

2 Red

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Clan Head
Affiliation Shrek Academy
Tang Sect

Holy Ghost Church (former)

Light Novel Debut Chapter 01
Manhua Debut Chapter 01

Appearance Edit

She is a young lady, appearing to be around 15-16 years old, her very long black hair was tied into a ponytail behind her back, her whole body in a light blue outfit that outline her budding, delicate figure, filled with youthfulness. She has red phoenix eyes, her eyes big but quick-witted, a slightly raised nose, an almost perfect oval face which is beautifully delicate.

Personality Edit

She is a very exuberant person with a cheerful nature. She has a healthy appetite and loves to play around. She is a bit bossy. When she is alone she has shown to be sad that she can´t keep up with her friends, and that she is being left behind.

History Edit

Following the decline of the Tang Sect, Tang Ya and her parents were left as its only members. She lost her parents due to a Spirit Beast hunting mission. She then met with Beibei who became her friend and lover and joined Tang Sect. Tang Ya wanted to revitalize Tang Sect and thus hoped to integrate Hidden Weapons with the Spirit Guidance Weapons.

Plot Edit

Star Dou Forest Edit

Tang Ya and Beibei come across Huo Yuhao near a stream while he is roasting fish. Tang Ya immediately taken by the smell, asks if he is willing to share and plops down alongside him eating the fish.

Following Huo Yuhao's departure, taken by him, decides to recruit him to Tang Sect and therefore sets after him after cleaning up to make sure he doesn't come to any harm. She is a bit distraught when she finds him unconscious following the battle with a spirit beast, but is relieved when he comes to. After Huo Yuhao regains consciousness, she invites him to join her clan and also offers him a position in the Shrek Academy which Huo Yuhao gladly accepts.

Along with Beibei and Huo Yuhao, she arrives at the Star Dou Forest looking for a Spirit Beast for her 3rd Spirit Ring. They encounter a Datura Snake and Beibei with Huo Yuhao's support subdues it, allowing her to get the last strike. She absorbs its Spirit Ring.[1]

Following its absorption they set off to Shrek City, back to the Shrek Academy. On the way Tang Ya advises Yuhao to get into the Spirit Guidance Department. After giving him the necessary information they set off.

Shrek Academy Edit

After arriving at the Shrek Academy they part ways. Tang Ya and Beibei successfully advances to the 4th year. Later Tang Ya comes to find Yuhao and states she has set up a stall along with fish and spices for Yuhao to earn a living.

In the afternoon having set up all that is necessary, she hands them to Yuhao letting him get started and leaves to eat some other food. She arrives in time to see Xu Sanshi attack Yuhao which causes her to become extremely angry. She attacks him with a Dragon Beard Needle and tells Beibei to beat him up and she'll let him kiss her.[2] Then she takes Yuhao to the Spirit Battle Arena to witness the showdown between Xu Sanshi and Beibei. After the showdown, together with Wang Dong, she brings back Yuhao to the dormitory.

She meets up with Yuhao and Wang Dong and hands him another Mystic Water Pill. She accompanies Wang Dong and Yuhao to Yuhao's fish stall. She is asked by Wang Dong if his request for joining Tang Sect was approved to which she responds that she will only approve it if he obtain the first rank in the freshman examination and Wang Dong eagerly agrees to it. When she spots Xu Sanshi at the stand, she confronts him and Xu Sanshi responds that he is there to buy roast fish for Jiang Nannan and not to cause a trouble. When she hears that she teases him for being romantic.

As the first freshman examination is upcoming, she meets Yuhao to give her advice and gives a pouch which contains hidden weapons of Tang Sect.

References Edit

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