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Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tang Yuehua is a very beautiful woman who has the appearance of a person in her late twenties and eyes that hold much wisdom. She is an extremely elegant person.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tang Yuehua has a very noble aura which is second to none. She is elegant, refined and meticulous. She has a passion for teaching. She cares deeply about her loved ones.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Moon Pavilion[edit | edit source]

Tang Yuehua having felt the murderous aura filling the Moon Pavilion comes to investigate the disturbance. After she comes down she stops the impending fight between Tang San and Manager Aude. Releasing her own innate domain she washes away the murderous aura released by Tang San.

She then hears from an assistant the words spoken earlier by Tang Hao. She immediately looses her countenance, while trembling approaches him. After recognizing him, she immediately breaks down, crying hard while in his arms. She then turns to Tang San and reveals herself as his aunt. She takes them to her private area and berates Tang Hao for leaving a long time ago and never contacting them. Tang Hao takes his leave entrusting Tang Yuehua to wash away the residual murderous aura withing Tang San causing her to be immensely sad.

In the following year she overlooks Tang San's progress and is amazed by his abilities and perfection. She comes to genuinely dote on him and care for him as an own child. She is a bit reluctant to let him leave and following his departure, plans to go to the Clear Sky Clan to await for Tang San's arrival.

Clear Sky Clan[edit | edit source]

Tang Yuehua awaits with Tang Xiao for Tang San's arrival. She is very happy upon seeing him again. However she becomes very distraught upon seeing Tang Hao's spirit bones returned, immediately coming to conclusion of the current state of Tang Hao. She reveals to Tang San how the Clear Sky Clan are divided into two parties, as the ones supporting Tang Xiao and the ones supporting the Clear Sky Clan elders. She then goes on to prepare to recognize Tang San's ancestry and induct him to the clan.

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