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Tang Yuge
Tang Yuge
Name Tang Yuge
Chinese 唐雨格 Táng Yǔ Gé
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 14 (Current)

21 (Raw)

Gender Female
Height ### cm
Hair Color Black White partly
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Tong Yu (Ancestor)

Tong Yue (Biological Father)
Yuanen Fengyu (Stepfather)
Tang Ximeng (Mother)
Yuanen Huihui (Stepbrother)

Spirit Five Elements Qilin/Wuxing Kylin (Before)

Heavenly Celestial Kylin (Current)

Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor (魂帝) - Rank 60+ (Current)

Spirit Douluo - Rank 80+ (Raw)

Spiritual Realm Unknown, likely Spirit Abyss Realm (Qilin spirit's demands)
Spirit Rings 8 Black
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Master

Inner Court Shrek Academy Student
Tang Sect Disciple
Battle Armor Master
Mecha Master
Fighter Pilot

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Tang Sect
33 Sky Wings

Light Novel Debut Chapter 321
Manhua Debut Chapter

Appearance Edit

By contracting Yinyang, her hair changed to a color parting of black and white.

Personality Edit

She seeks for acknowledgement at times because of her lack of family bonds since young and misplaced jealousy.

History Edit

Tang Yuge hates her (presumed) father. Her parents divorced before she was born. Because of this, she is antagonistic toward her half-sibling Yuanen Huihui.

In Book 15, Yuge's real life origin is revealed: her father is Tang Yue 唐月 (Tang Yue 唐月's real name is Tong Yue 桐月) of the Life Sect, when in Shrek Academy, both Yuanen Fengyu and Tong Yue pursued Yuge's mother, Tang Ximeng. Tang Ximeng chose Tong Yue during the Sea God Blind Date, making the highly prideful and spoiled Yuanen Fengu very sad and jealous.

But one day, Tang Ximeng's father disappeared, both Yuanen Fengyu and Tong Yue went to find him, but Tong Yue disappeared too, people think Tong Yue is died. Yuanen Fengyu found her father, but chosen to not tell her father of his daughter and Tong Yue being a couple out of jealousy and possessiveness. As thanks, her father wanted Tang Ximeng marry Yuanen Fengyu who requested the marriage. This time Tang Ximeng has already pregnant Tong Yue's daughter, Yuge. People around Tang Ximeng told her, her child couldn't have no father, so she be forced to answer.

But finally Tong Yue came back. He didn't know Tang Ximeng was with his child, and he hoped Tang Ximeng can return his side, Yuanen Fengyu was angry and fought with Tong Yue. Tong Yue defeated by him, Tang Ximeng was sad and angry, she started to hate Yuanen Fengyu

Yuanen Fengyu's heart got broken by this. Tp escape, he went to explore other planets, eventually on the Elf Planet he met the elf princess, Yun Miao, and had a child with her.

After many years, in book 15, Tong Yue know Yuge is his daughter, and everybody ?reconciled?

Yuge follows Tang Ximeng's surname so her name is Tang Yuge.

Plot Edit

Tang Yuge met Lan Xuanyu and the others in Douluo World. Xuanyu's team (first-year students) ended up against Yuge's team (third-year students) in a five-person team battle. Her team lost; the remaining fighters were wiped out by Huihui after being enhanced by both golden and silver blue silver grasses of Xuanyu.

The third-year team then challenged the Xuanyu's team. The Academy permitted it and even publicized the battle. Surprisingly, Xuanyu's team won again with his strongest trump card - Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd - with the help of Dragon God Bless.

She later transferred into Xuanyu's class after recognizing the deep trust and union of first-year class and Xuanyu's leadership and intelligence.

To show her determination, during the Class-Challenge battles to attend Di Tian's ceremony on Elf Planet, Yuge sacrificed her present 2-word Battle Armor for victory. She later began anew her Battle Armor with Xuanyu quality refined metals.

After their 1st year Outer Court final exam, Xuanyu personally funded hers and their fellow monsters' Purple-class Sky Wing mechas' production.

During the 4th year 2nd semester after 2 years of cultivation compression at Rank 69, Yuge easily became a Spirit Sage and her Five Elements Qilin evolved. This evolution caused all her spirit rings to become 10,000 year rings.

For the Outer Court graduation exam,

Spirit Soul: Yinyang Edit

  • Cultivation:
  • Attributes:
  • Contract Criteria:
  • By contacting Yinyang, Yuge gained black-white hair and as a Spirit Sage, her Five Elements Qilin evolved.
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