Tang Ziran
Tang Ziran
Name Tang Ziran
Chinese 唐孜然
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Lang Yue (Wife)

Tang Wulin (Adopted Son)
Nuo Er (Adopted Daughter)
Mang Tian (Senior Brother)

Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Machine Repairman

Mecha Designer

Light Novel Debut Chapter 01
Manhua Debut Chapter 1.1

Tang Ziran is the adoptive father of Tang Wulin and a Mecha Designer. A normal human with a martial spirit, but does not have any spirit power.

Appearance Edit

A middle aged man with short black hair and black eyes. He had a medium build and an average height, everything about him was just average.

Personality Edit

He cares a lot for his son. He wants nothing more than to see Tang Wulin live a happy life.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Bluesilver Grass Edit

Tang Ziran went with Tang Wulin to the Awakening ceremony, the annual day when all six year old kids awaken their martial spirits, at Red Mountain Academy in Glorybound City. They waited outside until a teacher called Wulin's name. They followed the teacher inside the academy until they reached a circular building, the Awakening Chamber. Tang Ziran waited outside for Wulin to finish his ceremony. After that, they went home. He tried to cheer Tang Wulin up after he found that his spirit is Bluesilver Grass, but it backfired. During dinner, Tang Ziran and Lang Yue were surprised with Wulin's increased appetite.

The next day, Tang Ziran accompanied Tang Wulin to Red Mountain Academy and left for work. He returned home after work and went to see Wulin. He was surprised that Wulin was able to already grasp the art of mediation in one day when it usually takes awhile for spirit masters to do so. He talked to Wulin about the fight he got into to save Na'er, calling it reckless to charge in without thought when he knows he didn't have enough power to save others. They then discussed the matter of Na'er not having any record of family members. Tang Ziran asks Wulin what he wants to do regarding this matter. Wulin asks if Na'er can stay with them and Tang Ziran and Lang Yue agreed when Na'er accepted Wulin's offer to stay with them. After that, they ate dinner.

Tang Ziran told Wulin about the difficulties about being a spirit master, mainly getting a spirit soul since spirit souls cost a lot and with Ziran's wages, it'll be hard for him to buy a spirit soul for Tang Wulin, while having to feed a family of four with two kids that eat alot, so he created an opportunity for Wulin to study blacksmithing under Mang Tian in order to earn enough money to buy a spirit soul. I'll be up to Tang Wulin, weather he gets accepted as an apprentice or not.

After returning home from work the next day, Lang Yue wanted to talk to him in private. Lang Yue didn't want Wulin to work under Mang Tian after seeing him covered in bruises when she went to pickup Wulin from his first day at Mang Tian's workshop, but Tang Ziran managed to convince her otherwise. They returned to the living room, only to be dumbfound and shocked with the scene of Na'er feeding Wulin. Two beautiful children were sitting there beaming with an intense radiance.[1] They officially adopted Na'er into the family.

In the dead of night, Tang Ziran sneaked into Wulin's and Na'er's room to rub ointment on the bruises Wulin got from working Mang Tian, only to discover that it was completely healed with no sign of a bruise being there in the first place.

Three Years Later Edit

Reached Level 10

Tang Wulin reaching rank 10

Tang Ziran was at home with Lang Yue and Na'er, when Tang Wulin came home, telling them that he saved enough money to buy a spirit soul. Tang Ziran congratulated Wulin. Early, the next morning, he found out Wulin made a breakthrough to level 10.

Spirit Soul Edit

The next day, Tang Ziran took Wulin to the Spirit Pagoda in Glorybound City. They found out that Wulin only has enough to do the random spirit soul selection. All of Wulin's excitement was obliterated at that momment. Ziran suggested for Wulin to do the random spirit soul selection, since bluesilver grass's adaptability is very high and it should be able to fuse with most spirit souls.[2]

If Tang Wulin didn’t have the martial soul of Bluesilver Grass, Tang Ziran might not have opted to take this risk. After hearing that there are defective spirit souls in the selection, Tang Ziran tried to convince Wulin to come back another day after they gathered enough funds to buy a ten year spirit soul, but Tang Wulin decided to do the selection. He waited in the lobby, while Wulin went to get his spirit soul. After returning, Ziran watched as Wulin opened the spirit soul ball containing his spirit soul. Tang Wulin got a defective spirit soul, a Grass Snake. Ziran felt terrible seeing Wulin devastated, no life in his eyes. They went home with the spirit soul.


Tang Ziran hugging Tang Wulin after he absorbed a spirit soul.

Ziran decided to accept a commission in order to get Tang Wulin a better spirit soul. Once he got back home, he found out from Na'er, Wulin was already fusing with the spirit soul. He stumbled a few steps backwards and collapsed into a chair. His expression changed in an instant as pain colored his face.[3] The Federation coins in his hand falling on the table. After finding out its been 7 to 8 hours since Wulin started the fusion process, they went into the bedroom to check on Wulin. They saw him laying on the bed, his clothes soaked, and his brows creased. Two streams of tears flowed down his cheek as Tang Ziran tightly embraced his son. He felt incompetent.

Tang Wulin's First Spirit Ring Edit

0003 (1)

An excited audience waiting for Wulin to show his spirit ring

In the evening, Tang Ziran, Lang Yue, Na'er, and Mang Tian entered the bedroom, after Tang Wulin woke up. Tang Ziran let out a sigh. The fusion was a success and Tang Wulin is now rank 11. Ziran decided not to tell Wulin, he had secured the money to buy him another spirit soul. Tang Ziran’s eyes finally regained some determination[4], seeing Wulin release his spirit. He was glad to know Wulin has promise in becoming a spirit master because of Wulin's spirit mutation and hearing Mang Tian explanation on the matter.

In the manhua, Tang Ziran was surprised to see Mang Tian and Long Ge inside the house. He suspected Mang Tian knows how to pick a lock. He brought popcorn to the demonstration. When Wulin released his spirit, he and Lang Yue started cheering and praising Wulin.

Na'er Leaves Edit

Lang Yue and Tang Wulin found out the next morning that Na'er disappeared, leaving a letter and a few items on her bed.

Mang Tian's Workshop Edit

Tang Ziran goes to Mang Tian's workshop when Tang Wulin did not return home for so long. Tang Wulin was in the process of thousand refining a piece of heavy silver. Ziran stood outside of the forging room’s doorway and waited, just in time to see his son dripping with sweat.[5]

This was the first time Tang Ziran saw his son forging. He did not expect his son to reach such a high level in forging, when he is only nine years old. Tang Ziran had met his fair share of master blacksmiths before, and now he could discern the aura of a master blacksmith coming from Tang Wulin!

Tang Ziran didn’t dare disturb him. An hour went by. As soon as Tang Wulin finished forging, Mang Tian cut Tang Wulin's wrist for blood to drop onto the heavy silver and bandaged the wound. Wulin collapsed onto the floor. Tang Ziran rushed into the room to hold him up. Wulin is already asleep. He carried Tang Wulin home on his back.

A day later, he and his wife stared speechlessly as Tang Wulin gorged himself on an entire fat chicken, along with a pot of chicken soup, 5 buns, and 2 plates of vegetables. In addition, it looks like he can eat more. He is eating his sixth bun. Lang Yue had to cook more dishes. After Tang Wulin finished eating, Tang Ziran inspected the wound on his son's wrist. The wound has already healed.

At Wulin's request, Tang Ziran took him to Mang Tian's workshop, even though it is already night time. Mang Tian greeted them at the entrance and lead them inside to Wulin's workshop. In the workshop was the piece of heavy silver Wulin thousand refined. When Mang Tian praised Wulin for his accomplishment, Tang Ziran looked at him in astonishment. He understood this old friend of his. With his personality, being able to praise someone with such high regard was something that happened rarely.[6]

Disappearing Edit

Tang Ziran made the decision to help his son as much as he can to continue on the path of a spirit master. Besides that, he had already accepted the commission. Tang Ziran and Lang Yue will not be able to see Tang Wulin for a long time.

After Tang Wulin graduated, Tang Ziran bought Tang Wulin a train ticket to Eastsea City to enroll at Eastsea Academy. They saw Tang Wulin off at the train station and left the Douluo Continent for Dou Ling Continent. Before leaving, he informed Mang Tian about the matter of him accepting a commission on Dou Ling Continent and handed a letter for him to give to Tang Wulin.

Volume Edit

The Land of Dou Ling Edit

Tang Ziran saw Tang Wulin again after Wulin infiltrated the Spirit Pagoda in

Trivia Edit

  • Tang Ziran cried sending Tang Wulin off to his first day of school.

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