Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent
Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent
Name Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent
Also Known As
Age 10,000+
Species Ancient Beast - Serpent
Vital Status Dead

Description Edit

Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent is a Prehistoric beast.It has a deep red body. Incomparably poisonous, adult length over ten meters, possessing the most powerful fire poison of snake types, capable of forming a neidan after ten thousand years of cultivation, within those nine heads on its back. The emergence of the neidan would cause heaven and earth to pale. Obtaining that neidan, one could terrify the kings of serpents. Thus being a lord of snakes. The neidan could be absorbed like a Spirit Ring.

Plot Edit

The Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent was present in the Hell Road of Slaughter City and was killed by Tang San using the Disorder Wind Splitting Hammer, thus obtaining its neidan.

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