• So in the recently released chapter 203 they show the Wolftaken. Half human half spirit beast. And as most know I love all evil things and I also love animals. 

    Since in Soul Land 3 they (humans) are struggling with Spirit Beasts since there are so few, they have even started making artificial spirit rings. Do you think that if the Wolftaken werent slaughtered by the shrek seven devils there could possibly be a chance that the humans fought and struggled with them instead of spirit beast effectively atleast prolonging the existence of spirit beast for atleast a few hundred years? Like the zombie apocalypse but instead the Wolftaken apocalypse.

    I just thought of this theory and I think it could greatly help the current near extinction level species known as spirit beast. Or do you think this would simply increase the perrogative and stressful ways of humans increasing their spirit master ratio and level of cultivation decreasing the population of spirit beast even further? 

    Do you think the Wolftaken drop rings? And what do you think their lifespans are and or if they grow up at the same speed as humans? All of these are variables that would aid my way of theory.

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    • I was just thinking because I got an idea. That if I became Title Douluo I would protect WolfTaken and make them into a army. And tear down society, making way for spirit beasts to florish and florick again. With the help of spirit hall. Or to simplify.

      I'd become the leader of the Wolftaken. I'd reach level 99 and protect the spirit beasts with my wife. I'd try to help spirit hall and inform then not to kill spirit beasts and try to help them understand not to kill any spirit beast, instead to only kill the neccessary spirit beast.

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    • If you remember, the "to be continued" issue raised at the end of 204 is that the trio found Spirit Bone in one of the defeated Wolftaken and raised the question whether it's his own Spirit Bone of if it was acquired from a Spirit Beast. Answer to this question may very well be the tipping point for your theories.

      On the one hand, if the Spirit Bone comes from another Spirit Beast, then Wolftaken would most likely hasten the downfall of the Spirit Beasts as they are probably even less subtle than humans when it comes to hunting them. Especially if their main / only interest in Spirit Beasts is something with a random drop %.

      On the other hand, if the Spirit Bone comes from that Wolftaken, it's more than likely that their prolonged existence may have postponed downfall of Spirit Beasts by a couple (decades, even hundreds) of years. Even more so if they drop Spirit Rings, which is probably something the story would mention in the last chapter, and there was no mention Wolftaken either using Spirit Rings or leaving them when they die.

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    • Now I have. 17:31

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    • Well, you did name the thread "Wolftaken Chapter 203/204"... Sowwy! =P

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    • No problem it wasn't that much of a spoiler. But it really is quite exciting that even the moron Dai Mubai can make that assumption.

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    • Which assumption are you referring to? I cannot remember any excitement-worthy assumption in these two chapters. Dai Mubai assumed that the Wolftaken killed the surviving / captured children and women when they were attacked, but that was about it.

      There was no assumption about Spirit Beasts, Spirit Rings, not even about that Spirit Bone... not yet anyway.

      Also, I cannot recall if Dai Mubai was portrayed as a moron in the old days, but I suspect that he has changed and matured since the tournament much like the other Shrekies.

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    • Isn't he the one that asks if it comes from themselves or from a spirit beast they hunted?

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    • He is, but that's not an assumption, that's just a question.

      Raising such a question does require some mental capacity, but while it may appear like an "out of the box" thinking, it's actually well "within the box" considering that the very nature of Wolftaken is half-human (i.e., found the Spirit Bone) and half-Spirit Beast (i.e., grew the Spirit Bone). All things considered, I don't find it strange or surprising at all.

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