• Hello. I'm a friend and a distant family member of the people on this wiki. You have been adding the same pictures over and over again and we need you to stop. As you can see, that is a version of spamming. Don't be lax, try adding different pictures. If you do so again, you will receive a good couple of days worth a ban. Probably even months. So this is your first and last warning. They want you to stop, so they called me. Thank you for your time.

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    • I have noticed that in a very few cases you have repeatedly added the same pictures over again. I appreciate your contributions towards the wikia, however when you add a picture ensure that picture has not already been used. So please keep that in mind. Also, I like your addition of the pictures to the galleries for Clear Sky Hammer/Deathgod Domain. Thank you for your contributions. Me and Hussey274 will be permanently back soon :) 

      Also Maxoflas, please watch your language. Foul Language can result in a permanent ban. I have edited your title, as it was rude. Be nice. If repeated, you will receive a ban.

      EDIT: When Uploading pictures, ensure that picture hasn't been aleady been uploaded and use the proper naming format. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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