• just what is this guy's, and the sword douluo's, relation to rongrong and her clan? all the bloodline members of the clan, like rongrong and her father, are support spirit masters, not combat specialists, but these two monsters just own the battlefield, and rongrong has a close relationship to them. are they spirit masters that married into clan at some point?

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    • Benefits dude. You see it all the time in this sort of novels. 

      You are a long cultivator.. You want to eat but not really do anything for gold or whatever your world uses. 

      You see a clan is hiring experts for protection. They give both a place to live, food, respect and cash. What else do you need?

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    • Yes I believe that they marred in to the clan for the benefits. The support masters can do also for them but the support types also know the need combat powers. That is why the do not want Oscer to marry in they normally try to bring in strong fighters thou marriage.

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