• So it´s pretty simple, I´m simply wondering which spirit would you cultivate first? 

    I´m gonna make multiple sets of spirits and you have to choose a set or multiple sets and answer which you would get spirit rings for first in each set.

    1. Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

    2. Nine Heart Flowering Apple and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

    3. 6 Winged Angel and Clear Sky Hammer

    4. 6 Winged Angel and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

    5. 6 Winged Angel and Sea God

    6. Seven Kill Sword and Clear Sky Hammer

    7. Seven Kill Sword and Blue Lightning Tyrant dragon

    8. Seven Kill Sword and Sea God

    9. Seven Kill Sword and 6 Winged Angel

    10. Clear Sky Hammer, 6 Winged Angel and Sea God

    (I´ll add more later on)

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    • Spirit I would cultivate first:

      1) Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      2) Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda

      3) 6 Winged Angel

      4) Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      5) 6 Winged Angel

      6) Sword

      7) Sword

      8) Sword

      9) 6 Winged Angel

      10) 6 Winged Angel

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    • 1. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      2. Nine Heart Flowering Apple

      3. Clear Sky Hammer

      4. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      5. 6 Winged Angel

      6. Clear Sky Hammer

      7. Blue Lightning Tyrant dragon

      8. Sword

      9. 6 Winged Angel

      10. Clear Sky Hammer

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    • Those are some fast replies.

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    • Sword first, clear sky hammer last.

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    • ARe you talking about set 6?

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    • Whenever possible i would cultivate the beast spirit first, because of better defensive capabilities and the fact that beast spirits are better at first and later tool are better ( i seem to recall something like that atleast)

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    • Yeah that is true. Beast spirits are better before the 7th spirit ring while the tool spirit is better after the 7th spirit ring. The Beast spirit provides better defense and power to the body while the tool spirit provides larger power and attack.

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    • Was there ever a twin spirit master with one tool spirit and one beast (or body) spirit? I seem to recall that all twin spirits are either both tools or both beasts (or beast + body). If true, this would make this fairly reasonable "beast spirit first" idea unfeasible.

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    • Wang Dong? Butterfly and Clear Sky hammer.

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    • Right, I've forgotten about her since she never uses the CSH. Never mind then! =)

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    • Most of the time it would be smartes to cultivate the weakest first acording to the sries right?

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    • According to the story, Twin Spirits can only occur when the two Spirits are of comparable--if not equal--potency. In other words, there should never be "the weaker" spirit to choose. However, this consideration makes some of the proposed pairings (e.g., 6 Winged Angel and BLTD) impossible, so we sort of look the other way for the speculation's sake.

      But for the speculation's sake--assuming there is a considerably weaker spirit in the mix somehow--, it isn't necessarily wise to cultivate the weaker spirit first as it lowers the survivability. Tang San had to hide his CSH from the Spirit Hall to stay alive, so he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

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    • For me, i would cultivate first:

      1.Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      2.Nine Heart Flowering Apple 

      3.6 Winged Angel

      4.Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

      5.Sea God


      7.Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon


      9.Winged Angel

      10.Sea God

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    • necro here but.... the ones i would cultivate first are:

      1. Blue lightning tyrant dragon

      2. Seven cloloured glaze tiled pagoda (it doesnt allow to cultivate higher than 7th ring, ill just improve myself with it, and use all blacks on the other spirit)

      3. 6 winged angel.

      4. 6 winged angel.

      5. 6 winged angel.

      6.  Sword

      7. Blue lightning tyrant dragon

      8. Sea god.

      9. 6 winged angel.

      10. 6 winged angel.

      So as a short explanation, between tool spirit and beast spirit always choose beast first for the diference in power in later levels and earlier levels as stated before. When choosing between two beast spirits ill always pick 6 winged angel first, cause it being a flying type spirit is awesome (plus it allows flight before title douluo and enhances survivability), and when choosing between two tool spirits... well its a case by case sort of situation

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    • Sioc22 wrote: ...When choosing between two beast spirits ill always pick 6 winged angel first, cause it being a flying type spirit is awesome (plus it allows flight before title douluo and enhances survivability)...

      I don't mean to nitpick, it's your preference after all, but you shouldn't forget the environmental factors. Sure, ability to fly without Spirit Bone / before achieving the Title Douluo rank is incredible, but let's not forget how relatively insignificant this ability is when one is confronted by a sea Spirit Master in their element. If you happen to live near or among lake(s), on a coastline, or even on an island, Sea God should be far more powerful with far greater survivability than 6 Winged Angel.

      NOTE: And let's not forget that ability to fly isn't all that rare since the invention of Spirit Guidance Devices.

      In the same line of reasoning, if you happen to live and cultivate in a place eternally covered in snow, ice, and cold (e.g., the place where Yuhao acquired his 2nd Spirit), then it would make sense to first cultivate Ice Jade Scorpion Emperor with its Absolute Ice attribute instead--at least if we're talking about survivability taking precedence.

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    • Yeah the enviroment is exceedingly important as well, if not just the enviroment but the people. Some may frown upon one spirit more than the other, so choosing one can give you a social advantage. Etc.

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    • Oo, this is an interesting thread. I'll pitch in.

      1: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon: I would want to capitalize on the beast spirit's early advantage, gaining the massive attack power and the defensive strength of dragon scales all in one go. Later on, the Clear Sky Hammer will have spirit rings of all ten thousand years and up, giving you the purest attack power imaginable.

      2: Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda: The Nine Heart Flowering Apple spirit is amazing and unique, but there's something to be said about being able to provide active assistance in combat. You're just not contributing to offense power when you're purely a healer, but the powerful boosting ability of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda will form an excellent basis. The only setback that it would otherwise have, being capped at rank 79, is probably overcome by twin spirits. If not, you can start adding rings to the Apple spirit once you become a Spirit Sage. And then, with all black or red rings on the Apple spirit, your healing abilities will likely be so profound that you can recover injuries quicker than most enemies can hope make them. The only worry I would have with these two auxiliary spirits is that they don't promote the body very well, which makes it likely that the body won't be able to take the brunt of twin spirits after a certain number of rings are absorbed.

      3: Clear Sky Hammer: The Seraphim super spirit is amazing. Especially if you can get 9 black/red rings on it. So I'd probably start with the Clear Sky Hammer. My only worry is that these two spirits have very opposite attributes; fierce tyranny and killing intent vs holy, purifying power. The strain on the body once it's time to cultivate the Seraphim spirit might be too much, especially without a God trial.

      4: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon: Same reason as above.

      5: Sea God, probably: There is very little information on the Sea God spirit, though it sounds like it'd be on par with the Seraphim spirit. In the case that both spirits are of equal quality, it'd depend where I was born. If I were a sea spirit master, I'd definitely go for Sea God. If I were a land spirit master, I'd choose which spirit to cultivate depending on the geographical situation. On average, I'd give it to Sea God.

      6: Sword: I assume we're talking about Sword Douluo Chen Xin's Seven-Kill Sword, here? Clear Sky Hammer, as a spirit that draws power from the purest physical strength and overbearingness, is likely the best candidate to cultivate last. Would be sick if you could dual wield them both, though.

      7: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon: Beast spirit for them early gains.

      8: Sword: Unless I was born at sea, definitely.

      9: Sword

      10: Three spirits? It's hard enough to max out two of them even with the ridiculous physical foundations mostly beholden to divine assistance that MCs generally have. Buut, probably the hammer.

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