Description[edit | edit source]

It used to live in the Great Star Dou Forest. It has body translucent like crystal, its form similar to that of a lion but with flaming draconic claws and a longer snout. Fine golden scales peeks out from beneath its fur. Most peculiar of all, it has a vertical slit on its forehead wherein its third eye rested. Its two ordinary eyes were gold, but its third eye glares with a bewitching red glow. It always provides a skull Spirit Bone, the strongest mental-type bone that has always ranked number one.

Significant Specimens [edit | edit source]

Auspicious Emperor[edit | edit source]

It used to live in the Great Star Dou Forest. It has ten thousand years. It has been said that, as long as it resided in the forest, fortune would smile upon all the beasts that inhabited the forest and their cultivation would progress much faster than normal. Huo Yuhao touched her third eye and awakened his Eye of Destiny. She decided to became human and took the name of Wang Qiu'er. Then she choose to sacrifice herself for Huo Yuhao an became his Spirit Ring and Spirit Bone.

100+ Years[edit | edit source]

This Three-eyed Golden Lion stood less than one and a half meters tall, and its shoulders were about two meters wide. Aside from its size and the fact that its third eye wasn’t open. It appeared in the Shrek Exam of Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan.

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