Tian Long (Heavenly Dragon) is a Elder God from the Dragon Horse Galaxy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Volume 15 -[edit | edit source]

The Secret of Dragon Source Planet[edit | edit source]

Tian Long noticed Tang Xuanyu and the 33 Sky Wings discovered his secret on Dragon Source Planet. He sent his projection to kill them to silence them, but Nana and Wang Tianyu interfered. He almost killed Tianyu with one punch.

He appreciated Nana very much and asked her to be his wife (first queen). Nana rejected him. To this he felt regret, then he tried to kill her. After Nana summoned the Dragon God's Core, he started to get scared because he thought he met a former God King.

In ending of book 15, he wanted to use his projection's explosion to kill the people who knows his secret, but Nana saved Xuanyu and his classmates, expending most of her energy in the process, which caused her to fall into a lava planet.

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