Tian Ya
Name Tian Ya
Also Known As
Species Human
Age >40
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Broken Sword
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White

1 Yellow
3 Purple
1 Black

System Agility Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Border Patrol
Affiliation Heaven Dou Empire
Light Novel Debut Chapter 44
Manhua Debut

Appearance Edit

His entire body is so thin that it was like only the skeleton is left. His eyes are unexpectedly very large, but yellow, twinkling with a cloudy light. A pair of rat whiskers trembled jut out just above his upper lip.

Personality Edit

Tian Ya is a very vulgar person and is despised by many. He has a strong sense of camaraderie and is loyal to his closest friends. Everyone else he treats with disrespect and tries to use his superior ability to extort people.

Plot Edit

Fatty's Revenge Edit

Tian Ya and E Kao after hearing the call of Bu Le comes in search for him and sees him in a wretched state which astonishes them. Tian Ya asses his injuries and after sees his roasted cock, cuts it off using his Spirit as it has no further use. He then vows to help Bu Le to take revenge.

Heaven Dou Empire Border Edit

Having obtained a position at the Heaven Dou Empire, he uses his ability along with his 2 friends to extort rich people crossing the border. They stop a carriage carrying Tai Tan, Tang San, Ma Hongjun, Tai Long and several other members of the One Strength Clan and tries to extort them not knowing about their true powers. The three of them are thus confronted by Tang San and Ma Hongjun who reveals himself to be the who disabled Bu Le years ago.

Tian Ya and E Kao take on Tang San as Bu Le goes after Ma Hongjun. He is immesnsely surprised by the tyrnaical pressure produced by Tang San. He goes all out and uses his 6th Spirit Ring, which gives an opening to slightly bruise Tang San due to his carelessness. Then he goes on to help Bu Le but it suppressed by Ma Hongjun who at the last second diverts his attack and thus spares his life. He is then used in the scheme by Bu Le to act as a transvestite and disgust Ma Hongjun.

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