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The Titian Family are the descendants of Er Ming and Xiong Xiaoling, but for a long time, Er Ming was not aware he had descendants. They are one of numerous ancient families that have been around for a long time. Not many people are aware of the existence of the Titan Family, since they had lived in seclusion.

Family members inherited the martial spirit of the Titan Great Ape from Er Ming's bloodline, but as each generation is born, the bloodline becomes diluted, making it harder for them to reach Title Douluo and Limit Douluo rank. This problem was solved when Er Ming visited the family.

The Titan Family built their manor on the vicinity of Uphill City.

In Soul Land III, there are around eight Titled Douluo and above in the family. The head of the family is regarded as clan elder. The family moved to Shrek City and out of seclusion. They joined Shrek Academy.

In Soul Land IV, the clan's headquarter is located in Shrek City near the bank of Sea God Lake. The clan is given a quota by Shrek Academy every year to allow a clansman to enroll in the academy without taking the entrance test. Many clansmen are teachers at the Academy.

Soul Land III Plot

Joust for a Spouse Competition

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tianshang head to Mingdu City to bring back Yuanen Yehui. It ended in an argument with Wulin and Xie Xie intervening.

Titian Clan

Er Ming, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Yuanen Yehui went to visit the family after the joust for a spouse tournament. Er Ming was able to see his descendants and visited the Ancestral Hall.

He find out about the mistake he made 10,000s of years ago. He was once with a human girl called Xiong Xiaoling. They lived together in the Great Star Dou Forest. One day, he wrote a letter and drew a map on the ground outside the house, confessing to her that he is a spirit beast and he will be back in ten days and if she wants to leave him, she can follow the map to leave the forest. He watched the place from a distance. Xiaoling saw the letter and map and cursed at him. The next day, she left the forest. Er Ming believed that Xiong Xiaoling left him, when in reality, she only went back to her village to take a look and came back only to find the house in ruins. He never returned to the house.

Er Ming howled in agony realizing his mistake, attracting the attention of many of the clansmen. Feeling indebted to his descendants, he helped Zhentian reach quasigod rank and Tiandang to Limit Douluo using his life essence.

Later on, the group solved the problem of Yehui's Fallen Angel Martial Spirit problem and helped the clan get revenge on the demon plane for killing their clansmen many years ago.

Tang Wulin invited the family members to teach at Shrek Academy for 20 years with the promise of giving them access to the academy's library and three-word battle armor for Titled Douluos and four-word battle armor for Limit Douluos. Yuanen Zhentian decided to move the entire clan to Shrek City and join Shrek Academy. Some of the clansmen went left behind to guard the ancestral house. The academy give them a plot of land near the Sea God Lake.

Shrek Academy Vs. Spirit Academy

Abyssal Plane War

The clan took part in the war against the Abyssal Plane and the Holy Spirit Cult.


Soul Land III

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