Titanium Crystal
Chinese 钛晶
Also Known As
Type Material

Description Edit

Titanium crystal was infamously hard to purify, exceedingly tough, and just as brittle. If a blacksmith used too much strength to forge it, or too little even, they would fail. Blacksmiths had to put a lot more effort into forging metals like it to get a decent result, and because of this, few were capable of forging titanium crystal.

However, titanium crystal became far stronger than other metals after being purified and refined. It was common for highly-skilled blacksmiths to add some to an alloy to raise that alloy’s strength. As a reflection of its amazing properties, titanium crystal cost sixty times more per kilogram than heavy silver![1]

The difficulty in forging titanium crystal lay in the need to simultaneously reduce its bulk while untangling the golden threads inside of it. The better the threads were handled, the better the final product would be. It was said that the Tang Sect’s founder had used the golden threads of a titanium crystal to craft a powerful hidden weapon.

Titanium crystal was much faster to spirit refine than other metals.

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